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They’d Seen a Hot Strip Show

So they went back to the motel and fucked each other
It was just an overnight trip, a ninety-minute flight from home. Em hadn’t really wanted to go, but there was no one else on her team who could make it. So she had packed just an overnight bag, booked the best motel in town, and consoled herself that she’d be out of there first thing in the morning.

The dinner was boring, as most such things are. It ended early, as mostly they did in two-and-a-half-horse towns. Most of the dinner goers called it a night but Em wasn’t ready to quit and neither was a man she’d met at the dinner.

He too was a late no-other-option attendee and plainly as bored as she was.

They had no plans, but he had said to her he’d heard there was one decent night club in town, apparently because it was near the coast and attracted some tourist customers.

He asked Em if she’d like to drop in there for a drink. He was nice and it was not far from their motel so she said yes.

As they arrived at the club and settled into a corner table some distance back from the little stage where hired acts did their stuff, the lights dimmed. The stage was illuminated by spotlights. The quartet that had been playing struck up some chords and a man in a tired suit appeared on the stage.

“Tonight’s star performance is about to begin, ladies and gents,” he said. “I know you’ll enjoy it. Please welcome Miss Mitzy!”

There was a drum-roll. Em looked at her companion and said to him, “I’ll bet you the next drink Miss Mitzy’s a stripper.”

“Looks like it,” he said. His name was Tom, that’s all Em remembered. They’d probably exchange business cards at a hurried pre-flight breakfast tomorrow morning. Just Tom was fine for tonight.

“Will that embarrass you? We can go now if you like.”

Em smiled at him. “No. Let’s stay. I don’t mind a strip show now and then. We might as well catch a bit of the local colour while we’re here anyway.”

She smiled at Tom again. “It might be fun. It may be long odds in a place like this, but you never know, we might be lucky.”

Tom looked at her and smiled. He was a bit younger than her. He had thought she looked attractive at dinner. Now he thought she was fun too.

There was another fanfare then Miss Mitzy appeared. She was wearing a long skirt split to the hip each side and had nice legs. On top she wore a brief black halter and a little bolero jacket.

On cue the music system started playing Ravel’s Bolero. Em groaned. She had once liked the piece but Bo Derek’s scripted orgasm had ruined it in that movie “10” and it had since become everyone’s idea of how to score a sexual event.

Tom looked at her and laughed. “Yes,” he said. “They’ve really ruined it. If I were Ravel I’d probably sue.”

They settled back to watch the show, without high expectations for it.

Suddenly Miss Mitzy was joined on the stage by a young man in a tight shirt and even tighter trousers. He danced around Miss Mitzy and then kissed her lightly on the lips.

Em and Tom looked at each other. Em said, “This might be better than we thought.”

Ravel got down to business. So did the young man and Miss Mitzy. They clinched. He pinched her nipples in the little halter. They visibly hardened.

Em felt hers doing so too. She was wearing a tight top herself. She knew her suddenly hard nipples would be apparent to anyone who looked.

She noticed that Tom looked.

The couple on the stage danced some sort of faux tango. The young man unclipped the woman’s halter top and drew it off her. She had small pert breasts and sequinned pasties over each nipple. A short tassel hung from each pastie.

They danced some more. The woman removed the young man’s shirt. He had a powerful chest and a sexily flat tummy. Em felt herself going a little moist between her legs.

The dance continued. Then the young man pulled two little strings at each side of the woman’s dress. It fell away. She was wearing a tiny red open-crotch string.

Em said not quite under her breath, “I think this is going to get quite hot.”

Tom moved closer to her and whispered, “It is. Are you going to like that?” She felt him take her hand in his. She didn’t pull away.

She said, “I think I am.”

Tom said, “Well this wasn’t in the evening’s plan but I’m glad we came here.”

Em leaned into him and whispered in his ear, “So am I.”

The show got hotter, but just under one blue spotlight. Miss Mitzy and the hot young man stripped each other completely naked as they danced.

As Bolero ended with its swooping crashes the young man lifted the woman up to his erect cock. It was just penetrating her when the spotlight went out. You could hear them fucking each other in the dark.

Em squeezed Tom’s hand. She felt his free hand on her thigh. She put her free hand in his crotch. He was very hard. His hand slipped up her thigh and into her panties and played with her pussy lips.

Em said, “Oh god!”

Tom said, “I think we have to do that.”

Em said, “Yes!”

They left the club and walked swiftly back to the motel. As they went through the night door she said, “Room Twelve.”

Tom said, “Five minutes.”

In her room, Em waited fully clothed. She wanted Tom to tear her clothes off, find her delicious and currently furry slit, and fuck her brains out.

He knocked at the door. She opened it. They tore each other’s clothes off between the door and the bed. She looked at his eager cock and thought, “That’s going to be good.” He looked at her beaver. Em could tell he wanted to be in it now.

Em pushed him onto the bed, on his back and straddled him reverse cowgirl style. They could see the action in the mirror.

She shouted with delight when his cock parted her hair and plunged into the wet darkness of her vagina and fucked her, hard, urgently.

She bounced on his cock, her eyes fixed on the moving image of their lovemaking in the mirror. His cock got bigger and his thrusts more frantic. He made beautiful man-coming noises and filled her with hot cum in four huge, ecstatic spurts.

Em shouted hotly and came, her hungry sex fucking his now still cock.

Then they lay together for a little while before Em whispered, “We must do each other several more times, so you’d better stay here tonight.”

Tom said, “I’m not going anywhere except back in there.” He blew little zephyrs of breath over her pussy slipped two fingers into her slick and still hot vagina.

Em said, “Good,” and took his cock into her mouth. She planned to give him a sample of what would be coming his way a little later.

His cock had other ideas. It grew instantly hard and long. Em whispered, “Good boy,” and straddled him. She decided he deserved two of her hottest blow-jobs, this one and one she would give him later when he woke to the delight of her hot mouth around his cock and her wet tongue licking the shaft.

He was good, Tom. He managed to shout with ecstasy when he came, even though his long tongue was deep inside her vagina giving her an orgasm.

In a little while he fucked her again and tongued her to ecstasy twice before they slept, his hand in her pussy, hers lightly gripping his cock. He woke a little later with Em’s teeth and lips clamped firmly around his cock and thrashed and shouted while she ate him hungrily.

They had sex again, noisily, missionary style, around dawn, each looking hotly at their lush bushes mingling.

Before he left after it got fully light he doggy-styled Em across the bed. They climaxed together, both of them shouting loudly with pleasure.

They said goodbye at the door to the room. Em kissed him on the mouth (he tasted of her cunt which aroused her again) and said, “That was some strip show.”
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