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The Violated's Payback

He probably should've realized something wasn't quite right when he came home and she was waiting for him in nothing but a sheer top in a candlelit living room. It wasn't totally new to find her this way. Tonight something felt different? Maybe it was that she was wearing a new top he hadn't seen before? But what really caught his attention was that she was playing with the new dildo he bought specifically to tease her ass with the night before.

"I didn't think I'd enjoy last night quite the way I did," she said with a sly grin. "I thought maybe we some more?," she suggested as the tip of the toy disappeared into her naked pussy.

He nodded in approval as she slid from the couch and made her way to where he stood. Running one hand up his neck and taking hold of the back of his head, she kissed him deeply, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Her other hand found it's way to the front of his pants, where she deftly undid his belt and dropped them to the floor. His cock was now hard with the sight of her sex and the appeal she displayed. It was then that she took hold of it with greater force then he expected.

"Ah, shit," he said breaking their kiss. "Easy there. What are you doing?"

Keeping his dick in her hand, she pulled him back to her. "Getting a little payback...motherfucker," she hissed into his ear. He was reeling with surprise, and not sure what to make of the situation. She readjusted and tightened her grip a bit to gain compliance, then lead him to their bedroom. It was more aggressive then she tended to be, but he had to admit he was enjoying it.

She quickly stripped him of any remaining clothes, and ordered him to the bed. Once there, she knelt above him, removing her sheer top. The dim candles of the room flickered, casting sensual shadows over her curves. Then seizing control again, she slid herself up to straddle his chest, placing a knee on each shoulder. Patiently, she would grind her bald pussy about his chest, getting just close enough to his mouth that he could almost reach out to taste her. It became clear when he looked up to see his wrists attached to the headboard that this was going to be more for her then for him.

" much fun as you remember, bitch," she sneered playfully as she gently slapped him across his cheek.

"Yeah, whatever. Now come on baby, let me in there" he complained, nodding to her soaking box.

"Oh, I don't think so," she said sliding up his body. He was going to take care of her however she wanted weather he liked it or not.

Pinning his shoulders with her knees again, she lowered her pussy to his mouth and with smooth, clear strokes, began grinding herself about his mouth. Supporting herself with one hand, her other found it's way under his head, pressing it flush to her box. His tongue fired all over her clit as she moaned softly throwing her hair around and she ground herself on him. Then, shifting her stance, his mouth dutifully found it's way to her puckered asshole. She bucked harder at the pleasure his mouth gave her ass as she forced two fingers into her now soaking pussy. Her smooth thighs began to tremble against his ribs and he felt her toes curl on his chest as an orgasm gripped her, gushing her juice all over his face.

By the time he gasped air into his lungs, she was between his legs. As the candlelight flickered over her face, she looked devious, pumping him by hand. Occasionally, she would tease him by running her tongue from the base of his balls to the head of his throbbing cock. He jerked constantly in a vain attempt to beg for more. Her touch was perfect as shown by the drops of pre-cum that would appear at the head. Every few minutes should would flick her tongue over him to take up his offering. It felt like hours.

Finally she gave him some measure of relief. She moved over him, and in one swift motion, sat down on his cock, taking him in as deep as he could go. It was what he'd been hoping for since he walked in the door. He wanted to grab her tits, wrap his arms around her hips and pump into her, grip her ass, anything. He pulled against the restraints that held his wrists, but to no use. She set the tempo and had all the control.

She threw her head back and rubbed her own tits in his view. "Mmm...I'm gonna fuck this cock tonight," she cooed. "I'm gonna cum all over you balls, and I'm going to use you however I want." With that, she reached down and violently pinched his nipples. He winced in response. "Problem, baby? That hurt?"

"Yeah, it did," he replied, knowing that she really didn't care.

"Then you probably won't like what's next," she shot at him, slapping him across his face for the second time.

She turned her back to him, mounting him again and began bucking furiously. Her ass bounced and her toes tickled his ribs while her head thrashed and she moaned like a whore. Then stopping suddenly, she turned her head to a slight profile so he could see her teasing her new dildo with her mouth, taking it deep into her throat. A hint of fear flashed in his eyes when he realized what she had in mind. She leaned forward and heard him gasp as the tip of her newest toy pressed against his asshole.

"Think it was funny to fuck my ass last night? Still seem like it was a good idea?," she asked with just a hint of twisted humor.

"Wait, babe. You can't- I mean," he stammered not knowing what to do with himself.

"Can I not?," she asked. "You didn't seem to have any problem with it? You seemed more then happy to pound my tight, sexy little asshole last night didn't you. Now stop being such a fucking pussy and take yours."

She began to grind on his cock again. Her pussy felt so good he lost all sense of what was happening to him. It was then that he felt pressure, but not as he expected. Her sense of mercy got the better of her, and she tossed her toy aside, instead sucking her finger, and pressing just the tip inside him. He bucked, half in protest, half in pleasure.

"Ugh...oh fuck...Still think it was a good idea to fuck my ass last night, fucker!," she demanded. "You liked that didn't you? Just wait until you cum tonight."

And they both knew he was close. She felt him start to swell inside her, and immediately pulled him out of her soaking cunt. She turned and pumped him furiously with both hands, bringing him closer and closer to relief.

"Oh it comes," he warned as the first volley sprang from the head of his cock.

With that, she stopped pumping, got up and walked away. He lay there, writhing on the bed, and cum dribbled from the head. He was desperate for any touch to let him finish. She stood naked with her arms crossed in the corner of the room as he shook with an intense orgasm that could never quite be complete, until he finally lay still. Then sliding back between his legs, licked clean the cum that had gathered on his cock, as sweet relief stayed just out of reach.

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