Titty-fucking Gina

By Ghost

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There is no feeling like my shaft between her soft breasts

Sliding my penis in and out of Gina’s vagina felt wonderful. Her fluids ran so freely that my penis sloshed—not enough friction to make me cum but plenty to keep me going. Gina was approaching her second climax and was augmenting my penis by rubbing her clitoris energetically with her finger.

Her first climax had come from my tongue. In the bathroom I’d lifted her nude body onto the valet. I dropped to my knees and slowly spread her legs. Her vagina was beautiful. Her black pubic hair was trimmed to extenuate her olive-skinned labia. I ran my tongue along her inner thigh and then started slowly licking her labia. Her musky scent excited me and her soft pubic hair brushed against my face. My tongue caressed and parted her labia and started to focus on her clitoral hood. Soon her breathing turned to moans and she exclaimed, “I’m going to cum!” Her back arched and she closed her thighs around my head as she enjoyed the pleasures of her orgasm.

Gina pushed me back so that she could slide off the valet. She knelt down in front of me. Looking down, I gazed at her beautiful face only inches from my rigid penis. There is something delightful and intoxicating about the combination of a female face against an erect penis. My penis twitched causing a knowing smile to cross her face. She started off by cupping my balls with her hand and then kissing and gently licking my glans. I groaned in pleasure.

“You seem to like that,” Gina said, “Let's see what else I can do to make you feel good.”

She reached both hands around to cup my ass and spread my cheeks slight apart—getting a solid grip and spreading her legs slightly to level her mouth with my penis. She then quickly swallowed my shaft all the way until my balls pushed against her chin. I could feel the wonderful warmth of her mouth engulf me. She held me engulfed for a few moments and then started to slowly move my shaft in and out of her mouth—her hair brushing against my thighs. After about twenty plunges into her warm mouth—with her hands squeezing my ass on each thrust—I started to feel that familiar glow in my groin—I’d cum very soon if she didn’t stop. I stopped her with my hands and pulled her up to my face. As she stood up her tits brushed against my body and I nearly exploded, but miraculously I somehow managed to hold back my orgasm and just shudder.

“That feels a bit too good,” I said. She laughed and started kissing me. We pressed our nude bodies together. I felt the softness of her breasts and the the harness of her nipples. My warm and rigid penis blindly prodded for anything to engulf. After a few minutes of kissing to ensure my orgasm was no longer on a hair-trigger, she held my hand and led me to bed.

“I want to feel your balls slap against me,” she said unashamedly as she crawled on all fours onto the bed. Her ass facing toward me.

"So," I thought as I climbed up onto the bed behind her, "I’ll be on my knees for her second climax as well." I slid my penis into her vagina from behind and cupped her breasts with my hands—squeezing them as I began to thrust energetically.

As I said above, her fluids ran so freely that my penis sloshed—not enough friction to make me cum but plenty to keep me going. Soon, with the help of her finger, she climaxed a second time—collapsing on the bed. My soaked penis popped out of her vagina as she fell away from me. I gripped my shaft with my right hand and began to slowly stroke it as I watched her orgasm run its course. I enjoyed watching her body focus on its pleasure.

“Roll over onto your back,” I told her when she had recovered enough to look up and stare at my stroking. She complied and spread her legs as she did. This gave me a glorious view of her beautiful body. Her vagina was drenched between her thighs. The swell of her breasts clear and round on her chest with nipples hard and pointing up toward the ceiling. Her stomach was flat and hard. I continued to stroke my penis slowly as her fingers reached down and spread her labia.

“Here you go,” she said, inviting me back inside. But I wanted a different release.

“No, I want to feel your breasts with my penis,” I said as I pushed her thighs together.

She laughed. “You naughty boy!” She covered her breasts with her hands and sat up. “Do you promise not to cum all over my face and mess up my pretty hair?”

“No promises,” I said.

“Oh alright, but you have to clean up after yourself.” she said cupping a breast in each hand and laying back onto the bed.

I straddled her stomach and laid my penis in her cleavage. She pushed her breasts together around my shaft. I felt the warmth of her breasts through my penis. I begain to move—tittie-fucking her slowly. My glans poked out of her cleavage at the apex of each thrust. The feel of her breasts through my penis was magical—softer in some ways than her vagina—firmer in others. I could feel my balls slide along her chest—so soft and warm. Gina continued to push her breasts together creating a tightness around my shaft. My pace quickened and, once again, that familiar glow spread throughout my groin. Speeding up the pace and depth of my thrusts caused more of my penis to poke out toward her face.

I cried out as I reached orgasm. Cum blasted out of my penis and splashed wetly across her lips and nose. My second and remaining spurts landed on her chin and neck. My thrusts stopped between her breasts as my penis became too sensitive to move. I continued to spasm more and more weakly as my orgasm subsided.

“What a mess,” she said licking her lips with a smile, “although I did like the feel of your balls sliding on my chest. Now clean me up.”

“I’m a bit messy myself,” I said as I slid my throbbing and dripping penis up to her face. She took my spent shaft into her mouth and began to lick it clean. The wet sounds and feel of her tongue made it start to re-stiffen.

“Much better, but no dripping!” she said as she took my glans into her mouth and sucked hard—milking the last drops from my penis.

“Now,” she said, “clean me up!”

I grabbed my shaft with my hand and slid it around her face. Using it to collect the cum on her face and neck. I slid each drop into her mouth using my glans. With each wad I collected she licked me clean—a small “mini-blowjob” reward for my efforts.

“Now, fuck my pussy again!” she ordered spreading her legs wide and pushing me on top of her.

Spent, but hard because of my cleanup task, I complied. As I entered her she pulled me down and kissed me hard—the salty taste of my semen on her lips and tongue. She continued to kiss me hard as she moved her vagina around my spent penis. Soon I wasn’t feeling so spent and my groin started to tingle once again. With purpose, I started thrusting, harder and harder. We both started moaning and moving together, faster and faster, until we both came one last time.