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The Tease- Chapter 4: Role Reversal

Roles are reversed two years later
Jen returned to campus a week early to begin her Junior year. Tim and Laura had graduated, and Jen had been promoted to Cadet Lieutenant. This year she was going to be responsible for helping train the incoming Freshman Class. The first day of classes Jen was going through the normal routine you'd see on the first day of any type of military training. She was barking orders at the hundreds of bewildered kids when one caught her attention.

A skinny, nerdy looking Freshman named Craig Daniels. Over the first few weeks of school Jen learned that Craig was a Computer Science Major who came to the Academy because he wanted to join the Air Force's cyber warfare command. Much the same way Laura had befriended Jen two years earlier, Jen started to befriend the nerdy computer geek. One night Jen found Craig in the library. When Jen walked over, Craig immediately jumped to attention and said, "Good evening ma'am."

Jen smiled and responded, "At ease cadet."

Jen sat down with Craig and started talking to him about what he as studying. Jen couldn't explain it to herself, but she loved listening to Craig talk computers, cyber terrorists, and all kinds of stuff that would bore most people to tears. Craig cracked a joke and as Jen started to giggle she touched Craig's arm and noticed he had goose bumps. Jen smiled at Craig, took his hand and said, "Don't be nervous cadet, I don't bite."

Craig got an embarrassed look on his face and said, "Oh it's just that you’re the prettiest girl on campus."

Jen looked away and giggled as she said, "I am not."

Craig nervously touched Jen's hand and said, "You are to me ma'am."

Jen kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Oh you're so sweet." Jen scooted her chair closer to Craig, and noticed he was trembling. She tried to make him more comfortable by saying, "Oh sweetie don't be nervous."

Craig looked down at the floor and stated, "It's just that I've never..."

Jen grabbed Craig's arm and whispered so only he could hear, "Oh my god is this your first time?"

When Craig nodded yes Jen said, "Come on." Jen took his hand and led him out of the library. She then took out her phone and texted her roommate, "DO NOT COME BACK TO THE ROOM UNTIL I CALL YOU!!!"

Jen took Craig back to her room, closed and locked the door. She led Craig over to her bed, sat down with him and said, "Please don't be nervous, I want to make this special for you...We can take it as slowly as you want."

Craig was starting to relax a bit as he slowly put his hand on Jen's thigh. Jen gently kissed him, she could feel the nervousness melt away as he felt more and more comfortable touching her. As Craig's hand nervously touched Jen's breasts, she started to unbutton his shirt. Once she had his shirt off she took off her own and laid back in the bed letting Craig get on top of her.

So far they were only kissing. Jen wanted to take it slow with him. As Craig began to slowly touch Jen's bare breasts, she slipped off her trousers leaving her panties on. Jen climbed on top of Craig and took off his pants and underwear. Craig was already hard but being his first time Jen knew she had to be careful. She didn't want to ruin it by having him cum too quickly. Jen slipped her panties off, looked into Craig's eyes and asked,

"Are you ready sweetie?"

Craig smiled at her and nodded yes.

"Please don't be nervous, I'm all yours tonight," Jen whispered.

Jen slowly guided Craig inside of her. She saw the pleasure hit him as he penetrated a woman for the first time. Jen was in control, and trying her best not to excite him too quickly. After she felt that Craig had lasted long enough to really enjoy his first sexual experience, Jen rolled off of him and laid flat on her back. She wanted him to be in control when he climaxed. "Make love to me," Jen said to him seductively.

Craig climbed on top of her and slipped his penis back inside. Craig was nicely endowed and he was learning quickly. Craig gave Jen a deep kiss as he was thrusting inside of her. Jen could tell he was close when he rose up and threw his head back, then suddenly, Jen felt him cum inside of her. Craig collapsed on top of Jen. As she ran her fingers through his hair Jen asked, "Did you like your first time honey?" Craig smiled and kissed Jen on the lips.

Craig was nervously waiting underneath the football stadium two years later. Second Lieutenant Jennifer Patterson had just finished the graduation ceremony and received her commission. Craig marched up to Jen and gave her a sharp salute. "Congratulations ma'am," said Craig.

Jen returned his salute and jumped into his arms. Jen was going into fifty-six weeks of flight school, and it might be quite a while before she got to see him again. Jen and Craig had fallen in love, but Jen had been around the military a long time. Craig the skinny nerdy freshman had put on twenty pounds of muscle over his first two years at the academy. He was fucking hot now, Jen knew he'd need a tank division to fight off the girls.

They were also going along completely different career paths, and though they would definitely keep in touch, many service academy graduates keep in touch with classmates for decades after graduation, they would probably never be able to really be together. This was life in the military. Jen had been in Craig's shoes two years earlier when Tim, her boyfriend for her first and his last year at the academy graduated. She still kept in touch with him, but he was a B-2 bomber pilot, based in Germany, she was going to San Antonio, and after that she didn't have any idea where she'd be. They weren't ever going to really be together again.

Craig gave his girlfriend a deep kiss and said, "I'm going to miss you so much."

Jen wiped a tear from her eye and said, "Then you better really make love to me tonight, it's going to have to last me for a while."
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