Their first meet

By Iain69

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Iain meets Mandy for the first time, she blindfolds him, ties him to the bed and makes him come.
Iain knocked gently on the door of her flat, he was nervous as hell, like a teenager on his first date. He’d chatted on line with Mandy dozens of times, but this was their first meeting. His mouth was dry in anticipation, he didn’t even know what she looked like, all he’d seen were those two photographs of her beautiful breasts. He had a vision in his mind based on the photographs and the description on the website, but would she be as he imagined?

'Sod it I don’t care,' he thought to himself. She had such a horny imagination and a beautiful way of describing what she had in store for him, that he’d fallen for her big time, he wouldn’t be disappointed, the fact he didn’t know what she looked like made his desire for her even stronger. 

The door opened a couple of inches and a hand emerged holding a piece of black fabric.

“Quick put this on,” she commanded, he realised it was a blindfold and obeyed, tying the blindfold in a double knot at the back of his head. He heard and sensed the door opening. She took him by the hand, leading him through the door and closed it behind them.

With no vision, Iain’s other senses were heightened. He inhaled the erotic smell of her perfume, he could hear the swish of her stocking clad legs as they walked down the corridor and he could sense he was in the presence of a beautiful voluptuous woman.

She led him into a room with dimmed lighting and led him over to a bed.

“Unzip my dress,” she instructed. He sensed her turning away from him and reached out, his hands brushed against the silk of her dress. He couldn’t resist reaching round and cupping her beautiful breasts, they were a perfect handful in his big paws. He savoured the feel of her erect nipples through the fabric of her dress, but he could feel her impatience and did as he was told, quickly pulling her zip down. Iain helped her peel the dress off her shoulders, and slid it down her body over her curvaceous hips allowing it to fall to the floor.

“Take your clothes off and lie down on your back,” she growled. He obeyed quickly stripping his clothes off and lay on the bed. He felt her place a rope on his arm. She tied it expertly on his wrist and did the same on his other arm and both ankles. Iain felt vulnerable and even more nervous, tied naked to the bed by a woman he had never met, but so incredibly horny too!

He felt Mandy climb onto the bed and sensed her hot breath on his stiff cock, her hair brushed against his thighs as she lowered her head and took his swollen balls in her mouth. She gripped his rigid member in her hand, slowly easing the foreskin up and down his glans. Gradually she speeded up the pace of her cock wanking and Iain felt beads of pre cum appear. Mandy released his balls from her mouth and gently licked the pre cum from his cock, she grabbed his balls and started to lick up and down his length, tickling the sensitive ridge at the base of his cock helmet with the tip of her tongue on each pass. Iain felt his already rock hard cock grow even stiffer.

“Fuck you’re such a horny bitch,” he moaned. He wondered how much more of her tongue teasing he could take. He felt her pause for a second then her lips enveloped his cock head and slid them down his shaft, taking his whole length into her mouth and silken throat. She fucked his cock hard with her lips mouth and throat and in only a few minutes he was past the point of no return. She sensed this and drew her mouth back, flickering her tongue over his glans. The touch of her tongue triggered his orgasm and he unleashed a torrent of hot spunk into her mouth. She gagged a little as his cum hit the back of her throat, but quickly recovered and hoovered up the waves of pearly spunk, which continued to spurt from his cock. He felt a few drops of cum drip from her mouth, but she managed to contain most of it and greedily swallowed.

His cock started to subside, but Mandy obviously didn’t want it to. She started sucking him again, working her tongue over his glans. Iain moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain men caused by the stimulation of his cock immediately after orgasm, but soon the pain passed and his cock was again hard (although not the rod of iron he’d had first time round).

Mandy moved up the bed and straddled him, he felt the soft down of her pubic hair brush against his rapidly stiffening cock. She wriggled and squatted down a little, expertly aiming her already soaking pussy on his member, which was now rock hard. He slipped easily into her and she leaned forward and kissed him, they snogged passionately, their tongues entwined as she slowly kneeled up, moving her swollen pussy along his rod. Then she moved down again and gradually built up a rhythm on his cock. He felt so helpless and yet to very aroused, the rhythmic touch of her nipples on his chest made him want to rip the ropes off and get his hands on her magnificent breasts and saucer sized nipples. He wanted to grab her ample bottom, stroking down her bum cleft and tease her rosebud anus. But he could do nothing, she was in complete control.

She fucked her pussy expertly on his cock. A few minutes of a fast and ferocious pace, then when she felt the stirring in his loins that signalled he was about to come (even though he had come only ten minutes previously), she slowed right down, easing her pussy almost imperceptibly along his length, and stemming the flow of his semen. She continued, alternating the pace every few minutes.

Eventually Iain could tell she was becoming more and more aroused, and this time her ferocious pace didn’t abate, she ground her pelvis relentlessly on his penis, and he was powerless to stop the inevitable. He felt a pulsing start in the very base of his cock, rippling through it’s length and his pearly love cream streamed again from his cock, flooding deep into her most intimate hole.

The river of hot cum triggered her orgasm, she trembled in ecstasy, her whole body shaking as she whimpered ”Fuuuuuuuuk, that’s soooooooo good.” She collapsed exhausted on top of him, his cock still inside her. He wanted to hug her close to him, but his arms were still tightly secured. She kissed him sweetly and eased her pussy of his cock, turning round so that her head was at his groin and straddled his face with her pussy. He inhaled the scent of her well fucked cunt and probed it lovingly with his skilled tongue. He lapped up the delicious cocktail of cum, as she fondled his balls and enveloped his cock once more in her silken mouth. Iain knew it wouldn’t be long before he would come again, for the third time that night and still he had never seen her in the flesh.