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The Veil of Amethyst - Chapter 01

Swashbuckling spaceship pilot Kingston meets his partner for the first time.
[Synopsis: The Veil of Amethyst is a space opera starring a swashbuckling captain in the Galactic Space Force who has risen to fame for being the best combat pilot of manned ships and remote controlled drones. His craft employ a cutting-edge dual operation mode, with a subpilot (or "sub") who responds to physical cues from the pilot and brings the senses of another human body to respond to events and effect complicated maneuvers in space battle. Facing a challenge by an alien culture obsessed with conquest, the captain and his sub find themselves over their heads as they are pitched into battle against a mysterious super-weapon, the Veil of Amethyst. They soon find themselves facing improbable odds as dangers multiply around them in a world beyond their imagining. With only the help of one another they must confront an ancient evil if they hope to avert doom for the human race.

The story is mostly hetero-male fantasy with lots kinky sex serving unexpected purposes in a hi-tech space frontier with a touch of humor and romance.


The Veil of Amethyst 

by Jacinto Volante (jvolante)

Chapter 1.

As I stood gazing out a port side viewport at the rainbow colors of the Arcturus nebula, I heard steps coming up quickly behind me in the hall, I turned as a voice called to me, " Captain Kingston, Captain…"


"Central Command just assigned me to be your new subpilot, " she said with a bright smile.

I looked her over. Early twenties, green eyes and long brown hair that swept down past her narrow waist. She had on the regulation uniform, a tightly tailored blue button-down coat that went just barely below her waist, blue thigh high stockings with skill and class insignias on the garter straps. She had light brown skin, her arms and neck shone with a golden luster in the hallway LED's. Her distant ancestors probably had some terrestrial Asian or Latin-American blood.


"Yes…" I glanced past the ample cleavage between her lapels to look at her face. She was more than just extremely fit, she had real beauty. She blinked her long black eyelashes. I continued, "They told me I would be working with someone new, though I didn't know it would be so soon. What is your name?"

"I am Apprentice Jana Yasmin. It is in an honor to be a sub to someone with your reputation, I might add."

My actions at Syopsis Twelve were becoming my calling card. In my twelve years in the force I had only lost 2 drones and never a pilotcraft, but just doing what any of my brothers would have done and a little bit of luck had put me on the galactic stage after that incident.

"May I walk with you?" Jana asked.

"Sure. I'm on my way down to the simulator deck now. I thought I would get a girl from the temp pool, but you and I can get right to business."

It was always a bit strange and kind of exciting to get acquainted with a new sub. They all had their different idiosyncrasies, different physical attributes that made them excel in some places and weaker in others. The trick was figuring out how to exploit their strengths and modify my flying style to match.

As we strode together I noticed she was graceful in her high heels and her hips swayed in perfect balance. "What kind of dancing do you practice?" I asked.

Startled and slightly amused, she asked, "How did you know that about me? Uh… tango."

"I've known many subs. The ones they send me are agile far beyond the basic standards. I've had gymnasts under me, martial artists, swimmers, you name it." They all were excellent at yoga, that went without saying. "You have the grace of a dancer, the long muscle-tone of your legs suggest pilates training as well."

"Impressive." She smiled, looking me up and down. "I noticed you run a pretty tight ship yourself." She winked over her shoulder as I held the door of the pneumolift. As she stepped up into the pod I had a quick glimpse of her perfectly contoured ass under the hem of her regulation coat, covered snugly by light-blue satin panties.

I tapped the rectangle for sim deck two on the control panel and I was about to inflate the acceleration cushions when I noticed she was right next to me.

"Shall we share a bay, Captain?" she asked shyly, looking up at me wide-eyed as she bit her lower lip.

"Why not?" I replied, with slight surprise.

The lift whirred and cushions sprang out from the walls and bumped her into me before gently compressing us together. Her body was up against me she smelled good, just a hint of perfume and lavender shampoo. The cushions jostled us about for a moment until they reached stable pressure. Her warm body felt good against me, I could feel the blood rushing inside of me as I realized her hips were swiveling against me, very slowly. I looked down at her face. Her doe eyes had a glimmer of apprehension and curiosity, her luscious lips were parted and moist. I reached down to cup her ass with my hands as I pulled her body up, the cushions pinning her gently against me. She closed her eyes and her lips came to mine and our tongues found one another. My right hand held her ass tightly as as she wrapped her legs around my waist. My other hand clasped her neck pulled her close as I tasted the sweetness of her saliva and savored the sensation of her tongue tangling with mine.

I soon noticed that, somehow, she had stealthily unbuttoned my fly and released my cock, which stood at full attention and throbbed as it slid across the silky fabric stretched across her slit. I found the thin waist strap of her panties with my fingers and tore it with a quick flick of the wrist. With deliberation, I released a bit of pre-cum from my swollen glans and flexed my cock to spread it in and around her labia. Her hands gripped my head on both sides and she pressed her forehead against mine, her eyes, flashing, looking deep in to mine. Her mouth opened wider and wider as I slowly drove it in, soaking in the hot wetness of her pussy. Her expression was a mix of surprise and strain as, down below, her canal spread around the girth and length of my cock. I delivered the last couple inches with a quick thrust and her whole body shuddered with a moan as she threw her head back. I bent forward, stroking her neck with my tongue as I began to piston inside of her.

(The captain pilot class has a special regimen of pills and diet that transform our semen into a most unusual concoction. When we deliver our payloads, it triggers a release of endorphins and seratonin in our partner's brains, along with stimulants and muscle relaxants which give them increased stamina and focus. This can be very useful in an engagement and the pilot can strategically control his release to ensure peak performance from his partner. The best pilots are masters of this controlled release, and I count myself among them, though at the moment I was delivering small spurts inside her every couple of seconds and it seemed to be bringing her to the brink. Every pilot works with the lab to concoct their own recipe beyond the basic formula, but among the subs mine was legendary and I held the secret close.)

Her pussy was drenched with my elixir and her own juices, yet she gripped tight and the sensation along my shaft was spreading throughout my nerves and I walked a tightrope between ecstasy and explosive bliss. Her dancer body was like a well-oiled machine, serpentine and strong underneath her youthful exterior. She was going to be an exceptional mount, I was sure already. Her body responded to my every move, we undulated in such perfect rhythm that, as I thrusted, our bodies maintained all points of contact. I wanted her coat off, I wanted to feel her skin, I wanted to bury my face between her breasts. Grabbing both lapels, I ripped open her coat bursting the snaps down the line until the jacket fell off her shoulders. I pulled it down and wrapped her elbows with it and held them with one hand. With the other I pushed one of her breasts to my mouth while licking and flicking her nipples. She squealed with excitement and at that moment I delivered another spurt which transformed her squeal into a high-pitched moan. With my hand still clenching the jacket binding her elbows, I bent her back and her tits buffeted my face as my thrusts increased with speed and force.

A beep from pneumolift let us know that were almost at the simulator deck. Anxious to bring us to climax, I began to grind my pubic bone into hers while I delivered an extra large spurt. I let go of her elbows and wrapped her up, one hand around her shoulders and the other around her waist. Her breathing was rapid and she gasped each time I gave her my length, her head was back and her eyes rolled behind her eyelids. I opened the floodgates. My cock swelled as my cum gushed forth, the flexing of her pussy walls milked every last drop. She wrapped me tightly with her arms and legs, her hand grabbed the back of my head and she shrieked "Captain!" as her body began to shudder violently against the acceleration cushions.

She bucked on my still rigid cock and I released her shoulders and worked her clit with lightning speed as her moans reached a crescendo. Then there was a long strenuous grunt while her whole body became rigid and shook violently for many seconds, then I felt her hand on my wrist, gently pushing my hand from her clit. Her eyes opened and her body relaxed, sliding very slowly down my cock to rest with me balls deep inside. We stared at each other for a long moment and then kissed, a slow, passionate kiss. After which we couldn't help but chuckle briefly at the whirlwind which had swept us up.

After a moment, the lift beeped again and I slid out of her while she shuddered gently. We were dressed in an instant after the cushions retracted, though her tattered panties went into the disposal. She gave me a sly wink as we waited for the pod doors to open. "So do you think I'll pass muster, Captain?" In my best attempt at nonchalance, I replied, "You'll do." And then I grinned.

There was hardly anyone visible on the simulator deck except a technician and an infostat logger who were leaning over their glowing panels. No one noticed our disheveled appearances in the dim light. I could tell that a couple of the sim bays were in use here and there. Jana marveled at the sight. It was a hangar-sized space with hundreds of room-sized black cubes grouped into larger blocks, stacked on multiple levels with walkways between them. Large cables as thick as tree trunks wound between the cubes and here and there status lights blinked. A few of the cubes made a low humming.

"Wow," said Jana. "How many units do you guys have on board here?"

"About four thousand," I replied, "but this is just the elite squadron deck. 500 here and the rest are packed in tight on the deck below this one."

We crossed the metal walkway through soft purple LED glow to the forward wall to where ten slightly larger cubes were arrayed. I placed my palm on a black plate and the door slid open silently. Once inside, I flicked the illumination strips to life and polished metal and colored glass gleamed in the light. A large simcraft rose from a platform at the back of the room supported by a multitude of robotics and linked by a trunk of bundled cables.

"This is much more elaborate than the sim setup we had at Ragna Sector Outpost," She said with a certain amount of awe.

"These are actual drone controllers with an optional sim mode." I replied. "We're on the cutting edge aboard the Talon IV and this seems to be the direction the fleet is heading in. These can also provide emulation for manned pilot craft, which is probably what you're used to."

"So these are full immersion then?" Jana asked.

"Oh, definitely. We have 360 degree superfine res ultra-dynamic contrast holographic displays and the chassis has 24 pneumatic positioning arms with failsafes for each one. This one even employs micro-vibrational gee force simulation, which is essential when trying to gauge your speed in a drone craft."

Jana looked with admiration at the sleek bulk of shiny metal and cables, yet her face revealed a bit of trepidation. "It's definitely different than I expected." She revealed. "I knew from the briefing that this would be test of my abilities, and of course once I realized I was paired with you that I would have to bring my A game." She looked at me and smiled. "But I've never even piloted a manned craft outside of the sim. In fact, I've never even had a live pilot beyond the simulator android. Why did they send me to you?"

I smiled. "Because your a prodigy." I let that hang there for a moment. "I haven't seen your infostat scores," I continued, "but I'm sure they're off the charts or they wouldn't have sent you to me. You're also young, a flight virgin without years of bad habits that need to broken. A clean slate, and I'm going to break you in on the most advanced sim-controllers ever developed. We're going to change the way this fleet battles, you and I, and hopefully use our advantage to drive back the Vikron advance"

Jana looked thoughtful as she let that sink in. She stepped in close to me and her deep green eyes looked up into mine. "Break me in?" She said, almost in a whisper. I noticed then that she was stroking my softly erect cock through my pants.

I laughed. "Well, that's one way to put it. I'm going to play you like a fine violin, I will be the maestro and you will be both my instrument and muse." That made her smile. She held my gaze and gave me a kiss, and then she strode over to look at the sim machine up close.

I went over to the small kitchen module and pumped out a milky beverage for her and myself. "Have some of this, " I called out. "It will replenish your system, it's loaded with vitamins and electrolytes." I broke open a gel pak with my supplement and washed it down with some of the nutrifluid. She walked back and picked up the glass and seated her self on a stool next to me. She was sexy this one, beyond just appearance. They way she moved her body, the way her eyes made her both look innocent and sly, the way she tilted her head and made her hair swish around. I was going to enjoy having her as a mount. Some of the others had performed well in the sim, but the time spent together outside of it could be dull and formal.

As if she could read my mind she asked, "What happened to your last subpilot?"

I glanced up. "Well, I'm sure you realize that the career of a subpilot is short. Most don't go more than five years before their reflexes start to lag, and even the slightest decrease in reaction time can be costly. Some mounts I had to let go after a few runs because we just didn't synch well. They usually move on to other roles in the fleet, some are given promotions but nothing has the same level of excitement, as I understand.

"So you're going to break me in and use me up until my reflexes falter, is that it?" She looked slightly upset.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"19." She replied. "I enlisted 8 months ago, it's all been a blur after I did the first infostat samples."

"You have a long career ahead of you then, you might make it as a sub up to seven years, and with your conditioning you'll probably be piloting solo support craft or reconnaissance after that, or something. Anyway, you might even outlast me. If this works out with you, which I hope it does, you will probably be my last mount. A light fighter captain lasts longer career-wise than a subpilot because it's not as physically demanding for us, but after a while pulling those gees begins take its toll."

"I see." She said. She sipped her drink. "What do you want to do after this?"

"Not sure. " I replied. "Hopefully you and I can make some history and they'll give me command of a destroyer and make me a Vice Admiral." I grinned and she smiled back.

She raised her glass and we toasted. "To making history," she declared.

We drained our glasses and I put them in the sterilizer. The mild stimulants in the drinks were starting to slowly kick in.

"Well," she said. "Should we have a go?"

I nodded.

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