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Hanky-panky in a theater leads to a steamy experience afterwards
We had the very last seats in the theater. The lights went off and the movie began.

A hand settled in my lap and I twitched a little. It took less than a second for Mitzuho to unzip my shorts and retrieve my limp organ. It jumped to life in her hand.

It had taken me four months to get the vixen to go out with me. On our very first date, here she was, taking things to the next level. Never in my life would I have imagined something this wild from my innocent-looking Japanese beauty.

'We're in a theater!,' I whispered urgently to her.

'I know,' she said calmly, her soft brown eyes looking into mine. I had to look down to be sure it was the same person doing the wonderful things to me with her smooth slender fingers.

She leaned over and bit me gently on the ear, while her hand moved in slow, gentle strokes. I strained, about to come when she abruptly stopped. She tucked me back into my shorts, forcing my erection in. I hated the teasing.

I slipped an arm around her shoulder and moved down to cup her small left breast. It fit perfectly in my palm. She could have been a statue from all appearances had her nipple not gone taut. I plucked at it a few times, realizing she wasn't wearing a bra, but she sat absolutely still, her eyes focused on the screen.

My hand moved down, finding her navel under her crop top. I ticked it a bit, then moved slightly to the side.

She was wearing a slit skirt so I had little trouble sliding my hand in. I tried to find the elastic band of her panties but encountered only what felt like soft fur. A thrill shot through me when it came to me that she was pantyless.

I found her lips quickly and her entrance shortly after. There was no warning whatsoever -- within ten seconds she came all over my hand without moving a muscle, seemingly engrossed in the movie. I retrieved my hand and smeared her juices on her lips-- with luck, most people would assume it was lip gloss.

The movie ended and we stood to leave. I ran my hand lightly over her bum to check if some wetness had seeped through.

'I'm wearing nylon,' she winked. 'I always do when I don't wear panties.'

'You're a hypocrite,' I said in mock shock. 'Come on, I do have needs, you know.'

We had hardly let ourselves in through my door than she was all over me. We kissed, her soft hand fondling me through my denims. I was beginning to ache from the pressure of my penis against my shorts. She freed me and grasped my blood-engorged shaft in her hand.

She helped me off with my shorts and my shirt, then pushed me down onto the sofa. I let out a groan when my cock disappeared down her throat. Her tongue playing on the underside of me, her brown eyes looked up into mine. I felt a rush of pleasure.

The end was not too far off. Waves of ecstasy surged over me as I exploded, shooting my come into her mouth.

She took off her top, then her skirt. I switched places with her and buried my head in between her legs. I licked her thighs lightly, circling her core, avoiding it on purpose. She pushed forward, trying to get me to touch her clitoris but I always pulled back. When I finally flicked my tongue against the nub, she came immediately, screaming, her inhibitions giving way.

My eyes followed the trickle of her liquid running down into the cleft of her buttocks. For some reason, my gaze settled on the wrinkles of her anus. I wet my forefinger inside her, then rubbed it against the black-rimmed orifice. She tensed, but didn't pull away,

Encouraged, I pushed my finger slowly in. Her anus clenched and unclenched around my finger as I fingered her slowly. I was excited doing something this nasty to Mizuho's most private region. She whimpered as I intensified my thrusts then came again. Her orgasm lasted a full minute and she shrieked like a banshee, her asshole gripping my finger.

When she calmed down, I pulled my finger slowly out.

'How did it feel?' I asked.

She blushed for the first time since we met. Obviously, she felt embarrassed at being touched back there.

I was fully turgid again, so I carried her over to the dining table. I positioned her back on the table with her legs over her head. I had very little difficulty penetrating her since she was extremely wet.

Her eyes were closed, her lips moist and parted -- the perfect picture of lust. I reached for her breasts and fondled them as we moved, rubbing my palms against her nipples.

Her pants became louder, signifying she was on the brink of orgasm. I wasn't far off. We came together, she screaming, while I grunted. When the last ripple of pleasure passed over me and I went soft, I touched her sweating face.

'Mitzuho,' I whispered, brushing a wisp of hair off her forehead. She was asleep. I lifted her off the table and carried her in my arms to the bedroom.

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