The Wedding Part Two

By SandD

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Someone suggested I add names let me know if future stories shoudl have names or not.


On the table there was an assortment of their favorite finger foods chocolate covered strawberries.   bread and dips, oysters things that they had eaten in the past with their fingers that they had found very erotic, plus there was the regular supper.   She slowly took a Strawberry in her fingers and sucked the chocolate off it before biting into the strawberry.   She then feed an oyster to Randy making sure he was able to suck it from between her fingers; it felt a lot like sucking on her clit when they had oral sex.   He feed her some bread and she took his fingers in her mouth and sucked on them gently playing with the tips of his fingers with her tongue like when she played with his cock.   She reached over under the table cloth and ran her had up his leg to his crotch she squeezed his cock continued feeding him with the other hand.  


The crowd clinked their glasses making them stop what they were doing and stand up for a kiss.    She gave him just a quick peak on the lips then adjusted herself as she sat down again.   Once he sat down she took his hand and put it on her knee.   He realized that when she sat down she had moved most of her skirts so that he could feel her wonderfully fishnet clad leg.   Randy moved his hand up her leg slowly every so slowly.   But Angelina stopped him before he reached his target, her pussy.   He wanted to at least feel it soon if not be able to do more.   Angelina shook her head no.   She leaned over and said there would be more than enough time for that.   After more food, drink, toasts and Angelina teasing him.   Running her hand up his leg to his cock, even running her foot up his pant leg with that fishnet stocking on her foot.   It was getting close to the bouquet and garter toss and Angelina and the other girls of the wedding party excused themselves to “get ready”.  


When they came back they started with the bouquet toss and that went off without a hitch but at the last minute Randy realized that his parents would see the fishnet and was really reluctant to start the retrieval of the garter.     Angelina sat down on the chair, and stretched out one leg so that it would be easier for Randy to get the garter.   He leaned over to kiss her cheek and whisper what about the fishnet.   She smiled slyly and this made him realize that it would all be OK.   He was having major mixed emotions he wanted to caress her legs so bad, hell her whole body was what he wanted so bad but her legs for sure knowing they had spent the best part of the day in those fishnet had him almost crazy out of his mind.   To have his lips start at his wife’s feet for the first time as a married couple and kiss all the way up to the top and then to suck on her clit just the thought almost had him passing out with desire.   Damn he needs to lay off the booze for the rest of the night or he won’t make it.  


Randy kneeled down at the feet of his wife and took her extended foot in his hands.   He took a deep breath and reached up under her skirts.   He was surprised it felt like regular nylons he smiled at least they weren’t fishnet this time. Randy never thought he would ever be glad that there weren’t fishnet on Angelina’s legs.   It was very warm under those skirts and he could just imagine how she warm her pussy must be.   Randy had an idea she was where everyone could see her he could sneak a feel and she would have to sit still without moving or it would give away what he did.   Up his hands crept he found the garter at mid thigh.   Angelina had lifted her skirts slightly to make it easier for him to move farther up and he caught just the slightest sent.  


Up over Angelina’s thigh, to the inside of her thigh and to wear her panties were …. Or were supposed to be.   When he got there all he felt was a smoothly shaved pussy.   Oh man would this night never end he had always asked Angelina to shave there and she always said no.   He stopped where he was and took off the garter then tossed it to the single guys.   Ready promptly left the room with everyone watching him leave.   He couldn’t believe it was he mad? Happy? Turned on? He wasn’t sure at all.   Angelina followed him out she was on the verge of tears.   He pulled her into closet in the hall and closed the door.   There was a look of fright in his Brides eyes.   He took her in his arms and kissed her tears away.               


Randy are you mad she said in a whisper.   No, my darling wife I am just very frustrated, so much so I am afraid to move in case I blow my load and end up with a wet spot on my tux.   Randy asked why the fishnet, why the shaving he don’t understand.   Darling she said the wedding day is always made up as some special day for the bride.   “Her special day” “the day for the bride” all the groom has to do is show up the day of the weeding on time with the ring.   I wanted this day to be as memorable for you as it is for me finally marrying the man I love.    So I wanted to do things I knew would make you happy I didn’t really mean to have you out of your mind in frustration.   She gave him a hug, Randy whispered let me take you right here in the closet then I can go back a happier man.   Angelina said no, Randy almost punched the door.


Angelina knelt down in front of Randy and unzipped his pants and removed the little one who was causing Randy so much frustration.   She took his balls in her month and sucked on one then the other, then taking both in her mouth.   Randy leaned against the wall for support.   Angelina licked, nibbled and kissed her way all the way up his shaft to the end of his cock and then took it in her warm mouth.   It only took a few times of her warm mouth engulfing his cock before he came.   His seed came out with such force that Angelina almost missed swallowing it all and his knees almost gave out under him.   Angelina tucked his cock back in his pants zipped him up and then stood up.   Is that better Randy are you going to make it the rest of the evening?   Randy grabbed his wife playfully and hugged her close, I will never get enough of you dear.   If you asked I could go again right now and with a grin started to raise her dress.   She laughed and said no that they would be missed soon and it was their wedding and they should at least be there until they had to leave for the airport.  


They went out and back into the hall and of course his parents were there wondering what happened and where they had been because they had been looking for them.   Randy said that he had just needed to step out he had been feeling the booze and needed a breath of air.   The rest of the night was a blast they danced and joked with each other and their friends and family.   The slow dances were amazing as he folder his arms around her tight and swayed to the music wondering what else his foxy wife had up her sleeves After all thanks to his mom they were long sleeves.  


Angelina and Randy went off to change into there outfits for the trip to the airport because they didn’t want to take the dress and tux on the honeymoon.   Randy was back in the hall first and all his buddies were patting him on the back as he waited for Angelina.   He didn’t know what she was going to wear when they left.   Randy hoped it would be something his parents approved of.   The door opened and out she came in a nice long wrap around skirt, a blouse and a light weight jacket.   For the third time that day he couldn’t believe how great she looked.   They said their good buys and left out to the limo.  


Once they pulled away he took her in his arms.   Angelina my wife I have dreamed of this day, She put her finger on his lips and hushed him.   She started to remove her jacket he stopped her this time.   I want to help you; he slowly removed the jacket kissing her eyes, lips, neck and ears.   He then started to unbutton her blouse each button slowly one at a time.   He wanted to make her as frustrated as he was.   As he got lower there was a surprise she had left on the top of her leather dress.   He couldn’t believe it had wanted to get his hands on her in that top all day and he had the chance.   He ripped the rest of the blouse off he wasn’t as good as the slow tease as Angelina was.   She laughed at him and stood up.


Angelina said I guess I better take this off before you rip it off to, as she undid the button to release the skirt.   He almost creamed his jeans the long skirt she wore this morning had been converted into a short leather skirt and below that was those fishnet stocking he had wanted to feel all day.   She knelt in front of him in basically the dress she had on this morning the one he wanted to screw her in the limo in.   She pushed him back in his seat.   Undid his pants and stripped them down and unbuttoned his shirt.   She took his cock that was standing at full mass and put it in her mouth for the third time that day.   Randy lifted her off the floor and kissed her, stop trying to pleasure me he said you have been doing a fantastic job all day.   He lied her down across the seat in the back of the limo.


Randy started at her toes rubbing her feet and then caressing up her legs kissing the inside of her thigh as he went.     The feeling of the fishnet had his cock hard as a rock but he wanted to go slow after all she had done so much to make this day great for him.   Up he went to her pussy inhaling the slight musky smell he licked the lips quickly and then inside down to for clit.   Randy took her clit in his lips and sucked gently.   Angelina reached down darling lets not play games anymore.   She pulled him up to her spreading her legs so he could slide into her.   It was amazing the feeling of her pussy shaved and smooth softly touching his hair at the base of his cock as he buried his cock in her.   They rolled over on the floor still connected by his cock and her pussy.   She straddled him and freed her breasts.  


Randy reached up and caressed them softly and pulled Angelina down to him so he could suck on first one nipple and then the other then burying his face in her breasts.   Meanwhile Angelina was slowly riding her way to orgasm.   Up and down slowly then faster, then she would stop he knew when she did that she was getting close he rolled them once more so he was over top and started ramming her.   Kissing her neck, nipples and chest so he pushed into her over and over.   She started to shake he knew she was close more kisses and a few more thrusts and he knew it would be over for both of them.   One, two, three and that was it she arched and moaned he came so hard he was sure he would pass out.   They laid there on the floor of the limo with there clothes everywhere.   After a few minutes they both got up and dressed or straightened there cloths.   After all Angelina was able to keep the leather out fit on with no problems and now they were away from his parents he know this wouldn’t be the only time he would have the pleasure of seeing her in this outfit or screwing her in it for that matter.