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The Tutor

He was going to pass this class on way or another.

The Tutor




Jack sat in the back of class, lost in a daze as usual. He thought, "The professor really should make her lectures more interesting." Maybe then her would pay attention in class. As class dismissed and students began to file out of the lecture hall someone grabbed his arm and stopped him. It was the professor, and she didn't look very happy.

She motioned for him to sit down in one of the chair on the front row so she could speak with him. Jack sat down and began to wonder just how bad this was going to be. Ms. Kim began to lecture on how his grades had been slipping and if he didn't do something soon she was going to have to fail him. Jack didn't want to fail but what was he supposed to do? "What do you want me to do Ms. Kim?" Jack asked. She told him that she was going to arrange to have him tutored and that she would get back to him by the end of the week. Jack reluctantly agreed to be tutored by someone of Ms. Kim's choosing and walked out of the class.

The week was almost over and Jack had heard nothing from Ms. Kim about his tutoring session. He was hoping that she had just forgotten and he would not hear another word about it. Just then, his phone rang. Ms. Kim asked, "Is this Jack?" he answered back, "yes Ms. Kim, what can I do for you?" She told him that she had found him a tutor and that he needed to meet his new tutor at her house at 8 o'clock tonight. She gave him directions and then hung up the phone. Jack really didn't want to go but it was better than failing Psychology for the second term in a row.

Jack began to gather his things and got ready to go. He grabbed his keys off the table by the door and walked out into the evening air. The night was nice, the air had a hint of a distant rain on it and it made Jack relax just a little. This might not be so bad he thought to himself as he disengaged the alarm on his car. Jack got in and began programming the directions he was given into the new dash mounted GPS his mother had gotten him last Christmas. It had come in more handy than Jack thought it would have when he got it. Jack began driving and in a little less than 15 minutes he had arrived at his destination. He was surprised to see that Ms. Kim lived in such a nice place. He got out and gathered his things. He pushed a button on his key chain and the car beeped as the alarm engaged.

Jack began walking up to the front door and the closer he got the more anxious he got. Why was he so worried about a tutor for, he had done this before. Maybe it was just the fact he was at his professors house that was making him jumpy. Jack rang the doorbell and Ms. Kim opened the door for him. "Jack, I'm glad to see you." she said. He smiled and asked where she wanted him to sit. She motioned toward a large room with vaulted ceilings and a window that took up one whole wall. The room was decorated in fine art and very nice looking leather furniture. Jack again began to wonder how a professor could afford such lavish things. Jack sat down on the sofa and was looking around for his tutor. There was no one else here. Come to think of it, he didn't see any other cars in the drive either.

Ms. Kim stuck her head out of the next room and said she would be right with him and Jack nodded his acknowledgment. He waited for what seemed like forever then Ms. Kim came out of the next room wearing a very short skirt and a blouse that reveled a little more than he wanted to see. It wasn't that he didn't think Ms. Kim was attractive, it was the whole thing about there being a rule against teacher/student relations.

Actually, Ms. Kim was a very attractive lady. She wasn't much older than the students that she was teaching. She was of Asian decent and had very small frame, as most women of Asian descent had. Her cheekbones were high and they framed her face very well. Her almond shaped eyes were almost as dark as night, if you didn't know better you would have sworn they were black. She had long straight hair that hung down to a nicely curvaceous ass. The skirt didn't help but accentuate her curves. The blouse that Jack didn't want to put his eyes on again showed that she had nice full breasts and she must have done something with them because they were pressed together and looked as if they could bust out at any moment.

Jack cleared his throat and looked the other way. Ms. Kim came and sat next to him and asked him if he had everything and was ready for his lesson. Jack just nodded and got his book out of his bag and sat it on the table in front of them. Ms. Kim picked up the book and began to flip through the pages until she found where the students were learning from. Jack hadn't really thought about being taught by the teacher and didn't know if there was anything wrong with it. I mean wouldn't it be a little unfair to all the others to have the teacher tutoring him. He put the thought out of his head, now there was no way that he could fail her class. Jack looked at his teacher and they way she was holding the book in one hand and letting the spine of it rest right between her breasts. He looked away again, a little embarrassed that he couldn't stop looking at the teacher's chest. Ms. Kim looked at Jack and asked him if everything was okay and of course Jack had to say yes.

Ms. Kim began to talk and that helped Jack not to focus on just her chest but what was being said. An hour later, they took a break and she asked jack if he would like something to drink. Jack replied, "water please." and she bought him a glass of water with a small sandwich. Jack hadn't realized that he was hungry but apparently he hadn't eaten since lunch that day. As they ate Ms. Kim began to talk to Jack asking him about the things he liked and about other things. She asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?" This caught Jack off guard. Why would she want to know about that. He replied that he didn't have a girlfriend but then asked Ms. Kim, "Why do you want to know if I have a girlfriend?" She looked down at the table and said something under her breath. It sounded as if she had said that she thought he was cute. Why would she say something like that though. Jack let it go and after another hour of studying the session was over. Jack gathered up his things and was getting ready to go when Ms. Kim asked if he had heard what she had said earlier. Jack acted confused, and she walked over to him. She leaned in really close and she whispered in his ear that she would like to have another session with him tonight. Jack again looked confused. I want you to stay the night with me tonight.

Jack swallowed hard and began backing away from her but she kept coming for him. Jack took one more step back and realized he was pinned against the door and she was getting closer. He turned and grabbed for the door knob but she put her hand against the door and kept it shut. Jack turned back around and Ms. Kim lunged forward and planted her lips right on his. He struggled a little but then relaxed because it felt really good. Jack hadn't had a girlfriend so, he was guessing that was why he was so affronted by Ms. Kim's attentions.

Ms. Kim broke the kiss, and stepped back from Jack, giving him room to think. Jack thought about going but then he looked at her again and noticed that she was a little more attractive than he had thought. He walked forward and looked her in the eyes, "won't this get you in trouble?" "Not if no one finds out." she said. Jack accepted that answer and went to sit back on the couch.

Jack did not believe what was happening, and to him of all people. This kind of thing only happens in the movies, but it was happening to him. She came toward him rubbing her hands up and down her tight little body, cupping her breasts in her hands as she came up. She began to unbutton her blouse and little by little the firm flesh was reveled. Her breasts were encased by a bra that to Jack looked two sizes too small. He wasn't going to complain though. This was every college guys fantasy come true. He wasn't going to say anything. Now that he had gotten over the initial shock that is. Ms. Kim's bra was black lace and you could see the outline of her pink areola and it was making Jack very happy. Her nipples were erect under the stretchy material and acted like they couldn't wait to be released. She motioned for Jack to come over and help her with her bra and he obliged her request. She turned around, as Jack unsnapped her bra she cupped it over her tits. She turned around to face Jack and let it fall to the ground. Jack just stood there, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Her breasts were very perky and stood at attention like a good soldier. She motioned for him to touch them. Jack slowly walked over and put his right hand on her breast. As he began to massage it she took a sharp breath in and it made her chest rise. Jack leaned down and planted a kiss on Ms. Kim's nipple and she hissed as his tongue touched her. She lifted her chest to his mouth begging for him to suck harder and not to stop. She was getting very wet.

Ms. Kim was moaning as she was trying to endure the sucking and pulling of her nipples into Jack' s hungry mouth. She was writhing her hips grinding them together hoping to get some satisfaction very soon. She pushed Jack away from her breasts and he tripped backwards falling over the ottoman and onto the couch behind. Ms. Kim sat on his lap and said, "I have waited so long for this night, I am going to make it the best night of your life." She greedily fed at his mouth their tongues dancing with one another trying to get the upper hand. Ms. Kim plunged her tongue into Jack' s mouth and her hand went to the crotch of his pants. She felt his manhood, stiff inside their denim prison, she wanted to feel it inside of her. Her hand was stroking him through his pants and he kept growing harder and harder until it was beginning to hurt him to keep his pants on.

Ms. Kim felt his urgency, growing with her own. She backed off of him until she was on her knees in front of him. She undid Jack' s pants and yanked them down to his knees. Jack was sitting there his ass bare on her leather couch and looking down at the insatiable minx on her knees in front of him. When she saw his rigid cock spring up before her eyes she had to back up because she had not imagined that it would be this large. She thought "I'm going to have fun trying to fit all of this monster inside my mouth." Jack saw her looking at it and smiled. He knew he was larger then most guys he saw in movies and it made him proud to see a woman think the same. She was determined to do it though. Ms. Kim began to lick Jack' s shaft and stroke him with her hand while her tongue added the lube she needed. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and she put the head of Jack' s cock into it. Her jaw stretched to it's max as she started to slide her mouth over him. Jacks' head went back and he moaned as she began to suck at his length. She worked him up and down with her mouth and even though she tried not to she knew that she was grazing him with her teeth. Jack didn't seem to mind, he was enjoying watching her head move up and down his member. She hadn't gotten all of him in her mouth yet but she wasn't done. Ms. Kim relaxed her throat and went down on Jack. He tensed as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She pushed further and further down until she couldn't breathe. She had to come back up. She trailed her hand up his cock after her mouth had left it. She began to feverishly stroke him and he wasn't going to stop her. So she thought.

Jack grabbed her hand and stopped the motion. He got up and mover around so she had her back against the sofa. He lifted her up and sat her on the edge. He looked up at her and glanced at her panties under her shirt little skirt. She was wearing panties that matched the bra earlier discarded. Jack could see that she was very well trimmed. He could also see the large wet spot on he crotch of her panties. Jack kissed her inner thigh, taking in the scent of her womanhood. She was ready and he knew it, but he was going to tease her a bit first.

Jack started kissing her thighs again getting just a little bit closer with each kiss to her juicy pussy. She was getting excited with each kiss, he was getting closer to being there. Right where she wanted him, Jack' s next kiss made her back arch, he planted his mouth over her mound and began to gently probe with his tongue. It was driving her insane, she wanted her panties off so she could feel his tongue inside of her. It was torture. Jack knew he was making her want him even more and that made him smile. He stopped kissing her pussy and hooked his fingers in the tiny waistband and pulled her panties off. Ms. Kim thought to herself, "Finally, he is going to give me what I want." Jack had other ideas though. Jack knelt in between her thighs once again and he was so close to her pussy she could feel him breathing on her. She felt his fingers open her up, but where was the tongue that was supposed to follow. It wasn't there. Jack was looking at her, admiring the light pink flesh of her. Her clit was already erect and was jutting out at him begging him to lick it. Her tight hole was glistening with her nectar wanting to be tasted just as bad as Jack wanted to taste it. Jack then dove in, his tongue began to lavish her clit. He was flicking his tongue quickly over it before locking his lips around it and gently sucking. She felt him move his hands closer to her opening and was expecting it when Jack slipped a finger inside of her. Jack felt the tightness of her around his digit but slowly started moving it in and out of her before he stopped doing what he was doing. Between the feeling of his finger and his tongue on her clit, Ms. Kim was in heaven. She was so close to having the largest orgasm of her life. When Jack stuck another finger inside of her tight little cunt that was it. She arched her back and she gripped Jack' s head and pulled her deeper into her as the spasms of pleasure ran through her body.

It took her a little while to recover from such an amazing orgasm that she hadn't noticed Jack looming above her. He had his hard cock in his hand and was aiming for her cunt. She told him not yet but he plunged himself deeply inside of her. Instantly her breath had been taken away, her head buzzed and she saw lights that weren't really there. As Jack pulled his girth out of her some of her awareness came back but then Jack thrust again. Jack' s massive dick was stretching her pussy like it never had been before. She knew that she was going to be sore tomorrow and only they would know why. As Jack continued to hammer her tight pussy she seemed as if she was floating in and out of consciousness, But, Jack began to slow his rhythm and she seemed to be able to control herself a little more. She looked into his eyes and there was a glint there something she had not noticed before. It was a sly look but not a look that frightened her. Just then Jack picked her up and impaled her into his large dick. She screamed, not only from the pleasure but from the small amount of pain that came with it. Ms. Kim wrapped her legs around Jack' s waist and began moving herself up the entire length of him before bringing herself down hard. She constantly felt him pressing against her cervix but it was very arousing. She had never had anyone this big before. As they began to move in unison she notice Jack begin to tense. She looked into his eyes and then kissed him hard as he spilled himself inside of her. She felt his cock jerk with every jet of cum that was released inside of her. As he neared the end of his orgasm he started to pump furiously into her. The sounds of his cock pumping in and out of her flooded cunt, seemed to drive Ms. Kim to the edge. She locked her legs around Jack as she too began to have the most amazing orgasm of her life.

Both of them collapsed onto the floor, Ms. Kim still with Jack' s flaccid penis between her folds. She looked into his eyes and asked him, " Do you think you can still pass my class?" They both began to laugh. Jack smiled and said, " With this curriculum I'm willing to try harder."

The next day Jack was actually looking forward to Ms. Kim's class. He knew it was going to be hard to focus but he knew he would get by with his tutor' s help.

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