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The Wager: part 3

John and Mandy continue their intimate evening. How will it end?
The Wager: Part 3

John and Mandy kissed passionately as they lay on the bed. He caressed her curvaceous body in an intimate and sensual, but not overtly sexual way.

He admired her pretty face and large breasts, with their huge dark nipples. Her waist was not slim, but that was OK in John’s eyes. He didn’t really like skinny girls. Her delightful derrière was large, well rounded and beautiful. She had long well-toned legs and shapely feet. John could vouch for her muscle tone, going by the vice like grip he had experienced on his head in the past. Last, but certainly not least he considered her pussy. It was trimmed at the moment with a beautiful tuft of dark hair, which he delighted in nuzzling. He loved to delve in her delightful tuft with his tongue, inhaling her scent and exposing her dark pink labia. The colour and texture of Mandy’s lips reminded him of fine smoked salmon. He didn’t care for the taste of salmon, but the taste of Mandy’s vulva was something he could never get enough of.

John loved to pleasure that delightful, intimate part of her body. He wished he could detach his tongue and place it permanently inside her, so that he could taste her and give her pleasure always. However much as John wanted to dine on Mandy’s delicious cunt, right now they needed to eat something more nourishing.

“I’m starving!” exclaimed Mandy “Neither of us has had anything to eat since lunchtime and it’s nearly 10 o’clock now. I’m parched with thirst too.”

“But you had a high protein snack just an hour or so ago,” John teased.

“Yes, but it was rather salty and you ended up sharing some of it anyway,” Mandy retorted. “Besides you need some energy food inside you, if you’re going to do me justice for the rest of the night.”

They continued to tease each other, discussing the pros and cons of going down to the restaurant or into the city. Eventually they decided that a heavy meal was probably not ideal so late in the evening. They looked at the room service menu and John ordered by phone.

John rose and went to the bathroom for a pee. He washed his hands and then decided to take a quick shower. Mandy entered the bathroom, announcing that she was dying for a pee too.

“Don’t look while I pee you bloody pervert!” she exclaimed as she sat on the toilet.

“After what we’ve just done I thought that having me watch you pee wouldn’t be a concern”. John replied.

“Yes, but I know how your mind works when you’re horny. Come to think of it, you’re horny all the bloody time. You’ll be asking for a Golden Shower next,” she joked.

“Mm, now you come to mention it,” he teased, “I did win the bet”

Mandy threw a towel at him and exclaimed, “I think you’ve corrupted me enough for one night, there is no way I’m doing that!”

“It’s just as well that wasn’t what I had in mind next,” replied John.

“I’ve got a bloody good idea what you have in mind,” said Mandy as she flushed the toilet. She rose and walked over to the shower, joining John under the invigorating water spray.

They kissed in the shower, while lathering each other’s bodies. John paid particular attention to Mandy’s full breasts, her bottom and vagina. Meanwhile Mandy lathered his powerful chest, his arse and of course his cock (which needlesss to say had risen to attention again). They were starting to get carried away when there was a loud knock at the door and a cry of “Room Service!”

“Fuck,” muttered John. “Leave it outside please!” he shouted. The interruption had spoiled the moment in the shower and in any case, they were both hungry and thirsty. John turned off the shower. They emerged and toweled each other dry. John tied one of the towels round his waist, opened the door, picked up the tray and carried it over to the table.

They sat, sharing a chicken Caesar salad, a light pasta dish and a bottle of crisp, refreshing Pinot Grigio. After eating they relaxed for a few minutes, letting the food digest and enjoying the wine.

“Mm, that was lovely,” said Mandy “But what’s for dessert”

“You!” exclaimed John. He rose quickly, and tried to grab her. Mandy moved from the chair and almost got away from him. He caught her by the arm of her bathrobe, but she slipped out of it and ran round the end of the bed naked.

“Can’t catch me!” She teased.

“You know I’ll catch you sooner or later, and when I do you know what’s going to happen,” threatened John.

“Don’t tell me, are you going to do a Christian Grey and give me a good spanking?” She teased.

“Well only if you really want me to. I think you’ve spent too much time reading the 50 Shades trilogy.”

“Well, I think a few smacks from your big hands might teach me a lesson.”

“OK. But only if afterwards I get to kiss your ass better.”

“I thought you had more in mind that just kissing it!”

“Oh, you could be right my dear, you’re just about to find out!” John warned as he dived round the bed. He grabbed her, scooped her up in his strong arms and threw her front downwards onto the big soft mattress. John then jumped on the bed and administered two solid thwacks on each of her ass cheek with his right paw. Mandy squealed with a mix of delight and pain.

“Don’t stop!” she exclaimed.

“I’m scared I hurt you,” he replied.

“If I say the word SAFE, then stop,” Mandy instructed.

“OK,” agreed John. “You’re such a naughty girl!”

He proceeded to slap her ass another 5 times until it was bright red. Mandy squealed with glee each time, but on the 7 th slap she shouted “Stop!”

“OK, but do you really mean to say stop or should you have said safe?” questioned John. He swatted her bottom once more before she could answer.

“Fuck. STOP. No I mean SAFE!” Mandy exclaimed.

“You’re not very good at this!” joked John.

“Mm maybe you’re right,” replied Mandy “My arse stings like fuck now, but I’m so horny!”

“Oh good, then I get to kiss it better,” teased John. “Did I tell you that my lubricant, or should I say YOUR lubricant is very good for soothing inflamed flesh?”

“You and your FUCKING Lubricant!” said Mandy.

“Oh: and it’s especially good for that!” laughed John. Although infuriated, Mandy couldn’t help laughing too.

John grabbed her and proceeded to smother her bottom in soft, damp kisses which quickly cooled the sting in her cheeks.

“Oh fuck, that’s good!” moaned Mandy.

John grabbed the bag containing the infamous tube of lube (which had somehow ended up lying conveniently close to him). He flipped open the lid, squirted a good dollop on each ass cheek and a third squirt in the cleft of her bottom. He then proceeded to gently massage both cheeks with his large, strong, but soft hands.

“Hey, it’s only the cheeks of my arse that are sore!” Mandy exclaimed. “What was the third squirt for?”

“I wasn’t sure if your poor little rosebud recovered from its last onslaught?” teased John. “I thought maybe it needed soothing too.”

“Oh my asshole has definitely recovered!” exclaimed Mandy. “Maybe she’s ready for something more.”

“You are a greedy girl,” said John. He lowered his head to her bottom, spreading the lubricant over her puckered asshole with his tongue. He teased into her with his tongue, while he continued to gently massage her cheeks.

“There’s another part of me that’s very greedy too,” hinted Mandy.

John got the message, sliding his right hand down her ass cheek and between her legs. He was delighted, but not surprised to find that she was soaking already. His thumb slipped easily into her molten hot cunt lips.

“You still haven’t told me what the vibrator’s for.” Said Mandy.

“I was just coming to that bit,” smiled John. “Thanks for reminding me.” He withdrew his right thumb and lent over to retrieve the vibrator from its pouch. He paused for a second while considering if the vibrator would need any lube. He decided lube wouldn’t be necessary, she was so wet and aroused already. John was aroused too, his cock was rock hard and he needed to fuck her. He thought of fucking that moist, aroused pussy, but then saw her gorgeous asshole winking at him as she moved. He really couldn’t miss the opportunity to fuck her arse!

John slipped the purple toy into her cunt easily, adjusting it to give a gentle vibration and very slow thrusting motion. Mandy reached down and grabbed the end of the vibrator, slowly reaming herself with it. He resumed his ass licking, rimming her gently, ensuring her anus was well lubricated. He noticed that she was more relaxed than before, her ass opened up with only a little pressure from his tongue.

“I want your fucking cock deep inside my arse right now!” demanded Mandy gruffly.

John lifted his head from her bottom and replied sweetly, “Your wish is my command my dear.” He inched forward on the bed, slowly stroking his erect penis. He slid his member between her slippery ass cheeks and gently applied a little pressure with his swollen cock. Her rosebud flowered open as if by magic, to accommodate his member. Slowly he pushed into that most intimate place. Her sphincter muscle grabbed his cock. Fuck! She was so tight! They both moaned with pleasure as he invaded her arse.

As John’s eased into her, he could feel the vibration and thrusting of the vibrator, only millimetres away from his cock. He sensed the tension building in Mandy’s body, as he eased in until he was bollock deep inside her. He paused for a second, enjoying her exquisite tightness, then started to withdraw his member. John sensed Mandy’s muscles squeezing him and had to be careful not to get pushed right out. He pushed deep inside her again until his hairy balls were hard against her cunt. The tip of her fingernails brushed against his wrinkled sack as she eased the toy inside her soaking cunt. John withdrew again and slowly started to gain a rhythm.

With his next inward stroke, he felt Mandy’s ass relax a little more to accommodate him. The pace of his rogering built until he was powering in and out of her like a pendulum. Mandy continued to fuck her pussy deeply with the vibrator, matching John’s tempo. She was so aroused, delighting in the overwhelming physical and mental sensation: she had never been so utterly, thoroughly and completely fucked!

Soon she could feel those tell-tale ripples start flowing through her body, growing stronger and more intense. Mandy’s breathing was heavy, her passion inflamed, she swore and cursed. “Fuck me HARD you bastard! Fuck me right up the ARSE! Cum deep inside my arse you FUCKER!” Her orgasm continued to build, her asshole grabbed John’s cock urgently. He tried to hold back, but it was no good. The intimacy of her tight ass gripping him, and the total horniness of her arousal was too much for him.

Mandy’s orgasm was simply huge. It struck her like a bolt of lightning. She continued to curse and screamed as it careered through her body. She writhed and wriggled, frantically fucking her pussy with the vibe which was now maxed out. John struggled to keep his cock inside her as she bounced crazily on the bed and the contractions in her ass tried to squeeze him out. It was too much for him, he gave one last desperate push inside her, jamming his balls against her cunt. His cock erupted, pumping what felt like gallons of hot spunk deep inside her forbidden orifice. When his cock finally stopped pouring its hot load inside here, he groaned, “FUCK, I love you!”

John wrapped his arms around Mandy and supported her as they rolled over onto their sides, his cock still deep inside her ass, still pulsing. They lay in an intimate embrace as John gently kissed and licked the back of her neck. His cock although wilting, remained trapped in her ass for several minutes. Inevitably it plopped out, and a dribble of pearly cum started to leak out of her ass. John scooped up the spunk with his finger. He placed the liquid in his mouth, reveling in the naughtiness of tasting his own seed and the knowledge of where it had been.

They were both utterly fucked and exhausted. This time Mandy was too tired to reprimand him as they both drifted off into a trance like sleep. What a night!

Will there be a Part Four? Bottom of Form

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