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The Trespasser Invites

An older American man and younger Scottish woman tell the story of how their friendship changes.
Chuck's POV

Alice gently played with my soft cock as we relaxed and watched the deer from my blind window after just having great sex. I was explaining what we would be doing if it was deer hunting season and how we would be using the little doe to determine whether a buck was nearby. The doe had a fawn with her and was feeding peacefully while the fawn nursed. They suddenly both looked back in the direction they had come from. A pair of bucks walked out. Their antlers were not mature yet, but they appeared to both be fairly big deer. They reminded me of a joke I heard on 'A Prairie Home Companion' so I decided to try it on Alice.

"What did the female deer say when she walked out of the woods?"

"I don't know," Alice answered.

"I'll never do that again for two bucks."

Alice started to giggle. For the next 10 minutes, she would suddenly burst out in giggles.

Alice's POV

I'm glad to hear Chuck telling a joke. We're watching the deers and it becomes clear that being out in the woods provides him with some kind of solace. He opens up then and tells me about his wife.

"It's called Early Onset Alzheimer's."

I gasp. I had a sister-in-law who had that. "Familial?"

"Yes. You know something about it?"

"Unfortunately. What stage?"

"Stage three. Late"

"Oh dear." This is bad. She would most likely die before the new year, possibly much sooner. It's bad enough for her, but it's devastating on the people who care for her. She can't remember from one minute to the next. Short term memory is the first to go, but gradually she'll lose all her past. They will sedate her and treat the pain, not perfectly, but there is nothing else they can do. "You poor man."

"I care for her six days a week with the help of her sister. She takes her for the one day I'm away. The doctor ordered me to take that day off to save my sanity. My camp has been my retreat. She doesn't remember who I am. She's afraid of the strange man. I have to show her photos to get her to trust me."

"I understand." It will degrade quickly from here. It's awful, but soon he will have to put her somewhere. He'll have no choice. It takes a big team to medicate, feed, clothe, wash, and restrain an adult with no inhibitors.

I tell him about my experience with my sister-in-law. Then I invite him to my house for dinner for his next visit.

Chuck's POV

Alice was like a gift from heaven for me. I did not expect her to understand, but she knew my future better than I did. When I arrived the following week, I walked from my camp to her house so nobody would see my vehicle parked there. Guilt was on my mind. Not my guilt, because the woman I was married to was no longer present in the woman I was watching go mad. I wanted to know that Alice was not taking too much risk, hurting her chances at a happy marriage.

But first things first. Old Bud had a helluva gun collection. I was like a kid in a candy store as I examined all the treasures while Alice put the finishing touches on dinner. Shotguns, high-powered rifles, carbines, pistols, revolvers, even some black powder guns. There was only one or two that I thought would pack too much kick for Alice.

"I can teach you how to shoot these shoulder smashers safely, but unless you're planning to shoot buffalo from 400 yds. there's really no point. I can help you sell them if Mikey doesn't want them."

"But what would I do with all the rest?"

"Well, if you don't need the money, just keep them until you do. Your kids may thank you some day."

"We've been trying to get pregnant."

I wasn't really sure what prompted that, but I said, "Look Alice, I don't want to be any trouble for you."

"Chuck, don't worry about that. Mickey and I both know it's a marriage of convenience. He made me promise only that he would be the actual father of our kids. I intend to keep that promise. He's a good man, but not a very good lover. I was a scandal in Scotland, unhappy in England and wanting my kids to have a good life somewhere else. Mickey offered that and here we are. If we can keep from getting caught, I'll be alright. Now let's have dinner."

We ate, but I could tell Alice had a lot on her mind. It was a very good Chinese chicken dish with rice and vegetables, one that Mickey didn't care for and she was glad to cook it for someone who liked it. Afterwards, she invited me to sit next to her on the couch and sip a sweet wine.

Alice's POV

I can tell Chuck has a lot on his mind. He's probably feeling guilty about his wife and my husband, but I'm thinking about how to broach a certain topic with him. With his wife at stage three of her disease, I know the odds are pretty good that he hasn't had sex with her for quite a while. I start to ask how she's doing, but I know that's the wrong question so I hesitate and then sigh. Finally, I just blurt out, "Tell me, friend, how long has it been since you've had the main course?" My question startles him. "I know it has to be difficult for you. I watched my brother go through it. He was frustrated."

"I can't even remember, Alice. Months for sure, maybe six."

"If you'll wear a condom, that dry spell can end tonight."

"Geez, Alice. I figured you for more of the romantic type."

"Not tonight, Chuck. I know when a friend is hurting and I can help."

"Well I'll wear a condom it you want, but I'm snipped..."


"Uh, vasectomy."

"Chuck, I really don't want to break that promise to Mickey. Look me in the eyes and tell me you're sterile."

He does. I can see 100 percent sincerity when he says. "I've been shooting blanks for years Alice. I got snipped when Sarah's Mom got diagnosed. Sarah wanted to make absolutely certain she didn't pass on the genes."

This is the first time I've heard his wife's name. I don't know why, but this gives authenticity to his claim. Perhaps I imagine it would be blasphemy to lie with her name on his lips. "Great, no condom. I have a special request, Chuck. Think about our photos while I get the bedroom ready."

I go into the bedroom and light candles. I change into a sheer black flyaway babydoll and sheer black panties that tie on both sides. Already what I'm thinking of doing is making my juices flow. I crawl onto the bed, lie on my back and loop my wrists into the silk scarves I've tied to the corners. "Sir Knight?"

He comes to the door and looks in at me. "It seems that you have slain the dragon and rescued me and now I am at your mercy."

I see surprise on his face and that pleases me. Then I see understanding. I can see the bulge in his jeans and he says, "Yes, M'Lady. You are."

Then I see something different. It is something feral. It sends a shiver down my spine.

Chuck's POV

The woman I saw on the bed was a well known stranger to me. Yes, that's an oxymoron, but the combination of beauty and vulnerability from the day we met had returned and it was just as intoxicating. I had never had a bondage experience, not even a mock binding. But, make no mistake, I am a predator and she was pretending to be helpless and it was damn hot! Clearly the special request was that I indulge her fantasy. I was momentarily at a loss for how to proceed, but as a hunter, I have stalked prey before. This prey's body was already captured, but I recognized that the real prey here was an uncommonly good fuck and that meant it had to be different. "Yes, M'Lady. You are. But I have not come to rescue you. The dragon has horded the most valuable jewel of the land and I have rid the land of the dragon. I claim you as mine."

Like many other predators, I decided to toy with my prey. I stepped into the room to undress, taking my time as she watched. I walked with authority back and forth around a far corner of the bed, keeping my gaze on her eyes as they alternately looked into mine and then to my hands as I unbuttoned each shirt button. I removed my shirt, not with a flair of arrogance, but with cold confidence that she was helpless to do anything other than watch my progress at taking her. She watched as I unhooked my belt, then released the button on my jeans and then unzipped them. I slid them to the floor and stepped out of them. I slid my boxers down slowly, allowing my cock to spring free of the waistband.

Alice's POV

I pull my knees up as he begins to climb over the foot of the bed towards me, responding at a most instinctive level to impose the only barrier I have between him and me. The man who walked into my room, my neighbor, friend and lover, was not the slayer of dragons. He has become the dragon. Not a mindless beast, but a creature of cunning and dark desires. He grabs my ankles and pulls my legs out straight and apart, to both sides of his approaching knees. His strength is irresistible. He shifts his grip to my thighs, until his knees are far enough between mine to keep them apart. He unties the babydoll where it is tied at my breasts and pulls it open to expose my intimate treasures. He puts a hand on each and gently squeezes them. I feel my nipples harden as he gently tugs them in the crotch between his thumbs and forefingers. I look at his hands and he pinches my nipples firmly, causing me to look back into his eyes with perhaps a touch of fear. I see no malice, only desire.

His face drops down and sucks each nipple briefly before kissing up to the pulse points on my neck. I feel his tongue flick out and taste me, right where my perfume was dabbed. He says "Yes, M'Lady. You are mine.", and sends another shiver of excitement through me. He kisses me, his tongue pushing into my lips to meet my eager tongue. I moan with yearning as I match his passion. I feel his hard cock move on my mound.

He moves to an earlobe and pinches it gently between his lips before kissing down my neck and back to my breasts, then down to my navel where his tongue tastes another dab of perfume. He sits back to untie my panties from both hips, peeling them down to expose my hairy pussy and the wetness that is surely oozing from my lips. I wait for him to mount me now, but he pulls my legs up over his shoulders and dives his face toward my fiery caldron. I think that he will quickly devour the heart of my lust, but he stops just short and teases around the edges, forcing mer to roll my hips in search of more direct contact. He dips his tongue deep into my honey and savors it briefly, then finds my clit with his tongue. I come as soon as he touches it. Bucking against his face, I shudder in ecstasy. Too quickly, he backs away and licks deeply into my hole.

He begins a second assault on my clit with his lips and tongue and something changes in the back of my throat. My moans come from much deeper and when I get very close to a second orgasm he slips two fingers into me. I come again and this time the waves of pleasure are much stronger. Again he backs away after I am satisfied, but still feeling pleasure.

Chuck's POV

I left Alice satisfied but not deadened twice and I knew that I was nearing my physical limit. I licked along her sweet pink lips to her taint and then came back up between them to her clit. This time her moans quickly intensified and she gasped, "Oh, please. Fuck me now." I pushed her legs off my shoulders and thrust my hard cock quickly into her, slamming into her hard again and again until she came a third time. I came too then, pumping my cum into her until, fully spent, I gasped "I release you. M'Lady."

Alice's POV

I suddenly remember that I'm not actually tied up and I pull my hands free of the loops, hugging him to me, kissing his face, tasting my juices, feeling his cock shrink and slip out of my happily battered pussy. I did not expect as much pleasure as I got from him. I believed that cock size was everything when it came to straight fucking. Not anymore.

He is clearly exhausted, but I'm on a sexual high that I have never experienced the likes of before. As his heaving breath slowly steadies, I dare to tell him, "That was, perfect." He seems embarrassed by my praise. I kiss him again and invite him to spend the night. I promise breakfast and "whatever" in the morning and he accepts. He soon falls asleep and I don't mind. He clearly put forth a maximum effort.

I sneak out of bed as he sleeps soundly and go to Mickey's childhood bedroom where many of his childhood things remain. Among them is a "Junior Scientist" microscope. I'm not sure who said it or why, but I'm thinking of the saying, "Trust, but verify." I've used this microscope once before to see the little wrigglers in Mickey's cum. I use it now to verify the beasties aren't there in Chuck's. I sleep easy that night, knowing that I've kept my promise.

Over breakfast in the morning, after a very satisfying morning fuck, Chuck asks me if I've ever been in a canoe. I tell him that I haven't but that it looks like fun.

"Good! I need a hood ornament. How about next week, say ten O'clock?"

I don't know what he means by 'hood ornament' but I know that I can find it online. But my monthly is due in a week, so I ask if he can wait another week as I have some business to attend to next week.

"Sounds like a plan," he says. All men should be so easy to get along with.

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