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If our worlds ever meet
You receive an email from me telling you that I will be in NYC on a certain day and I would like to finally meet you. That day is approaching and you are curious why a 47 year old man is so anxious to meet you. Well really you know why, he wants your body, but there are so many men out there that do, it is not hard for you to understand, but you also like this man because he doesn't desire you because of your fame in fact when you first showed him your picture he did not know who you were only that you were sexy and beautiful and should be a model. His desire for you is more true lust to experience you in the most primitive way wanting to give you as much pleasure as possible in the amount of time we have together. He has written you several emails describing what he would do to you if given the chance and honestly it has gotten you wet most of the time as you read his words. You decide to meet him for lunch and dress in a nice sexy outfit with your sexiest set of bra and panties (La Perla). I recently went to their website and found out how expensive they are and understand why you keep them so close to you.

You go to the arranged restaurant and he is already there in a back corner booth and you are shown to his table. I am dressed very nicely and have on my cologne Sexy for Men from Victoria's secret, not a lot but enough. I can smell your Channel No. 5 as we hug for the first time feeling my arms surround you, pulling you into my body, I can smell your hair and neck as well as your breasts as they are pressed into my chest as we hug. It is a quick hug as you are worried (rightly so) about paparazzi taking pictures. My eyes take you in and can hardly believe it has finally happened and my pants grow tighter as my cock responds to being this close to you. As I appear to be calm on the outside my mind is imagining you with your clothes off and all the many things I have wished to do with you. We enjoy a nice light lunch and you feel my hand on your thigh under the table a few times, never flinching in fact giving me a smile each time and even placing your hand on my squeezing it. We talk about your show and all the new things which you are involved in and I listen and smile as you give me it all. I am still on a high just being this close to you. You hand me your address and we agree to meet there 30 minutes after leaving the restaurant. I was positive you would like me but I wanted to make sure you were aware before anything happened because that’s just the right thing to do.

I take a cab to the address and have a bag with me with some items in it for us to enjoy. Your doorman calls you and tells you I am there, and he lets me in. Soon, I am knocking on your door nervous and very excited. You open it and you are even more beautiful than in the restaurant. You have changed into a very sexy lingerie outfit allowing me to see everything yet being covered at the same time. I step inside and as the door closes I grab you and kiss you like I have wanted to for such a long time. My hands holding you close and my mouth on yours kissing you and our tongues sensually exploring each others’ mouths. I whisper how incredible you look and how much I have wanted to do this for so long. My hands caress your back and sides, reaching down and caressing each sexy ass cheek pulling you into me and you can feel my hard cock as we get close. After about 5 minutes of kissing and caressing you pull away long enough to give me a quick tour of your place and when we get to the kitchen I put my bag on the counter. You show me your closet and I am truly amazed at how many shoes and hand bags you actually have and I haven't seen even a small percentage of what you really have(smile). As we get to your bed I begin kissing you again and this time my hands are much more aggressive and I finally allow my finger to have direct contact with your pussy feeling your wetness and then bringing it to my mouth and have a taste for the first time.. mmmmmm am looking forward to much more of that. I push you back onto the bed and lay down with you for a while kissing and caressing your entire body.. I tell you I have brought some items that I wish to make this a memorable experience and need to go get some things. So I lay you back on the bed spreading your legs and tell you to close your eyes and just relax and enjoy.... I leave the room for few minutes and you can hear some things going on just not sure what it all is or means.... as I return you see many items in my hand and you ask what it all is and I just say do you trust me?

Of course you say you do trust me and I blindfold you with a silk tie I brought with me. The rest of what I have you will have to try and guess as I use them on you (smile), I push you back onto the bed and spread your arms and legs, telling you to be still. You feel me get off the bed and me going into the bag I brought. You hear me placing things here and there and then hear a weird sound and smell something nice and realize I am burning some scented candles. Next, you feel a few more things emptied on the bed, I can see your breasts rise and fall as your breathing gets faster and deeper. Your nipples are swollen and you are squirming just a bit, next you feel me take your wrist and then you feel a soft cloth being wrapped around and your arm being secure you pull on it and know it is tight. More movement on the bed and I do the same to your other wrist, your arms spread wide but not uncomfortable. I do the same to your ankles one by one, the soft cloth being tied around them and your legs being spread, now you are fully exposed spread eagle on your big bed, blindfolded and do not know what is coming next. You feel your nipples are very hard yearning to be touched as well as your pussy so wet it is soaking those very sexy panties you have on.

Again you feel the bed move as I climb on it and then feel as I straddle your body. My warm thighs against yours, the warmth from my body rises as I get closer to you, then you feel a very soft warm sensation caressing your face and shoulders, working it all over your body, over your heaving chest continuing down your sides and your legs. Tickling your sensitive feet, massaging your body as you feel the soft fur glide over it. I am also kissing your skin as I go as well as your toes, your knees, very close to your sweet pussy, all around your breasts, your sides, shoulders and then a nice deep long tongue dueling kiss laying my body on top of yours. You can feel my hardness against your body. The next thing you know I am off the bed and out of the room. You are not sure how long it will be for but soon I come back, but hear some rustling around and then feel a coolness – a firm coolness against your skin almost icy but not that cold and smooth. I am giving you goose bumps with it I can see your whole body getting them, your nipples harder than ever as I rub the tips with the cold object, then I slowly move it downward closer to your hips and your sweet wet pussy. I pull your panties to the side and lightly run the cold object over your lips and up and around your hard clit, then without warning I push it inside you. Stroking it in and out a few times before leaving it inside and pulling your panties back in place holding it inside you. You now feel the object it was cold at first but it is getting warmer as it absorbs the heat from your pussy and you feel it has ridges on it. I reach up and grab your breasts squeezing them and playing with your nipples pulling on them hard and letting them slip from my hand and your breasts collapse back onto your body. I repeat this a couple times as you feel the object inside your pussy rubbing slightly as you move your hips.

You feel me moving on the bed again, my fingers playing with your wet swollen lips and then you feel something wet being rubbed onto your nipples, you guess I am putting your pussy juice onto your nipples getting them all wet and tasty. After getting them all wet you feel me blowing on them and it feels very cool, your nipples get extra hard and goose bumps form on your breasts and arms, as this happens your pussy squeezes the object inside you out and it is just laying there barely between your lips.

You feel my mouth covering your nipples one at a time and the hotness of my mouth feels good against your wet cool nipples sending more wetness to your pussy. I suckle and play with both of your nipples as I push the object back inside your cunt thrusting it in and out as fast as my tongue swirls around your nipples. All of a sudden I stop everything and pull the object out of you. More movement on the bed and then without warning I push something else inside you and it is so warm feels very similar to the other object, only very hot, it feels so good and as I thrust it in and out of you rubbing your g-spot my mouth sucks your clit into it and my tongue swirling round and round as I fuck you with the new object. I keep going knowing you are on the verge and allow you to have your first of many orgasms, seeing your body react and your moans as your orgasm flows through your body and into my mouth as I suck and kiss your lips while fucking you with the object. I keep working it in and out of you as you work through one orgasm and right onto another as my tongue savors your juices and swirls around your swollen clit. You feel your juices running out of your pussy and down your ass over your tight anus and feel it squeeze and release. I continue fucking your pussy my finger is playing with your ass rubbing and pushing my finger tip inside making your orgasm feel much more intense. After your second orgasm in a row I allow you take a breather and pull the object out of you, all you feel is my face between your legs and my tongue lovingly caressing your wet lips scooping and swallowing all the sweet juice from within you that I can. Once done there I move up to your face and we kiss you can taste yourself on my lips and we have a nice deep kissing session. Your hands trying to feel for my cock and body writhing in the bed, our time together has just barely begun.

I move my body closer to your hand so you are able to wrap your hand around my swollen cock. You feel its warmth and it throbs when you squeeze it tight. I continue kissing you, your neck and ears , your shoulders allowing you the chance to caress my cock. Finally I reach down taking your hand away from my cock and kiss your palm. Whispering how good your hand felt but I still have so many things to do to you before you feel my cock sliding inside you. You feel me move off the bed and then just some sounds, not really sure what it is. A few minutes later I move back onto the bed and then you feel warm almost hot liquid dripping onto your nipples, then on your belly into your belly button. Next, some more on the area just above your pussy and feel it sliding downward onto your clit and between your very wet lips. Now you feel something cool dragging across your skin and then something at your lips. I tell you to bite it and you do... mmmmm chocolate and strawberries so sweet. I share them with you first giving you a bite and then taking a bite myself. I push one strawberry inside your pussy dragging it up and over your clit and then bring it to your mouth, such a sweet combination. I repeat this with the 6 giant strawberries that I brought with me and then begin cleaning you up, licking and sucking all the chocolate off of your nipples, your breasts, your sweet belly. Dipping my tongue into your belly button and swirling it around getting all the chocolate out, finally back to your sweet pussy. I was pretty liberal in getting it covered with chocolate and it takes me a while to lick and kiss your pussy, making sure to clean every single spot. I saved your clit for last, sucking it all into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it. Once again you feel a hot object being pushed inside your pussy, fucking you firm and twisting it inside you getting you so excited. Combined with my tongue on your clit, you again have a nice orgasm for me, grinding your hips into my face and giving me more sweet juice to savor (smile).

I take the object out of your pussy and push it straight into your tight ass! Fucking it nice and slow as I continue sucking your clit. You moan loudly as it goes in and keep fucking my hand, you feel me kiss my way up your body and suddenly I thrust my cock deep inside your pussy! Grinding my cock inside you, reaching around I am fucking your ass with the object as well and I can feel it through your pussy with my cock, rubbing against me as I fuck you in nice long strokes. Your pussy is on fire so hot and wet. I love feeling you squeeze my cock as well as the object as I fuck your ass with it. I am very excited and I ask you where you want me to cum. You tell me you want to feel it shoot inside your pussy! As soon as it is out of your mouth my cum is shooting inside you, my head expanding inside you rubbing your walls. You are cumming and squeezing my cock even harder milking all the cum I have out of my cock. Holding my cock deep inside you I feel it pulse again and again shooting whatever cum is inside me into you. When I feel it starting to shrink, I slip out and make my way back down to your pussy. You feel my lick and kiss on your swollen lips, scooping up the cum you are squeezing out of your pussy, once clean I come back up and tell you to open you mouth and I allow our cum to slip from mouth to mouth. Then kiss you nice long and deep, our tongues finding each other playing and dueling, my hands caressing your breasts and ass. Finally, I untie your hands and legs and I slip around behind you holding you into my arms, spooning against your sexy ass and pull the object out. I just caress you for a bit and soon we are both sleeping a well deserved rest.