The Trip Home - Finally Home

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Now that we're home, the real fun can continue.
It’s been exactly 29 hours since we had our first encounter together, thousands of feet above the ground during mid-flight. I can’t stop thinking about you or what happened between us, it was so exciting; I get an erection every time I slow down enough to think about it. I look down at the napkin you gave me as I took my seat again on the plane, re-reading the numbers silently in my head wondering to myself if it’s too soon to call you. You told me you’d be in California for a week taking some vacation time and hoping you’d be able to see me again.

I spend a few more minutes debating what to do before I finally pick up the phone to make the call. The phone seems to ring on forever before your voicemail picks up.

Hey, you’ve reached Susie! Sorry I missed your call, leave me a name and number and I’ll give you a call back!

“H-Hey Susie. It’s Steve.” I say awkwardly, unsure of how to approach the situation, even though we both know why I’m calling.

“Hey listen, I was wondering if I could take you out to dinner tonight.” I ask

“I know of a great steakhouse up in Newport Beach that makes a phenomenal steak. I’d love to spend some more time with you… if you know what I mean…” I say, becoming flirtatious as I speak.

I then hang up the phone, and anxiously wait for you to call back. To help time pass by quicker, I decide it’d be best to prep my apartment for what might unfold this evening after a few glasses of wine and flirting. It’s mid-afternoon by the time my phone finally rings. As I look down to check the caller ID, I see your name across the screen.

“Hey Susie!” I exclaim, trying to hide my excitement and remain collected.

“Hey Steve, I got your message earlier. Dinner tonight sounds great! Pick me up at 6:30?” You reply, excited that we’ll be able to carry on about our unfinished business tonight.

“Great! I’ll see you at 6:30 at your hotel.” I reply, catching the tone of your voice.

As we hang up, I glance at the clock and notice its 4:45. I’ve got about an hour and a half to finish cleaning up my place and myself before heading out to the hotel to pick you up. Time flies by as I finish drying off after my shower and getting ready. I put on my best pair of briefs, slacks, and pull out of my nicely pressed black button up shirt. I decide to throw on some cologne that every lady I’ve had sex with to this date has been aroused by, hoping that it’ll entice you to want to get back to my place sooner than later.

I hop into my Toyota Tundra and make my way to the freeway as I head out to the hotel you’re staying at. The drive was a relatively quick one, but it was long enough for me to have time to think about what would happen tonight once we got back to my place. I pull my truck into a parking spot outside your room, and climb out. As I head to your door, I adjust my already stiff dick so that it’s not so apparent. I knock on the door.

“Just a minute!” I hear through the door as I wait outside.

Seconds later, I hear footsteps approaching the door, and then the sound of the locks getting unlatched as you open the door to greet me.

“Hey, come on in.” You tell me, as you hold the door open for me.

“Thanks.” I reply, as I step through the door.

Once inside, you close the door behind me and before I can react, you’ve got your arms around me with your lips locked against mine. I place my hands on your hips as we passionately kiss, my erect dick making its way out of the positioning I had put it in. Our kiss finally breaks, and you back off allowing me to see how beautiful you look. You’re dressed in a black satin V-neck cocktail pencil dress that displays your size D breasts and nicely tanned and shaven legs perfectly.

“Susie, you look absolutely beautiful.” I say, admiring you up and down.

“Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate it.” You respond, blushing at my nice remarks.

“You about ready to go?” I ask, hinting that I’m ready to get the night moving along.

“Yeah, I just need to put my heels on and we’ll be on our way.” You inform me, as you tighten the last strap on your heel.

The drive to the steakhouse was relatively flirtatious, with some slight touching and playful banter. Once we get to the steakhouse and are seated, I start off by ordering some of the restaurants finest wine, knowing that this will be a worthwhile occasion. We continue into the evening playfully teasing each other with words and looks. Finally the check arrives, and I pay. As we head to my truck, you slow down enough to grind your ass up against my very visible hard on, and as you grind me, you slip your hand around your back side, and give my dick a good rub.

As soon as we climb into the truck, you decide you can’t wait to get back to my place and lean over so that you can start kissing my neck, and nibbling on my ears – all of which continue to stiffen my dick. Eventually I’m able to break away from your playfulness and get my truck out onto the road headed back to my place. As we travel down the freeway, you lean over once again, but this time, instead of kissing me, you go straight for my pants. You manage to unbutton my pants, and unzip them. As you find your way into my briefs, I let out a slight groan of pleasure and anticipation. Finally you’ve got my dick out in the open, free from the constraints of my briefs, and you start to softly stroke me as I drive. Noticing that I haven’t lost the attention of the road just yet, you lean your head down and take the head of my dick into your mouth.

“Oh, Susie!” I groan loudly, nearly losing control of my truck.

You continue to put more of my dick into your mouth, sliding the head past your lips, then my thick shaft, as you engulf all 7 inches of my dick into your mouth – licking up every inch of what I have to offer you as you go along.

“Oh, God Susie!” I exclaim once again as the head of my dick makes its way towards the back of your throat and I’m reminded of your amazing skill set.

“You like that?” You ask as you stroke my moist dick slowly, letting your saliva lube me up.

We finally make it back to my place and pull into my dark driveway. Before we’re about exit the car though, you ask me for a favor.

“Steve, I’ve always enjoyed car sex. Would you be willing to finger my pussy until I come?” You ask, as you lean your seat back into a more comfortable position.

“I’d be more than happy to please you, Susie.” I respond with a devilish smirk on my face.

I run my fingers up your leg, and gently tickle your inner thigh before making my way up to your pussy. You pull up the bottom of your dress a little bit, allowing me easier access for my fingers to go in and out of. I start of by rubbing my two fingers gently over the cloth of your panties that are covering your erect clit. I start off slowly teasing your clit before rubbing ever so slightly harder. Finally you decide you can’t take the excitement and more and grab my wrist, demanding I put my fingers in you.

“Steve, I really need this. I really need to be fingered.” You demand as you push my hand downwards.

I begin to motion my fingers in and out of your pussy, with each thrust getting them wetter and wetter. In a matter of moments, your moans inform me that you’re about to come all over my fingers. Finally I can feel your pussy clench my fingers as they move in and out, your moans loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

“Mm, Susie, you taste delicious.” I tease, as I finish licking my fingers of any leftover cum.

“Thanks, baby.” You respond, in between gasps of air.

After you’ve caught your breath, you instruct me to lay back and relax.

“What do you plan to do now?” I ask flirtatiously.

“I plan to suck on this large dick hidden inside your briefs.” You respond, as you start rubbing your hand up and down the outline of my bulge.

As you finish your sentence, you pull down my briefs exposing my hardened dick. Next thing I know, you have a firm grasp on the base as you slide your tight lips over the head, running your tongue across the tip, and down my shaft towards the base. As your lips reach the bottom of my dick, I can’t help but let out a loud and pleasured moan.

As you continue to soak my dick with your warm saliva, you start to stroke me with your hand, slowly at first, but then eventually picking up the pace. You get me to a point where I’m about cum all over you, but you slow down at the first signs of pulsing, licking up any pre-cum that has leaked from my tip.

I finally decide I’ve had enough teasing, and I grab you by the shoulders and flip you onto your back. I lean up towards your lips, kissing you gently, as I position my dick with your pussy. Next thing we both know, my dick is sliding into your moistened pussy, and we both let out pleasurable sighs together.

“Mm, baby, you’re dick is so thick!” You exclaim as I start to slowly thrust back and forth.

I smile, knowing that you’ll be very pleased by the end of our time together. I prop myself on my hands, as if I were about to begin doing push-ups on top of you, letting you see my slightly muscular build in better sight. With my newly situated angle, I begin to pump my dick in and out of you faster and faster. With each thrust, I slam into your pussy a little harder, causing you to moan louder.

“Baby, you’re going to make me cum! Make me come all over your dick, Steve!” You shout with excitement.

I can feel your pussy tighten around my dick as your body tightens up and you come all over me. I stop for a brief moment to let you rest, and give my arms a breather. As we both relax, you pull my head down so our lips meet once again and we start to slowly make out. As the seconds pass by, my dick starts to twitch inside your pussy, signaling to you that I’m ready to continue fucking. However, you decide that you’ve had enough of being on bottom.

“Get on your back, I want you to fuck me hard while I ride this big dick of yours.” You whisper into my ear, as you bite my earlobe.

“I’d be more than happy to fuck you as hard as you want.” I respond with a devilish tone.

We switch positions, and I hold my dick in place as you mount yourself on top, gasping once again as I enter into your pussy. You lean down, and put your arms around my shoulders, as you gently bite my neck. Wasting no time at all, I put arms around your back, pulling you in closely as I begin to thrust my dick in and out of your pussy. I want to tease you for awhile, so I keep my rhythm slow, only speeding up when I can tell you’re growing impatient.

“Steve, please, I need to feel your cum inside my pussy.” You beg, hoping that I’ll respond to your desperate need.

Growing hornier myself, I begin to thrust in and out of you harder than I ever have before, our bare skin smacking against each other. I eventually begin to feel myself starting to pulse inside your pussy, knowing how good it’ll feel, I slow down just a little bit.

“STEVE! Cum in my pussy! I need to feel it, I want it!”

As you let out your whimpers, I begin to shoot load after load into your warm pussy, filling it with everything I have to give. I continue to thrust until I have nothing left to give, and my tip becomes tender after the pleasure we’ve both put it through.

As you climb off of me, you lean down and suck off your extra cum, and what’s left on my tip, making sure to clean it all up. After you finish cleaning up, you snuggle up next to me and tell me you can’t wait until we meet again as you drift off into a deep sleep. I soon follow suit, and have dreams of sex like I’ve never dreamt before.