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This Is Going To Be Pretty

Kate sighed, staring into the reflection. Barely clothed she let her hair fall to the sides of her neck, her makeup remained content upon her skin although her lipstick was smudged near her cheek. Before she could lift her hand he was already behind her; wrapping his arms round her bare waist.

"I read in between the lines," he sighed, nuzzling his nose into the cave of her neck; his fingers twiddling beneath her bra straps.

"You do that a lot lately," she sighed. Her life with him had barely began yet everything between the lines was sniffed out, like she deserved it. Ruffling her hair to one side she tilted her head, "I have to go," she continued, moving herself from his side and letting her hands fall down to her side. "I'll see you later?" she asked, not even knowing how it would be answered.

"Yeah....right sure," he said, pushing his hands into his sweats before nodding. "You know where I am."

No word left her lips as she nodded, swallowing hard as lifted her coat from the floor. Fastening it tight around her waist; she pulled her bag over her shoulder.

Stepping outside the cool air immediately hit her knees. It was mid-Summer so it wasn't too cold, but it wasn't warm enough to be walking around with just a coat on and her underwear wasn't even what a store would class as underwear, more like dishevelled effect material. The wind quickly caught her hair and flew it across her cheeks, quickly reminding her of the lipstick. Dabbing her skin with her thumb she attempted to remove the stain, giving up after barely a single go.


"Dammit," she flustered, her hair flying across her eyes. I thought it was Summer, she thought.

“You forgot your…”

Kate continued to fluster, hearing a voice behind her but barely being able to see. Finally she grabbed the ends of her hair and pulled them apart, her attempt at 90s ‘curtains’ failing miserabley.

“Sorry, what?” she looked up, her eyes pierced at the sunlight. What the heck is up with this weather.

“Hat,” He said, handing it like it was a child.

“Oh.” She forced a smile. “Explains the hair explosion.” She took it and placed it onto her head. Simple. She could actually see, who knew. “Thanks,” she smiled, this time less forceful.

“Can you come up for a minute?” he asked, “I have a lot of coffee and no one is gonna drink it.”

“..but I…” she wrinkled her nose at the thought, then nodded. “Sure, why not.”

Making their way into the lift she felt his hand settle on the base of her back.

“Just coffee,” She stated, her eyes staring straight ahead.

“Yep,” he replied, his hand did not move.

She hated how he would occasionally touch her, especially when her bare skin was obviously beneath. It sent shivers and tingles down her spine like she had walked by a socket with power shoes.

If she was going to walk with attitude she needed to gain guts and balls. It wasn’t going to come easy but she needed to do it.

“So what is this love thing anyway?” he asked, unlocking the door to the apartment and ushering inside.

“Love thing?” she asked, dropping her bag where it been just moments earlier.

“I said I loved you, I didn’t mean it,” He shook his head, cooly. “Coffee, right?” he murmured walking into the kitchen.

“And you thought you’d correct yourself…oh…” she replied, looking at her watched she cooed, “…twenty minutes later?”

“I had to think, didn’t I?” he returned, coffee in hand.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to,” she sighed into the mug. It was hot to drink but she found herself always taking deep breaths when hot coffee was around, the aroma always caught her senses.

“I know, but you just want the lay, I get it.”

“It’s not that!” she guffawed.

“It’s not?” he asked, eyebrows arched like he knew she had worked everything out.

“No, no it’s not.” She attempted a sip then pulled the hot mug from her lips, “We agreed that it was just…fucking and that was it.”

“I told you, I don’t love you, it was a stupid word that slipped out.” He took a sip, his eyes serious. “Not the only thing that slipped out,” he continued, the edges of his lips turning up at their sides.

“Well stop turning me on so much and it won’t slip out, pig.” She sighed, laughter creased her lips but she refused to laugh.

“I didn’t mean it, alright?” he said, his face turning back to serious.

“It was just that good,” she replied, quoting what he had said moments after it occurred.

“Right,” he nodded “…and if it’s quite alright I’d like to finish where I was at.”

“You don’t get to decide that.”

“I think you’ll find I do.”

Placing her mug down on the unit beside her she stood, removing her coat so she was standing plainly in her red lace setup. She quickly sat back down, leaning her bum onto the arm of the chair, she picked the mug back up and took a sip.

“Nope, still not feeling it,” she sighed.

Taking off his hooded top he let it drop to the floor, almost in the exact same place that it was earlier, except it was originally sprawled over her back.

“Still nothing?” he asked, his eyebrows arched.

“Nothing,” she confirmed, tapping the back of her heel to kick off her shoes.

“They should stay on,” his voice cracked.

A smile creased her lips, but she again refused to release the chuckle. She took off her hat and let that fall down beside his top, like it was the middle of a poker table.

“I raise you,” he said, removing his sweats to throw them onto the pile.

“I raise you, more like,” she smirked, removing the lace strap that supported her bra, throwing it to the floor and stared ahead. “I have nothing else to give,” she blinked, her hands cupping her tits as though to protect her modesty.

“Don’t give me that,” he lifted his finger, waving it to her chest. “Tryin’ to act like some angel.” He laughed, she again refused to let her insides wriggle out. “Come ‘ere then,” he curled his finger, as though luring her to him.

“I’m quite comfy here,” she said, biting onto her lower lip she stopped the smile from appearing on her face.

Before she had time to blink he had her wrapped within his arms, his fleshy skin was pulling against her waist. Their lips thrust together, almost clattering teeth in impact as they felt each other against their skin. Almost taking a single hop she wrapped her legs tight around his waist, pushing her chest eagerly into his.

“I don’t want…” she mumbled, tasting his tongue against hers, “… no…love makin’,” she sighed, her arms pulling him further against her.

“Nuh uh,” he shook, her tongue pushing roughly against his as they edged towards the bed; missing the side and sliding to the floor.

With her hands Kate gripped onto him, like her fingers depended on bruising his back. Her lips buried deep into the cave of his neck, the smell driving her mind into a whirl.

With his hands he laid his fingers into her stomach, his face full of her hair he couldn’t do anything but inhale. His fingers touching down her soft skin until he felt the lace of her panties, red panties, his mind reminded him. It made him tingle, his skin reacting against hers as she felt his cock get harder against her thigh. With his fingers looped around the material he eagerly pulled them to her thighs, light moans muffled through her lips as she pressed them deeper into his skin. For what was a millisecond he had pulled back, yanking her underwear over her knees, through her ankles and off at her feet; he tucked them into his fist as he looked below him.

“You sure you don’t want the love?” he asked, his voice eager yet questioning.

Breathless Kate bit tight onto her lower lip, “No,” was all she said before she attempted to roll onto her side, trying to grab at his arm.

Lightfully he allowed his arm to be pulled, but didn’t move it far, and instead he leaned forward into her; using his hand to pull her knees into his sides. Her undies remained firmly in his grasp as he lightly tugged at the top of her hair.

“This is gon’ be pretty,” he said, his tongue tracing his lips as he put her underwear over her head, quickly dropping them passed her eyes and settling them between her soft red lips, like a loosely muffled gag.

“Is it?” she asked, clearly through them, her eyes twinkled with delight as her hands traced down to his lower stomach.

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