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The Younger Brother

Thanks to a friend who will remain unnamed for helping with this.  You know who you are. 

  A friend and his younger brother, Jordan, had been over to my house for a visit.   My friend had to head out to work and since he had brought his younger brother he was going to take him home before heading of to work.   We all had know each other for years and got along well.   The brother was about 10 years our junior but I don’t really care about age.   Usually when we get together the talks can get pretty hot.   I haven’t had sex with either of them but we all talked openly about fantasies, fetishes and turn ones.   We said good night with hugs and the two boys left.  

 I went and got changed in my housecoat and was just getting comfy when there was a knock at the door, I went and looked through the peek hole and it was Jordan .   I opened the door and Jordan said “you know I was thinking that if you are sitting here with a juicy pussy, why am I leaving you alone?”

 I said “I am not sure; your brother was the one who said you had to go.”  

“Well” Jordan said,”I just can’t leave you by yourself; I started thinking about your pussy, if it was juicy after our talk and wondered if there might be a chance.”

 “I thought you had to go home.” I said

 Jordan said, “I could go home, but I've got a later start tomorrow. So what would you like me to do to you?”

 I invited him in and we went and sat on the couch, usually one of the boys sit sideways on the couch with me between their legs my back against them, I asked him to tell me one of his fantasies.

 “My fantasy is to please you, and I really don't know what you like, so tell me what you would like me to do.”   Jordan said.

 I said, “I am pretty open I usually like to start out with my back being massaged.”

 Jordan started rubbing my neck and back pulling the back of my housecoat down so my back was bare, I could feel him growing against my butt.   He kept working on my back but every once in awhile he would his hands under my arms,  as he work them across my back, each pass would   bring them closer and closer to my now naked breasts.   He whispered in my ear “how do you like to have your breasts played with?”

 I told him that when he reached them he would find my nipples hard and waiting to be massaged as well.

 Jordan asked, “Would you like me to massage your nipples? What about if I gently pulled on them, maybe can I give them a light pinch?”

I told him,”I would like you to massage my breast and nipples, gently pulling and pinch them would defiantly make my pussy wet.”   I reach down and start playing with my pussy I can fell his cock growing long and hard against my ass.   My pussy was getting really wet between the cock against my ass, Jordan playing with my breasts and me playing with my pussy.  

 “Do it baby. masturbate for me as I pinch your nipples, pulling them away from your body, and looking over your shoulder” whispered Jordan .  

 He looked over my shoulder while I rubbed my pussy and my clit; my pussy was getting juicy as he played with my nipples

 Jordan said, “Please slide your fingers in your pussy, get them nice and wet. I want to taste your juices. Put your wet fingers in my mouth.”

 I plunge my fingers into my pussy, getting them nice and wet then I reach over my shoulder and let him lick and suck all the juices off.

 “Yes baby, you taste so good.” Said Jordan and he started kissing my neck, sliding his hands down my body to my wet pussy.

 “Play with your tits, while I slide my fingers in and out, in and out of your juicy pussy. Do you like how my thumb caresses your clit?” Jordan whispered in my ear.  

I melt against him while I replied, “oh that feels so good with your thumb on my clit, plunge your fingers in my pussy” I played with my breast pulling and pinching my nipples it felt so good.  

 Jordan whispered, “Do you want to taste my fingers or do you want me to keep going?”

 “Oh, I want both I will lick them and suck my juices off then let you plunge them back in my pussy.” I moaned.

 “Do you like how you taste? I'm going to put more fingers in you. How many do you think I can cram in your pussy?” he asked “can you handle three, four, or how about my fist?”

 “Yes, I taste good, and as long as I am wet enough and you are gentle I can try your hand” I said.  

 As we shift position, he says’ “I will use my whole hand but I will start off gently, as I get going, I'll go a little faster, as you still play with your nipples.”   His hand slowly, gently went into my pussy.

 I felt a little lightheaded as his hand slips in it feels so amazing my pussy feels full.

 Jordan says, “You like that don't you? I can feel it. You’re making my arm wet. My cock is getting so hard; I need you to do something with it.”

 I reach out and wrap my fingers around his cock, stroking it.   I reached down and rub my hand on his arm to get some of my pussy juices to make his cock wet so my hand slides up and down easier. I run my hand over the tip of his cock as presume starts oozing from it I lick it off.  

 “Yes, lick the head of my cock. Taste my precum that feels so good,” he says “your tongue feels so good. Suck my cock baby. I need you to suck my cock.”

 I take his cock in my mouth and suck it as far as it will go I am bending over now and he reaches under and tweak my nipples, with his other hand he rubs the back of my neck, giving me a deep massage where your neck and shoulders meet.

 He says, “Your mouth feels so good on my cock. I love the way you suck it.”

 I swallow his cock all the way down then I work up and down his shaft with my mouth.  I reach down and message his balls, occasionally I cum up just to the top and suck and lick the head.   When ever I have one hand free I reach down between my legs, rub my pussy then I rub the juices on his cock so I taste both of us.

 “God. You’re too good. I'm getting close to cumming’” he moans

 I said, “Good I will swallow every drop,” between his cock in my mouth, him pinching my nipples and me playing with my own clit I am also close to cumming.  

 I can feel his cock swelling in my mouth.

 Jordan moans, “Yes. I'm cumming, swallow me, take every drop, and lick my cock clean,”  

 He pulls hard on my nipple as he cums, this in turn triggers my juices to flow and the all familiar tingling sensation signals that I am about ready to cum I rub my clit faster and take him all the way down my throat.  

 He uses both hands, pinching and pulling on my nipples as he unloads his cum into my throat.

 I swallow every drop and continue to suck on him until he is soft.   I rub my clit hard and fast I am cumming right after him my juices are running down my legs

 Jordan moves around it is his turn to clean me up. He runs his tongue along my legs, lapping up all my tasty juices.

 Oh lick my pussy, I am cumming lick my clit while I cum and stick your fingers back in my pussy” I whine.

Jordan sticks his fingers back into my pussy, while he licks and sucks on my clit. His hands go under my ass and lift my hips up closer to his face.   He sucks hard on my clit and he curls his fingers as he slides them in and out of me.

 I feel a trimmer start and squeeze his head so he can't move it off my clit I ask him to plunge his hand into my pussy as he does he hits my g spot and I shake uncontrollably, crying out as I cum screaming in pleasure.    My body trembles and fluid flows out of my pussy.   There is so much Jordan can barely keep up with it, his cheeks getting soaked and my juices run down his chin.   Once I stop trembling I release his head and pull him up so I can kiss and taste my juices on his lips.   We lay there and doze off.  


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