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The Traps of Desire

Her dream leads to reality
The Method Of Desire

Chapter 1

I started getting wet as soon as he walked in. I was shocked at my own reaction. I had been at my desk for a few minutes when he came in, I heard the door open and I looked up. There he was. He spoke to a few people as he passed them, and I caught his eye and smiled at him.

"Morning Liz." His greeting was pleasant, a wave and a smile. Normally it would have not moved me at all, but this morning was different.

I had dreamed about him the night before you see. In the dream I had been at work, at my desk, when Ben had sat on the edge of my desk as he always did when he wanted to talk to me. One thing had led to another, and we had sex on my desk. When I awoke, I had soaked my knickers, and I knew that I had experienced a full orgasm in my sleep, which has only happened a few times in my life. So when I felt myself getting aroused at the very sight of him that morning, I decided to take him.

I say "take" quite deliberately, as there would be no choice involved on his part. I find it very easy to "take" men. I am aided in my adventures by my breasts. They fascinate men. If I were to describe them, I would say they are disproportionate to my body. I am quite short and slim, yet my boobs look like they belong to a much bigger woman. They are big and round and men adore them. I never have to pay for a drink on a night out, all I do is wear a tight or low cut top, and stand at the bar and all of my drinks will be bought for me. I suppose there are people who would say I was a slut, though I would deny this. I have had quite a few sexual partners to be sure, more than you could count on your fingers and toes, but I always planned to be like this when I was young. I have all of my life to be sensible and settle down, so why not go a bit wild while I am young? I said to myself that I would stop it and behave once I hit twenty five. Well that is only a year away, so I thought I had better have what fun I could. I had always quite fancied Ben, he's a weightlifter and could always make me laugh. Time to make him do more, I thought.

Chapter 2

We have a coffee break at half past ten every morning, and I sought Ben out. He was sat alone reading a newspaper. I sat in the seat opposite him.

"Hi," I started the conversation. "How's it going?" This was a normal conversation starter between us, nothing he would see as unusual.

"Not too bad," he replied, without looking up from his paper. "You?"

"Same shit, different day." We had probably had this exact conversation ten times.

"I hear you." He sipped his coffee "You doing anything this weekend?"

"I might go and see that new film," I picked this topic as I know he is a bit of a movie buff. "What's it called?"

He looked up then, and his eyes went straight to my boobs, as I knew they would. I had undone a few buttons on my blouse, revealing a lot of cleavage. I pretended not to notice.

"Which one?" he asked.

"The one with that guy in it." As I spoke I put both of my hands behind my head to adjust my ponytail, causing my boobs to stick out. I deliberately looked away, pretending to think, but actually just allowing him to look at my chest. "The one with the spaceships."

"I don't know which one you mean" Ben said, and rightly, because I was making it up.

"Maybe it's in your paper?" I said, and leaned forward to look, giving him a great view down my blouse.

"I'll have a look if you like?" He made to turn to the center pages.

"Oh don't worry, I'll know it when I'm there. Must go to the loo, see you later." I stood up and hurried off to the rest rooms. I had only a few minutes left and I had much to do.

Chapter 3

When we were back at our desks, I left if for twenty minutes or so, then got out my mobile. I selected one of the pictures and inserted it into a text message, and sent it to Ben. A minute later, I heard his phone beep. He stared at his mobile for a few seconds, then looked at me with a quizzical smile. I raised an eyebrow then turned to my computer. My mobile beeped.

Ben: WTF!? :-) x

I turned my mobile on to silent and replied.

Liz: Don't you like them? x

Ben: Yeah! They are awesome! I have always liked them! But why are you sending me Liz-porn? x

Liz: I thought you might like to see it! :-/ x

Ben: I do! More PLEASE!!! x

The picture had been taken in the rest rooms earlier, it was me in my bra. I selected one of me without my bra, but covering my nipples with my free arm. I sent it to Ben.

Ben: You are a tease! x

Liz: Damn right. Want to see more? x

Ben: Please!!!!!! x

I sent him the next one. My boobs in all their glory. It was cold in the rest room, so my nipples were erect.

Ben: OMG! Brilliant! x

Liz: I have more..... x

Ben: What do I have to do to see them? x

Liz. Use your imagination. x

A few moments after sending the last text, Ben stood up. I saw him pocket his mobile and head off in the direction of the rest rooms. I was trying to imagine what his cock would look like. I have heard people say that weight lifters have little cocks, but I was not disappointed. When Ben's text came through, it was a picture of him holding his hard cock in his hand. I could tell it was him too, by his shoes which were in the bottom of the picture. It was quite a big cock, his hand was grasping the base of it, and at least the same length again was protruding from his hand, and it was not like he had small hands!
A minute later he was back at his desk.

Ben: Imaginative enough? ;-) x

Liz: Wonderful, I'd like to get my hands on that bad boy x

Ben: Your turn x

This time I sent him one of me totally naked. It was taken in a cubicle, and I had one foot on the floor and the other on the toilet seat. One hand was holding my mobile, and the other was spreading my pussy. I have a hairless pussy, so everything was visible.

Ben: Holy SHIT! You are a very sexy lady!

Liz: You like them then? x

Ben: They are amazing! I'd love to see it for real. x

I sent him another picture in reply to this. A close up of my pussy with two fingers buried knuckle deep in myself. I included some text too,

Liz: I'll be in the ladies toilets, the cubicle with the green door. Give me two minutes. xxx

Chapter 4

I did a quick check when I got to the ladies, and luckily I was the only one there. I ran in to the cubicle with the green door, and quickly took off all of my clothes and stuffed them into my bag. There was a ledge behind the toilet and I sat on that with my legs open. While I waited for Ben, I started to rub my clit and by the time I heard the door to the rest room open, I was very wet indeed. The door to my cubicle opened and Ben walked in. He stopped short when he laid his eyes on me. He opened his mouth to speak, but I spoke first.

"Don't talk Ben."

I spread my pussy lips with two fingers and beckoned with my other hand. He looked for a moment like he was going to run away, but sense got the better of him. He turned and locked the door, then unbuttoned his trousers and slid them down to his ankles. His boxers followed. His cock was not quite erect, but it was thickening before my eyes. He stepped forward and buried his face into my pussy. I have been with men in my life who have no idea how to go down on a woman, but Ben was not one of them. He knew what he was doing, he licked my clit while using one hand to grab my boobs, and two fingers of the other to penetrate my pussy. I had my legs over his shoulders so the only part of me still on the ledge was my upper back. I reached down and grabbed his cock, and was delighted to find it stiff as iron. I felt my orgasms building, and I grabbed the back of his head and ground my pussy hard into his face.

"Don't stop," I whispered "I'm going to cum."

He worked harder now, and my orgasms came fast and hard. I wanted to cry out but I had to restrain myself, which made it all the hornier. As my orgasm faded, Ben showed no signs of wanting to stop. I wanted to get his cock in my mouth though, so I gently pushed at his head and as he let me go, I dropped myself onto my knees in front of him. I have often given men what I have heard called a "tit-wank" and although I do not like that way of putting it, I must admit that it is a fairly accurate description of the act. Anyway, men like it and I find it to be a big turn on. Ben seemed to be no different, and as his dick slid up and down between my boobs, I teased the tip of it with my tongue. After a minute or two, I took his cock in my hand. He looked down at me and as our eyes met, I took the full length of his cock into my mouth. I am quite good at deep throating, and again, men seem to love it. Ben gasped as his whole cock disapperead down my throat, and I began thrusting my head furiously, allowing his cock to almost exit my mouth, then going balls deep the next moment. His fingers tangled themselves into my hair, and he began to control the rhythm. Soon his cock started to throb, and I was worried that he might cum. I did not want him cumming yet.

I stood up and knelt on the toilet seat with my back to him, sticking my bum out. I looked back over my shoulder, grabbed one of my bum cheeks and pulled them apart, showing him both my holes. He looked amazed, I am sure he never had such an easy fuck in his life. He positioned himself behind me, and guided his cock into my pussy. He was gentle, but powerful. He wrapped his arms around me and had handfuls of my boobs as he fucked me steadily and slowly, but hard. Twice I came like this, and I was about to cum a third time, when I heard the door open again. We both froze. I heard someones footsteps walk in and get into one of the cubicles a few down from ours. There were some muffled fumblings, then the tinkling of water. I looked at him. He was grinning. I raised my eyebrows in inquiry, and as I did, Ben put his left index finger into his mouth and brought it out covered in saliva. He was still grinning mischievously, and I knew what he was going to do. His finger touched my asshole, and gently he pushed it in. I have had anal sex a few times, and although it is not my favorite thing, if I am turned on enough then I quite enjoy it. But I was not ready for it then and I gasped at the feeling. He started working his finger in and out in the same rhythm as his cock slid in and out of my pussy, and presently a second finger joined his index finger. I had thought at first that he was doing it just to be stupid, but as his pumping started getting faster, I looked back over my shoulder and saw that he was on the way to coming. The person in the cubicle flushed the toilet, and I risked speaking.

"Cum in me!" I whispered, and I reached my right hand back and grasped his and squeezed it. He started thrusting faster, and his fingers drove in and out of my ass. His grip on my hand tightened and I felt the hot spurts of cum shoot into my pussy, and the feeling tipped me over the edge and I joined him in orgasm as we heard the taps turn on outside and the noise of someone washing their hands.

Ten minutes later, I sat back down at my desk. Ben was already at his desk, as he had left first. I sat back down and got my mobile out. I selected the photo I had just taken, of Ben's cum leaking from my pussy, and my two fingers up my ass, along with the text;

Liz: Next time..... x

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