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Times In Tehran Continued

In response to a comment left on my “Times In Tehran” story @
Times In Tehran Continued

A comment saying “I want more” was posted on my “Times In Tehran” story so I will relate a bit more about things Paddy and I enjoyed together in and around Tehran . If you haven’t read that earlier story you may want to read it before reading this one to learn who Paddy and George are and why I was in Tehran.

Paddy had certain ways about what she would do and what she wouldn’t do.

She might spend several nights in a row with me, or I might not see or hear from her for several days and then one night she would take a taxi to the Staff House and come up to my room to spend the night with me, sometimes after I was already asleep, so she would just get naked and climb in bed with me. She might wake me up and we would screw, or she might just sleep next to me without disturbing me. That was the way Paddy was.

She had more of her ways than that.

Paddy wouldn't fuck or let me masturbate her when she was having her period.

One day we had been in the Alborz Mountains north of Tehran on a fishing trip. On the way back to Tehran Paddy and I were in the back seat of the station wagon with George driving and his wife in the front passenger seat. Paddy began to fondle my dick through my clothing and I got a good boner up in a matter of seconds. I began to massage her twat through her clothing but she pushed my hand away and I knew then that it was her time of the month. She knew I needed to get my rocks off, so she told George she was tired and was going to take a nap. Then she laid her head in my lap and covered us with her burqa, unzipped my pants and got my prick out and began stroking, licking, and sucking it and my balls. I started playing with her tits which she allowed me to do. I guess I was getting her really aroused because she began to moan softly and squirm around a bit. Paddy orgasmed while she had one of my balls between her teeth and she involuntarily bit the hell out of my scrotum.

Paddy gave me great hand jobs at times. She would do that when someone was around and we couldn't fuck or make noise while enjoying masturbating one another without being seen or heard, such as when we were in the back seat of the station wagon as I mentioned earlier or when sharing a hut on the shore of the Caspian Sea with George and his wife. At those times she would throw part of her burqa over both of us and she would jerk me off quietly. When I shot my load she would try to catch my cum in her hand and then share tasting it with me. She couldn't bite and scratch me at such times because it might make me scream because of the pain she inflicted. I think may have disappointed her.

Paddy, like me, enjoyed having sex while in water ,whether it was a shower in the Staff House, in the Staff House pool. In the Caspian Sea we would venture out beyond the sight of George and his wife and take off our swimming garments and enjoy sex in one way or another and often in several ways. We cared not about those around us seeing us because they didn’t know us. We got a charge from seeing a few couples and some singles around us abandon their inhibitions and start having sex, or solo sex.

Paddy was somewhat of an exhibitionist at other times.

Often, when we were swimming in the pool in the courtyard behind the Staff House after dark we would see some of the guys in the living area on the top floor looking out of their windows at us. When Paddy noticed them she would take her swim suit off and swim around the pool naked, teasing them. Some of those times she and I would enjoy screwing in the pool in view of anyone looking and often hear applause from the guys watching.

As I think I said about my “Times In Tehran” story, my assignment to Tehran was the most enjoyable one of my military career.

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