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This Morning

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This morning we’re asleep in your bed when I wake up with your arms around me. Trying not to wake you, I lay there naked with my head on your shoulder, listening to you breathe. After a few minutes I decide to wake you up so I roll over on top of you and straddle you.

With you lying there under me in your boxers I kiss your forehead and say, “Good morning.”

As you’re slowly waking up you sleepily smile at me and say, “Good morning.”

I smile and say, “How are you?”

You blink a couple times as you’re waking up and say, “I’m good, how are you?”

I kiss you, sit back up and say, “I’m amazing.”

You laugh, and then grab my shoulders and pull me back down on top of you.

You look at me with those beautiful eyes, and they have that look in them, that I-wanna-have-sex look, and I look back at you the same way. Then you close your eyes and kiss me. We lie there kissing, and you run your hands up and down my back. You move them over my butt, gently squeezing it, and then move them back up my back. I have my hands on your chest, on the back of your neck, and move them over your half naked body. I gently start to suck and nibble on your bottom lip. I feel you start to get hard under me. Suddenly you flip me over so you’re lying on top of me. You kiss me and then move down to my neck, when you stand up and take your boxers off.

I lay there, looking at you and you’re rock hard for me. I’m imagining you inside me. You take your hands and run them up the outside of my legs and back down. You stop at my knees and move your hands to inside of my legs, and run then up almost to my pussy, then back down to my knees.

My breathing turns into gasps, when you gently spread my legs wide open. As you sit there admiring my tight, wet pussy I tell you I want you inside me. You smile, and do just as I ask. You lie on top of me and slowly slide inside my pussy. My breath catches the deeper you go inside me. I start moaning a little as you slowly move in and out of me. I look into your eyes and say your name.

You keep moving in and out of my pussy, slowly increasing speed. I start to moan more the faster you go. You keep moving in and out of me faster and harder, when you hit my g-spot with the head of your cock. As I start to cum, I moan even more.

Then I slide out from under you, and roll you over. You grab my boobs as I slide back onto you. I slowly start moving up and down your dick when you slide you hands down my chest to my waist, to help me ride you. You continue to go deeper and deeper into my pussy, and we keep going faster and harder with every thrust.

I can feel myself about to cum again, so I go just a little bit faster when I cum all over you again. Then you roll back on top of me and kiss me. You’re still moving in and out of me so fast. I love the way you feel inside me. I tell you I want you to cum inside me. You smile, kiss my forehead, and start going faster and faster. I can tell you are starting to breathe heavier the faster you go.

You’re getting really close and you tell me to cum with you. I feel you go so deep inside me and I start to orgasm again, and I feel you cum inside me. We’re both moaning loudly now as we ride out the orgasms.

You pull out and roll over and lay beside me. I smile at you and you pull me into your arms as we’re still trying to catch our breath. I’m lying with my head on your chest and I can feel your heart pounding. I look up at you and kiss your cheek. You smile at me and we lay there in each other’s arms as we both fall back asleep.

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