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The Wager:part 2

John won the wager,now it's time to enjoy his prize.

“Och” exclaimed Mandy in her Scottish brogue. “So I lost the bet and my forfeit is that you get to choose what we do for the rest of the night, but what exactly do you have in mind?”

"Well, first I think you need to undress me,” said John.

“All right, whatever you say!” replied Mandy and proceeded to unzip John’s jeans, struggling to move the zip down over his erect cock.

John sat up a little to make it easier for her, and the bulge in his boxer shorts popped out of his fly. Mandy grabbed his cock and gently kneaded it for a few moments through the fabric of his boxers, it was rock hard, and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it properly.

John helped her unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans, raising his back so that she could pull them down. Mandy rose, pulled the jeans and boxers off and threw them on the floor. She straddled him, sliding up his legs, so that she could grind her crotch (still clad in those black tights) over his rampant tool. She leant forward and kissed him on the lips as her nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt. John shrugged his arms out of the shirt, and it too joined the pile of clothes on the floor.

“OK now suck my cock,” growled John.

Mandy turned round, still straddling him, but now with her head at his cock and curvaceous bottom resting on his face. She paused to lick the bead of pre-cum from the tip of his cock, opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over his glans. She sucked down his length, taking his entire manhood inside her mouth so that it filled the back of her throat. Slowly she moved up and down his cock, enjoying everything about it, from its ripe taste, to the feeling of power she had over him.

“Oooh FUCK, babe that’s SO good,” John groaned, nuzzling her ass cheeks.

His passion inflamed he ripped the tights off her bottom and started to devour her with his lips and tongue. He stretched his head upwards and traced the cleft of her ass with his tongue, teasing the delightful rosebud of her anus for a moment. He moved his head down, trailing his tongue over her swollen and still soaking labia and then flickered over her erect clitoris.

Mandy slowly eased her lips back up his cock and grasped it in her right hand, gently wanking it as she licked around his cock head with tantalising tongue tickles.

John loved the 69 position, apart from one thing; he couldn’t properly reach Mandy’s clit with his mouth. He could tickle and stab at it with his tongue, but couldn’t nibble or suck on it with his lips and teeth.

It was just as well he had other delights on his mind; he eased the large thumb of his right hand into her soaking pussy, rubbing her clit with side of his hand and index finger. Simultaneously he traced his tongue back along her pussy lips towards her bottom, rolled his tongue a little and delicately stabbed the very tip off it into the centre of her ass.

Mandy flinched at the sensation of Johns invasion of that very intimate and naughty place, and reacted by taking his entire length in her mouth again, smearing her wet lips down the veiny length of his molten hot cock, taking him again deep into her throat and moving her hand down to fondle his swollen balls. John had to withdraw his tongue and bit his lip to stop himself from erupting at that very moment.

“Honey, If you carry on like that I’m going to flood your mouth right now” he warned.

Mandy, couldn’t speak with her mouth so full of his cock, but she nodded her head and made an encouraging affirmative noise which resonated through his cock. John bit his lip again, straining to resist his desire to come, but it was no good. He plunged his tongue against her rosebud again, feeling it flower open, he eased his tongue-tip in and her muscles grabbed his tongue firmly.

He continued to thumb her cunt and frig her clit, trying to concentrate on that, to slow his inevitable orgasm, but he was powerless to resist. Mandy felt his cock pulse in her mouth and was rewarded with a searing wad of hot cum which splashed against the back of her throat, followed, by another one, two and then third smaller jet of his silky jism.

John groaned as he came in her mouth, but maintained his insistent reaming of Mandy’s pussy and bottom. Moments later he felt a series of contractions in her pussy and ass, signalling the arrival of her third orgasm of the night. John felt her pussy drench his thumb with her heavenly cum. He loved how wet her pussy became when she climaxed! He allowed her orgasm to subside before he withdrew his thumb and licked her wetness from it, savouring the taste of her delightful cunt cream.

Mandy continued to stroke his balls and slowly extricated his cock from her mouth, cleaning it up with her tongue as she did.

“Mmmm, yum, I love the taste of your cum! ” she exclaimed, struggling a little to speak, with her mouth still half full of his hot load.

“Ditto” teased John, he inserted his thumb into her pussy again, scooping out another spoonful of her nectar which he slurped on like a juicy ice lolly.

Mandy rose up and turned round to face him, they embraced and kissed, tongues entwined as they shared the taste of their cocktail of cum. As they lay together cuddling and kissing, John’s eyes closed for a few seconds.

Mandy quickly reprimanded him. “Don’t fall asleep on me now! You men are all the same, you get us women all horny and ready for more, but then once you come, you just want to sleep”.

“I was just performing a quick inspection of my eyelids!” John exclaimed coming to life again. “Now, would you like to find out what we have in store next?”

“Mmm yes, don’t keep me in suspense” replied Mandy “You know how impatient I get.” John rolled his eyes at her in mock despair.

“If you pick up that velvet pouch on the bedside table and open it I think you’ll get the gist of what I’ve got planned,” teased John.

Mandy picked up the pouch and untied it curiously. Her eyebrows arched as she examined the contents. She removed first a purple vibrator, a white butt plug and finally a tube of lubricant.

"Mmm. I think I can guess what you have in mind!" She exclaimed "You naughty, naughty horny man! I have to say, I am intrigued by your choice of toys; they’re not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing!"

"Well, yes.” He replied “I guess that's the engineer in me. They were chosen for their function, not looks. The plug is gently tapered and with a soft, but smooth profile to be kind to your virginal ass. The vibe on the other hand is the closest I could find in size and shape to my cock. It has a powerful dual action, although I have to admit it was unfortunate I could only get it in that lurid purple colour!”

They laughed as Mandy inspected the vibrator which wasn’t huge, but had a bulbous end and thick veins. She had to admit it wasn’t entirely unlike the real thing, apart from the horrible colour.

“And the lube, that was chosen for its viscosity, rheology and very low coefficient of friction, which make it the most suitable for what I have in mind. Plus its strawberry flavoured!"

"I'm impressed that you've put so much effort into making the right purchases, but I guess I wouldn't expect anything less of you when it comes to giving me pleasure," said Mandy.

"I do aim to please!" exclaimed John "Now the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the saying goes,"

"Honey you can eat my pud anytime you want," Mandy breathed huskily.

"Mmm you know I love to eat your pudenda," teased John. "But right now I've got other things in mind!"

"I think I know exactly what's on YOUR mind!" Said Mandy and with that she rolled over wiggling her ample bottom provocatively.

"Now first we have to make sure you're comfortable," said John and he helped Mandy peel off what remained of her ripped tights. Then he plumped up two pillows and placed them under Mandy’s tummy, raising her bottom up to ease his access.

John couldn't resist his desire for her bottom. He lovingly stoked and kissed each cheek, moving slowly and deliberately towards her delicate rosebud. He drew his tongue slowly down her bum cleft and fluttered it delicately around the rippled rim of her ass. Simultaneously he moved his hand between her legs easing two fingers into her still wet vagina.

"Oh fuuuck," moaned Mandy. "Don't ever stop"

John did as he was told continuing to pleasure Mandy’s pussy and ass. With his free hand he reached over for the tube of lubricant. He withdrew his tongue for a second and squeezed a generous dollop of it onto her bum cleft then proceeded to work the lubricant into her bottom with his tongue.

He reached over again and grabbed the butt plug, moved his mouth across to her right ass cheek and replaced it with the toy, which he rubbed in the surplus lube coating Mandy’s cleft. Once it was well coated, he teased the slippery tool around her rosebud. Mandy’s bottom clenched as she felt the tool, then slowly he felt and saw her relax again. Gently, almost imperceptibly he teased the tool into her bottom. The narrow point, shallow taper, smooth texture and copious lubricant allowed it to easily penetrate her intimate orifice by an inch or so.

John paused for a moment, but continued to pleasure her pussy with his fingers.

Mandy wiggled her bottom and whispered, "Mmm more. Give it to me, you fucker!"

John obliged easing the plug slowly a little further into her tight ring, feeling it clench then release again. John rotated the toy and felt her muscles grip and relax once more. Gently he eased another inch of the toy into her behind, past the end of the taper, so that its full girth was inside her. He rotated the toy again and pushed gently, it slipped in easily now, right to the hilt.

"Mmm, honey, if you can take that then my cock will be easy," he whispered, ”But right now I need your cunt!"

John withdrew his fingers from Mandy's slippery vagina and brought them up to his face, inhaling her delightful scent and again licked her cream. The taste made his already erect cock even harder.

John shuffled forward on his knees and probed between Mandy’s legs with his iron hard member. The tip of his cock traced along her wet labia. He teased them open easing his length into her soaking wet heavenly haven.

Oh fuck, I love your cock," moaned Mandy as she pushed her bottom back towards him so that she could receive every inch of his penis.

John paused, enjoying the sensation of her hot wet envelope which felt even tighter than normal thanks to the toy which shared the space inside her nether region. Slowly he withdrew the plug from her ass, feeling her body tremble beneath him. Gently he eased it in again as a Many uttered a guttural moan. Now he withdrew his cock till it was almost out of her teasing her labia before easing back into her hot wet vagina.

Once his cock was deep inside her again, he withdrew then reinserted the toy fucking her alternatively with his cock and the toy.

Mandy whimpered in ecstasy. Never before had she felt such overwhelming pleasure, She had been very wary of anal sex, but John's gentleness, care and attention had shown her what she’d been missing.

After maybe five minutes more of this new experience, they felt the tremors building in her body, coursing from deep inside her. Rippling through her body went waves of ecstasy, building, building, and then crashing through her like a tidal wave. She screamed with pleasure and collapsed onto the pillows beneath her tummy.

John had to move quickly to ensure his cock didn’t slip out, and paused as the tremors continued to flutter through her body.

Once Mandy had recovered a little and her over-sensitised pussy was ready, John continued to fuck her leaving the plug deep inside her ass and nudging it slightly with each inward stroke.

He powered into her pussy insistently building up a ferocious pace. His belly slapped into her arse cheeks as he pounded her body. He knew he couldn’t keep up at this rate for long and almost sighed with relief as he felt the tell-tale contractions in her pussy signifying Mandy’s next orgasm. He tried to hold back, but her contractions triggered John’s own release and he pushed hard inside her, unleashing his pearly spunk in the deepest recesses of her vulva, with an animal like grunt and groan.

John could feel Mandy’s pussy still contracting and she continued to moan softly even after his cock had spewed its entire load inside her. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he grabbed the plug, first rotating it, then slowly easing it out of her ass, then in again.

This sent Mandy over the edge again and she screamed “OK, enough you horny bastard, enough!” as another orgasm crashed through her.

Exhausted, John pulled his wilting cock out of her and collapsed on the bed alongside Mandy. It took them a few minutes before they were capable of coherent speech or thought. They cuddled and kissed as they recovered.

Finally Mandy got round to asking the question which had been on her mind since she opened the velvet pouch. “What exactly do you intend to do with that vibrator”.

“Well my darling, you’ll just have to wait and see…” teased John with that mischievous grin covering his face again.

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