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The Wildest Ride - Ever, part 2

The second and final part of the story of a ride across America for a yound hippie, me

As we arrived at the small farm house, a man in his mid to late twenties, dressed in a
pair of overalls, boots and a beat up ball cap greeted us at the fence surrounding the
yard, his dogs barked at us, I guess they didn't get a whole lot of company, and they
warned him of intruders.  Or maybe they just liked to bark and it was a good excuse.
"Been riding long? he asked.  'Since Omaha today" I replied and continued by saying
"can't make too many miles on one of these things in a day, get beat to death."  He
nodded and said "what can I do for you two? Need a place to bed down for the night?
Clare joined in saying "I would like that if we may Sir" and flashed those dark brown
eyes in his direction showing her sincerity.  He said, "well, dinner is about ready if you're
hungry, and it aint much but the roof on the barn don't leak, so make yourselves to
home."  We smiled at our good fortune, I shook his hand and told him thanks as Clare
once again chimed in "I could really use a bath, got a water trough I could use?"  He
burst out laughing and replied, "we're up town around here, I even have a tub inside
the house, got hot water and everything,  Enjoy it, then have some diner with me and
the  Misses, it's in the back".  he lead us through the neatly kept house and said "you two
married?"  I thought about a lie, but didn't  and I said "no, just traveling together, we're
both on our way to California."  He smiled and said "well, better be separate baths then,
don't want the misses to get upset."  We both nodded in agreement and Clare went in
to take a bath.  George, as he told me his name was, and I went to the parlor to sit and
visit while she washed up.  He had dreamed of riding one of them Harley Davidson things
once, but never got around to it, and then when he got married all that just kind of went
out the window, now I knew why he was being so kind, he was wanting to know all about
how it was to be on the road.  I told him of my journey to DC and that although it could be
fun, it was usually a lonely highway that marked the days ride, not the adventure he had
hoped for.  I said "Hell George, you've got everything you need right here, be happy with
it, some never know what having a home and family is all about"  He turned on the radio
and about then Clare emerged from the bath room and joined us in the parlor.  She said
"I left the water in the tub Gerald, go get a few layers of that dirt off of you before we eat,
I'm starved."  I went to the tub, took a quick bath, washed my hair and toweled off, ready
for a good meal and some much needed rest, if Clare would let me.

George's wife called out from the kitchen  ready, bring those nice kids in to
eat with us, 'bout time we had some company."  We went in and found George's wife,
Emily standing by the table with a huge bowl of mashed potatoes in one hand scooping
heaping mounds of them onto four pates on the table.  She was a lot younger than
George, probably not much older than my 17 years, certainly not as old as Clare's 20.
Just a country girl, talked non stop about all the goins on around, that war in vetnam,
which she mispronounced, of course,and all them hippies out there in Californie.  I kept
my opinions to myself, and joyed in the experience of having met these two down to
earth people.  We all laughed and joked through dinner, the main course was a pot
roast, which George said was her best cookin'.  After the main dish was done, she
brought forth a blackberry cobbler that was out of this world, and Clare and I both went
on and on about how good it was, which seemed to please her a lot.  She never asked
if Clare and I were married, none of her affair, I guessed, but before we left for the barn
grinned as she said "don't you makin' too much noise and scarin' the livestock".  We all
hooted out a big country style laugh, and George escorted Clare and I to the barn.

As we got through the door, he pointed out the lantern, but cautioned us to be careful
because of the hay, we assured him that we would, and I left to bring the Harley inside
in case it rained during the night.  I propped it up on the kickstand just inside the door
and George went to check it out before retiring to the house.  Clare and I were alone,
and had the cover of a building around us, we gazed at each other for a few seconds,
smiling at the possibilities, and then I went to r etrievethe sleeping bag from the hog.
As I turned to go back to the pile of hay we would be comfortable on, she stood before
me, totally naked, holding her arms outstretched to greet me as I walked up to her.  I
got the feeling it was going to be a long night, and man was I right.  I don't know if we
scared any of the live stock, but the sucking and fucking went on til almost dawn when
we heard George rustling around in the coral outside the barn. Clare was a bit
inexperienced just like I was, but we had managed to figure out at least 20 of the Kama
Sutra positions, and didn't even have a book, we would laugh about that for days, and
days to come.  We said our farewells to George, told him to thank Emily for the fine
dinner, and climbed onto the Harley to continue our, note it is now OUR, journey.

We stopped for gas a few times that day, we were both pretty weary for some reason,
perhaps the lack of sleep, or maybe that we had fucked most of the night, either way, we
needed some breaks from the road.  We made it through Wichita, then turned west on
what is now I-70, then it was just a two lane highway that supported most of the cross
country traffic for the US.  I think the only one busier was Route 66 a few dozen miles south.
We roared on down the road, the miles flew by quickly, and we made over three
hundred miles even with our fatigued condition and so many stops that day.  We came
to an area of foothills somewhere in western Kansas, and decided to stop for the night.
I followed a country road off to the north a few miles and found a great spot, a few trees,
sandy ground that was nicely soft to lay on, and no lights for miles, it would be dark
that night, but we had each other, and no fears of anyone being around.

I have long since quit doing drugs, they were a thing of the sixties, but that night I dug
in my saddle bag and got out the small bag of pot I had stashed there for the long
journey home alone.  Clare had never smoked pot before, wasn't sure about it at first,
but decided to try it and see what it did, whether it would make her crazy like she had
heard.  I carefully rolled up a joint, and lit it, showing her how to inhale it and hold her
breath for the best effect.  She sputtered on the first hit, and we both laughed out loud
at her choking sounds as she said  get it, let me try it one more time".  I handed it
back to her and said "not so much this time, you have to get used to it", kind of like
when you tried to take all ten inches into your throat last night, and we both laughed
heartily again.  She took a hit, didn't choke, and held it for the longest time.  As she
exhaled, there wasn't but a hint of smoke left, she opened her eyes, glazed over already
from the marijuana.  Giggled and said, "since I did so good with that, let me try that
other thing you said I couldn't do" and moved closer to me.

I stood up, spread the sleeping bag out on the ground and watched as she wiggled
out of her vest, t-shirt, skirt and panties before crawling onto the bedding.  She watched
as I unbuttoned my jeans, removed my sandals, and slid them off.  I removed my shirt and
sat down beside her, and as I did she turned head to toe of me and rolled me onto my
back.  I took a hit on the almost expended joint, offered her some, and she declined
with a muted "uh uh" before taking my swelling cock into her mouth and rolling on top of
me.  I parted her legs to join in the festivities, and she quickly said, "NO, I'm going to get
this right, if it kills you", so I laid back down and let her take more and more of my now
fully engorged cock into her mouth and throat.  My heart raced as she sucked so wildly
on it, never even used her hand to guide it, just kept ramming her mouth onto it like it
needed to be ever deeper into her gullet.  She was doing well at that, she could get at
least eight inches past her lips before gagging sounds escaped her throat, but she kept
taking me in harder and harder as she went.  I was in agony, my heart was pounding,
my breathing totally out of control, I yelled out obscenities that I never even used before,
she had my body under her control, and I loved it.  I couldn't stand it any more, forced her
legs apart over my face and wrapped my mouth over her cunt, lips, clit and all, and began
to yell as loud as i could into her pussy.  The muffled cries must have spurred her to a
massive orgasm, because I was flooded with her juices and she took all ten inches of me
down into her throat just as I exploded a load of cream into it.  She collapsed on top of me,
not moving except for the panting breaths and the rapid beating of her heart.  I sucked the
rest of her cum from her drenched pussy, wiped my face with my arm and rolled her off
of me, turning to be face to face as we embraced each other.  The smell of our cum filled
our nostrils as we kissed a long slow kiss and licked the remaining juices from our faces.
We fell asleep in each others arms, still totally nude, totally free of any misgivings that
society might impose on a 20 year old fucking a minor, which she didn't even know at
the time.  We awoke the next morning with the bag pulled over us, it was still pretty
chilled, so we cuddled close and kept each other warm.  My jaw was sore, like I had
been punched, and my poor penis was raw from the teeth that had been drug across it,
but I was in heaven.  Clare woke as I did, her jaw was popping in and out like she had
tried to swallow a jack-hammer, her pussy ached from the violent sucking I had done and
the air still pooted out of it as she moved a bit.  We looked at each other and with barely a
word decided that we should wait till California before trying that again.  We dressed,
packed the gear and ourselves onto the Hog and went back to the highway.  As we turned
westward, I said, "I'm really hungry, you?"  She looked at me, smiled and said, "don't know
if could get anything in my mouth this morning if i tried."  We both chuckled as we rode on
down the road.

A few miles up the road we came to a diner, stopped to get some gas, and something to
eat, Clare had decided she'd give it a try.  We ordered breakfast, she wanted her eggs
poached, and the hash browns tender, NO toast.  We sat in the diner and enjoyed sitting
somewhere besides on the Harley or the hard ground for a change.  We talked about
what all had been seen and done since our meeting, laughed about the funny parts, and
frowned about the difficult lessons we had learned, some things are best left for  a time
in a comfortable bed.  We paid the bill and went outside to smoke, and continued to talk
about life means to the young people of the sixties.  We firmly decided that love peace and
happiness would surely give way to sex drugs and rock and roll, and we were right.  Clare
and I got along so well, it was scary, like we were just meant to be or something, I, had one
thought of the traditional things, this would be my Junior year at Berkley, yeah I'm one of
those smarties, started when I was 15.  Clare, on the other hand had grown up in a
sheltered family life in Iowa, was ready to explore life to it's fullest, find her way in it and
enjoy all she could, so her thoughts were not nearly the same as mine on that subject.

As we stood there, somewhere in New Mexico, I think, we were about to put out the
butts when an older Chevy, a '57 Belair, BTW, rolled up to the diner.  They parked right
next to my Hog, and stumbled out of it, they were "Wasted to the max" and havin' a really
good time.  Clare and I looked at each other and couldn't help but giggle at the sight.  It
was a college type guy, about 22, maybe 23 driving, he was at least still able to stand, but
had obviously been toking a bit on the road, we could smell the smell of hemp all around
him.  the one on the other side was a short blonde with really curly hair, a bit stocky, but
really cute and full of life, or maybe the weed.  She was a non stop talker, and raced
around the car to check out the bike.  She looked to be 18 or 19, and maybe a coed at
one of the local colleges, hard to tell.  As she was checkin' it out, she threw her leg over
the seat showing off her pubic hair as she balanced for a moment trying to get it across
the bike.  This girl was naked under her sun-dress, and didn't mind me lookin' either, she
gave me a wink and said, "take me for a ride, would ya?"  I replied, "I don't know, gotta get
back on the road soon, classes start in 3 days"  Clare chimed in, "Oh hell Gerald, give the
girl a ride, I'm sure you're ready to go for another Kansas Ride."  I glared at Clare, she
shouldn't have said it that way, that had been special, just between us.  Clare looked
over at the grungy guy standing next to her, and said "I'm ready to try anything, once."
I looked at her in disbelief, I had thought she was really getting into me, and she was
talking trash about doing some other guy, already.  I looked at the girl  sitting perched
on the buddy seat, looked at the guy standing there, and then back at Clare.  She
smiled and said "hurry back, don't take all day, just have fun, I will be."  About then the
chick on my Hog said, "Come on, take me, ride me into the desert cutie."  I saddled up,
kicked the Hog into life, and roared out out of the parking area, headed west.

Sadie, the chick behind me was loving the feel of the ride, wrapped here arms around
my waist, and parted her thighs to get her snatch up close to my ass.  I took my left
hand from the bars, slid it up from her knee and reached around behind me to finger her
snatch, I was very mad, I was going to get even with Clare for ditsing me like that.  Sadie
parted her legs even more, and I shoved two fingers into her waiting hole, it was dry, but
soon got moister as I jammed in and out of her canal with my talented fingers.  She
reached around me, and tried to get a grip on my tool, her arms were too short to get a
good hold, but did manage to touch it and get me revved up for some action.  I saw a
side road up ahead, slowed and turned on to it, went a 1/4 mile or so and pulled to a stop.
She finally got a hold of my dick and said, "WOW, that's big, yummmmmm." 

I shut down the rumble of the engine and dismounted and then harshly said "Sadie,
get the fuck off the bike, Now!"  She looked at me, and went along with my demand, she
knew I was going to give her the fucking of her life, I was mad, and was going to vent all
that energy into what I was about to do.  She dismounted the bike, I grabbed the bottom
of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head quickly, she raised her arms to let it slide off.
I reached around her and unhooked her bra, and roughly tore it from her.  She was
actually enjoying the treatment I was giving her, which spurred me onward.  I spun her
around roughly and said "put your hands on the seat, and spread those legs, I'm gonna
give you the fucking you deserve bitch."  I jerked her skirt up to her waist exposing her
well rounded ass, grabbed one cheek in each hand and pulled them apart hard.  "I said
bend over bitch" and pushed her head forward to the seat as I spoke.  She was getting
ready for it, she wanted it rough, and we both knew it.  By then my cock had grown to it's
full ten and was ready to go, but I wasn't ready yet, this girl was gonna get it hard.  I knelt
behind her, parted her cheeks again, this time lifting and separating them to expose her
slit and pucker hole fully.  I slid my hand to her snatch and shoved four fingers up her canal
without so much as a hint of lube, she winced as i did, but then shot out a spurt of juice
almost immediately, wetting the passage for my advances.  I pointed my hand like a spear
and plunged it into her up to my wrist, she screamed out in pleasure, she loved it. I wiggled
all four fingers and my thumb inside her tight canal and began to stroke in and out of it
fiercely.  I doubled up my hand making a fist inside her and continued to pound into her willing
tunnel of joy.  She screamed like a banshee as her honey spurted almost non stop for two
minutes straight.  As she came, I played with her tight little poop shoot with my other fingers.
She cooed  as it got wetter from her own pussy juices I applied to it.  I removed my hand
from her worn but satisfied hole, dripping with her cum, still oozing from her.  I ripped open
the buttons on my jeans, ran my cock into the looseness of her cunt to wet it, removed it and
without mercy shoved my silver dollar sized cock into her ass, all ten inches at once.  As
her cheeks hit my mound, I started stroking her furiously, pounding my tool into her ass as
hard as I could ram it.  It did not take long before I felt my self ready to cum in the tightness
of her butt hole, so pounded harder and faster until my cum gushed into her, spurting out
as I continued to ram my cock into it over and over again.  Her orgasm was equally as
explosive and the gush of her honey from her cunt flowed down both of our legs, my jeans
were drenched with it.  She laid her head on the seat, her breath coming in short spasmodic
pants for air.  I pulled my cock from her ass, now not quite hard, and shrinking fast, I was
spent, my anger had been vented, and My God, what a fuck.

Sadie retrieved her t-shirt and bra, pulled them on, pushed her skirt back into place and
with a bit of effort straddled the buddy seat for the ride back to the diner.  I'm sure it was
not a comfortable ride  for her, she winced with each bump of the bike against her worn
pussy and sphincter muscles, but had gotten the ride she wanted, and maybe more.  As
we turned in to the lot at the diner, we found Clare and John standing by the side of the car,
now parked at the end of the building.  The look on Clare's face was one of guarded
contentment, so I figured she had found the adventure she had been seeking, I was wrong.

As Sadie loosed herself from the buddy seat she said "thanks for the ride, I'll remember it
always, that was the best ride I've ever felt."  She pursed her lips and blew me a kiss as she
went around to the passenger door of the car and climbed in.  John, as I found out later was
his name, grunted a gesture of thanks, and got in the car as well, then sped off down the
highway  headed east.  Clare stood there as I sat on the bike, asked "have fun?" and then
giggled "hope so, John was a bust, he had this little dick,  he was so wasted it never did get
really hard, no matter how hard I sucked it, but he did pretty good head for me", and giggled
again.  I looked over at her and said "She had a big twat, I couldn't even fill her up."  We
looked at each other and laughed at the thought of his tiny dick trying to fill up her gaping
snatch.  She threw her leg past my back and settled onto the buddy set, wrapped her arms
around me as we sped off on our journey.

That night we found another place to camp by a small river in Arizona.  We had wound our
way through some hills, but were only following the sun, so who knows where we really were.
We made camp pretty much as usual, I dug out the Sterno and heated some beans and
franks, dug out some crackers and we feasted as the sun set on another day.  We went to the
river's edge, tested the water and decided to take a bath, so I retrieved the bar of soap and
towel.  By the time I returned Clare was wading into the water, her naked body radiant in
the late evenings' glow.  I stripped off my clothes and joined her in the stream of cool water.
As we washed each other's bodies, we laughed at the day's encounter with Sadie and John,
but didn't need details, enough had been  said and done.  As we emerged the river's cool
freshness, we toweled each other dry and returned to the bedding, dressed, and sat to
smoke the last cigarette of the day while we watched the sun set in the western sky.

As we cuddled that night Clare wrapped herself around me closely, fondled my tool as I
reached to slide my fingers into her moist sweet pussy.  We didn't have sex that night, but
instead had contented love for each other.  We both knew that the day's encounters were
not something to be repeated, and our relationship had been changed because of them.

The next morning we were up early, refreshed from a good night of sleep, We were a two
day ride from our destination, and the third would bring classes for me at UCB.  We had
to keep going, we had to avoid interruptions like the day before.  We packed up everything,
climbed onto the hog and started out again, ready for a better day.  It was an uneventful
ride that day, we ate at a small diner in a little town somewhere in Nevada, and stooped at
a deli to buy something for dinner that evening.  We had decided that this would be our last
night on the road, and we wanted it to be special.  We found a large wedge of mellow
cheddar cheese, a loaf of fresh baked french bread, and a large hard salami, about 2 inches
around and 14 inches long.  We giggled over the salami, but we'd figure that out later.  Clare
bought a bottle of sweet red wine, she found out then that I wasn't old enough, and couldn't
even pass to make the purchase, which we also laughed over.  We rode on till we hit the
mountains on the Nevada/California borders and found a really nice spot along yet another
river bank to camp.  The evening air was warm and comfortable, we set out the bedding
and went for a swim.  Not really to get clean, but it did wash the road grit and weariness
from us as we played in the rushing waters.  Clare insisted on washing her shirt, she thought
it was time to get it clean before we got to SF the next day, so I washed out mine as well,
and the jeans that were so filthy and covered with so many dried white spots of cum from the
last few days.

We toweled off again, I let Clare use my jacket to cover herself with while her t-shirt dried,
and I donned my athletic shorts to  cover myself from view.  We went to the bedding area
and brought forth the feast.  I uncorked the wine, she set out the bread, cheese and salami
for our special meal.  As she picked up the hard stick of meat she giggled softly "it's even
bigger than you are Gerald."  I looked at her and laughed aloud, "am I going to be replaced?
I asked.  She laughed and said, "just a thought, you may not always be around" and rubbed
the end of it on her naked pussy lips under her skirt.  I gazed over at this temptation, and
said "That 's true, always good to have a back up, you can have both for now, if you'd like"
and chuckled out a dirty laugh.  Her eyes lit up at the thought of two such large things in her
at once, said " I don't think I can handle both at once, I wouldn't know what to put where" and
let forth a lecherous giggle that prompted me to show her as my cock head took over the
thinking for my other more level headed one, and began to swell quickly and popped out of
the leg of my shorts.

I moved over to sit beside her, lowered my hand to her sweet tight petals and began to
fondle her pussy.  She cooed as her pussy got moister and the sensations began to fill her
body with twitches of delight.  I picked up the salami with my other hand and raised it to her
mouth saying "one can go here, and the other here" as I inserted two fingers between her
petals.  She groaned as I started probing her canal and messaging her swollen clitoris
and said "show me, I want to be consumed by my lust, taken by yours."  Eating dinner
was definitely on hold for a while, Clare was ready for another adventure, and so was i.
I had never done anything like this before, but i wasn't going to tell her that, I was going
to pleasure this nymph and give her what she wanted.  She laid back onto the opened
sleeping bag as I turned head to toe of her.  My hand went to her groin and starting to
rub her clit and petals softly as I told her to lick on my cock head and get it ready for her
mouth's wonderful and talented offerings, which she readily did. I told her to take her time,
that we had all night, and we should go slow, for now at least.  As her pussy got more and
more wet from my touch I used the tip of the salami to gently penetrate her canal, not deep,
just enough to make her juices flow freely as her mind raced at the sensations of pleasure
that filled her.  I said "only take as much of me as I give to you down here", as I pushed about
three inches of the meat into her wet hole.  She responded in kind by taking the head and
foreskin of my cock into her mouth and began sucking gently on it.  The anticipation of this
made me cum early, not a lot, but she could taste it, and swallowed it eagerly.  She took my
tool from her mouth and asked "is that it, are you done?"  I took my lips from around her clit
and said, "no, keep going, there's more" as I stroked another inch or two of the salami into
depths.  Her clenching spasms told me that she was ready to burst forth with her first really
hard orgasm, she engulfed my rod into her mouth and throat, so i shoved all but the hilt of
the hard meat into her vagina.  She exploded into thrusting spasms of joy and anguish as
I pumped the meat in and out of her wet sweet pussy, relishing the thickness and rough
surface of it sliding in and out.  her orgasm lasted for about five minutes, she continued to
suck the white cream from my shaft for the final two of them before collapsing from the
efforts.  We had both been satisfied, both had an orgasm that was absolute passion and
lust.  We laid there in bliss until the sun had set without speaking.

As we regained our senses we arose, looked at each other and smiled.  We knew that our
dinner was going to be special, but now even more so, it was coated with her sweet sticky
cream, I pushed some into my mouth and tasted of it and let forth a satisfied "ummmmm".
She giggled, took the salami from my hand and did the same.  We broke the bread into
chunks, sliced the cheese and yes, the salami to dine of our special feast as we drank from
the bottle of wine.  We made love that night, not hard core fucking, but rather a gentle giving
of each other to our partner, sealing the bond that we had together.  there weren't any more
hard explosive orgasms, no more off the wall activities, just slow gentle touching, kissing and
my dick sliding in and out of her vagina softly.  We fell asleep with my tool still inside her from
the rear, spooned against each other much the same as the first night we had met, and slept
with one another.  It was wonderful to feel the blissful bond.

The next morning we woke late, must have been an hour after sun up, but we hurriedly put
everything on to the hog and started out on the final day of our journey, an easy day of riding
down the highways of California, I was almost home, and Clare was about to begin her
adventure as a hippie chick extrordinaire.  It was late afternoon when we rode into the bay
area, we had decided that she should stay with some other chicks I knew in SF, I had to live
in the dorms, my scholarship demanded it.  So, I cruised over to the San Francisco end
of the bridge, rode to a familiar address and walked her up to Suzie's apartment.  Suzie
and I went way back, we had become close friends over the past couple of years.  Dated
for a while, but she was much older, in fact she was 27 and dated me when I was 15, she
really liked my big tool back then, but now we were just friends.  I introduced Clare and
Suzie to each other briefly and said "I've got to scoot, gotta get to the dorm to get signed
in before 7:00."  I walked up to Clare, looked into those wonderfully sparkling eyes, leaned
to her and kissed her softly before going back across the bay to Berkley.

We saw each other occasionally, but our relationship ebbed quickly as the pace of school
increased for me, and her life went onward to her destiny.  She found a new guy to give
her pleasures, Franko Antonio Gamuchio, a tall dark Italian with a dick that made mine look
like a withered french fry, according to Clare.  He must have been a monster, she always
had a smile on her face after they met.  Clare went on to get active in the ACLU a few years
later, and became a District Manager for them.  I graduated with my first Bachelor's Degree
as a Junior at Berkley before having to choose between Canada or being drafted.  I chose
to enlist instead, and spent the next eight years in the US Air Force.

Well, that's it, the final chapter is written about the Wildest Ride I ever took.  As I look back
on the events of that few days of pleasure and painful discovery, I can't help but smile.  It
was a time to remember, even after almost 40 years have passed.

The Beginning

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