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to a soldier

She was having a long day, a long month even. Nothing was going the right way ever since she walked in on her boyfriend fucking one of her subordinates in her office. Now she was sitting in her office and dying of heat - the bloody air conditioner wasn't working again. She moved in her chair and inched her skirt up a little higher opening another button on her shirt. It was lunch time and there was no one in the office except for her- she was in the office because she had to deal with another mistake her new private had made. She was an HR officer and had been serving for a few years now.

She sat at her desk in front of a huge pile of personnel records, and opened another button on her uniform shirt, exposing her chest and stomach under her uniform. She was wearing a black lace bra that could hardly contain her large soft breasts.

On top of all her other problems, she was very horny not having had sex in more than a month. Now as she kept on working there was a sudden knock on her door, before she could react the door flew open and in walked a very angry sergeant in khaki fatigues. Before he even looked at her he started yelling - apparently he had just returned stateside and someone had screwed up his paperwork. It wasn't a huge mistake, but fixing it would take some time and he really wanted to get home. She was in such shock about him barging in like that that she had forgotten to adjust her uniform, and still sat there with her skirt hitched up and her shirt gaping open.

At first he didn't notice it either but as soon as he did, he faltered in his tirade of complaint and his jaw dropped- his eyes focusing on what her shirt was revealing. She looked down at herself to where his eyes were fixed in shock and started fumbling to close the buttons.

"I'm sorry", she stammered, "I didn't know anyone was around, and it's really hot here".

He just kept staring at her, his eyes hungry. He had not been with a woman in six months- since his second tour in Iraq began, and she was gorgeous. He could feel his cock was erect and straining his pants, the image of her dog tags hanging between her luscious tits burning in his mind.

She was feeling so embarrassed- if he went and complained about her Inappropriate behavior she could easily get suspended, or even worse. She looked at him as he stared and tried to think of a way to fix the situation. She could see he was very handsome - dark hair in a buzz cut, dark brown eyes that looked almost black, well defined jaw, wide shoulders, and strong muscular arms. She looked lower down and to her surprise saw a big bulge in his pants.

"Is he attracted to me?" she thought.

It was an inappropriate idea, but that thought made her very aroused. In one moment she saw a way to fix all the problems she was foreseeing a second ago.

She got up and came close to him, "is that because of me?" she asked him in a soft sexy voice.

Looking at his crotch he slowly nodded his head. she walked around him, closed the door and locked it. He looked at her, his eyes wide and questioning. She started to slowly unbutton her shirt again.

"Would u like some help with that?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, please".

She took of the shirt, and was left standing there in a skirt and bra. He came closer to her and pressed his body against hers, holding her close, inhaling her warm feminine smell. It had been a long six months without a woman's touch and he reveled in the softness of her skin.

She moved her hands down his body, unbuttoning his uniform, sliding her hands down his muscular torso until she reached his pants. She slowly unbuttoned those as well looking into his eyes all the while. She pushed his pants and boxers down and revealed his beautiful cock. It was quite long, but thick and had a lot of veins.

"Mmm that's gorgeous", she purred in his ear.

Before he could reply she was on her knees in front of him, licking his rock hard cock. He ran his fingers through her hair, caressing her cheek while she sucked him. Her wet mouth felt so good on his cock. She swirled her tongue around his head and cupped his balls in her hand, drawing a low moan from his throat. She was enjoying the sensation of his cock in her mouth. Her panties were soaked through with her juices, with one hand she lifted her skirt around her waist and plunged her hand in her undies.

The sight of her hand between her thighs was driving him crazy. His caress turned into a firm grip and he started pumping his hips, his cock penetrating deeper and deeper in her throat, grunting with pleasure. He continued until he released his load in her mouth, she swallowed it all, licking her lips to collect anything that had escaped.

Although he had just cum, his cock was still half hard. She lifted off the floor in front of him and walked over to her desk.

"Come here soldier", she beckoned him' removing her skirt and panties and unclasping her bra.

She sat on her desk; her legs spread open showing her wet glistening pussy. He shuffled over to her and kissed her passionately, rubbing his dick against her slit. She wrapped her legs around him drawing him in even closer.

"I want to feel you inside of me", she whispered in his ear, "I want to feel your big cock".

He was already throbbing hard again, his cock slick with her juices. He entered slowly, savoring the sensation he hadn't felt for too long. Despite her wetness she was very tight around him, for a moment he felt lightheaded with arousal, unable to concentrate on anything other than the sensation of her inner walls on his sensitive head.

"Oh baby", she moaned in his ear, "I want you deep".

He held her tightly by the hips looking into her eyes and moved slowly in and out of her body. The teasing of his slow motions was making her more and more aroused, all she wanted was for him to fuck her.

"Please baby, I want it hard baby".

He started fucking her faster and stronger, pounding into her.

"Oh fuck baby, I'm so close".

"Me too…" he grunted.

The way this woman wanted him was driving him to distraction. The lust in her eyes and her moans spurring him on. he fucked her harder and deeper, pinching her erect nipples

"Ohhh yes", she moaned.

Lost in ecstasy her body was shaking, eyes closed, mouth open in a lusty moan of pure pleasure, her pussy was contracting- squeezing his cock even more than before. He pinched her nipple again and felt her contracting even more. She was cumin her pussy tightening its hold on him, and a stream of her juices running down his thighs.

"Oh yes baby, cum on my cock", he grunted in her ear, "cum for me".

She didn't even register what he said, she was exploding again and again, nothing mattered but the feeling in her body.

He kept fucking her, feeling his own orgasm approaching- his balls tingling and tightening. After a few more strokes he exploded shooting his cum deep inside her collapsing with her onto the desk.

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