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The Unpredictable Life of Howard: Episode Three

Howard falls in love with a beauty queen and gets a part in a porn video.

The success of Tracy's film led to Candi and Linda getting into the 'acting' business along with their escort work. The girls were now driving BMWs and wearing fashionable clothes. It attracted other girls asking to join the 'friendship circle'.

Howard was called on to do another audition for the escort enterprise. The woman was not from high school but a young, divorced mother of twin boys. Her name was Beth and she was only twenty-three. Four years earlier, she was Miss Florida.

When they met for drinks the first night, Beth was elegantly dressed in a black and gray cocktail dress with a simple strand of pearls. She was gorgeous. Beth told him about the competitive rough-and-tumble beauty pageant business. And, she said it was a business. Beth claimed she hadn't fucked any of the judges like her competition, but blowjobs were encouraged. All the girls had to do it if they wanted to get noticed.

"Swallowing gave you extra points," she said.

"Did you swallow?" he asked.

With a dry smile she said, "I won, didn't I?"

Howard was hypnotized by her beauty so he asked her to dinner. They ate at O'Charley's Restaurant talking like old friends. He told her a little about his job, and how he met Candi and the girls. She said she had an unexpected pregnancy from a one night stand, and was supporting her two boys by herself. The truth was, she said, "I don't even remember the man's name." After dinner, they went to his apartment.

Beth wasn't shy. They shared each other's bodies like a married couple that knew each other's sensitive erogenous places. She went down on him. He went down on her. They both were deeply and passionately aroused. Beth took charge for most of the evening, demonstrating to Howard how much she liked sex, and she very much liked having sex. By one in the morning, both were exhausted. They fell asleep until sunrise.

At dawn, they fucked again and showered together before breakfast.

"Where are your boys when you are away on a one night stand?" Howard wanted to know.

"They stay with my mom. She loves having them and the boys like it too."

"Look, Beth, there is something I ought to mention. This escort business is time consuming and you never know when you would be on call. May I make a suggestion?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"I know some guys in the adult entertainment business. They make remarkable videos. It's something that might appeal to you because you can schedule your life a little better. You are such a beauty. You would be sought after by lots of studios as a high end model."

"What are you saying, Howard? Are you suggesting I fuck in front of the camera?"

"It's only a suggestion, Beth. Porn pays well, and you don't have to be away from home as much."

"Hmm. Howard, that's an idea. I hate being away from my kids."

"Let me snap a picture of you and send it to them with my recommendation."

"Okay, Howard. I'm game. Let's see what happens."

Less than twenty-four hours later, Howard got a reply. "Who is this fabulous creature?"

Howard text'd back, "Miss Florida."

"Holy shit. We are always on the lookout for fresh talent, but you've hit the jackpot!  Have her get in touch with us."

Beth was hired without a screen test. She starred in three videos known as 'Heavenly Starr' before the year was over. She worked with only the most handsome and most popular males. That, of course, always meant well hung guys. The video sales went viral, and the new studio was gaining a reputation for quality adult entertainment. During the following year, Beth made a dozen more films, making her famous in the industry.

One of her scenes that Howard replayed over and over, was a blowjob erupting with a facial. A stud with an athletic build lounged by the pool while Heavenly Starr made passionate love to his monster cock. Her hand delicately fondled his balls while she caressed his thick rod with her mouth in slow and sensuous strokes. There were views from every angle, above, below, behind, and from the side. It was like a three hundred sixty degree panorama. But, it was the finish that captivated him.

As she waited for the guy to eject his cum into her beauty queen face, the camera zoomed in on her facial features. It was her breathtaking looks that enchanted the camera, and it was the face with which he had fallen in love.

The payoff was an explosion, a shotgun blast, of creamy fluids covering her stunningly beautiful face. Beth's smile of gratitude was emphasized when her fingers brushed the avalanche of cum into her mouth. This was the woman he recommended for porn and now she was a superstar.


Almost two years after they first met, Howard got an unexpected message on his cell phone. It was Beth. "Hi, Howard. It's Beth. Do you remember, Miss Florida?"

He called her back. "Yes, of course, Miss Starr."

She laughed and said "Friends still call me Beth."

"Okay, Beth, what's cookin'?"

"Hey, I'm in town and I never thanked you properly for suggesting I do porn. As you probably know, it's really worked out great. I'm calling because I want to thank you with dinner at O'Charley's, ya know, for old time's sake. Are you free tonight?"

"Even if I wasn't, Beth, I'd find a way to have dinner with you."

"Okay, I'll meet you there at seven-thirty."

Beth was still as beautiful as she had been two years ago and on screen. Again, they talked like old friends catching up on their lives. "How are your boys?" he asked.

"They're doing great. I'm home with them most of the time unless the studio has a shoot scheduled."

Howard had little to say, but Beth was filled with stories and enthusiasm. "Did you get the vids I sent you?"

"Yes and they are terrific! You were born to act, Beth."

She said acting wasn't the most important thing, but making it look real was the hardest part. "I'm so lucky to be working in porn instead of as an escort," she said. "Ya know, Howard, I have gotten to be friends with the crew and other actors. I know most of the people I work with. It's just a job and a business, but I like it. That's so much better than meeting strangers and never knowing what to expect.

"Look, Howard, I don't like being alone at night. I haven't been with a man like you for ages, I mean, someone with genuine passion instead of just acting the part. Someone I can cuddle with. Do you mind if I stay with you tonight?"

He didn't want to sound too eager when he replied, "It would be a dream come true, Beth."

Like the first time, they explored each other's body and gave pleasure where it was most wanted.

"Gosh, Beth, you've learned a few tricks since we were together before."

"That's the nature of the business but I have to say, it's never as pleasurable as it is with you."

"Thanks," and he hugged and kissed her with a passion reserved for love.

In the morning, Beth seductively said, "Do you want something to eat?" and she opened her long sumptuous legs to illustrate her point. "Maybe we can do more of our heavy breathing exercises."

Howard got the message, and was down on her before she could explain more about the exercises.

When the warm-ups were over, Howard said, "You up for an anal workout?"

"I thought you would never ask," Beth answered facetiously. She turned on all fours spreading her ass cheeks just like in her video, "Anal Angel."

With a little help from a bottle of silicone lubricate, he was in, going easy at first, then thumping her vigorously. He pounded her so hard she lost balance twice trying to keep in rhythm with his thrusts. Eventually Howard could feel his moment had arrived, and he pushed all the way in with his hips pressed to her ass cheeks. Stream after stream of his cum filled her deep in her bowels.

Beth just turned to him with a sultry grin and said, "Nicely done, my love."

Howard was out of breath and drained. He laid beside her still impaled in her butt-hole and fell asleep.

An hour later he awoke hearing the sounds of Beth in the kitchen. She was fixing breakfast.

Breakfast time was spent more with conversation than with food. She said, "You know, Howard, sex without passion is just going through the motions. Last night and this morning, I wasn't going through the motions."

"Me neither."

"Hey, a situation has come up that I would like you to consider. My next video shoot is in the Bahamas in two weeks. They have lined up three guys from the island for the film. Candi, Linda, Tracy and I will all be there. They said I could bring along someone, all expenses paid. I want you to be there with me."

"You don't have to ask twice. I'll clear it with my boss. Just send me the details."

The studio had booked a small but elegant beach hotel off the beaten track. Howard knew the producers and directors from a conference a few years back. In fact he helped get them started in he porn business. He was welcomed by his old friends. He knew the girls as well.

At the 'get acquainted' cocktail hour the first night, he met the camera crew and the male performers. There were three bronze skinned hard bodies with British accents. Everyone was cordial and having a good time relaxing on the beach. Charlie, the producer, asked that they all refrain from having sex that night. "We want you all fresh and horny for our early morning shoot."

They all grumbled in a mocking tone of voice.

Candi, Linda, and Tracy were staying together and Howard was with Beth.

"My god, Beth, I'm so horny tonight I could fuck a duck; then, Charlie says no sex." 

"I can help you with that. Charlie only meant us actors." She gave him a deeply passionate blowjob that ended with a powerful demonstration of his pent up desires. His bursts of spunk were like a perpetually spouting blowhole.

"Jeez, Howard, that should have been filmed." They fell asleep in each other's arms.

The morning comes early in the tropics. After a light breakfast, filming began. There were scenes on the beach, in the hotel, on a sailboat, and even in a Toyota Land Cruiser. Howard tried to stay out of the way but was curious about the process.

He watched as Beth sat on a barstool with a stud wearing nothing but bulging bikini swim trunks. She whispered in his ear and lightly touched his bare shoulder. He didn't seem to be responding. The camera was at ground and Howard could see on the monitor she wore no panties under her miniskirt.

Her hand delicately moved between his thighs. Now the handome islander turned and seemed more alert to her attentions. She continued the seduction by taking his hand and placing it between her legs.

The camera zoomed closer when he penetrated her pussy with his two fingers. Howard could see on the monitor her sticky pussy juice on the man's fingers, while he worked them in and out of her. When he rubbed her clit, Beth's wetness trailed down her slit in gooey strings. Howard wondered how she managed to be so wet. It was like a movie actress who can cry on call.

The two lovers left the bar and the camera followed them as they strolled down the beach to a private cabana. The camera crew was set up and ready for the fuck scenes.

Kisses were followed by her tugging on his suit, revealing a trophy-sized cock. His length might be considered an exaggeration, except that it would become the standard by which all porn actors would be compared. He used it wisely, sliding it along her slit, massaging her pussy, and polishing her pearl.

Beth's desire for him was evident with each moan and sighs of pleasure. She wasn't acting when she took hold of his meaty dagger and pushed it in her swollen cunt. How she was able to take him all in was a mystery, but she did when he drove it home-- all the way home. They changed positions three or four different times. With his heavily loaded balls bouncing off her bottom with every stroke, he fucked her mercilessly. The finish was predictable when he flooded her with an abundant cache of cum. The camera moved slowly along her thighs up to her pussy capturing a close-up of a bountiful creampie. The twenty minute scene took three hours to film.

That was her scene on day one. On day two she took two guys into the hotel for a DP scene. Howard wasn't there to watch, but he was able to enjoy Tracy's scene fucking in the Land Rover. Candi and Linda were on the sailboat servicing the 'sailors'.

Each night the crew and actors enjoyed dinner together by the pool. The conversation was always good natured as they joked about the day's shoot. The following day would be a beach orgy. The director was having a drink with Howard and asked, "So what do you think of our operation?"

"You've come a long way in these two years, Charlie."

"Yep, we're doing very well, thanks, in part, to you. Hey, would you like to join tomorrow's shoot?"

"You mean in the video?"

"Well, it's not a major roll, and you don't need to memorize lines. There isn't much dialogue. Just be available to the women when they approach you."

"So I get to be filmed screwing one of the girls?"

"That's about it. By the way, we have pills that will enhance your erection. Take it an hour before the filming."

Howard told Beth of his unexpected invitation to join the orgy shoot. She said, "Then you need to be shaved."

"Okay. I shave every morning."

"Not that kind of shaving. You need to shave your balls and the surrounding area. It makes your dick look longer and your balls fuller. Hey, and we don't like plucking the short and curlies out of our mouth." She helped him get the bald look that he needed for filming. Howard was now as smooth as a bowling ball.

So the next day, Howard became a porn actor. The pill really made a difference. He was hard for the entire four hours of the shoot and fucked three of the girls. It was a lot harder than he had expected.

Near sunset, he took Beth for a walk along the same area where she shot the first day's scene. He had never seen her look more beautiful, more radiant, or more lovely. The cabana was open and they ducked inside. Neither was interested in sex. They looked out over the ocean watching the giant orange ball set slowly in the west. It was the romantic moment he had been waiting for.

"Look, Beth, I wanted to talk with you in private. It was really hard for me to watch you fuck these men. My heart was in my mouth each time."

"Why, Howard? You know the kind of work I do. It's never been a secret."

"I know but seeing it live is another thing. Truthfully, I have feelings for you that I can't exactly explain." Then, he kissed her.

Beth sat motionless, staring at the sun sinking beneath the ocean's waves. "I'm having some trouble with it too. You have been so kind and every time we are together, I feel warm and comfy inside. It's not just the sex, but the way I enjoy being with you."

"There is a word for that, Beth."

"Is it a four letter word starting with 'L'?"

"You mean 'lust'?"

Beth laughed saying, "Not quite." She had that dreamy far away look when she said, "Howard, what I'm going to tell you is very difficult. I have waited to tell you this since we were together at your apartment. I couldn't do it then. It's just so painful."

"What's up, Beth?"

"I've been seeing someone, Howard. We've been talking about marriage. He's met my boys, and they love him. They need a father in their lives. I need a man around the house. He knows what I do in front of the camera, and he's okay with it as long as I retire. I told Charlie this would be my last shoot."

Howard was blindsided. He was one breath away from proposing to her. It hit him like a ton of bricks. There were no words to describe the grief building inside him. He turned away from her so as not to show his eyes welling up with tears. Then he said, "So, that's it then."

She gave him a sad empathetic look and said, "I guess so."

Howard fell apart over the next year. He couldn't concentrate and was missing work more and more often. Finally, his company had to let him go. Howard's depression continued until he met an understanding supportive woman who helped him back to health. They married. He liked her and admired his new wife, but Howard never loved her like he loved Miss Florida.

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