Third Shift

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A great first day on Third Shift

Third Shift



The first day on third shift was difficult, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.   The shift started at 1900 hours and ended at 0700 in the morning.   A warm spring day made all the natives restless and we were very busy.   I was assigned to Medic 1 and it was one of two Paramedic Ambulances in the county.   My partner for part of the shift was a very attractive lady named Jessie.   She had been with the service for several years and was newly married.

Jessie was a rather tall brunette with long legs and an awesome figure.   Every employee of the service was required to wear the standard issue uniform, which consisted of a pair of BDU pocket pants (a lot like cargo pants) and a polo shirt.   Most women had to wear men’s pants since, women sizes were few and far between.   However, Jess was able to make the uniform stand out.   Her pants fit her hips perfectly and showed off her tight round ass.   Her polo shirt was almost too small, showing off her perky breast.   She was the type of woman that had no problem flirting with everyone.   She was hot and knew it.

By the time the sun had gone down, we had taken several calls.   Breathing problems, car accidents, domestic disputes and a few nursing home calls.   Nothing exciting, until one in the morning.   The call was for a drowning, unconscious and not breathing.   While on the scene, we did our work and loaded the patient up.   Jessica and I worked together like a well oiled machine.   We had the Fire Department drive us to the landing zone, and everyone in a while he would turn a little too fast and she would fall into my lap.   Her body pressed against mine with her looking at me made me instantly hard.   And the second time it happened, she found out.   The landing zone for the helicopter was an elementary school parking lot.   Once arriving, we moved the patient to the helicopter.   Jessica stood at the corner of the ambulance and I stood behind her.   She pushed her ass against me, looked up at me and said “nice job”.   We quickly cleaned up the back of the ambulance and started to leave the landing zone.

She jumped in the driver’s seat and drove us to the back parking lot of the school.   Parking the truck in a secluded place, she jumped out of the truck and walked over to the passenger door.   Opening the door, she stood on the running board and leaned against me.   Her lips gently touched mine as her hand pressed against my crotch.   Slowly and softly, her tongue danced around mine.   My cock was getting harder as she stroked it through my pants.   “Good calls get my adrenaline pumping and I need to blow off some steam!”

She grabbed my hand and yanked me out of the truck.   Leading me over to the grass, she pushed me down on the ground.   Standing over me, she unbuttoned her pants and un-tucked her shirt.   Kicking off her boots, she turned around and seductively pulled down her pants.   As she bent over, her back lacey thong pulled between the sweetest pair of ass cheeks a man had ever laid eyes on.   She dropped to all fours and crawled through the grass towards me.   She ran her hands along my legs and onto my crotch.   With one hand she stroked my hard cock through my jeans.   Placing her other hand on my belt she ripped it open and unbuttoned my pants.

Her warm hands moved through my pants until they made contact with my throbbing rod.   Grabbing it and releasing my meat from its chamber, she said “oh my”.   Her hands felt soft and smooth as they caressed my cock.   Placing her thumb under the head of my rod, she dragged her nail against the back of my shaft.   This sensation caused me to briefly shake.   She moved closer to me and placed her lips over the head of my throbbing rod.   Her mouth was wet and warm, as she took in the entire girth of my cock.   When her lips reached my balls, she clamped her lips down and pulled back.   As her lips left the tip of my dick, a loud “pop” filled the air.   I quickly sighed, as the sensation and situation had sent my mind into overdrive.   She placed her lips back on my rod and started to suck on the tip of my cock.   Her hand slid up and down the shaft, coated in her saliva.   Often she would take inside her mouth, slide her hand down my shaft and twist her hand when she got to the bottom.   Every time she left my rod she would make loud sucking sounds.   I turn me head and noticed her ass sticking up in the air.   I reached out and grabbed one of her legs and brought her closer to me.   I ran my hand down her ass and along her thong, sliding my fingers on the outside of her pussy.   Pulling her thong tightly, I noticed her hips starting to move.   Laying my fingers flat I began to rub her pussy back and forth.   I heard her softly moan as she quickly raised her head up.

Moving my fingers faster, her hips began fighting me.   I could feel her panties becoming moist as her juices began to drip out.   I worked my fingers on the outside of her box until all the lace on her thong was covered.   I then slide it to the side and touched her wet lips with my finger tips.   Parting her lips, I crossed the top of her clit.   Jessie moaned loudly and begged me to stick my fingers inside.   Pressing them against her wet box, two f my fingers slid deeply inside her.   Once again she moaned in pleasure.   Her pussy consumed my fingers and gripped tightly around them.   Pulling them out of her, she looked up at me and said “please finger fuck me while I suck on your cock”.

Sliding my fingers around the outside of her hole, I lubed up my middle and index finger.   As I slid them back inside her, I felt her pussy walls squeeze them as she moaned.   This must have felt intense since she just placed her mouth on my cock and didn’t move.   I took my thumb and began to rub her clit as I finger fucked her pussy.   She started to suck me off again when I increased the speed of my fingers.   I could feel myself hitting the point of no return, and I think she knew I was about to come.   Placing her mouth of the head of my rod, she began to increase the pace.   She took both hands on my rod and began to twist and slide them up and down my shaft.   I moaned loudly as I shot my load in her mouth.   She didn’t stop until she squeezed out the last drop of my cum.   As she raised her head and wiped her mouth, I grabbed her legs and pulled them over my head.   Placing my hands on her ass, I pulled her down on top of me.

Sliding her thong complete off, I pulled her dripping pussy down on my mouth.   Moving my tongue around her clit made her body shake.   Pushing her hips up, I slowly slid my tongue on the opening of her pussy.   Within seconds, she slammed her pelvis down on my face, causing my tongue to lung inside her.   Her pussy juices coated my face as she rocked her hips back and forth.   Riding my face, I heard her moan out “oh god yes, oh god”.   I pulled my tongue out from her sweet spot and placed it on her clit.   Her legs shook and I felt her hands grab my legs tightly.   I wrapped my lips around her clit and flicked my tongue over her clit.   Letting out loud moans, she began to move her body with the rhythm of my tongue.   Moans turn into screams as she nears orgasm.   Screaming out, I suddenly feel her legs squeeze together.   I quickly flick my tongue on her clit as she presses it down on my mouth.   Her pussy juices cover my face as she came.   Her toes curled, her body shook and anyone within a thousand feet could hear her come.   When she came down off her high, she rolled over on to the grass.   Just then the radio went off and we had to go to another call.

I quickly got dressed and drove to the scene as Jessie jumped in the back to put her clothes on.   After taking the patient to the hospital, I rolled the cot through the hallway of the ER.   I felt a woman’s hand grab my arm and suddenly I was jerked into a private room.   A click of the door lock was the next thing I heard.   Pushing me up against the door was Jessie.   She kissed me with such great force; I didn’t realize who it was.   “We’re not finished” she said.   She pushed me back against the hospital bed and started to get undressed.   I quickly threw off my shirt, boots and pants.   Jessie grabbed my boxers and almost ripped them off of me.   Standing at the end of the bed she took her shirt and bra off.   Her breasts were round and her pink nipples stood erect.   After taking her boots and pants off, she climbed on top of me.   Running her hands between my legs, she stroked my cock until it was hard.   Moving even closer, she took one hand and slid down on my rod.   Her box was still dripping wet and extremely warm.   She moaned out as she took all of me inside her.   I grabbed her tits and began to suck on her nipples.   She sat on my cock without moving for several seconds as I massaged her nipples with my tongue.   Pushing me back, she began to ride me with great force.   Her pussy would come completely off my cock and then slam back down.   I placed my hands on her ass, grabbed her hips and forced her down on me.   Raising my hips, I was able to penetrate her even deeper, causing her to softly scream out.

While riding my cock, she leaned back and shoved her tits in my face.   Tasting every inch of her breast, I fought the urge to cum.   Her hair fell against my face as she leaned forward.   Her breath felt hot as it pressed against my chest.   Sliding my fingers around her ass, I placed my index finger between her cheeks and on her asshole.   She quickly raised her head and stared directly in my eyes.   I grabbed her tightly and kissed her as I slid my finger inside her ass.   She screamed out as her body stiffened up.   Raising my hips I thrust my rod deep inside her as she came.   Her fingers dug deep into my skin, as she held her breath.   A few seconds later, she started to breath again.   Her body covered in sweat and I could feel her heart racing as our bodies touched.   She grabbed my face and whispered in my ear.   “I want to feel you come inside me!”

She leaned back and took me deep inside her.   She raised her legs up and squatted down on my rod.   Fucking me slowly, she placed her fingers on her clit.   She would rise up and slam her pelvis back down on my rod, as she played with her clit.   Every time was faster and rougher then the one before.   Rubbing her clit she began to moan.   The force of her slick, silky pussy caused me to come almost instantly.   She rubbed her clit violently until she was ready to come again.   When she did, she placed all of her weight on me and I shot my hot load deep inside her.   “OOH GOD YESSSS” she screamed as she came with me deep inside her.

As she laid her head on me, suddenly there was a knock on the door.   “Everything alright in there” someone said.   We jumped up and quickly got dressed.   I walked out of the room, closing the door behind me.   Standing there was a nurse with a very concerned look on her face.   I told her everything was fine, and that I had just gave Jessie some good news.   The door to the room then opened and Jessie was standing there placing her hair in a pony tail.   She and the nurse had made eye contact, and the nurse instantly put a smile on her face.   Turning around the nurse walked away and said “I bet you did”.