The Unknown Stranger

By Mhaile

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A stranger fulfills Maddy's fantasy.
Maddy was still in bed asleep, her hair an explosion of color on the pillow. The soft, cotton sheet had slid down to her waist, exposing her naked upper body. She lay on her side, breasts moving peacefully in and out. Her face looked serene.

Barrin felt the urge to jump back into bed and snuggle into Maddy’s naked softness. No time for that unfortunately. The surge in his cock as he pulled up his zipper made him painfully aware there hadn't been much time for any of that in the last month. He and Maddy had been like two ships passing in the night. Their work and personal schedules had been so full that a sleepy kiss was all they could manage most of the time.

Finally things were slowing down. Barrin knew that tomorrow and Sunday were free for both of them. They'd been too busy to plan anything yet. He was thinking it would be nice to spend the weekend away from home — away from the phone, the chores, the inevitable interruptions — when he remembered a conversation he had with Maddy a couple of months ago.

In the afterglow of a particularly enjoyable lovemaking session, they had started talking about sexual fantasies. It wasn't the first time they'd touched on the topic, of course. But this time they shared a few more secret desires, amid some chuckles and raised eyebrows. Then Maddy started to share another one and stopped. It took him several minutes of persuasion to get it out of her. Finally, once Barrin had promised he wouldn't react negatively, she blurted out that she was turned on, occasionally, by the thought of making love with a total stranger. She immediately explained that she would never act upon it — she loved him and only him.

He was surprised by the revelation, but not offended. To be honest, he had entertained similar fantasies from time to time

Barrin quickly gathered his things as an idea began to solidify in his mind. He hurried out the front door. It was getting late. He had to get to work and now he had some other interesting preparations to fit into the day.

* * * * * *

For Maddy, her Friday followed same old routine as any other weekday. Out of bed, shower, clothes on, a quick bite and then off to the office. The last few weeks had been a grind. She was relieved that it was the end of the week and that she had the weekend free for a change.

It was mid-afternoon when a workmate tracked her down in the supplies room.

“Maddy, Barrin's on line two for you.”

“I’m busy for about ten minutes. Tell him I’ll call him right back,” she answered. She was glad he called. She wanted to do something special with him this weekend, but wasn’t sure what yet. They could discuss it.

A few minutes later she dialed his work number. His cheerful voice came on the phone before the first ring ended. “Hi Sweet Buns!”

“Hi, lover,” she said with a chuckle. “That’s a dangerous thing to say without knowing for sure who you’re talking to. I doubt your clients would like it as much as me.”

Barrin laughed. “Well, I just had this premonition it was you. I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Really? You’ve been on my mind too,” confirmed Maddy, her spirits rising.

“Listen, I just wanted to tell you that I won’t see you after work. I . . .”

“What?” Maddy exploded, her spirits plummeting.

“No listen!” Barrin insisted. “I have a plan. You’ll like this. You’ve always wanted to make love to a total stranger and I’ve found the perfect candidate for you.”

“What!! . . . I don’t . . . “

“Wait Maddy! Let me explain before you say anything,” Barrin broke in forcefully. “I want you to go home after work and relax. You’ll find a new bottle of bath oil on the bathroom counter. Have a nice, long, hot bath. Once you’re done, indulge yourself with a little extra moisturizer and fragrance, so that every inch of your skin feels and smells wonderful. Pamper your body. Pack a small overnight bag. Just the bare necessities. Have a bite to eat if you want. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. Then at exactly seven o’clock I want you to walk into the lobby of the Delta Hotel. They’ll have a key waiting for you, for room 604, the honeymoon suite. Go to the suite, then go to the bedroom and get undressed. Are you with me so far?”

Maddie didn't reply for a few seconds. Then said, “You’re crazy!”

“On the bed you’ll find a blindfold. Once you’re completely naked, put it on nice and tight. Then I want you to lie down on the bed and wait,” continued Barrin.

Maddy’s face flushed. She wanted to tell him he was out of his mind, but he definitely had her attention. Her imagination had already gone to work. She felt that familiar, subtle wave of arousal sweep through her. What he was asking her to do was fascinating enough to hear more.

“Go on,” she finally uttered.

“You’ll hear the door open. The stranger in your fantasy will come in and make love to you while you’re blindfolded. He won’t say a thing, not even a word, so that all of your senses will be tuned completely onto what's going on inside you. I guarantee your gorgeous body will have one of it's greatest explosions ever!”

“But it'll really be you, right?” Maddy said quickly.

“You'll have to trust me completely, Sweet Buns. I would never do anything to hurt or offend you,” he replied vaguely.

Maddy’s heart rate had accelerated. The idea of actually having sex with a stranger was outrageous, totally insane — but the picture Barrin had painted for her was definitely intriguing. Plus she knew he was just trying to trick her into thinking it would be someone she didn't know. Of course it would be him! Could she really do it, not knowing for sure? Still, even if she was certain it was him, she could imagine it wasn't and sort of live her fantasy that way. It could be a lot of fun. Hell, it was better than anything she'd thought of doing this weekend. In spite of her nervousness, it didn’t take long for Barrin to convince her. Before saying yes, she asked him to repeat the instructions again.

"Okay... I'll do it," she finally committed, heart in her throat.

"Excellent Babe! I'm excited for you. Love you!"

She listened to the dial tone for a few seconds before putting the phone down.

* * * * * *

“Boy, are you ever blushing,” Her co-worker joked when Maddy returned to the front. “What did Barrin say to you?”

“Oh . . . he was just telling me how much he loves me,” she fibbed, blushing deeper, thinking that her friend somehow knew what they discussed.

"Aww... how sweet!"

Yeah, how sweet, Maddy thought. My boyfriend wants me to have sex with a stranger!

The rest of her work day was completely unproductive. Time seemed to slow down. Her computer screen made no sense. Her body parts seemed to be moving too fast. She felt jittery, out of synch. She kept going over Barrin's instructions in her mind, filled with 'what if' thoughts. The drive home was an adventure in nervousness.

Once safely in the door, she headed straight for the bathroom. Was it there? Yes it was. Barrin really was crazy! A new bottle of bath oil was resting on a fresh towel beside the bathtub. Excitement filled her. She was delighted by the gift. She quickly filled the tub and shucked her clothes. She added a double portion of scented oil to the steaming water. It smelled beautiful. She wanted to absorb the fragrance, make it part of her skin.

Gingerly, she eased her body into the hot water, but found it impossible to relax as Barrin had suggested. Her heart wouldn't stop racing. She was unable to lie still. Instead, Maddy busied herself with a facecloth, washing every nook and cranny of her body, cleaning away the day’s fatigue, rubbing the sweet smelling fragrance into her breasts, her belly, her thighs, her buttocks, her nether regions, softening each part of her.

Once out of the bath, the rest of her preparations — moisturizer, perfume strategically applied, hair touched up, make-up done, overnight bag prepped — went much too fast. Even choosing what to wear took a fraction of the usual time, because she knew her clothes would be coming right off again anyway. She skipped the snack. She was too nervous and too turned on to think about food. By six o’clock she was completely ready to go and pacing in the living room. She had long given up the idea of keeping her panties dry.

* * * * * *

The drive to the hotel was like a dream. She walked into the plush lobby at the stroke of seven. She was sure everyone was looking at her. Her face felt hot. She willed her feet to carry her to the reception desk. Nervously, she told the clerk her name and he quickly produced a key. There was a big smile on his face. He must know all about this, she thought, completely embarrassed. But there was no turning back now.

She found the elevators. Thankfully, one of them opened the instant she pressed the ‘up’ button. She was relieved that no one entered with her. I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thought as the doors closed and the elevator began to rise. She moaned and ground her ass against the elevator wall. Her body was alive with anticipation.

Then she was there. Room 604. Her hands shook as she unlocked and opened the large oak door. The suite was beautiful. Very ornate. Rich colors. Victorian in style. After closing the door behind her, she paused briefly to take in her surroundings. Very warm and comfortable. I like it, she decided.

The bedroom door was standing ajar. There was a light on inside. Her heart leapt as she looked through the opening. Lying on the edge of the king-sized bed, with its beautiful linens, was an unusual-looking blindfold. It’s really happening, she thought, this isn’t a dream! And beside the blindfold was a piece of paper. A note!

Maddy put down her bag and quickly scooped it up. The handwriting was stylish and unfamiliar. It read: “Champagne for a gorgeous lady! Your picture is stunning! I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to make love to such a beautiful woman. Allow me to fulfill your wildest fantasy! A toast to our rendezvous!”

The romantic tone of the note was nice. And the flattery. Very nice! Champagne? She looked up. On the night table beside the bed was an ice bucket, holding a bottle of Moet & Chandon. Beside the bucket was a single champagne flute.

Picture? Did he say picture? Maddy’s mind whirled. Her body rippled with nervous excitement. Nice touch, she thought. Whatever Barrin was up to he was doing a good job of trying to convince her that he'd actually found a stranger to make love to her. Yet she didn’t think he'd let some guy she didn’t even know see her naked, let alone fuck her. Or would he?

And the blindfold! They didn't own anything like that. It was made of latex rubber, with two padded 'cups' that fit over the eyes and a pair of buckles at the back. My god, that thing will really make me blind, she thought, panic rising inside her. I won't be able to peek at all!

Maddy was suddenly glad about the champagne. She needed something to sooth her jangled nerves. She sat on the bed and extracted the chilled bottle from the ice. Her hands shook as she unwound the wire retainer and struggled to pop the cork. The “bang” it made as it shot up and bounced off the ceiling made her jump. She filled the long-stemmed glass and took a deep gulp of the effervescent liquid. The coolness of the bubbly drink was refreshing, soothing. She quickly emptied the glass.

* * * * * *

Feeling a bit calmer, she explored the suite in more detail. The quick tour pleased her. The decor and furnishings made her feel very elegant and sexy. She poured another glass of bubbly and took a sip.

The combination of the champagne, the note and the plush surroundings were working their magic on her. She felt incredibly horny. Her body had been humming with arousal for several hours, ever since Barrin’s phone call. The familiar sensation of a hard cock filling her, filling that need, washed over her. Maddy shuddered. Oh yes, she wanted it, wanted it badly. Well, this is it, she thought, gulping the remains of her glass. She would trust Barrin, and that was that.

Her heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest as she slipped off her high heels and fumbled with the buttons on her dress. She slid the bright garment off her shoulders and stepped out of it. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked and removed her lacy bra. Her nipples stiffened so fast they felt like they were on fire. She gave them a little tweak to settle them down.

She paused to pour a third glass of champagne, spilling some on the carpet with her unsteady hand. After a quick sip, she took a deep breath and pushed her panties to the floor. Air rushed over the exposed wetness between her thighs. She desperately wanted to touch herself. She felt like she could tease herself to orgasm in a second. But she resisted. Somehow that seemed like it would be 'cheating'.

Maddy sat down on the edge of the bed. Barrin hadn’t given any instructions about what to do with her clothes. It made sense to leave everything in the bedroom, in case she chickened out and wanted to cover herself. But the alternative aroused her more. Hell, if I'm going to do it, she told herself, I'm gonna do it full on! Heart racing again, she gathered up her discarded clothes and her overnight bag, carried them out of the bedroom and put them in the closet beside the entrance door. She almost dropped the hangar she put her dress on, her hands were trembling so badly. There. Now as soon as someone entered the suite she would be trapped. That'll stop me chickening out, she thought breathlessly. I’ll have to go through with it. She realized she could always scramble under the bed covers. Maybe. But she’d still be naked.

Body jittery with excitement, she returned to the bed and sat down again. The remains of the glass of champagne disappeared down her throat. She picked up the blindfold and, after some adjustments, fastened it tightly over her eyes.

* * * * * *

Maddy’s world went black. She felt the softness of the bedspread under her smooth ass and blindly explored its luxurious surface with her hands. Her fingers searched for the pillows. Fluffing them up, she rotated and lay back. She told herself that she would be Sleeping Beauty, waiting for her prince. She spread her arms and legs slightly and quieted herself, lying as still as possible.

But her body wasn't quiet. Her heart was pounding. Every nerve was on high alert. Her nipples stood erect like sentries at the centers of her breasts. The tiny hairs on her body were like little antennas, reaching into the blackness, ready to receive any signal. Fueled by the champagne, heat roamed through her body. He lower belly was very warm. She knew she was uncontrollably wet. She could feel her heartbeat in her clit. On impulse, imagining someone was looking at her, she arched her back and opened her legs.

She sucked in a breath as her pussy lips pulled apart like they were coated with hot butter. God, I'm wet! Cool air caressed her swollen clit. Oh Jesus! The intensity of every sensation in her dark world was amazing. She decided to be daring and leave her legs open, just a bit. She tried to relax. It was hard to remain still, but she willed herself to.

Her ears began to strain for a sound, any sound. She became aware of a distant whirring noise. Part of the building’s air system, she decided. There were other creaks and snaps. Sounds of the building shifting? Perspiration broke out on her forehead as the seconds, and then minutes, crawled by. Maybe I missed it, she thought suddenly. Maybe he’s already here! Maybe he was hiding in here!

Her ears strained harder. Was he already there? The interference of the building’s ‘white noise’ was beginning to annoy her. She was about to succumb to curiosity and take a peek, when it happened.

A click. The sound of the suite door quietly opening. Then it closed. Carefully.

Maddy’s heart jumped. She wasn't prepared for the sudden panic that gripped her. She felt like calling out, to confirm it was Barrin. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. She closed her legs and raised herself up onto her elbows. Her hands involuntarily moved to cover her breasts. Blackness! All blackness! How stupid to leave her clothes in the main closet!

What if it’s not Barrin!

She'd told herself she wouldn’t think that.

Its okay, it doesn’t matter, she thought wildly. She wanted to rip off the blindfold, climb under the bed covers! But something held her motionless.

Its all right, this is my fantasy, this is my fantasy, she coaxed herself. This is my stranger. My prince. This is my fantasy!

* * * * * *

Mind racing, she forced herself back down on the bed and bravely moved her thighs apart again. Whether it was Barrin or a man she'd never met, he was going to get a nice view. The thought of lying naked and spread open for a stranger's enjoyment raised her body to heights of anticipation she’d never experienced before. The ache of arousal was so strong she almost moaned, but she kept herself perfectly still and silent, holding her breath. Goose bumps ran over her body. Her ears tried to detect the slightest sound. There was none to hear.

Then she felt it. Someone had entered the room. She could feel eyes looking at her, drinking in her softness, her curves, her nakedness. Her skin crawled. Time seemed to freeze. As the moments passed, however, Maddy began to accept the presence. Her lungs were desperate for air. She started to breath again. She knew whoever it was had now seen every part of her. There was very little left to hide. Her imagination took over. Do you like what you see, her mind asked the mystery man, undulating her electrified body slightly, as if she was tempting him.

The minutes ticked by. Was he there? Yes! There was a faint rustling of material. A shirt being removed? Then a zipper! Being slowly undone! Pants being pushed down! The image of her dark, swarthy stranger freeing his meaty cock, with his balls hanging loosely in his crotch, sent shivers across her belly. Maddy could feel his eyes riveted on her pussy.

There was another silent pause. She desperately wanted to rub her throbbing clit, maybe spread open her pussy lips for him, but her hands felt like they were glued to the bed beside her. She wanted to be touched, to feel something! A caress, a nudge, a squeeze! Anything. Touch me! I want to feel you! Please touch me!

Then she shrieked! Her entire body recoiled in shock. Something had fallen onto her belly button. What was it? A string? A shoelace? A chain. It was a length of chain. Light chain, like necklace chain. She felt silly for reacting so violently, but every nerve in her body was stretched to the limit.

Maddy gasped as the light chain began to move. He dragged it slowly up between her breasts, feathery against her skin. Oh God, he’s going to torture me!

The fine metal links left an exquisite trail of fire that seemed to burn into her chest and suck the air out of her lungs. A loud moan rattled out of her throat. And then she knew she didn’t care about anything anymore. Take me. Do whatever you want, Maddy consented inside.

The chain teased her neck, then rode up onto her cheeks, sending goose bumps racing all over her body. It touched her lips and made them tingle. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked the metal string as it went by. She turned her head to each side, helping him dangle it into her ears, sending electric sparks through her head and down her spine. Oh my God!

The fiery trail traveled along her bare arms next. Then it jumped back to her chest, teasing the soft curves of her breasts. Oh God, I can’t stand it, her mind cried as the links were carefully wound around and then pulled free from each nipple. The sensation of the bumpy metal slowly sliding against each fleshy knob as he pulled it away made her writhe in delight. Sensual chills rippled through her core.

The metal skipped across her fluttering belly and leisurely down the outside of her right leg. She was really moaning loudly now, as the delightful sensations coursed through her. Down the other leg. Up her calves, onto her knees. Then onto the tender skin of her inner thighs. She struggled to keep her quivering legs open.

Maddy’s mind reeled as he moved the chain to the crux of her thigh, right beside her pussy. Oh yes, oh yes, I’m all yours! her mind declared. All resistance left her. To show that she'd surrendered, she tucked her feet up a bit and opened her legs even wider. Her wet pussy lips pulled apart again, opening her most private place to the stranger's pleasure.

As if he was fascinated by this new revelation, the chain lingered there, moving very lightly up and down the sensitive juncture between thigh and mound, teasing the edges of her trimmed pubic hair. One side and then the other, back and forth. If he wanted to make her aware of the neediness of her pussy, this was the way to do it. Then, to drive her completely mad, he grazed it along her lips. Holy Jesus! She arched her pelvis sideways and up and down, straining, trying to get that maddening metal string into her torrid, stretched open hollow. Then her dark world exploded as he suddenly heaped a length of the chain right into the entrance of her vagina!

* * * * * *

“Oh fuck! Oh yes, yes, yeeessss!,” she heard herself yell. Her groin jerked shamelessly upward, as if she wanted to capture the metal cord inside her. Yes, look at my pussy, Maddy wailed in her mind. Do you want it? Do you want it? The chain draped along the length of her slot. Her back arched as it touched her swollen clit. Then he began to move it again! Each link bumped, rolled and teased its way over her very aroused bud. Oh God! Sweet torture, such sweet torture!

When the tip of the chain reached her clit it stopped. He dangled it there momentarily, dancing it against her electrified nerve endings, and then traced it back down through the center of her tender, wet valley. He repeated this, again and again.

Any control Maddy had was gone. She whimpered like a wounded animal. Her body arched helplessly up and down with the movement of the chain, splayed legs shaking involuntarily. Oh God, I could cum, Maddy's mind flashed in amazement. The stranger's gonna make me cum! White hot heat began to spread outward from her groin.

Then, as suddenly as it arrived, the chain was gone, followed almost immediately by the shock of strong hands gripping her inner thighs, just above her knees, holding her legs wide open.

* * * * * *

“Oh, yes!” she cried, her body shaking, thrilled by his touch. Finally! Yes. Yes. Touch me! Take me! The hands felt rough and worn as they firmly squeezed her soft flesh, then moved slightly inwards and squeezed again. But Barrin's hands are smooth! Each grip made a little “Oh!” sound pop out of her mouth. By the time the probing fingers grazed her pubic hair on both sides, her "Oh!" was more like a shout.

It didn’t occur to her that the stranger’s face might be close to her. So when he suddenly blew hot breath into her open valley, her last “Oh!” came out more like a tortured howl. He bathed her again with his gentle wind. Then exhaled a hot, moist breeze over her clit. Holy fuck! I can't stand it! Oh God... he’s going to lick me! Yes, lick me! Please lick me!

His thumbs peeled her labia back. His hot breath was closer, closer. Jesus, he's going to blow air right up my vagina! Blow me up like a balloon! And then he kissed her. A little smootch! Right on the entrance of her wet, open tunnel and gone! And so were his hands!

* * * * * *

Maddy quaked on the bed. Her mind and body were in a sensual frenzy. You bastard. Come back! You’re killing me! Her breasts heaved as she tried to get air into her lungs. What now?

Rough hands grabbed her wrists. He pulled her up into sitting position, turned her sideways so she was sitting on the edge of the bed, then let go again. Maddy felt strange being upright, but at least she felt less helpless. She shook out her hair. Her hands caressed her breasts. They felt incredibly alive.

A pause. What's he doing? Is he going to make me suck his cock?

There was a strange plastic sound. Then a grunt. Another grunt. Omigod! He’s masturbating as he looks at me. He’s going to cum on me, she thought wildly. Her mind's image of the stranger standing right in front of her, aroused by her, looking at her as he stroked his hard cock, made her shiver with renewed excitement.

She had an overpowering desire to touch him. She reached out her arms, waving, groping. Nothing. And then his hand suddenly grasped one of hers and guided it to him as he stepped close.

A cock! A very erect, rigid cock. Encased in a condom. It felt big. So wonderfully big! Maddy traced her fingers up and down its length. Despite the thin plastic covering, she could feel every bulging vein, every bump, every ridge. It could be Barrin, she thought, but Barrin wouldn't need a condom! The plastic sheath made her unsure. And the cock she was exploring actually felt bigger than his. The stranger moaned from her caresses. A sudden thrill swept through her. Here was her chance to return some pleasure to her mystery lover

Leaning forward, she used the tip of her tongue to push the plastic reservoir against his little hole. She would damn-well make that small pouch fill with cum! Opening her mouth wide, she slowly took him deep, working her magic down his shaft. She hadn't sucked a cock with a condom on for a long time. He groaned in a deep, odd tone as she rotated her throat around him.

She cupped his balls in the palm of her hand. They were large and smooth. And hairless! She started inside. Barrin is hairy! Very hairy! She ran her fingers up to find his thatch of pubic hair. There was hair, but it was very short and bristly.

Maddy’s mind struggled feverishly. I’m sucking some strange guy’s cock! I don’t know this guy! For a moment she felt like pulling back and ripping off her blindfold. But she didn’t. The excitement in her body was overpowering. She kept plunging his fat rod down her throat. It’s too late now, she coached herself. At least he’s wearing protection. Whoever this guy is, he’s going to fuck me! I want him inside me!

She devoured the stranger’s prick with renewed hunger and squeezed his smooth balls. She was just starting to hit full 'throttle' with her mouth when he pulled his cock away.

* * * * * *

His rough hands were back on her. They guided her onto all fours on the end of the bed. Oh God yes, Maddy cried inside. Yes! Please fuck me! She happily lowered her head and tilted up her ass, giving him a perfect target.

Her body shook with anticipation as his fingers caressed her buttocks. She trembled as he teased her asshole, then pried apart her nether lips. Yes, fuck me! Fuck me now! Can't you see I’m ready! Maddy could never remember wanting a cock inside her so badly. One of his hands pressed on her back, as his other hand gripped her thigh. Oh yes!!

And then, once more, she shrieked! But not from the arrival of his cock.

His mouth dove into her pussy with voracious skill, lips and tongue a flurry of movement. He wound his warm, wet probe in and out of her like a corkscrew and then tilted his head and nibbled along the length of her torrid slot. Up and down, side to side, in and out. The tip of his tongue lightly flicked her electrified nub each time his mouth slid by. She couldn't remember Barrin's mouth being as animated as this. Oh God yes-yes-yes!

Maddy’s head whipped from side to side. Her hands clutched large clumps of the bedspread. A strange, deep moan came out of her throat. What fucking bliss! Oh fuck me... please fuck me, her mind begged. As if he heard her request, his hands suddenly gripped the sides of her hips. His mouth left her pussy. There was a pause, and then he drove himself deep inside her!

The sensation of his long, hard cock plunging into her aching vagina felt so good that Maddy threw back her head and screamed.

“Yeesssss! Take me!"

"Ram it into me!"

"Fuck me!"

"Fill me!"

"Shove it hard!"

"Split me!"

"Yes! More!"

"Give me more!”

Desperate words tumbled out of her as he fucked her. It was as if a dam had burst. There was no way to stop them.

She rocked her tender, hungry tunnel furiously back and forth along the length of his pole, feeling his balls slap her each time she took him to the hilt. She vaguely felt him reach under her and then a finger found her clitoris. It pushed and played with her nub as they violently pistoned together.

She could swear his hand was inside her. It was a huge hand, groping at her guts, tugging on the hinges of her body. And then she started to come apart, little by little, until she knew that she was gone. She was going to explode and fly apart into little pieces.

Her throat and lungs seized. Here... I... GO! she screamed to herself. Pure delight engulfed her. Lost in blackness, the explosion rocked Maddy to the roots of her being. Through each wave, her mind grasped only one thought.

SOME . . . . STRANGE . . . . GUY . . . . IS . . . . FUCKING . . . . ME!

She was still convulsing when the stranger's hands took a 'death grip' on her hips. He started thrusting harder, faster, and faster yet.

“Oh yes, do it!” she cried. Do it!"

The stranger's thrusts became spasmodic. His cock tightened inside her pussy. Suddenly he cried out loud!

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to CUM!”

Violently, he jerked his cock from her. It slapped down on the top of her ass as the first load of hot sperm shot out.

Maddy felt it land in her hair. The next wad spewed along the length of her back. The third splattered on the pillows beyond her. Volley after volley covered her and the bed.

* * * * * *

A delirious laugh shot out of Maddy’s throat. She flopped onto her back. Her spent body shook with mirth. Her fingers scrambled to unlatch the buckles of her blindfold. Once she managed to get it off, the brightness of the room almost blinded her, but she was able to make out what she already knew.

Barrin! Standing beside the bed, massaging the last drops from his glistening, condomless prick, with a big grin on his face

“As soon as you spoke out loud I knew it was you!” Maddy squealed, laughing hard. “You bastard! I can’t believe you shaved your balls and pubic hair!"

Barrin winked and laughed.

"It looks good, by the way!" She quickly rolled over and patted his dick, grinning from ear to ear."And you put on a condom to fool me! And roughened your hands! That actually freaked me out! All to make me think it wasn't you!

Barrin crawled onto the bed and over her. “Somehow I think it worked, Sweet Buns. You were some turned on!”

"And where'd you get this crazy blindfold?" she asked, holding it up.

"There's a bondage store down on Main. We'll have to check it out together some time."

Holy shit, she thought.

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him ferociously; partly in relief, partly in thanks, partly in amazement, partly because her body was still buzzing with adrenaline and 'glowing' from an extremely powerful orgasm. Mostly because she loved him, at that moment, more than ever before.

He covered her with his warm, strong body. It felt wonderful to be wrapped together as their breathing slowed. Eventually Maddy found her voice again.

"Okay, so yeah, you got to me. And I was very goddam aroused!” she sighed into his ear. “And, yes, I'll admit that was a very fucking fantastic orgasm. So good that I'm still crazy horny! So NOW I want to make love to someone I happen to know very well!”

"Good thing we've got the room all weekend," Barrin murmured. "Maybe we should go check out that store tomorrow."

Nice! This weekend was definitely going to make up for lost time!