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The Temp

The Temp

The new secretary shows promise...!
"Mr. Roberts, may I speak with you?" Julie said, softly knocking and then peering around the door.

"Of course, Julie. Come in and have a seat. What can I do for you? he said.

Julie Simmons came into the office and sat down. "Sir, I came in to give you my two weeks notice. My boyfriend has proposed to me and we're getting married next month. He says he wants to move back east to be closer to his family. Since I have no family anymore, we will be leaving right after the wedding. He has a job offer, pending his getting back to Virginia."

"Julie that is wonderful! I am so happy for you! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding! I hope you two have a long and happy marriage." Michael Roberts told his secretary. He got up and walked around his desk to hug his long-time secretary on her upcoming nuptials.

After Julie had given her boss the news, she returned to her desk. A few minutes later, He came out of his office with an envelope.

"Julie, I wasn't sure when the wedding was or what you two would be needing, but I wanted to give you something. I hope this helps get you the wedding you dream of."

Julie opened the envelope to find a check for 2,000.00 inside. "Sir! This..this..oh thank you Sir! she said tearing up.

"Julie you have done a wonderful job for me and for this company. It is the least I can do to help you have a beautiful wedding."

"Thank you, Sir. It will." she said kissing him on the cheek. Michael returned to his desk and Julie put the check safely away in her purse and went back to her work.

A couple weeks later, Julie was finishing up her last day of work. "Sir I have put all the files in order. I have made a list of all the daily tasks. And I have left instructions for my replacement on how you like things run. I think that is about all I can do to make it easy for my replacement. I hope you find someone that you can feel comfortable with, Sir. And I appreciate being your secretary all these years. I...oh hell, I'm going to cry! she said tearing up. "I hate goodbyes!" she said hugging her boss.

"Julie, if you need anything, a job reference, or anything, you be sure to call me. You have been a wonderful secretary and any company would be lucky to have you." He said.

"I will." she promised, and turned to leave before she cried anymore.

The next day was Saturday and so Michael didn't worry about the secretarial position over the weekend. But Monday rolled around (as Monday's always do) and driving to work he wondered what kind of a secretary the temp agency had sent over. He had called them on Friday morning before Julies big goodbye and now he was wondering what he had sitting at her old desk.

Michael walked into the office to find no one at the desk at all. "Great!" he thought "The temp agency dropped the ball and I have no secretary!" But he had no more gotten the thought out when the temporary girl came around the corner.

She was absolutely stunning and Michaels jaw dropped to the floor! Rebecca McGavin was 5'7" of the most drop-dead gorgeous woman he had ever seen! She had long blonde hair that hung almost to her waist and once he bothered to look her in the face, the most sparkling blue eyes, eyes like pools of crystal clear water you just want to dive into. Her perfect smile sparkled as if in competition with those eyes and her smoking hot 36DD-23-35 figure was enough to make a man melt! 

"You must be Mr. Roberts" she said holding out her hand. "My name is Rebecca McGavin. The temp agency sent me over to fill in, until you have a permanent secretary." He just stood there dumbstruck for a couple seconds. She smiled again and took his hand, snapping him out of the trance she had put him in.

"I..I'm sorry, it's just..." he trailed off.

"That's ok, Sir. I'll just consider it a compliment." she said blushing slightly. "Here is your coffee. According to what your former secretary wrote down you like it black with two sugars?"

"Yes..." he said still in awe of this angel in front of him.

"Good!" she said, relieved. "Now is there anything you want to discuss about my job, Sir? Your former secretary - I believe Julie was her name - was pretty thorough about writing down all my responsibilities. But I would like to know if you have anything further to talk about?"

"No, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. For now, just get yourself acclimated to the front office and where everything is located." he said, finally getting hold of himself.

"Very good, Sir." she said turning on her high heels and walking out the door. Well maybe walking wasn't exactly the right term. Rebecca more strutted than walked, her tight firm ass swaying gently as she moved, making her exit just as awe-inspiring as her entrance! Michael found his eyes following the rhythmic sway of her hips with his eyes until she turned the corner to her desk.

"Get a grip on yourself man!" he thought snapping himself out of his trance. "Sure she's a beauty, but there are rules against this sort of thing!"

He went back to his own desk, determined to shake the lewd thoughts that raced through his mind. He concentrated on the day's work and began settling into what lay before him. But try as he might he couldn't not get past what tempting delights were in the very next room, so close, yet so far away.

Michael had finally gotten his mind squared away and focused on a presentation he had been working on for an important meeting this week when the intercom snapped to life.

"Mr. Roberts, there's a Mr. Thibideau here to see you, Sir" the voice in the intercom said.

"Fuck!" he thought to himself, "She even sounds sexy on the intercom!"

"Thank you Rebecca, send him in please!" he answered. Moments later Mr. Thibideau entered the room.

"What happened to Julie?" he said as the two men shook hands.

"She went and got herself married and moved back Virginia I believe."

"Well you did all right for yourself, old man! That's quite a welcome you have out there!" he said smiling.

"Yeah she definitely dresses up the place! I haven't seen her efficiency, but if her work comes anywhere close to, I should be doing just fine!

"Ain't that the truth! Speaking of presentations..." and the two gentlemen got down to the business at hand. About 45 minutes later the meeting was over and Mr. Thibideau left the office, introducing himself to Rebecca and then leaving. As Mr Thibideau walked down the hallway, Rebecca turned to Michael.

"Sir is Mr. Thibideau someone I should be remembering?" she asked.

"Yes, for now. His company has hired us to come up with a sales pitch for his new line of products. So we will be working closely with him for awhile."

"Very good Sir." she said and returned to her desk. Michael returned to his desk as well, giving one last glance at the vision sitting in the front office. Rebecca glanced up at him and caught him eyeing her and she smiled, blushed a bit and lowered her eyes to her desk again.

Michael was busy at his desk a few moments later when Rebecca walked in.

"Sir I was go..." Just then Michael got up from his desk.

"Yes?" he said. Rebecca's eye were fixed on the huge bulge in the front of Micheals' suit pants!

"I'm sorry!" He said quickly picking up a binder to cover his crotch. But nothing could cover his embarrassment.

Rebecca walked over to him "It's ok, Sir. I'm afraid it happens to me a lot. I've gotten used to the looks and the comments. I actually think it's kind of cute that you are embarrassed! She said lowering the binder back down to the desk.

She walked back to the door and quickly twisted the lock. She came back to Michael's desk.

"I see there's no ring on your finger. No wife or kids pictures on your desk. Does this mean that no lucky girl has caught you in her net, yet?"

"No I'm still single." he said.

"Mmmm..." Rebecca walked closer to him and adjusted his tie a bit. "Well, Sir I know this is just our first day, but if we are to work together your friend there is going to make it awful uncomfortable for you!" she said smiling and looking down.

"Yes, it is getting a bit cramped." he admitted, not believing the turn his day seemed to be taking.

"Well, are the boss. If there is something that you need me to do...just ask." she whispered the last two words in his ear.

She lightly kissed his earlobe as she ran her hand over his chest and down his stomach to give his hard bulge a quick, playful squeeze. He about lost it right then and there!

"If you see something you want, Sir, take it. I do!" she said, stepping back a bit.

Michael looked at her and her eyes sparkled as she licked her lips. He knew he shouldn't. This could get him fired or worse. But damn! The invitation was just too great and he closed the distance in one step pulling this gorgeous creature to him and crushing her to his chest, covering her open hungry mouth with his own and shoving his tongue into it to dance and frolic with hers. As they kissed, Michael unbuttoned her blouse, pulling the ends up from her skirt waistband, and then pulled the blouse down over her shoulders trapping her arms at her sides. He didn't bother unfastening her bra even though it was a front hook type, rather he just hoisted it up over the top of her full, firm tits to get at the soft flesh underneath. He closed his mouth over her ripe tit and sucked and nipped at the stiff bud, causing her to moan her delight.

"Oooooh...Oh, Sir....." she cooed. He pulled her in closer and feasted on the silky soft flesh and tongue her nipple as she ground against him. Her arms pinned to her sides, she let her hands full down to find the bulge in his pants had grown larger and firmer. She squeezed his shaft through his trousers and the feel of it throbbing in her hand made her all the more aroused and needy.

While her tits were delicious and he hated to part with them, the promise of even more tasty delights awaited him, so he parted ways temporarily with her succulent globes and began traveling down her chest, and across her stomach, leaving hot trailing kisses in his wake. Each kiss and lick caused her to moan and she tossed her head back as the fire inside her grew hotter and more intense.

Michael picked up his stunning new secretary and hoisted her onto his desk, clearing it with a single swipe of his arm. He sat her ass on the edge of the desk and laid her back onto it's warm wooden top. He was glad now that he didn't go with the more impressive, yet colder granite top that he had looked at first! She laid back and spread her legs as he took up a position between her thighs looking eagerly at Rebecca's well trimmed and very wet pussy. She was shaved on the sides and had a neatly trimmed, and closely cropped patch of soft blonde fur in a upside down triangle starting just above her clit. He breathed in her aroma, her woman scent was strong and pungent, the smell of a woman in heat. He loved this smell and could never get enough! He bent his head forward and tasted her with the tip of his tongue. She was just as delicious as she smelled. He could hold back no longer and started taking long, slow, luxurious licks at her slit. At the very first touch, Rebecca groaned and raised her hips to meet his probing tongue.

"OH, FUCK! Yesss!" she hissed as she arched her back. She reached down to grab his hair and pull him deeper into her. Michael responded by probing into her depths further, his tongue acting like a small cock and pushing it's way into her. Flicking over her clit, and licking as the sides of her pussy walls. She was delirious with pleasure as she felt him move inside her. She gasped and moaned and humped back against his tongue and the hot mouth covering her sex.

Michael took two fingers and slipped them inside Rebecca's wet hole. She gasped as he added this element to what he was already doing to her and she spread her legs wider.

"Michael, Oh God! Oh SHIT!" she cried. She grabbed at her tits and squeezed them mauling her own tits in an effort to somehow turn her attention away from what was going on down below. She pinched and pulled at her nipples and dug her fingers into the flesh but all that did was send more information to her already lust-clouded brain. She moaned louder and twisted in an effort to get away from her teasing tormentor but it was of little use. He had a good hold on her and she was powerless to do anything but endure it.

"Oh God, Michael...please....fuck me! I want you.." she cried. Rebecca was panting sweat drenched and moaning her need as Michael finally relented and stood up. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers and boxers in one move. He moved closer to the girls spread legs and put his cockhead against her slippery pussy lips. He teased her a bit more by running the head up and down her pussy lips letting her feel Him and making her moan once more as she begged him again to fuck her.

"Michael...please!.." she pleaded.

He was done teasing. Time to get down to business. He placed his cock in position and grabbed her hips. He slipped into her easily and glided into her wet depths, burying himself fully into her heated hole. Rebecca, feeling him enter her at last, arched her back and groaned loudly.

"OHHHHGODDDD!" she groaned. She arched until he thought she would break in half and he began pumping into her. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed and power he plowed into her. She felt his cock moving inside her, she felt his balls slap against her ass as he rammed fully into her, she felt her tits burn where she had dug into them, she was amass in sensations and her mind was flooded with all these messages. She was losing her ability to process everything.


Her legs began to quake and she gasped once more. Then she froze in place and half a second later she burst.

"OHHHMMYYYGGODDDDDD! OHHHFUUUUUCCCKKKKK!" she screamed as she poured out her juices in a massive orgasm. Her hips bucked and she tossed her head hack and forth as she groaned and cried and screamed her delight. She grabbed onto the sides of the desk as the room began to spin and held on as if it was turning upside down - which for her, it was.

Michael continued to plow into her as her orgasm crashed around her, He teased her clit with his finger as He did, sending her deeper into her delirium as she tried vainly to fight it. He could feel the walls of her pussy clamping down on him, coaxing him to join her in her blissful state and he was close...he was so close...

At last he could hold back no longer He shoved into her a couple more times before He crested. With a final huge stab at her he exploded deep inside her pussy, sending a huge wad of hot sticky cum shooting into her and coating the walls of her pussy in white hot seed.

"NNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH!!!" he grunted as he shot off in her belly. She felt him unload in her just as she had begun to come down from her own orgasm. He shot load after load into her - four then five spurts of his cum he gave to her before finally collapsing over her - their sweaty, gasping, bodies on top of one another sliding around as the spasms continued to shake them and they slowly recovered from their sexual frenzy.

Michael laid on top of his new secretary for several minutes as they came back to earth. Michael finally pushed himself up off of her and helped her to sit up on the desk again. She looked at him and smiled. He handed her clothes to her and got dressed himself. Once they were dressed and they had picked up the things that Michael had swept onto the floor from his desk Rebecca turned to him sexily.

"Will there be anything else, Sir?" she said winking at him.

"No that will be all Ms. McGavin. I'll let you know though, if I need you for anymore dick-tation!" He quipped back at her. Thank you for your help."

He would have to shoot an email to that temp company and thank them for sending over such a hard working, efficient secretary!

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