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Time Assassin: Palm Beach

He scooped up the beautiful heiress and carried her up the ornate staircase...
Mathew L. Gaffey turned the wheel of his new 1960 Cadillac Eldorado convertible off the South County Road. He drove down the driveway to The Breakers Palm Beach Resort and up to the valet desk. As the staff opened the door to the sparkling red machine, Gaffey nonchalantly flipped the keys to the valet as he simply said, “Gaffey.”

Gaffey confidently strolled through the lobby wearing a suit personally tailored by Pierre Cardin. Even the jaded crowd at The Breakers, had to turn and take notice of the tall, fit, man with the gun steel eyes, walking among them. Few women, of any age, didn’t look and fantasize about what it would be like to be on his arm.

As Gaffey made his way to the hotel’s Tapestry Bar, he noticed how crowded it was on the grounds, even for a Saturday night. He correctly assumed that this was the real beginning of the holiday season of parties as it was now moving into the second week of December.

Mathew waited a few minutes by one of the namesake tapestries that hung on the walls of the bar. His eyes scanned the room, looking for a certain lady, Sally DeKampe.

Sally was the daughter of one of the managing partners of the resort. She was tall, slender, and had the perfect figure for a young woman of twenty-three. Sally had long black hair and blue eyes that sparkled when she smiled. The smile brought out perfect dimples.

Mathew saw Sally after a few minutes, sitting at the bar. She was obviously not enjoying the conversation she was having with the young man next to her. In a short time, one of the resort’s security staff quietly and almost without notice, escorted the young man from her side.

Gaffey quickly seized the opportunity and sat down next to Sally. She never looked up as he sat down next to her. She was focused intently on her drink.

“Excuse me, but aren’t you Sally DeKampe?” asked Gaffey as he looked at Sally.

“Do I know you?” Sally asked as she looked up and then continued to look at the handsome stranger.

“No, you don’t Miss DeKampe, but our parents are friends.” Mathew offered his hand, “I am Matt Gaffey.”

“I don’t recall the name, I am sorry.” Sally started to turn away and then turned back to Mathew and said, “I am sorry.” She shook his hand.

“I know your parents are out of the country right now and my parents said to say ‘Hello’, and make sure you were doing okay. You know how parents are,” he added.

“How did you know where to find me?” she inquired.

“My folks said you usually eat dinner here,” Gaffey explained, “since it is only 7:30, I thought I’d have a drink before seeing if I could catch you. And I looked up and there you were.”

The hotel security man whispered in Sally’s ear, “Would you like me to get rid of this guy Miss DeKampe?”

“No, that’s fine, thank-you,” she whispered back.

“I should leave, you must be busy,” offered Gaffey.

“No, that’s okay. That was nothing. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. Are you from Palm Beach, Matt?” Sally asked.

Mathew laughed and explained, “Oh no, we are from Marblehead, up in Massachusetts. I am just down here to babysit the Whydah until my parents take the train down for the season.”

“The Whydah?”

“Oh, sorry, that’s the family boat,” explained Matt, “Dad named it after “Black Sam” Bellamy’s pirate ship. It was lost at sea and never found. Dad fancies himself a bit of a pirate, and I am sure his business partners would agree.”

“May I get you something, sir?” the bartender asked.

“Yes, thank you. I’ll have a Vesper and the lady will have another…” he looked at her glass, “Mai Tai.”

“That’s an odd drink Matt, what is it?” Sally critically examined the delivery.

“It is called a Vesper Martini,” Mathew explained as he pushed a fifty-dollar bill to the bartender and nodded.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. My name is Michael if you need anything else, just ask,” the bartender walked away smiling.

“It was named after a character in Ian Fleming’s book “Casino Royal”. Have you read any of his works?” Mathew wondered.

“Oh, I love all the James Bond books!” Sally melted.

“I am a big fan too. I love spy novels and all that stuff.” Mathew offered, “Have you heard they just signed some producer to make James Bond movies?”

“Really, I wonder who will play Bond?” Sally bubbling over with excitement. “I bet Rock Hudson!”

The next three hours went on like this over a large dinner at the Ocean Grill and more cocktails.

“Would you like to go up to my room for a nightcap, Sally?” Matt whispered into Sally’s ear.

“I’d love that Matt, but everyone watches me here.” Sally explained and then added, “Would you like to come back to my place for that nightcap?”

“I would love to Sally,” Mathew smiled as he signed for the meal.

“Will you drive? I may be a little tipsy I think,” Sally giggled.

Mathew opened the door for Sally, as she slid into the big red convertible. Mathew handed the valet twenty dollars as the man opened his door and he got behind the wheel.

“It’s my parents’ house at 1098 North Ocean Boulevard. Turn right up at the light,” Sally directed as she snuggled close to Matt as they drove.

After a short drive, Gaffey pulled into a large driveway of a large, two story estate. As they headed into the house, Mathew could hear the surf crashing on the seawall of the mansion across the street.

The minute the door closed, Sally pressed her body tightly against Mathew and pressed her lips against his in a deep passionate, soul-jarring kiss. As their tongues explored the sensual pleasures of the other, Mathew flicked on the lights.

He scooped up the beautiful heiress and carried her up the ornate staircase to what both were counting on, would be heaven.

He carried Sally past the master bedroom of her parents and down the hall where Sally indicated she slept. Gaffey gently placed her on her bed as he crawled along side her. The two immediately embraced and continued their lustful kisses as their hands moved across the other’s clothed body.

When Mathew began to unzip the back of the small black cocktail dress that Sally had worn to the resort that night, she pulled away and stood up. Mathew sat up on the edge of the bed and watched as Sally reached back and finished the job on the zipper.

Sally slipped the dress down as Mathew watched. She revealed the black matching undergarments to her new lover. She placed her slender Italian-style stiletto heel on Gaffey’s thigh, offering him her leg.

Mathew softly ran his hands slowly along her calf and down to her foot where he gently slipped the Ferragamo heel from her, tossing it on the lush carpet of Sally’s room. A long luscious massage of the nylon-covered foot followed as Sally tilted her head back in pleasure.

Gaffey’s hands gradually worked their way up to Sally’s garter belt, where he leisurely unhooked one garter at a time until her nylon stocking could be slid casually down her leg and off. Sally shifted her position and placed her other shoe on Gaffey’s thigh, where he repeated the slow uncloaking of his prize.

Sally stepped back again as Mathew watched. She slid off the garter belt and now stood in front of her inamorato wearing only her panties, bra, and string of pearls.

Reaching behind her back, Sally unhooked her little bra. With her forearms covering her breasts, she erotically slipped the bra straps from her shoulders. As she moved her arms away from her chest, the bra fell to the floor revealing her perfectly proportioned breasts and erect nipples to Gaffey.

Mathew shifted his position on the edge of the bed, opening his legs and adjusting an obviously stiff cock aching to be released. Sally was obviously delighted by the impact she was having on him, as she knelt onto the soft floor between his legs. She reached up and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Reaching into his waistband, Sally unbuttoned his pants.

Mathew rose slightly from the bed to accommodate the removal of his trousers, in doing so, his cock sprang through the fly in his boxers to greet his new best friend. Sally was impressed and aroused at the hardness and the appearance of the genitals she now faced.

Sally, continuing her focus on Matt’s cock, was able to quickly remove his shoes and socks, soon joined by his shorts.

Kneeling in almost worship between his legs, Sally began gently caressing Mathew’s erection and balls. Her hands, giving pleasure with every touch, moved his penis into a perfect position to be engulfed by her lips. The wet warmth of Sally’s mouth around his cock caused Mathew to arch back as he sat on her bed as he softly moaned.

Holding her black hair, now spilling all over his lap, Mathew guided and controlled the rhythm and speed she brought to his pleasure. Feeling the intensity building in his groin, Mathew lifted Sally up to her feet, despite her reluctance to leave his cock.

He reached out to her and slipped his thumbs into her panties and slid them off. Even through the thick tangle of black pubic hair, Mathew could see how swollen and wet with lust Sally now was. His fingers combed through Sally’s thicket until they found and parted her labia.

Mathew leaned forward and pressed his face into her as his tongue found the sweet essence of Sally’s sex. His tongue slowly started to give long wide laps to the slick tissues surrounding Sally’s entrance. Sally moaned in ecstasy as she steadied herself on Gaffey’s upper back.

He stopped and moved her down on the end of the bed, quickly removed his remaining clothes, and opened Sally’s legs. She watched his face, glistening with her juices, disappear between her legs. His tongue quickly began probing her pussy as his thumb gave the perfect amount of attention to her hard nub.

Sally moved one hand down to her clit to help control just the right amount of pressure on her button as her other hand rubbed and pinched her little nipples.

Mathew felt her body stiffen in pleasure before he heard her cries of elation, as her orgasm swept over her body.

“Matt, oh my God!” was all she was able to say.

He helped push her further up the bed and slipped his hips between her open legs. She grabbed his erection with both her hands and pulled it towards her vaginal entrance. As her inner thighs touched his hips, Mathew pushed deeply in to her and held still.

Savoring in the exaltation of union, the two panting lovers stared deeply into the eyes of the other. Sally’s sparkling blue eyes told Mathew of her entire life of twenty-three years. She was the lonely little rich girl that desperately wanted attention and love and sought it in a bottle and in strangers.

Mathew’s gun steel eyes held nothing but mystery as Sally searched for who this man really was.

The rapture of this moment could not stave off the need consummate this carnal act between the pair. Mathew and Sally both began moving slowly into each other. Their hips rolled together, pressing each body to its purpose. Each thrust built upon the last, until both were totally lost to the moment.

Mathew’s cock pounded into Sally’s pussy as cries euphoric pleasure filled the bedroom. Sally was the first to start to shutter and gasp for air as she felt the warm glow sweep her body. Everything disappeared from her senses except for the purity of this orgasmic pleasure.

Mathew’s groin tightened and his cock pushed as deep into Sally as possible, as he felt the urgency release as spasm after spasm of cum pumped from the erection still thrusting deep inside Sally.

Both dripping with sweat, Mathew rolled off Sally and rested alongside her. They held hands, neither saying a word, as the regained their breath. Mathew slipped his arm around Sally and pulled her close.

As they cuddled in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Mathew slipped a small tablet in his mouth and gave Sally a long sensuous kiss. Her body immediately went limp.

Mathew tucked her in bed and gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead. He got dressed and moved his car a block down the street.

He walked a little further down the dark road until he came upon an old man asleep behind the wheel of an old rumpled 1950 Buick, license B1-606. The windows were down and he quietly reached in and pressed a small silver device against a box next to the old man’s right hand.

He left the old man undisturbed and returned to the DeKampe estate. With all the lights off in the house he waited on the top of the stairs to Sally’s bedroom. He quietly screwed the silencer into the barrel of the 9mm Stechkin Automatic Pistol and put on his glasses.

Twenty minutes later, he heard a barely perceptible noise in the kitchen and the slow, but steady, sound of someone silently approaching. As the man started up the stairs, Mathew fired two perfectly placed bullets between the eyes of the man. He crumbled instantly, crashing to the floor and dropping the sniper rifle he carried.

Mathew quickly wrapped the body. He left the house and in a few minutes, he returned his car back to the driveway. In the cover of darkness, Mathew placed the body in the trunk of the Pompeian Red Convertible.

Mathew checked on Sally, she was fine and would sleep another eight hours.

Gaffey sat by the window and watched the sun rise to what would be a beautiful sunny December Sunday. A little before 10:00 a.m., the old man and his old Buick slowly came to a stop just across the street. Gaffey was the only one that took notice.

A few minutes later, several men emerged from the house across the street followed by President-elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy, his wife, Jacqueline, and the couple’s two small children. They climbed into their car for the ride to attend morning Mass at St. Edward Church in Palm Beach.

Gaffey watched the old man fail to start his car and detonate the seven sticks of dynamite wired to the switch by his hand. The diversion never took place and the sniper would never fire.

This time.

Author’s Note: Four days after the incident, seventy-three year old Richard Paul Pavlick was arrested and charged with the attempted assassination of President-elect John F. Kennedy. There has never been any evidence, found or presented, of any accomplices in the crime. U.S. Secret Service Chief, U.E. Baughman has written, “The closeness of the call was appalling. Hardly anybody realized just how near we came one bright December morning to losing our president-elect to a madman.”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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