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The Yes Man part 6

Saying Yes continues to pay off

If you want to you can read my previous stories from which this follows on, but it is still a stand alone story if you do not want to read the previous ones.

Well here we go, perhaps I need to change my outlook on life, perhaps I should explain, I had just read the Yes Man by Danny Wallace, and it made me think did I said Yes very often, the answer of course was No. I did not want to fly all over the world, but I wondered if I should say yes more often?

Perhaps I should introduce myself, my name is Fred and I am a thirty something, married to Beverley and working in Personnel, sorry Human Resources, forgot change of name since I started work. Our best friends are Dave and Sally.

Well I have done the calendar shoot, saw some nipples though the girls bras, and some pubic hairs escaping from their panties but have only got my end away in my wife, isn't life a bitch.

Any way about 2 months after the BBQ at Sally's, when I fucked Rosie and Sally, I was still thinking about saying Yes, mind you it had not done me any good lately, so perhaps I would change and say No. I got home from work and Beverley was sitting at the dinning room table.

“Have you not started the dinner?”

“Not yet,, Sally phoned me and asked if we would like to go away in two weekends time with them?”

  The thought of fucking and sucking Sally made me say yes right away.

“Hang on you do not know what the weekend is about. “

“Well tell me”

“It is in a castle and there will be 6 couples and... “


“Well games will be played.”

“What like Dave's?”

“ Probably and well I think that we may have to have sex with some of the others. Sally said that 3 couples will be new and 3 couples will have been there before.”

Ah, perhaps I should say No,

“What do you think Beverley?”

“Well Sally says that you will only be fucked three times during the weekend, and it could be by you, Dave and one other depending how the games go. You and Dave could have Sally and so she would only be fucked by one new person. The costs for the weekend is £100 per person and we must sign a form to say we are clean (no STD's) and once we book we will be given further details. Sally says that we will probably have to buy some new undies and dresses if the same happens that a person told her happened when she went.”

“Okay if Sally and Dave are game so am I.”

  Beverly rang Sally and told her and said I would bring up the cheque for the weekend. So off I went to Sally's and gave her the cheque

“Glad you said Yes, Dave has not decided yet, but said it you and Beverley were going he would as well.”

Do you think I was conned.

The following week an envelope arrived addressed to Beverley and one for me. On the outside it said, for the eyes of the person named on the front only. Beverley read the letter and then phoned Sally,

"Hi think we need to go shopping at the weekend”.

“What do you need?”

“Well new undies and the tops must be a different colour to the underwear, which we have to wear and it can not be see through.”

“Okay, what colour undies are you buying?”

  “Sorry cannot tell you part of the games.”

My letter just welcomed me to the weekend and I should keep an open mind about what may happen and the organisers were sure that everyone would have fun, they also said each person had to bring their own clothes in a case, and couples could not and must not use one case, or look into to each others case. Weird, but I thought better follow the rules.

You may remember Maureen, Kelly's mum from an earlier story, well Beverley had stocked her up with sexy clothes and underwear, but she still had not dated, her only sexually experience being when she became pregnant with Kelly, 18 years ago. Beverley said that she and Sally were going to hit the shops on Saturday, and perhaps I could coach Maureen on what to do on date, she always moved away from a date who tried to go further than kissing her. I agreed and so Beverley phoned Maureen and told her I would take her out on Saturday and to wear what she felt comfortable with, of her new clothes and underwear.

Beverley set out early on Saturday, I had a leisurely breakfast, and then wandered over to Maureen's I wondered if I would get to see her red pubic hair, let me describe Maureen she is about 37, about 5'4" tall, with small tits. This morning she was wearing a loose green sweater and a long red skirt, I wondered if she had on the white bra and big panties I had seen when I picked up Kelly her daughter. Of course not I thought, Beverley has made her buy some new undies, I hope I see them.

“Hello Maureen, I am going to take you on a date, mind you it is the first time I have dated this early in the morning, now remember, this is like a first date, you have to react as if you do not know me well, and of course follow your instincts and I will follow mind, if I try it on too much, stop me, just like you would anyone else. As it is a morning date, I thought we would go for a walk down by the river, and perhaps stop for a drink and some lunch, then I can either bring you home, or you come by yourself depending on how the date goes.”

So we left her house, “Should I hold you hand,” Maureen said.

“If you want too, but I suggest we wait till we are off the estate, else tongues will wag.”

  We got to the river, and she held out her hand to me, but I rejected it and put my arm around her shoulders, and we walked along the toll path, looking at the swans and ducks on the rivers and the birds in the fields. We had been walking for about 10 minutes, when I asked if I could kiss her, she turned her head towards me, which I took as a yes, and I quickly gave her a peek on the lips.

“Kiss me properly,”

  So we had a nice snog, with tongues as well.

“Well it is getting on for lunch time; do you want to go into the locks pub for some lunch and food?”

“No let us just have a drink,”

  I had a pint of lager and Maureen had a gin and tonic, (actually it was a triple) but I did not tell her. This may be something that a date may do, and I had to make sure that she could take care of herself. After we had finished,

“Ok walk me home please.”   And so I did.

When we got home, she invited me in, “please give me another kiss,” who was I to say no.

“I will get us some lunch, and then perhaps we could have a second date, afterwards,”

  Well I know that Beverley and Sally would be gone all day and so I agreed. We had a sandwich,

“I had better change as I would not wear the same clothes on the second date as the first.”

She went upstairs and came back down wearing a long flowing patch work dress, it was calf length and really looked nice, I wondered if she had change her underwear as well.

“Can we go out for a ride?”

  I agreed and went home to get the car, drove to Maureen's and she came out, being a date and me a gentlemen I opened the door for her and as she got in, her dress rose up a bit and I could see some of her legs just above her knees. She had taken off her stockings or tights she had worn this morning. I drove to the coast,

“Would you have gone in a car on her second date?”

“Yes but only in the day, not at night, or if I did only within the town.”

We walked along the esplanade and had ice creams, I bought her a rum and raisin flavour one, Soon it was time to go home, I went in with her, as she invited me in, and had a snog, I put me hand on her butt and slowly pulled her dress upwards.

  “If you want to know about my underwear, I have on satin panties, I have been sat in them all day and you are not getting a feel, but you can touch my breasts outside if you like.”

  I declined saying not enough time; I must get home to Beverley. We arranged to go out again on Monday week, after my weekend away.

When I got home I asked Beverley what she had bought, but was told you may see next weekend.

The week at work dragged, I had to take Friday off, as we needed to be at the castle for tea at 4 p.m. As Sally and Dave were also going we decided to take one car and as Dave had the biggest car, after all there were 4 suitcases; we agreed that he would drive there and I would drive home. Sally got in the front with Dave and Beverley and I got into the back. We arrived at the Castle and were met by our hosts for the weekend, who had also arranged the games, Henry and his partner Diana, they were in there 50's, and Diana wore a black low cut tee shirt and white skirt, I notice she did not have a bra on, her nipples were sticking out, and you could see a black thong though the skirt. They welcomed us, and said that we were to go into the dining room, where the first game was set out. We were the last to arrive, as well as us there was an Asian couple probably in there 20's and young couple about 18, an older couple probably about 45 and a couple the women was a coffee colour and her partner was jet black.

Henry said that the first game was for 5 minutes, the men had to guess the ages of the women present, excluding partners and friends plus some other women whose photos were next door, he gave the women a number to wear and the woman had to do the same for the men, plus some photos. We could not confer and the men would go first into the other room and then the women, afterwards tea would be taken the women must change as per the instructions in their room and the men would be allocated a room to go to depending on the results of the first game.

I wrote down my answers and went to the other room; there were 5 photos of women all naked. Henry said that these were women who had been involved in previous weekend. The women had already been to the room and whilst we were in there had some tea and left for their rooms, we did not know where they were. Henry then said our rooms were on the 3rd floor, our names were outside, but in number form, a vowel being twice the value of the other letters, I worked out mine room number had to be divisible by 5 and Dave's by 6, hope that there was not a room with 60 or 30. Luckily a room had 55 and one 66 so me and Dave went to out respective rooms and changed ready for the first game.

When we got down stairs, Henry was there and said that he would give us the number of a room to go to, based on the scores from the age game and we had an 45 minutes to find out the colour of the women's underwear, we could only ask questions and the women would confirm the colour of their underwear if we asked the correct five questions and then a follow up statement. It is about getting to know each other. Right Fred, you got the most right, what a surprise, you have room number 109. He gave the others their room numbers and said ok you have 45 minutes from now.

I knocked on the door, a voice from inside told me to come in. It was the older lady she had on a black silk blouse and black calf length skirt.

“Hi I am Fred”

“Pleased to meet you I am Liz, come in and sit down with me on the sofa, I understand that you have to ask me some questions? “


“Oh by the way if the question is not one you need to have answered I may say no, ok. “

“Well first of all what is your husband or partners name?

“It's is my husband and he is called Pete”, She ticked a list, well one down four to go.

“Did you loose your virginity with Pete”,

“No Comment”

“How many times have you come to this type of weekend?”

"5 times” another tick?

“Do you swap at home?”

  “Yes” 3rd tick.

“What is your most embarrassing moment when having sex? “

“Before I married Pete, his parents went our, and we were going for it Pete had pulled up my bra, kissing my nipples and had his hand inside my panties, I was about to come, when we heard the front door opening I quickly pulled on my dress and did it up, but had to spend the rest of the evening with my tits out and my panties not pulled right up. If only they had known “

  Another tick only one to go. I asked a lot more questions but did not get any replies, half an hour had gone. I finally asked what size are you, she replied dress size or body size, whatever gets a tick. I am a 14, 36C-26-38, I got a big bum. Ok you only now need to find the correct statement and you will have won the right to see the colour of my undies.

We have to act as gentlemen I remembered, so I said, May I see your underwear. Certainly, she undid her blouse and unzipped her skirt; she had on a sheer matching white bra, and panties. Her nipples I could see were hard and when I looked at her panties, I could see that her black hair was natural as she was jet black down below. Her aureoles were large and looked dark through her bra. It is a shame we only have 10 minutes to get to know each other, she moved over towards me and gave me a kiss, a French kiss, her tongue went into my mouth and moved all around, her hand rubbed my prick through my trousers, I put my hand on her shoulder and moved her bra strap downwards, until the right tit was out of the cup, and I could hold the nipple, I kissed it and put my hand inside her panties, I could feel the soft pubic hair and started downwards towards her slit, when she said, stop, I need to dress ready for dinner.

  I got up and left, and went down stairs and met up with Beverley and we had a glass of sherry before we ate. The dinner was nice, and afterwards the men were told to wait in the dining room and the women went back to there rooms, they were told someone would join them for the night but the person must be back in there room no later than 3am so they got some sleep, ready for the next day.

I was taken into another room where there were five colours you have the first choice, I was told as you found out the colour of the underwear first, we have taken away the colour of your wife's underwear, as you do not want to have her. The choice was green, yellow, brown purple, and white. Well I did not really want Liz, so I ignored white, I knew that the colour of the underwear was different to the outer garments, Sally had on a green dress, so if I choose them I would not get her, so I said I would like the green please. I was told the room to go to, and so I went and knocked on the door. I choose lucky, I had the youngest person there; she was wearing the same clothes she wore at dinner a brown blouse and brown trousers. She welcomed me in to the room and kissed me hard, her hand roamed up and down my legs and felt my cock, seems as if he is ready to be welcomed between my legs. She moved back and started to tease me as she unbuttoned the blouse, after three buttons, I could see the green bra, her breast were quite small, but I was thinking about her tight pussy. She pulled her blouse out of her trousers, and took it off. Her hand reached around to undo her bra.

  “Hang on what is your name?”

“Oh I am Yvonne, but call me Eve. Look I am nervous, I have only been with my partner and he wanted me to come to this weekend.

“Okay we can go slowly, if you do not want to do anything it is ok”.

“No I want to be fuck now, to see how good Colin is”, with that she pulled her bra off. Her nipples were small and she had little areole.

She turned around. ”Unzip my pants; the zip is at the back”.

  I pulled down the zip and she slipped the pants down her legs, she was wearing a green thong and I saw the cheeks, and put my hands on her butt. She turned around and I kissed her on the lips and slowly worked my way down. I kissed her ears, neck, shoulders and down to her breasts, I sucked on her nipples and they became hard. I carried on down blowing on her stomach.

“Shall I stop?”


  I moved down and turned her around and kissed her butt, she started to undo my shirt and pulled it off, then she undid my trousers and they followed. Her hand was inside my boxers.

“Yes I want this inside me”

  I pulled down her thong, she had trimmed her pubic hairs, and they were like an arrow pointing to her lips.

“Colin needed help”

I laid her back on the bed and kiss her clit and then put my tongue into her pussy,

“God I am coming” and she did. She turned around and pulled down my boxers and put my cock into her mouth,

“Two can play at that”

  I soon found myself thinking about all sorts trying not to come, but I realised I could not hold back,

“I am coming” and a load of sperm shot out into her mouth. She licked my cock.

“Very tasty, now I want you to fuck me and I can see how good Colin is, I would like you to leave by midnight as I need my sleep.”

  I slipped my cock, into her pussy, it was nice and tight and slowly fucked her for the first time, and mind you it was not the last time that night.

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