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The Wait

Contributing Authors: TJRogue 
A delicious wait...
One week. One week since I last saw his face. That's all the time that had passed, yet it dragged on like an eternity. Despite me watching the days, I was running late. I brushed my teeth as I blow-dried my hair. Quite a talent I know.


It was 8:30 and I knew you were in your sleek black sports car on your way to the cafe already. I slipped on my new pair of cheeky black lace panties that I knew you would quickly tear off me. I think you did that just so we could go shopping for more. I slipped on a red dress that hugged my large C-cup breasts and my beautiful ass just the way you liked. I curled my mass of long thick dirty blonde hair you loved to tug on.

It was 8:45. Knowing that you’re always fifteen minutes early, I could see you taking a seat at our favorite corner table, the outside one where the warming summer air could mingle between us, just like our lust for one another did.

I sat in my closet digging through shoes, trying to find the perfect pair. All my shoes where heeled because your 6'4" frame towered a complete foot over me. After a long debate with myself, I selected a pair of black lace heels.

It was now 8:55 and I could see you with your arms crossed looking at your expensive watch that your wife bought you. Wondering where I was. How handsome you looked in your suit, even with that slightly annoyed look upon your face. Waiting is your least favorite thing, but there you sat. Waiting.

The clock struck 9:00 and I had barely finished my make-up. I knew you would make me pay for being late, but I still couldn't pull my act together. I had to admit I enjoyed the spankings a bit too much to be on time.

It was 9:05 when I walked out the door. Thankfully, it wasn’t that long of a walk because my heels were a killer. Many men openly stared at my body as I walked past, but I only had you on my mind. Thinking about you made my panties wet as I walked to meet you.

I rounded the corner at 9:15 and saw you, just like I did in my head, looking sexy in your dark colored suit and with an annoyed expression on your face. I could see the beast raging in your eyes as you smiled. You stood and gently kissed my lips before pulling my chair out for me. The gentleman in you always outshining the beast. Well almost always.

I quickly apologized for making you wait. You only smiled . The waitress delivered my chia tea that you had ordered for me. You didn’t ask me what took so long or why I was late. You just sat, waiting. Waiting for me to offer some excuse you weren’t going to believe anyway.

I opened my mouth to speak and no words come out. I took a sip of my tea. I wished you would drink your coffee faster so my punishment could begin. I quickly realized the wait was a part of it. We talked about the weather and our weekend plans while you made me wait. You certainly knew how to get and give it back tenfold. As if, I didn't already know that.

9:40 came around and we had both finished our drinks. You paid our tab and tipped our waitress. You opened the car door for me and finally we headed to my apartment. After both of us waiting all morning, my dreams of your tortuous ways came true.

You wasted no time in pulling me by the hand to my bedroom. You chuckled at the mess of shoes in my room. I smiled at you right before you covered my lips with yours. My whole body lit up like a match to gasoline! Your tongue coaxed my lips to open and our tongues explored like lovers for the first time. My fingers trembled as I unbuttoned your vest and shirt. You undid your tie while my hands slipped under your shirt and pushed off your jacket, vest and shirt. Your body was lightly tanned and toned. Even naked from the waist up you made my pussy gush.

You pulled my straps over my shoulders and then I felt the silk of your tie as you bound my wrists. You pulled my dress down and it pooled at my feet. There I stood in front of you with only my black lace panties and your silk tie on.

Your eyes locked on my rock hard nipples. You bent down and took one in your warm mouth and the other between your thumb and forefinger. I moaned as your tongue flicked my nipple and gasped as you pinched and pulled hard on the other.

You pulled away and headed to my top drawer where I kept all my toys and stealthily tossed a few things into your pocket before I could see. Everything went dark as you slipped the blindfold over my eyes. Your hands ran through my hair, down my back and over my ass.

Then you were gone. I stood there completely exposed and completely in the dark waiting. Waiting just like you had this morning. It seemed to go on forever, although I tend to over exaggerate.

Suddenly I felt cold metal clamp down simultaneously on my nipples. I cried out. In an instant, you had swept me off my feet and over your knee. Your hand rubbed my lace-covered ass as goose bumps covered my skin in anticipation.

All the waiting ended for me with a sharp slap to my ass. I gasped at the intensity you displayed. Slap slap slap! Three more slaps against my ass. My breast swayed with each slap so the weighted nipple clamps pulled hard at my nipples. Again, you spanked me. Slap slap slap! My skin quickly turned from pink to red. Slap slap slap. My ass cheeks were red and stinging from your spankings. My nipples were swollen and sore.

You pulled my panties to the side and slid your finger along my slit. My juices wet your finger. You must have decided I was ready because you picked me up and set me on the bed. I felt you rip my panties from my body, just like I thought you would. Then I felt your naked skin touch mine. The head of your hard throbbing cock pressed against my dripping wet hole. I felt you gingerly remove the clamps from my over sensitized nipples as my body sang in pleasure.

Your wait was also over as you sank your cock deep into my tight pussy. The pressure in me began to instantly build. Your strokes were long, hard and rough; with each one, you hit all the right spots. You took my bound hands and held them over my head. You pounded my pussy with the same intensity that you had spanked my ass cheeks. My legs were shaking, my pussy clenched tight around your hard cock as you fucked me.

Loud moans and cries escaped my lips. Our breathing was erratic. You buried your head in my neck, biting my flesh as your body tensed up. I came hard on your cock as you groaned in your own orgasm; our juices mixing inside me.

You let go of my hands and I slipped them around your neck. You moved us to our sides, your softening cock still inside me. You removed my blindfold and our eyes locked. Before you kissed my lips you whispered in my ear, “You are always worth the wait... ”

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