the workmen go to work

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the workmen give both of my holes a filling in return for a cuppa

We are having a lot of work done on the house and l have taken time off work to be at home whilst its done. l haven't had sex for a couple of weeks and l have enjoyed flirting with the different workmen that come and then masturbating in my bedroom whilst they work away in another room, thinking about them fucking me.


The last few days John a 40something and Andy in his 20s have been doing some electrics work and l have been flirting outrageously with John in particular. This morning l was still in my dressing gown after a shower (l'd had my usual play in the shower;-), when they came and l was feeling horny so l thought, sod it l'll give john a flash of my tits, so l made them a cuppa and loosened my dressing gown, so my breasts could be seen at the right angle and called up to john to come and get the tea.


When he came into the kitchen l made sure he got a good sight of them and then couldn't believe what he said


'very nice tits mrs c, we heard you in your bedroom yesterday playing with yourself, maybe you'd like to be fucked proper'


l was a bit shocked at first, taken aback, thinking about them listening to me, it kinda turned me on though and made me smile almost automatically. He saw me smiling and at that he came closer and started to massage one of my breasts,


l knew l should tell him to stop, but instead said ‘what about Andy?’,


‘well l’ve heard he has a big cock, want to be fucked by him to?’, before l'd had time to say anything John shouted out for Andy and then moved a hand inside my dressing gown and started to rub my clit, l was getting extremely excited and just had to go with what was happening, not saying a word.


Andy came into the kitchen and his mouth dropped open as he saw what was going on, ‘mrs c wants a good fuckin Andy’ said John ‘you up for it?’, ‘fuck yes’ he said with a smile. Then john told Andy they needed to get me very wet and he didn’t waste any time. So there l was leaning on the kitchen counter, with my legs spread as john fingered me and sucked on my nipples and Andy was licking my arsehole and before long gently inserting a finger up it, l had not had anal sex for a long time but l do like to be fingered there and this felt just great and before long l knew my pulsating pussy was absolutely dripping wet.


 Andy worked on my arsehole really gently, whilst john was trying to see how many fingers he could get up me, 4 l think!!! Even though John was hurting me a little together they were sending sensations right up to my tummy and it was getting better and better. l was writhing on their fingers and could feel the tension build up in me and l shook into my first orgasm of the day, l spurt, with several gushes, so johns hand was covered and splashes of my pussy juice landed on the floor.


 ‘like it up the ass eh’ said john,


Before l could really say anything, recovering from an orgasm, they bent me over the breakfast bar, lifted my dressing gown up and off me and l had john pushing his cock at my asshole. It hurt a bit as he pushed further into me and l wanted to tell him to stop, but was so worked up l couldn't say anything, l'd come this far so l thought l just had to go with whatever happened.


l was glad he had a smallish cock and once it was in and he started to work it in and out, it started to feel really nice if a bit strange, he started to really fuck my ass hard and slipped a few fingers round to my clit, the muscles inside my pussy were throbbing with sensations every time he thrusted into my ass and squeezed my swollen clit bud.


Pushing me down so my face was against the coldness of the kitchen counter, my hot swollen breasts rubbing against it, pinching my erect nipples heightening the pleasure l was feeling. l looked up and saw Andy had got his hardening cock out and had started wanking, it was huge, he shoved at my face, and l closed my eyes and opened my mouth, l felt his huge end fill up my mouth and started to suck.


I could feel my orgasm wasn't far off, it was building with every thrust of John's cock in my ass, which made me suck harder on Andy's cock as it moved around in my mouth. My body quivered and l felt a sudden release of sensations as l came. My orgasm spurted out creating a puddle on the floor, l had to let Andy's cock go out of my mouth as l let out a loud 'Yesss' and with this John gave one final huge thrust as he came up my ass. He might have a cock that wasn’t impressive, but he came like an fire extinguisher and l could feel his hot cum deep inside me. When he removed his limp cock my ass hole felt odd, open, full and very nice, tingling.


 ‘my turn’ said andy excitedly,


l put my hand on his huge cock and told him my pussy needed it, no way was that going up my little asshole even though l was sure it was gaping after John!!,


‘fair enough, come on’ he said and he led me to the front room. L just let him take me, naked and with John's spunk dribbling out of my asshole and my pussy juices dribbling right down my legs, he laid me down on the settee and fingering my tense expectant wet pussy, he   laid on top of me and put his huge cock   to   my pussy lips. Even as wet and gaping as l was, it took some pushing for him to get his whole cock in, l tried to loosen my muscles to make it easier for him and with every push l felt him go deeper. Once it was very deep inside me even causing some pain, but feeling excruciatingly good.


I lost count of the amount of times l came and god knows how l’m gonna clean and dry the settee. He was great, he didn’t just bang away, but worked his huge cock really well, with a great rhythm, up and down and moving round and round, fast then slow, deeper and deeper. Probably the biggest and best fuck l’ve ever had, he lasted for ages as well, my pussy felt stretched, even sore, but this just added to the overall pleasure l was feeling all over, but particularlly focusing from my tummy down through my entire lower body to my pussy entrance. My repeated orgasms gushing more and more juices every 15 secondes or so, l was just laying there shaking and writhing as he fucked me, tensing with orgasms, thinking it was over then another one would hit.


Finally he started to frantically pound me and was stretched up tensing and l knew he was going to cum. He then asked where l wanted it,


'on my boobs' l barely squeezed out between moans. then suddenly he pulled out, grabbed his cock as he shuffled up over me and spread a full load over my tits and up over my chin, about 6 or 7 large gushes some landing accross my lips and dripping into my open mouth and l had that familiar bitter, salty taste, l licked my lips.


Andy rubbed in his cum on my tits, John’s cock was standing up proud again and he asked if I wanted more, shoving Andy out of the way. Without waiting for an answer John flipped me over, pulled   my arse up, entered my hole with ease this time and started to fuck my ass again, l just knelt there and let him bang away before pulling out and cuming over my bum cheeks. l had no more liquid in me l think after Andy and anyway l'd had my main course, so just collapsed down on to the settee when he got off me.


John said they better go and get some work done otherwise my husband will wonder what they’ve been up to all day! Andy bent over me squeezed one of my breasts, winked and blew me a kiss and followed John. They left me lying on the settee covered in cum and juices, l just lay there for ages, taking in what just happened, finally thinking that l was glad that it was johns smaller cock and not Andy’s monster that was my first proper ass fuck for a long time. l went and showered again, thinking about what was going to happen the next day, having to put cream on my sore satisfied holes, but l knew l wanted more..........