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The Tease at Work 2

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I finally got mine.
“Get my shit and leave? I don’t fucking think so. I took your shit for almost an hour. I watched you get off over and over again. And you think I’m going to leave without getting something out of this arrangement?”

“W-what are you going to do?” she asked. For the first time since I came in the room, she wasn’t totally in control anymore, and she wasn’t all together pleased about it. In fact, she almost seemed a little scared.

“Relax, I have no intentions of forcing myself on you. In fact, if you want me to leave, I’ll go right now,” I said. Then grabbing her hair and pulling her face closer to mine, “but I don’t think that’s what you want.”

“Oh fine,” she finally growled, returning to her previous state of mind. “I guess it’s only fair that my play thing get at least something in return. But make it quick. I’m already getting bored with this.”

Plaything? Is that was I was? Is that what we were calling this whole deal? Fuck it. I didn’t care. I had no illusions of relationships with this woman. She wanted to use me to get off, and that was fine with me. If those were to be the rules, we were both clear on them.

I was standing over her now as she still lay back on her desk. We paused for a moment, the sound of the rain and approaching thunder filling the void left by her moans. Without warning, I grabbed her shirt and ripped it open sending buttons flying in every direction, and revealing her massive tits in a bra that looked a size too small. She scowled at my actions in protest as I looked down at her breasts spilling over her bra. Then reaching to her hip, I released the tiny zipper at her way-too-short skirt, yanking it off her and leaving naked except for her spectaularly seductive bra.

“Well are you going to do anything or just sit there and look, fucker?” she demanded.

“No,” I said gritting my teeth. She was again walking the fine line between seduction and just being a bitch. “You are. Now get your ass off that desk, and ride me.” I wanted to make her suck my dick. I wanted to put her on her knees and stand triumphantly as I watched my balls rest on her chin. But I didn’t trust her not to do something shitty while she was down there. Plus I was tired of being around her. But she didn’t move. “You hear what I said, whore?” I asked taking a handful of her hair. My other hand unbuttoned my pants allowing them to drop to the floor and finally releasing some pressure on my throbbing cock. She still didn’t move. She just sat there glaring.

“You’re the one that wants to get off. I’m not doing the work for you,” she said to me, biting my lip at the end of her sentence. The smell of her sex mixed with sweat combined with the small shot of pain I felt made my head spin. I was so turned on it wasn’t going to take anything to make me cum, so I needed to step back and get a grip on things. I stepped back, finished taking off my pants as well as my shirt, then placing one hand on each of her thighs, I rubbed the tip of my cock on her swollen and damp pussy lips.

“Once again, get down from this desk and ride me.”

“No. Put your own work in you lazy shit,” she told me.

“Fine,” I said. And with that, slammed eight inches of solid, throbbing cock as forcefully as I could into her pussy until my cock hit the back wall of her pussy.

“Owwwwww…easy, fucker,” she cussed at me as she grit her teeth in surprise and pain.

I leaned down and bit her earlobe as I pounded my dick into her as deeply and deliberately as I could, taking joy in her whining with each pump. “I told you to ride me, you greedy little cunt. But you wanted to bitch about it. So now you’re going to take it like this until I get bored with it. Understand me?”

She whimpered a bit and nodded that she did as I continued to pound deep inside her. The room flooded with lightning and all that was heard was the wet pounding of my dick inside her as thunder clapped again.

I reached behind the small of her back and hooked an arm under her leg, picking her up off the desk and holding her against me. Then pushing her back against the cold glass of the window, I continued to grind into her as her long legs wrapped around me, begging me to go deeper.

“Look who finally came around,” I said to her with a smug awareness of her desire.

“Just fuck me, alright?” she responded, thick with contempt.

I kissed her deeply, sucking her bottom lip at the end, which she didn’t like. Tough shit, bitch.

“Who’s pussy is this you little whore?” I demanded.

“Look, I…ugh…oh fuck…I jus-,” she stammered

I pressed her harder against the window, my cock deep within her and held her there. “If you want this to go on, you will answer me when I ask you who’s pussy this is, you little cunt.”

“It’s…it’s yours,” she said, frustrated not to be in control any longer.

“That’s right,” I whispered to her, carrying her over to the chair where I had started the evening.

Her bodyweight now on top of me, I dick pressed deeply within her again. Taking a secure grip on her hips, I started rocking our bodies back and forth together. Her arms wrapped around my neck and I felt her thighs flex as shake as another orgasm gripped her. The balls of her feet just touched the ground enough to give her balance to grind harder and harder against me.

The slut who teased me was now doing the work she earlier denied, and all I had to do was sit there and enjoy it. I reached behind her and undid her bra, sliding it from her arms and finally showing her amazing tits. They may have been fake, but that didn’t mean they weren’t amazing. Reaching behind her and pulling her towards me I took as much of one in my mouth as I could, then the other.

“Suck me. Suck on my nipples,” she begged me. She had lost the authority in her character and legitimately wanted her nipples sucked, so I happily obliged.

“Harder. Harder! Please suck them harder!” she begged. By this time it felt to me like I was about to bite one clean off, but it’s what she wanted. Her pussy felt so good grinding on my cock, I was in no position to say no.

My balls twitched to let me know the inevitable was rapidly approaching. Cum was begging for release, and had been for more then an hour.

“I’m gonna cum,” I breathed. “Where do you want it? What do you want me to do with it? And make it quick.”

“Oh fuck…fuck…I don’t care. Do whatever you want with me. Cum in me! I want to feel your cum. Do it! Do it now!” she screamed.

With that, I reached under her arms, and hooking her shoulders pulled her violently down on top of me, impaling her as deeply as my body would allow. Shot after shot of hot cum erupted deep within her pussy.

“Oh…ohhh…ohhh fuck…I can feel your cum in me,” she moaned. “Oh fuuuuuck….oh shit. It feels so fucking good.”

Grabbing her hips, I picked her back up off my lap and set her back on her desk. I pulled my dick from her tight pussy, now destroyed with sweat and cum, and stood back to look at the mess I had made of this girl. I was pleased with the result, as she pressed her finger into her cunt and held it to her mouth, sucked our cum from her hand.

“So, now you can get your shit and get out,” she snapped at me as if someone had flipped a switch. Didn’t matter really. I got what I wanted out of the situation.

I staggered about the room, collecting my clothes that had found their way all over the place and dressed to leave.

“Do you even know my name?” I asked her as I opened the door to leave. I was still a bit disoriented but I knew enough to know I wanted to fuck her again at some point.

She was still naked, covered in sweat and dripping cum.

“Does it matter?” she replied.

Guess not…

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