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The Ugly Duckling

I thought it might be good, it was amazing.
I was talking to a couple of friends when this girl walked by. Doris was a local girl and certainly not the best looker in this town, in fact she was ugly, but she had a great figure. I watched as she walked by. I thought if she had a good head she would have men lined up for miles. Silently I thought, with a bag over her head or in the dark she might pass muster between the sheets. Her nose and mouth were big, and she had slightly buck teeth. Her eyebrows were dark and heavy and her hair looked a bit like straw. What she was like under her clothes appeared to be far better. She had a great figure. One of my friends saw me looking.

“You wouldn’t touch that would you? Shit she is ugly,” Mick said.

“The way I am at the moment I would fuck anything,” I replied

We all laughed.

It was a pretty rough area and we had all slept with most of the girls in the district. It was widely known but nobody seemed to care about whom, when and where with them. If an opportunity existed very few of them were wasted. At parties there was only one rule; the girls insisted on condoms. It didn’t matter how many guys they entertained that way.

A conversation at a party would often go along the lines of “Shit Suzy is hot tonight.”

“God have you been into her too? That makes three I know of, including me.”

“Thank heavens for the condom rule,” somebody else said.

A few days later I caught the bus to an appointment.

Doris was already on the bus sitting on her own.

I decided I would see what she was like to talk to. I had never really talked to her. She has a brother and he is very protective. If we were all around he wouldn't let her talk to us, and she rarely said more than “Hi” if she did.

She was the same with the other girls as she went to a private school. Her mother had mixed blood, and she too had a reputation, but nobody had any evidence of her promiscuity. It was all hearsay. Nobody had ever seen or heard of her husband. The family, as we were aware were, Mum, Doris, and Ken the son.

I sat down next to her.

She looked at me as if to say there are plenty of empty seats, why this one?

I ignored the look and said, “Hi, going into the city?”

“Yep,” came her reply.

“How are things?” I asked.

“Who cares?”

I looked at her and said hey, “I just want to be sociable, I would just like to say hello and see if we can have a conversation.”

“Why? I am a bit of a leper, aren't I?”

“Not to me you’re not, I am a bit different to the others. Believe it or not I would like to know you better.”

“How much better? Better like the other girls you seem to like? It seems to me all of you lot are only interested in one thing, and I am not prepared to go down that road.”

“Well let’s see if we can have a conversation and keep our minds above our navels, if that’s okay with you.”

She laughed and said “Well that would be novel for you lot. From what I hear there is not a virgin left in town, and half the parents are playing mothers and fathers with each other as well. Don’t tell me you are something different.”

“I am not going to lie to you. No! I am just as guilty as the others, but I don’t share it around like some of the others do. I have some standards, and a bit more select than some. I don’t know what you have heard, but I would welcome an opportunity to talk to you sometime over a coffee, or maybe somewhere in public. You won’t get a reputation for being just like the others, talking to me.”

“Where would you suggest?” she replied, surprising me that she would agree.

“Is there anywhere you would feel comfortable with me?” I asked her.

“Believe it or not I would appreciate that, but it would not be anywhere around here. My brother would give me hell and my mother; well anything might happen there. How about down at the bay? None of the locals seem to go there, and I go there a bit.

There is a nice park and cafe. We could talk in the open, and have a coffee ‘Dutch’, I will pay my own way.”

“Saturday at 11?"

“Believe it or not, I will look forward to it,” she replied.

I smiled at her response and I thought; if you only knew what I had in mind for you. Little did I know it that she had her plans as well.

We were almost at my destination and apart from a little bit of small talk about the weather etc. I pressed the stop button and said until Saturday, see you at 11.”

She smiled and replied, “I will look forward to it.”

When I got off the bus I thought, shit that wasn't as bad as I imagined, and she could be quite nice.

I never mentioned my proposed date with Doris to anybody which would be asking for trouble.

Saturday I showered and dressed respectably and thought this is going to be a success or a real disaster. I left the house in plenty of time to get down to the bay, and as she said it was not a popular place for the locals. There was another group who hung out there, they were basically surfies and loved the surf. There was no love lost between both groups, and their girls were out of bounds for us.

On my own I should be inconspicuous and safe.

She arrived on time and she really looked nice. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse, and I noticed she was showing a bit of cleavage. As I mentioned earlier she had a great body but her head, well let’s leave that aside.

I greeted her and we went to the coffee shop and had coffee. The talk was pretty stunted at first as we were both a bit afraid of saying the wrong thing, and turning our meeting into a disaster.

Gradually we both opened up.

She asked me a lot about the crowd I ran with as they treat her like shit. She is not pretty and she ignores their taunts. I knew that, but I never had said anything to her that was derogatory. I was with others that did at times.

She said one of the girls called her a slut and that hurt her. She told me she had never slept with any of those boys, and I wouldn't. They are so crude.

None of the guys I knew had ever had sex with her, or made a claim to have even kissed her. I felt a little uncomfortable and sorry for her. She seemed really nice and it seemed natural and not just for my benefit. Gradually she relaxed even more as we talked. She smiled at me a lot and it was far easier now than at the beginning and we were laughing together. She wore a nice perfume, and not too strong. The more we talked the more I liked her.

As we sat there I put my hand on hers which was above the table, and she didn't take it away. I had trouble not staring at her breasts, which she had exposed a little more than I had noticed previously. They were right in front of my gaze. I had a feeling there was one more button undone than was normal, really exposing her cleavage. I guessed she had a Push- up bra on. They looked like they were two jellies on a plate.

We discussed her university course and my trade training I was undertaking. She was enjoying her course, and talked about it and the crowd at Uni that she had made friends with and one girl in particular.

I boldly asked, “Is there a boy in your life?”

“Not yet. I do know a few boys who are friends but not in the way you have girlfriends.”

“Ouch,” I thought.

By now we had been sitting and talking for over an hour and the sun was shining and the weather perfect. The water looked beautiful and was glistening in the sunshine. It seemed most of the locals were out there on surf boards. I suggested we take a walk around the bay and then we could come back for something to eat.

“That would be lovely,” Doris smiled as she replied.

I paid the bill and as we walked toward the promenade; I took her hand and she looked into my eyes.

“That is the nicest thing to have happened to me for a while,” she smiled and squeezed my hand.

I don’t know if I blushed but I did notice that her nipples were now showing through her bra and blouse.

We walked for a while hand in hand, more or less silently until we came to a little path through a park. She was still holding my hand and she drew me toward the pathway. We continued along it for a few minutes before we were out of sight, then she stopped and turned to me.

“Would you kiss me?”

I was a little taken aback but in the past hour I had warmed toward her, and without answering I held her to me and we kissed. It was amazing, we both had our eyes closed and then I felt her tongue slip between my lips and I responded immediately. There I was standing kissing a girl passionately who I had never imagined that this would ever happen. She kissed perfectly.

She murmured as we kissed, and with my arms around her, she pressed her body to me. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest, and her pelvis almost grinding against mine. I wondered if she knew that hardness between my legs was a result of her perfume and passion. My passion was getting stronger and my cock harder. After a minute or two she broke away.

She looked into my eyes; “I haven’t enjoyed doing that, as much as that in a long time. That was so wonderful. Did you enjoy it as well?”

“I am overwhelmed; I shouldn't ask but where did you learn to kiss like that? I really enjoyed it.”

“Certainly not from any of your friends, I am not quite the shrinking violet many think I am, and certainly not that Dragon woman that I have been called. I do have friends but most are at the university.”

By now we had moved further down the path and the bush getting denser before we found a little used track leading away from the pathway. She led me along it.

“Can we stop here?” as she stopped and faced me.

We had reached a small clearing that was nicely grassed and a creek ran by the edge of it. It was well away from the path and quite secluded. Somehow I had a feeling she already knew it was here.

We looked at each other; not a word was said but the intentions were clear. I pulled her to me and we kissed again and it lasted longer. It was more passionate this time and she was pressing herself against me. After a minute she knew that the scent of her and her tongue had done what she had wanted.

I had been there and done that, many times before, but with those girls it was the automatic precursor to sex. With them it was virtually never challenged. I knew this time would be different. If I got to be intimate with her, I would have to play my cards well, and take nothing for granted.

Our passions rose as we stood and kissed, grinding our bodies together feeling the softness of hers, and the hardness of mine. She began to pull me down, and in seconds we lay down together and continued the kissing side by side.

It soon became evident she was not going to complain or for that matter stop. She was getting hotter and hotter. Then she rolled over and lay on top of me.

She began to virtually hump me, grinding her pelvis against mine as we kissed. Obviously she had felt my hardness pressing against her. If she kept that up I would cum in my jeans I thought.

Then she broke the embrace, got up onto her knees while still straddling me, and gazed into my eyes. Without shifting her gaze she undid the buttons on her blouse, unclipped her bra, and slipped both off. Her breasts were now completely exposed.

They were absolutely magnificent. They were probably the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. Each one was firm and had an outstanding uplift. On the tip of each breast was a bright pink areola with a firm hard outstanding ruby red nipple. They were absolutely perfect. I was in awe of the sight before me. Words were not necessary. She pulled her shoulders back to make them even more prominent then shook her shoulders which cause them to bounce a little.

I nearly came on the spot.

Then she lowered first the right breast for me to kiss and suckle, and after she was happy with that, then presented the left one to me for a repeat performance.

She had not said a word and was now dictating all the advances.

As she lifted her chest, she pressed her pelvis against mine and ground it against me again. She made sure that what was down there was hard and she was enjoying the sensation. I had a fleeting thought; I hope she is not prick teasing me!

“Let’s get this off!” as she stood up.

I followed.

She removed my shirt and as soon as the buttons were undone, then undid my belt. We were now both naked from the waist up. We both gazed into each other eyes and we embraced each other, there were no words required. Our warm bare flesh pressed against each other. My hand searched for one breast as we kissed. With our lips connected she positioned herself to allow me to fondle and squeeze the firm warm flesh of her breast. I tweaked her firm rosy red hard nipple which made her murmur with the delight as we kissed.

“Harder,” I heard her whisper.

We continued like this for a few minutes and each minute was better than the previous one. Then she broke the embrace.

“I am ready. I want you.” She stood up and began to remove the rest of her clothing.

I was standing upright with my bone hard cock standing straight out in front of me. I watched her breasts hang down as she bent over and slipped her bikini pants down and step out of them and then stand and face me. Oh God! What a sight. My cock hardened even that fraction more, her body was that stunning.

We just stood there and gazed at each other’s naked bodies. It was if we had never seen a naked body before, and we both studied in awe, the magnificent sights we were both taking in.

I was staring at her long perfectly shaped legs, her beautiful firm ass and then the magnificent manicured patch of hair at the apex of her legs as well as the full lips of her exposed vagina. For the first time I was seeing the full naked form of this woman with a perfect figure. Her body was a perfect 10 from the shoulders down, but I could not rate her above 6 from the shoulders up. But then I was not going to fuck her face.

She may not be altogether perfect, but there was another test for her to pass and my cock was itching to give her that test.

She looked at me and my cock which was hard and slightly curved up and to the left.

“THAT she said would make any girl delirious to have it inside her. Prove me wrong; if you can?”

She came forward and took my cock in her hand. She got down on her knees and stroked it two or three times, then looked up into my eyes and milked my pre-cum to the eye of it.

Following this and before taking the head of my cock into her mouth she licked the clear liquid leaking from the head of it, then slowly closed her lips over the head of my cock and rimmed it with her tongue.

Shit this girl was no novice.

Then she began to gently use her fingers and stroke the soft flesh up and down the hard shaft before moving her lips using the same motion. I could not take my eyes of what was happening to me, I had had this done many times before but never as seductively as she had done it.

I showed my appreciation by fondling her hair and ears.

Generally the girls I knew quickly got your cock out of your trousers and immediately got their mouth onto it. Then she would work on it until she stimulated it enough to ejaculate from the one eyed monster as they called it. Then with relish, swallow with delight the perfect man milk I made for her.

Doris it seemed was different; she was a gentle woman who knew how to satisfy a man. I had no idea she was the perfect bed mate, and I could only imagine what we were going to do next.

Where did she learn to seduce a man as perfectly as she had done to me? I was more than impressed.

She suckled on me for a while and then disconnected and stood up and hugged me.

“Will you kiss me?” she asked.

I didn't answer, I just went to her, pulled her to me and our mouths met and tongues lashed each other.

We kissed for a few minutes and she pressed my hard cock against her pubic hair and tummy, it felt awesome.

After we kissed for a while she once again broke the embrace.

“I don’t think you had any idea that this would happen, did you?” she said softly.

I replied, “To be perfectly honest, NO, but there is no way that I am going to stop you doing anything you like. I am staggered at what I have learned already, and I believe I am about to learn a lot more.”

“So am I, I hope. I want this to be as perfect as we can. It’s obviously not the first time I have done this. You won’t have the honor of sharing my virginity. One day I may tell you that story. Let me tell you now it was a long time ago, and not with anybody you know.

What I want now is to share you in the way I enjoy being with men. I have had some experience, not a lot, and never had a complaint. Now I want to share what I have with you. I gather you have no other ideas?”

“I am yours for the taking," I told her. "I think as you say you have done this before, and know what you want. I have to admit it’s not often the girl is the dominant one in my affairs, and I accept that you are it for today. I am prepared to do anything you wish as well as I can. Maybe on another day we can reverse the conditions, and allow me to show you the ways and means of having sex, my way.”

Now she said, “This may come as a surprise. I am on the pill and protected BUT.... I want you to use a condom with me, if that is ok with you?”

That was an unexpected request.

“I am already surprised, but if that’s what you want, then that’s what it will be. I don’t want to spoil anything that we have achieved so far. If it’s possible, I want things to be perfect,” I told her.

“OK we have done enough talking, let’s get down to having the time of our lives.”

She then produced a box of condoms from her bag, removed a strip of three, tore one off and threw the others on the ground and opened the one in her hand. Then proceeded to roll it perfectly over my erect cock, which was as hard as it could be.

“That is a beautiful cock; I love you guys who have been circumcised, particularly when it’s in my mouth.”

She squeezed the air out of the teat, and ran her fingers along my cock, making sure it was firmly attached to me. She had done this before obviously.

“I like these ones; they have better lube on them,” she added, as she checked the condom was on firmly with both hands.

We spread our clothing out on the grass for her to lie upon; she was obviously going to begin with a missionary position from the way she was preparing herself. She lay down and got comfortable.

I stood there looking down on the most perfect body that I had ever seen; from her neck down that is.

When she was ready she looked up at me.

“Fuck me and fuck me good,” she told me softly and with passion.

I stood over her for a moment. I then got down and between her legs as she drew her knees up. Her eyes watched my every move. My cock was bouncing up and down now as I got ready.

I got into position and she spread her legs and exposed her magnificent looking vagina which had been shaved free of hair, and recently too by the stubble free and smooth feel. Her beautiful full lips looked and felt perfect to me as I opened them to look into the pink well of pleasure. I could see the moisture she had made, and it glistened in the sunshine.... my cock would slip into her very easily.

Slowly, I pressed my cock head to her opening and covered it in her love juice then gently slid it into her beautiful body. As I guided my cock into, her I noticed her looking down at my cock disappearing into her inner sanctum. The condom was very sheer and you could see the skin of my cock.

I pressed forward and felt my cock going up her tight wet warm channel of love, she moaned softly.

“Ahhh. That’s beautiful, that not only looks good, it feels good too. You certainly know how to make a girl feel wanted.”

I pressed my body into hers until I had the shaft of my penis in as far as it was possible to go; my balls were touching her ass. Then I lay on top of her for a minute or two, to allow her to get used to the feel of my cock right up inside her. Most girls don’t realise how good that can feel, she did. My cock is not huge: what I consider to be about normal eight inches and five in circumference.

I slowly started to fuck her and she was no novice. She knew the moves and what to do with her legs and how to move with the motion. Within minutes the both of us were in a nice steady rhythm. She could wiggle her ass and used her kegals to apply pressure on my cock as we fucked. She probably had the best knowledge, and seemingly experience, of fucking of any girl I had been with. Most will lay there and let you fuck them, or, if they are getting close to cumming, get you to go hard and fast until they cum. She seemed to have more experience than I could ever have imagined.

A lot of guys in our group believe she is a virgin. I could tell already that is a long way from being accurate. She is an experienced, or an exceptionally well trained sex goddess, I was learning.

The two of us worked at fucking for about ten minutes before she said, “How many do you think you can get through in an afternoon? Fucks... that is.”

“Let me say I have never been with a girl like you before. I have a feeling there is a lot to learn about you, but to answer your question, let’s start with three or four. I have had as many as six in an all-day orgy.”

“Good then let’s see this one through and we can try a couple of other positions; if you were a oncer I would get the positions done before you cum ...I hate being left hanging.”

The both of us began to move together and my cock was continuing to really enjoy the warm, firm moist vagina it was massaging. With the condom on I knew she was moist, but I couldn’t feel it against the skin of my cock. Her breasts were beginning to jiggle and bounce as I increased the thrust pressure. The sounds of our bodies meeting were making a slapping sound.

The birds had gone quiet, high in the trees watching two funny looking people fucking the daylights out of each other. Not like they do it...... but like humans do it, sometimes.

If there had been anybody else close they would know from the sounds exactly what we were doing; Fucking like there was no tomorrow.

“Keep that going just like that. It’s beginning to do the trick; how far off are you?” she murmured.

“Any time you want... tell me and I can make it happen for you.”

“OK go for it, I am not far off.”

As she told me she was panting and grabbing her nipples with her fingers.

I lifted my pace and began to really fuck her hard. The sweat was pouring out of me, and dripping off my forehead onto her body. It was mixing with the sweat she was producing and running down from between her breasts. Her body was as wet with sweat as mine.

She was putting in an effort to make the most out of our first fuck together. Shit if this is our first and if I have my way, it will be a long way from our last. I knew from the way she was having her pleasure off me, that she had done it before. She was a class fuck.

I glanced down at my cock trusting like a piston of a Formula 1 racer into her pussy. There was a ring of cream around her cunt lips and my cock, the thrusting had turned her cunt juice and the lube on the condom to cream ...I wondered momentarily what it would taste like... maybe after this I would find out.


FFFF AAAA RRRRR KKKK.” She was almost screaming with the pleasure of it. She was breathing heavily now.

I joined in with her, I was grunting like a pig as I pumped my hot cum into the teat of the condom. UUUUHHHH... UUUUHHHH... UUUUHHHH... I groaned with each spurt.

Her body shook with the pleasure of her clit having spasm, after spasm, of cumming pleasure. She was shaking her head like a dog with rag doll in its mouth, and grabbing and pulling on her breasts and nipples. Her legs were wrapped around my waist pulling me into her as her heels thumped my ass with the rhythm of my thrusting cock. She had me locked into her.

I grunted time and time again as she squeezed my cum out of me into the condom. Rope after rope of semen flowed into her overheated and magnificent body. It was now beginning to flow out of the ring of the condom.... I had overfilled the fucking condom; I had made that much cum. It was now mixing with the cream we had made with my cock around her cunt.

What a mess we had made. Her pubic hair was soaking with sweat and cunt juice, cunt cream, and now cum. WHAT a fuck we achieved... I could never remember one as good as that one, where the girl was as physical as she was when I fucked her, and enjoying the excess of passion when she came.

She was amazing and it was obvious she knew how to enjoy an orgasm; that was for certain. We had fucked hard, and hardly spoken a word.

I collapsed on top of her and our bodies slipped and slid over each other with the sweat between us, like two greasy pigs. Her tummy was still in spasm, and pressing and twitching against mine, and it felt awesome. I could still feel the firmness of my cock deep inside her tight cunt. We were both gasping for breath and our hearts racing. I could see the veins in her neck pulsating. We had enjoyed without doubt the best fuck of my life.

After my breath had almost returned to normal, I kissed her and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Wow she was amazing. My cock began to subside and after a minute or so slid out of her cunt; but it felt strange; I lifted myself up a bit and there was no condom. All I could see was a bare, cream covered very flabby cock still dripping cum.

I got up on my knees and I said, “I don’t know where the condom is, it’s not on my cock.”

We both looked down her body and there was just a naked cock, and a fine patch of soaking wet hair.

I moved my head down to inspect the now well fucked cunt. It was bright pink from the friction of my condom covered cock. Her legs and thighs were soaking wet, and covered in our love juices, cream and every other form of our sexual concoction.

Then I saw it. The ring of the condom was just poking out of her cunt. It had slipped off as I withdrew my cock from her body.

She sat up to look.

I was in still in sex heaven so I just got down between her legs as she spread them wide to see for herself. This amazing and wonderful scene of a well fucked cunt.

She giggled when she saw the end of the condom just hanging slightly out between her cunt lips. I lowered my head to her cunt and inhaled the now quite strong musky scent of a well fucked woman that I had often smelled and tasted so often before. It was not a new experience for me. The urge was overwhelming, and I bit the ring of the condom with my teeth. Then drew it slowly out of her cunt as it leaked my cum everywhere. I got a mouthful of the fuck fest syrup in the process. That was nothing new for me. This however was a unique experience in removing a condom from a well fucked cunt ... with my teeth.

I dropped the condom on the ground beside us and we lay together and kissed; I had the cunt juice still on my lips but it didn’t bother her.

Her mouth was wide open and her tongue was half way down my throat again; god she could kiss well. It wouldn’t take me long and I would be hard enough to go another round with her, and I think she may have had the same idea.

After the passion had diminished she relaxed.

Then she said, “I have been well fucked before, but that was wonderful. I loved every moment of it; I hope you were pleased with me. You gave me one of the best orgasms I have ever had.”

“Pleased I said.... holy fucking cow.... that was without doubt the best fuck I have ever had and you are the best woman I have ever been with. I don’t know about you but I could do that with you all day every day.”

“God... look at me. I have never had a mess down there like that, that cream is amazing, and I don’t think I have ever had that happen before. You were really thrashing that cock of yours up me. It felt awesome. I think we had better clean this mess up. Let’s go over to the stream and wash up. I don’t think anybody will venture this way this late in the day.”

The two of us walked hand in hand naked to the stream and I walked in; it was freezing cold.

”Spanner water,” I cried.

She followed me, “Shit it is cold; what is spanner water?”

“It tightens your nuts.” We both laughed.

We forgot about time, just being together naked and having sex, exceptionally good sex together, was all we both wanted.

We were addicted to each other and as the afternoon drew on we fucked three more times, nice long enjoyable fucks. It was not just sex; it was an extremely enjoyable union. She came often, and she also made sure I didn’t, until she had her fill of me. She knew how to extend my time inside her. She is amazing, there is a lot more to her than I imagined.

I was learning more from her than I had after fucking a dozen women. There was something special about her I must learn. The mystery deepened but I wasn’t going to burst the bubble. In time I would learn. I hoped this would not be our only time like this together.

Ugly or not, she more than made up for her appearance by her ability, and to ensure not only herself, but the both of us enjoyed being together. Each time when we varied the position, I knew she was no novice. I had fucked many girls but none that was as competent as Doris was.

Never before has a girl impressed me when she was on top of me fucking my cock with her cunt. She was the best cowgirl I have ever met. I am glad she didn’t have spurs on as she knew how to use her heels when she was up there as well.

What she lacked in beauty she more than made up for in ability, and as much as I hate to admit it she showed me a thing or two about fucking without saying a word. Lunch time had come and gone. She was far tastier than any burger.

One thing I hadn’t learned was how she had been so well versed in having sex. She was not emotional but she knew how to make me feel good, and that she enjoyed the two of us having sex together without it being ‘just a fuck’. It wasn’t love making either, it was physical and just two people fucking and enjoying the pleasure of fucking each other. It wasn’t a one way affair as so many are.

Cumming was something we both enjoyed and often shared our orgasms together.

During the next couple of hours we fucked five times in different positions, she knew as many as I did if not more. When she does she really knows how to fuck a guy.

She fitted me with a condom each time, but we never made butter again. My balls were hanging down like cow bells. She enjoyed every moment and I knew that I was not the only man to enjoy the pleasure of her naked and very accommodating body.

After each fuck we rested together. When we were ready, there was no hesitation. We kissed and my cock went into her in one position or another, and we fucked again.

The afternoon had passed all too quickly but very, very satisfactorily. The sun was beginning to set and we had unfortunately had to go home. We were lying on our backs, warm and naked after our last fuck, looking at the clouds passing by.

Doris said to me, “As much as I want you to fuck me again I think we had better get going. We have to get dressed and it’s a good walk out of here, and then we have to get home. I have not told them I am going to be late. God that was wonderful ...I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Our last fuck had been bareback, so the two of us spent a bit of time washing ourselves in the creek. She made a thorough job of both around and inside her, using her fingers to clean herself out.

I only had my cock, balls and my legs to clean and I was finished before her. I watched her sit with her head down looking and cleaning as she washed herself thoroughly between the legs. The way her tits hung and swung was beautiful.

She saw me looking at her and said, “I did enjoy that last one, it was wonderful knowing you were putting your semen directly into me.”

I took her hand and helped out of the water. We had nothing to dry ourselves with and were thankful for the warm day.

We kissed again, only this time we were wet, and the feeling of our wet bodies rubbing together again was awesome.

As we kissed softly and passionately, our bodies soon dried with the warmth we were generating, and she could tell I was enjoying myself, as she made space for something to rise and press between us.

She laughed and said as she looked down, and could see the head of my cock pressed between us.

“I think that likes me; I certainly like IT!

I told her, “That was one of the best love making experiences I have ever enjoyed. It was so much better than a normal fuck. I hope we can meet again and do it all over again.”

She looked into my eyes and told me.

“I could not agree more, only next time we will be here a lot longer, and there is more to sex than fucking.”

“How could I refuse offers like that,” I said, as I looked into her eyes. We were both dressing ourselves. If I could have had my way I would have torn the clothes from her body and started all over again. She was having an amazing effect upon me. I thought well all we did this time was fuck time I might get a taste of her as well. I have a feeling there is far more to this girl than anybody can imagine.

“Come on let’s get moving I said. If we stay any longer I won’t be responsible for what happens.”

“I might like that,” and laughed as she took my hand and we began the return walk to the bay and civilization. We both looked and laughed at the pile of wrappers and well worn, tired looking, cum filled condoms we had left as evidence of a very satisfying afternoon of wonderful sex. Every time had been an outstanding success and a wonderful experience. Anybody seeing them would think it had been a gang bang.

“That looks like somebody has been enjoying themselves," she said as we passed them.

We talked and chatted as we went.

I was beginning to realise there is a lot more to this girl that I wanted to know. She was good company, and a fantastic fuck, and she had a brain as well it seems. There was a challenge ahead of me. Who taught her how to fuck like that? And, is she prepared to let me continue the relationship?

As we waited for the bus to take us home again I said, “I have a feeling there may be somebody else in your life, is there a chance I can see you again?”

“Yes ... You are half right. There are two men in my life now I hope; the other one you will never meet. I hope that you will learn to live with the fact I want you to be my special friend, and lover. Believe me if I hadn’t liked you, then we would never have enjoyed ourselves like we did today. I thought it was wonderful.”

“That I am prepared to accept and in time, perhaps I may get to learn more of the mystery of you.”

“How will you handle those friends of yours? If they see me with you no doubt there will be some rather unpleasant things said. Maybe we should meet secretly for a while. I am sure you know a few places we could meet like we did today, and enjoy the pleasures of being together like that again.”

“I am sure we can work something out I will talk to you in a day or so. Can I ring you?”

“Yes, I will give you my mobile number. SMS me rather than ring. For the time being I want what we are doing to be a secret. I will explain everything in time, but be assured you and I are going to see as much of each other, the way we did today.”

The bus came and we both sat together silently, but thinking about the time we had spent in each other’s arms. We held hands until my stop arrived. I kissed her gently on the lips and got off.

She waved as the bus moved onto her stop. I had not been concerned for a moment that she was probably the ugliest duckling in the clutch.

That was the beginning of a secret love tryst. A sexual relationship we forged together was really something special. There was a lot more to her than I ever realised, as I gradually learned.

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