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To the bed

Does he want his pleasure or pain first?
To the bed.

As she looks up at him she bites and sucks him on his right thigh giving him a love bite.

" That fucking hurts, you will pay for that ”. He grabs her savagely by her hair and drags her to his nearby bed, he throws her onto her back.

He forces her legs open and holds her knee’s in his hands. They stare into each others eyes. As his dick gets closer to her waiting pussy he can feel her wet thighs welcome him in.

She tries to sit up. Half heartedly then tries push him back, he lets go of her legs and holds her wrists tightly, placing them behind on the pillow.

He pushes his weight forward and leans her back onto the bed , she opens her legs to allow him in, as the tip of his cock touches her moist pussy lips she smiles, but fast as an alley cat she bites him on the hand.

" Bite all you want bitch, you will be punished ” he announces.

“ Do the worst you can, if you are man enough “ she taunts him.

It raises a fire in his loins, without consideration for her he smashes his penis inside her roughly. With all his might he begins to pound at her. She arches her back and pushes her waist up to meet his dick and aid it to make it deeper.

He squeezes her wrists as his anger grows, she winces with pain. He likes that. It fuels his passion. His whole body is used as leverage to impale her with his cock. He releases 1 of his hands and now holds both her wrists with 1 strong grasp. His free hand roams down her body. Over her right breast and pinching the nipple. A little groan escapes her mouth as she stares at his fingers. Now he moves his other hand down the bed and leans over her as in a press up position. His left hand wraps around her thigh and places it over his shoulder. His right hands copies the movement. He is in full control. His cock is ramming into her, his balls are slapping her ass cheeks. Mercilessly he bangs away at her. Her breathing is deep and fast. Her eyes close. Low moans come from her, it’s obvious to see that she is enjoying this.

“ Are you ready to be punished “ he asks.

“ Hurt me if you think you know how “ Is her defiant reply.

He rubs 2 fingers down her wet pussy. Her eyes are wide open as she realises where the fingers are heading. He stops at the tiny puckered bum hole that is clenched tight. “ It seems you are not as brave you thought “.

She is helpless to him as the 2 fingers pierce her bum hole. “ You wait till it’s my turn you bastard “.

“ Shush sweetness, you shouldn’t provoke me. Maybe this will ease you pain “. He bites her left calf.

“ Ow, stop biting you girl “ she blurts out.

His fingers are now pumping her ass at full speed. He can see she finds it uncomfortable. Her pussy starts to throb and tense. She squeals and shrieks in delight. Liquid is everywhere as it from her as she erupts from her pussy. It seems he didn’t get the response he was after.

He looks at her calf where he bit her, there are visible teeth marks. He lets her legs drop to the bed as she sighs and relaxes, her breathing is shallow and panting. Her cheeks are bright red and flushed.

Like a fool he drops his guard and quick as a flash he’s on his back and she’s on top. “ Lets fucking see how you like on your back you stupid fuck. Bite me, finger my ass will you. Now it’s my turn”.

He puts his hands on her hips to get her off. Immediately she grabs his wrists and digs her nails into them. Tears well up in his eyes as the pain is sharp and intense. He is defenceless now as she sits on his cock. With his hands in the air she leans forward and bites his nipple.

He shouts and complains “ You fucking bitch, I must have hurt you. Does your bum hurt ? “.

She leaves his chest and sits up straight. He looks down to see bright red teeth marks on his nipple. Next he looks at his wrists, he can see dig marks and tiny dots of blood under her nails where she carries on holding him.

She looks at him. “ Did I hurt you?. Shame, poor baby “ She says mockingly.

She begins to ride him, grinding her pussy on him, his cock is deep inside her, he can feel it. He can feel juice run down his ass as she enjoys fucking him. He digs his ankles into the bed and pushes his ass in the air raising her off the bed. She pants as she tries to push him down, her breathing is fast and shallow. She moves into a squatting position and starts to bounce on his shaft. She moves to the very tip then drops down taking him deep into her hole.

He loves the feel of her on top of him, her wet pussy lips sliding down his cock, her juices making his pubes sticky. He moans and tells her “ Whatever you plan to do to me either stop what you are doing or do it quick because I’m going to explode in you “.

“ Not yet, please don’t cum yet, I’m so close “. She throws her head back and holds his hands. They interlock fingers and she uses his hands as leverage to improve the angle of his cock as it enters her. She starts to moan loud and clear “ Yes. Now cum. Cum in me “.

Her groans turn him on. His belly is soaking wet as she covers him with her orgasm. It’s more than he can take. He cums inside, he can feel it shoot into her “ You are so good on top of me “ he tells her as he ejaculates.

They slow down, she looks tired, her breathing is deep. Her shoulders rise and fall as she gasps for breath. She flops down on his chest, her legs straighten and she moves to lay on him. He gently places his hands on her back and cuddles her softly. She nuzzles into his body and places 1 hand on cheek.

“ Thank you for playing along. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to, I apologise “ .

He kisses her on the forehead. “ I’m sorry to, I did go a bit to rough, sorry about your ass. Although I’m glad we were nasty, you are fantastic when you are angry”.

She laughs. “ You should see me when I’m loving. Things get much stickier and juicier ”.

They lay there in each others arms. Their breathing relaxes and slows down. It feels natural for them to lay like this. They close their eyes and drift off to sleep for a while.

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