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The Trespasser Returns

An older American man and younger Scottish woman tell the story of how their friendship grows.
Chuck's POV

As I looked at the photos retrieved from my trail cam, I thought to myself, 'Holy shit! I hope I don't get caught with these.' There were a number of photos on the memory card. Some deer and other critters came down to drink from the pond, mostly in the evening. The camera has a ten second delay and a motion sensor and it flashes at night. But on the day when I met Alice, there were photos of the most angelic critter to visit my pond. She clearly arrived and undressed without seeing the camera, which is fairly easy to miss if you don't know where to look. Those photos were enough to make my swizzle stick stir. She was facing right at the camera when she came scrambling out of the pond with the ill-fated leech plainly visible on her arm. The fear and disgust and maybe a bit of helplessness on her face were endearing.

But then there were the photos with me in them. I was helping her. I was rescuing her from a bad situation. But that does not show on the photos. Those photos are the kind of poison that could kill her marriage, even though they were innocent enough at the time they were taken. I couldn't bring myself to delete them. I knew they would put lead in my pencil every time I looked at them. I copied and hid them in my laptop with every trick I knew and brought my laptop and the erased camera card back to camp the next week when we had agreed to meet again. My camp didn't have electricity, but a few minutes of battery life would be enough.

Alice arrived on her ATV through the newly repaired gate where the trails on the Walters' property run close to the trails on mine. She was dressed in camo shorts and a camo T-shirt. It was new stuff in one of the expensive photo-realistic patterns that made her look like she a was moving forest with human arms, legs and head. Of course the clothes were not suitable for hunting. There's show camo and work camo and hers was show camo.

"Well if it isn't Hunter Jane in her brand spankin' new Gucci-flage."

"Do you like it? I know it's a bit frivolous, but I've seen local women wearing this stuff at the supermarket, so I decided that if I'm going to hunt, it would be appropriate to assimilate into the local culture."

"Nothing wrong with fitting in. And yes, I do like it. It shows off those adorable freckled knees."

Alice's POV

I'm probably blushing at the praise. It feels like I am. I spent most of my life hating my freckles but I've learned that some men are drawn to them like bees to flowers. Pollination is a funny business. I know that these clothes are not good for actual hunting, but I also know that hunting season is months away. Today I'm supposed to get a primer on firearms to prepare me for a hunter safety course that I'll need to complete in order to get a hunting license. "So what are we doing today, Sensei?"

"We're gonna fling some lead."

I suddenly feel a little frightened. "Don't I need a license or a learning permit or something?"

"You're on my land, you have my permission, there are no stolen guns, you've got a green card, you're not a felon and you're not gonna be shooting at animals. You're legal. I don't know how it is where you lived before, but in this respect, adults are treated like adults here."

I'm pretty sure it's not that easy to just go out and start shooting in the other places where I've lived, but this is much more rural and I had noticed gunshots and men in camo during the Spring. Mickey told me it was just men shooting the big turkey birds. We walk down a "two-track" to Chuck's firing range where his little lorry, his "pickup truck" is parked. He pulls three gun cases out from behind the seat of the cab and lays them on the bonnet.

"Now this gun is a carbine. It's good for short ranges..."

He gives me a little talk about each gun and I ask loads of questions, because I've just not seen many guns and never handled one before. The second gun is a high-powered rifle and had a telescope on top like a sniper's rifle. The third gun is a semi-automatic pistol with a magazine that snaps inside the hand grip. It fits my grip well. He tests my eye dominance to see if it matches my hand dominance. I'm a right-eyed right-hander so that makes it easier for him to train me. He shows me how to load and operate the pistol and how to stand and where to shoot. We don ear muffs and he gets behind me and puts his arms around me to set my form. This does a lot to ease my nerves.

"Okay Alice, take the safety off."

I click the safety switch and try to remember what he told me about breathing as I line up the sights on the paper target that's pinned only 10 feet away. I try not to think about his arms around me and his cock so tantalizingly close to my ass. I think that it's probably important to concentrate when you have a loaded gun in your hand. When he told me the handgun would be first, I almost peed my knickers. Now I'm about to "drop the hammer" of the surprisingly heavy little volatile chunk of metal. While I still have some fear, he's convinced me that I'll have no trouble keeping both of us safe. I take a deep breath and let it half-way out and try to steady the gun but I can't. I let my breath out the rest of the way and he says, "Relax. It'll get easier after the first. I can barely hear him through the ear muffs, but he sounds comforting and I try again. Deep breath, halfway out, line up the sights, squeeze. KABOOM!

The gun jumps way more sharply than I expected, but not with nearly as much force. I guess I was expecting it to drive my hand back toward my head like I've seen in movies. Still, it stings my hand and I'm glad he only put one bullet in it because I almost drop it. I look at the paper and there's a hole way up in the corner that wasn't there before.

"I hit it! I hit it!" I'm very relieved, but very very pumped up. I hand him the gun and I suddenly start shaking. "What's happening?"

"That's called an adrenaline rush. It'll pass. That's what you'll feel after you shoot a deer."

"It feels good, but I'm out of control. My heart is hammering like an alien is trying to break out."

"Just enjoy the ride, Hon."

He's right. It passes quickly and he's got three bullets loaded now. "Okay, you've had your learner, now put three into the big black spot in the center. Try to hit the very center. Take your time and let me guide you with each shot.

I take my three and the third is right "smack dab" in the center. We back up five paces and I do it again.
"You're a good shot, Alice. A natural Annie Oakley." I haven't the foggiest what that means, but when I look it up later I discover she was the first female American superstar because she could shoot much better than most men. I also learn that many women shoot better than men once they get the knack of it.

"Now let's try the barrel there. Two shots. Hold the gun pointed down by your side and bring it up quick. Don't waste time aiming. Just point at the center and shoot then recenter and shoot again."

BANG! BANG! Both shots hit the barrel. They aren't right exactly in the center, but "if that barrel was a bear, he would be suffering from sudden respiratory distress syndrome". I have to laugh at these colorful Yank euphemisms.

Next we move on to the rifles and I see why he started me with the handgun. I'm relaxed and confident now and I quickly get comfortable and accurate with both guns. I mention that Bud had a cabinet full of guns that I talked Mickey into selling when he moves from Green Bay. Chuck offers to come around and see which I might want to keep for hunting and 'personal protection'. He tells me that if any of the guns fit me, I'll soon be a certified gun nut like every other American. I'm amazed at how excited I feel. I don't know why I ever feared them. I respect them, but now I realize they're no more dangerous than a box of bullets until you put somebody behind the trigger. He puts all the guns back in their cases and we drive back.

When we get back to his wee trailer, Chuck lights a gas grill and we have an 'all American dinner', hot dogs on toasted buns with yellow mustard, ketchup and sweet pickle relish, potato chips, cole slaw and of course, beer. I learn that this is fairly typical for camping food. After dinner, Chuck tells me it's time to hunt some deer, not with guns but with our eyes. I excuse myself to use the "shitter". That's what he calls his outhouse. He doesn't know about the surprise I've planned.

We get some mosquito repellant and a sixpack of Newkie Browns that Mickey brought from Green Bay for me. Of course, they're not nearly as good as the real thing on draught, but they're a lot easier to lug around than a keg. Chuck's eyes light up when he sees them. I notice that he brings his laptop as we take a short hike to a sort of raised hut that he calls a blind.

Chuck's POV

As we walked to the blind, I realized that Alice would be the first other person to get inside it. I built it on a platform 15' off the ground. It's big enough for me to stretch out on the floor and take a nap if I lie corner-to-corner, so it easily accommodates two people sitting on the deckchairs I've put inside. Alice immediately started to climb the ladder into the blind and I told her that she might want to let me go up first in case there were wasps inside. She said that she wasn't a girly girl and kept right on going, up through the trapdoor with me watching her shapely ass the whole way. By the time I got up she had already removed her shirt and bra and was unzipping her zipper. I opened the windows to get some ventilation and by the time I was done, she was sitting in one of the chairs in nothing but pink panties.

"You sure didn't waste any time, Alice."

"Well, it's hot in here and I didn't think you would mind. It's not exactlty as if being naked while you're still clothed is a new experience for me." She leaned back in the chair and pulled her knees up. Her thong split right through the hairs in her ass crack.

"Yeah, about that..."

Alice's POV

I sense concern in Chuck. "What's wrong, pardner?"

"Alice, I wasn't completely honest with you last week and now I gotta confess. The real fourth thing you should know is that I have a camera at the pond that automatically takes pictures of the wildlife that visits. We uh... both got our picture taken, a few times."

"What? Show me." I think back to what we did and despite the circumstances then, I get a little hot thinking about the photos that might have been taken. He types on his laptop for a few minutes, explaining that the photos are hiding in plain sight where photos aren't normally found, but under aliases and a few other tricks to keep them safe from prying eyes. The first photos look innocent enough. Nice voyeur shots of me undressing and stepping into the water. When he brings up the photo of me with the leech on my arm, I begin to feel a bit peaked, but I know that the interesting shots come next. I glance down and see that his jeans are tenting. The next shot shocks me a bit. He's tying my wrists with my bra while I'm laid out on the ground. Even though I know what's really happening there, the image of it has an erotic quality the makes my nipples hard enough to cut glass and ignites my pussy like a bushfire. "Oh dear. We best not let anyone else see this."

He brings up each photo and gives me as much time as I want to view them. The next one is him preparing to gently slap my face, but it doesn't look like it will be gentle. In the next, I'm waking up, looking terrified and vulnerable and in pain. I huff out a long pent up breath and Chuck says, "I know what you mean."

He's lifting me in the next one but it looks like he's holding me while I'm trying to get away from him. The few after that are just me checking for leaches. This cools me a little bit until I see one more where my hands are spreading my arse wide and his hand is between my legs. I know what was actually happening there, but the photo does not. I see the image and my bushfire reignites. I look at his jeans and it's clear he's having the same reaction to these images. I don't even wait to see whatever else is there. I just reach over and unzip his jeans. He sets the laptop aside and his hands are on my breasts. His fingers get to my nipples as I pull his rock hard cock through the fly of his boxers.

I drag his head to my nipple where he sucks it in and bites it, not hard, but with enough teeth to let me know that he's in the driver's seat now. I surrender control as he sucks it hard and then assaults the other with equal passion. He pulls my panties aside and dives his face into my pussy. No finesse is needed and none is given as his lips and tongue grab my clit and quickly bring the relief I need, sucking the flame from my pussy with wave after wave of direct lingual assault.

Chuck's POV

I looked up into her face and she had the sweetest little smirking smile as she looked down at me. "That was effen' hot! But now I've got a special treat for you, Chuck. You're not so big as Mickey, so you can fit where he can't. My arse is yours now and it's a virgin." She peeled off her panties, dropped to her knees on the floor and turned to face away from me. Nestled inside her ass crack was a ring with a string tied to it that disappeared inside her ass.

All week long I'd been thinking about the question she'd asked before she rode away the week before, especially as I lay in bed with a stiffie. I'd never fucked an ass and I'd always wanted to. Long before I met my wife, I dated a woman whose ex-husband had taken her to Plato's West. In the decade or so before that became too dangerous, she had participated in multiple partner sex while her husband watched. She left that scene when she divorced her husband, but she'd developed a real hankering for two fingers in her ass during oral sex. She taught me to offer them by applying a light pressure and waiting to see if the fingers would be invited in. That was the extent of my anal sex experience and I was surprised when Alice's ass had previously accepted my manual offer.

I could hardly get my clothes off fast enough as she reached in the pocket of her camo shorts and pulled out a tube of lubricant and a condom. "I cleaned myself out before I rode over, and slipped some beads in when I used your loo. I figure the condom will help you last longer and after that hot oral quickie, I would like a nice long fuck." She tore open the wrapper and slid the condom over my cock and then gave me the lube. She placed her hands on the window sill as I knelt behind her and started to pull the string of 1" diameter beads out. When the last of six fell out, her hole was relaxed and stayed open. I added some lube to my hard cock and slipped the head into her tight asshole. "Ooooooohhhhhhhh," she moaned. "It went in easier than I thought it would."

I slowly pushed more and more of it in with only slight backstrokes until my cock was fully buried in her ass. I could tell that she felt some discomfort because she shifted around some, but when I started to slide in and out with full-length strokes, she said, "Oh Chuck, this is feeling really good. Please, fuck me harder." She began to rub her pussy with her hand.

I picked up the pace and she was right about the condom, because I lasted longer than I expected before I felt the approach of orgasm. "I'm gonna cum, Alice."

"Me too, just a little bit more. Oh here it is, oh my arse feels so warm. Oh yes. I'm cominnnggggg."

In two more strokes, I was pumping my load into the condom as her tight hole was clenching down and relaxing repeatedly. When I felt the last few pulses cease, I pulled my softening noodle out and watched as her hole twitched a few times before closing.

Alice's POV

We are both breathing hard and drenched in sweat as our passion ebbs. "Those photos are absolutely incendiary, Chuck."

"You got that right, Alice. They just might be too dangerous to keep, but they make my sticker peck out every time I look at them. Since we both have a dog in this hunt, what do you think I should do with them."

"I suppose we could blur the identity by scrubbing the faces, but that seems pointless. Can you keep them safe?"

"I can try, but there will always be a risk. My wife won't find them and that wouldn't matter anyway. I don't think our house-guest will find them either, so we should safe enough."

"I've got a very happy pussy that's telling me to take the risk. Your house-guest? Is it a man?"

"No, my wife's sister. She's a part-time caretaker. My wife is... ill."

I sense that he wants to talk about it, but just isn't ready. "Tell me whenever you're ready, friend. I'll be a shoulder to cry on if you need."

"Thanks, Pardner."

I leaned over and kissed him then, just a light peck on the cheek. "Thank you Sir Knight." I looked out the window and saw a motion off in the distance. "Oh, look! There's a deer!"

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