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The Unexpected Client Chapter 4

Serena gets on top.
Part four of Sexy Serena's seduction of horny Phil.

Serena smiled, then reached over and grabbed a pillow propping it behind her head.

“Let me make that cock of yours nice and slippery, and you can tell me what you would like to do to me”.

Phil eased his hips further forward and felt her moist lips yield as she allowed his head to enter her warm waiting mouth. She sucked and licked, her tongue swirling around the sensitive underside of his shaft. As she looked up at him, seeking his approval, she saw the animal lust in his eyes. She opened wider and started to work up as much saliva as she could so that he could slide easily between her tits. He started to thrust his hips and she closed her lips around him again, sucking him into her and encouraging him to fuck her mouth. He took both of her hands and pinned them with one of his hands over her head. She struggled against him at first, playing the “reluctant” role very well, but she liked him gently fucking her mouth.

“Oh my God, Serena – that feels amazing. I would love to keep doing just this, but I want you to sit on my cock and ride me, and I want you to touch yourself while you do. Touch your tits and your pussy, and I want you to make yourself cum again sitting on my hard cock while I watch you. God, your mouth feels so good. You’d better stop or I am going to come in your mouth again”.

He pulled back and she let him go, her eyes wide and naughty.

“But I wasn’t doing anything,” she whispered, shyly, “You were fucking my mouth and holding me down…what’s a girl to do? And anyway, I thought you were going to give me a pearl necklace?”

Once more he cupped the side of each of her breasts and pushed his now very slippery cock between them. Serena moved her hands so that she was holding her tits tightly around him and he started to thrust into her cleavage.

“That looks so sexy, Serena. My cock between your tits like that. At some point tonight I want to come on your tits and your face too.”

“Mmmmmh. That would be nice,” purred Serena softly.

Phil could have kept thrusting, but Serena’s saliva was starting to dry and the friction of his cock on her magnificent firm tits was becoming too intense.

“I think you should fuck me now, you little minx,” he growled.

Then she straddled him. She started to grind her pussy lips up and down the length of his cock, her hands on his chest. She eased down towards him, and at the point where he thought she was going to kiss him she pushed his head to one side and started to whisper into his ear.

“I loved the way you ate my little pussy. You really are a bad boy, and that girl you were going to meet tonight would have loved what you did. But you did it to me, not her. I bet she is lying in bed at home and rubbing herself to an orgasm thinking that you are wanking yourself off. But you aren’t, are you. You are paying a dirty little slut to do it for you. And in a moment I am going to slip this hard cock of yours into my tight wet cunt. And I am going to ride you. I am going to ride your cock and you’re going to make me do naughty things to myself. I don’t want to, but you are going to make me. I have to because I am your slut for the night”.

She reached down between them and gripped his cock, now slick and shiny with a combination of her saliva and her pussy juices. She stroked it firmly a couple of times then eased it between her pussy lips. It entered her smoothly, and she shuddered a little. It wasn’t the biggest cock she had ever had inside her, but it wasn’t the smallest either. Besides, she was very horny, and she knew she could get herself off on him if he stayed hard long enough.

As she started to slide her hips forward and back on him he turned his face to her and pulled her down again so he could whisper to her.

“You are so bad. I could have cum again in your mouth just now, or between your tits even. You turn me on so much. If I had been with my friend tonight I would have made her cum just like I made you cum, except I might have pushed my finger into her tight little ass while I was eating her – that always makes her cum. Do you like that too? Or do you like something a bit bigger in your little ass? Like a nice hard cock? I bet you do, don’t you? I bet you have clients who like to turn you over and fuck your tight little ass, don’t you? I bet you love a nice big cock in your pert little bum, don’t you?”

Serena groaned as the image of Phil pushing his cock into her very tight hole filled her mind. She figured her wasn’t so big that it would hurt so long as they took it slowly.

“I do sometimes, but not too big. Do you like that then? Do you like fucking a girl in her little ass?"

”It’s been ages since I have forced my cock into a nice tight little bum,” he groaned.

Serena was riding his full length now, her movements long and deep, and her pussy felt full and warm.

“I told you already,” she purred, “I am a very bad girl, and I can make all of your fantasies come true. Do you fuck your wife in the ass?”

“No. She has never let me even try, though she does like it when I put a finger in when I eat her – that always makes her cum – but she finds it embarrassing and she won’t talk about it”.

“What about your friend? Does she let you?”

“She hasn’t yet, but I think she will,” Phil grinned salaciously.

“I might let you…if you are a really bad boy,” she winked.

She sat back, taking his full length deep inside her and started to bounce up and down though she were riding a horse. As she did so she started to caress her tits, pulling and pinching at her hard nipples with her thumb and finger. She then reached her head down and pushed her right breast up to her mouth, licking herself and covering her nipple with spit. She was starting to feel very aroused again, and as she had suspected his cock was hitting just the right spot. She slowly eased her right hand down to her pelvis

“Must I do this? Do I have to touch myself again? Are you going to watch me be naughty?” But even as she asked him the questions she already knew she was going to touch herself whatever he said.

Phil’s eyes were wide as her stared at this sexy girl riding his cock. He could feel her juices running down his cock and covering his balls. He was feeling so aroused already, but when she had started to touch herself he had to hold himself back from cumming straight away.

“Yes. I want you to, you naughty girl. Touch your clit. Rub it. Tell me how it feels”.

He watched as her middle finger snaked down between her pussy lips and started to rub. Her head dropped to her chest and she started to ride him faster. He watched as her other fingers joined in and soon her hand was moving rapidly. She was pinching her left nipple, squeezing gently as she strummed her clit.

“Oh God, it feels so good. Your cock inside me and me rubbing my little clit – I’m such a bad girl”.

He reached up and pulled her down towards him so she was lying on his chest.

“Keep rubbing your clit. I can feel your hand moving between us. It is such a turn-on for me when you touch yourself. I want you to cum on my cock, and then I am going to move round behind you and fuck you from behind. I want to fuck you really hard. I want to pound your tight little pussy, and then when I am ready to cum, I want you down on your knees in front of me. I want to cum in your mouth again. I want to feel your tongue swirling around the head of my cock as I fill your slutty little mouth with my cum”.

As he growled the words in her ear he could feel her fingers moving more rapidly between them. He was thrusting upwards to meet her and each thrust was met with a grunt or gasp. He could feel she was close to cumming again. He started to whisper to her again, knowing how much it was turning her on.

“That’s right. Fuck my cock like that. Make yourself cum on my hard cock, you bad girl. I can feel your fingers moving on your clit. What a bad girl you are wanking yourself off with me right here. Come on, Serena, cum for me so I can fuck you hard from behind”.

The strength of her orgasm took her by surprise. She loved to ride a hard cock and would usually get to climax if her partner lasted long enough, but she found the torrent of smut being whispered into her ear incredibly erotic and in no time at all she felt herself consumed by her climax. She tried – and failed – to keep riding his cock in anything like a steady rhythm, instead holding herself still while he continued to thrust inside her as she tried to catch her breath.

As soon as felt her orgasm subsiding he slid from beneath her and stood at the end of the bed. Grasping her hips he pulled her back towards him then in one fluid movement guided his glistening cock-head between her swollen lips and thrust deep within her. Now that she had climaxed again he didn’t want to hold back. Each thrust was savage in its intensity, his stroke long and steady but he knew that he couldn’t keep it up for much longer. 

She felt the strength of his hands on her hips pulling her backwards to meet each thrust.

“How does it feel?” came the question from behind her.

“Fuck. Me. Harder,” was her reply between thrusts.

So he did. He started to make long strokes from almost all the way out to deep inside her, the unmistakeable sound of his thighs slapping on her tight ass creating a sexy rhythm. Serena clenched the bed sheets in her fists and bowed her head to the bed, pushing her ass into the air. As Phil looked down he saw she was so wet her juices were flowing down the inside of her thighs. He reached down and collected some on his fingers, and then made his thumb slick and slippery. As he thrust into her he started to tease her tight little ass with the tip of his thumb, making little circles at her opening, and when she didn’t move to pull away he started to press firmly against her very tight resistance. As his thumb eased inside her he felt her shudder. She groaned as he fucked her pussy hard and fast, pounding into her without any tenderness at all and at the same time gently fucking her tight ass with his thumb.

As she felt something penetrate her ass she felt the usual panic, but then realised that it must have been only a finger as his cock was most definitely still filling up her pussy. She suddenly felt the unique fullness of having something in her naughty place but he was being gentle and she started to really enjoy the sensation of having both holes filled at the same time. As she relaxed she felt the rise of yet another orgasm, and braced herself as it gripped her body.

“OH my God. Oh my God. Oh God yes. I am going to cum again. Fuck me harder. Oh God you’re making me cum again. Oh YES. YES. YESSSSS”.

She felt her pussy throbbing and pulsating and she buried her face in the sheets and let out a shriek of ecstasy as she came yet again. Then without warning he pulled out and moved her onto her back, pulled her legs up to his shoulders raising her ass off the bed and lowered his cock into her pussy again. Her eyes were wide as he started to fuck her as hard as he had from behind.

As he looked down at her he suddenly realised he was fucking the sexiest woman he had ever been with, and that she was willing to do whatever he wanted. He could use her sexy body, pretty face and slutty mouth all night. He pictured her covered in his cum and felt his balls starting to swell.

“God, Serena, I am about to explode! Shall I come inside you? Shall I fill you up with my hot cum or can I cum in your mouth?”

After her intense orgasm her pussy was now so sensitive that she wanted him to stop fucking her so she said, “I want to be on my knees for you, honey. Cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum again, and I want it on my face and my tits too – all over me”.

She wriggled free and knelt in front of him, her hand stroking his length in time with her mouth. She could feel him swelling, his balls retracting tightly and she could feel him trying to hold back. She looked up at him and whispered,

“Cum for me. I want it all. I want to swallow you and for you to cum on my face. Give it to me. Please,” she pleaded.

After a few moments he groaned, “Are you ready for me? Here I come baby. Oh Yes. OH YES! Can you feel that? JESUS.” And the ecstasy of his intense orgasm took over his body. His legs shook, knees threatening to collapse as his hips thrust with each powerful jet of cum.

Serena sucked and swallowed then, smiling wickedly, took his still shooting cock from her mouth and milked the rest of his cum onto her chin and let it drip down to her tits. 

His legs were still shaking from the exertion of his climax, and he watched in awe as Serena continued to lick and suck his cock clean, then used his cock to collect the spatters of cum from her face and lick them up. He felt weak and light-headed, and half sat, half collapsed onto the bed.

“Oh my God. You are positively filthy! I love it!”

Serena, still kneeling on the floor, started to massage the trails of cum into her tits.

“Yes I am. I told you I was good at what I do. Now, I bet I know how to make you hard again,” she said with a naughty grin.

“Not possible, Serena. Not yet…” he gasped, “I need to recover for a while”.

“No you don’t. You just need the right …..motivation! I can read men, and I know what you want more than anything, you bad boy. You don’t get to do it at home with your wife. But you are too timid to ask me if I will let you. So let me suggest it - how about I let you do to me what you mentioned earlier. You know, slip that cock of yours in my tight little ass? I don’t let all of my clients do that. In fact there is only one who I let fuck me that way and he has to pay extra for the privilege, but tonight I am going to let you do it for free, provided you eat me first and promise to be gentle – no pounding away at me like you just did with me pussy, ok? And plenty of lube, too”.

As she looked at him she saw the lust in his eyes, and his cock had started to regain its rigidity.

“See? The proper motivation works wonders doesn’t it? So. Would you like to?”.

“Oh yes. God, I would love to. Yes please”. Serena smiled.

“I told you. I make fantasies come true. But first lets both take a bath. I want to be nice a clean for when you eat me again, right before you push your rock hard cock deep into my tight little ass, ok?”

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