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To the shower

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Lets get dirty as we get cleaned
To the shower.

He wakes up feeling disorientated. The beautiful blonde bob is still lying on his chest. He stretches his legs. Blondie stirs and wakes. Her head twists and she looks at him.

"Hello. Remember me? We fucked a while ago; we were good, too.” She smiles at him.

"Of course I remember. You bit me on my chest so I wouldn’t forget you. I can see it. ”

He runs a hand over her hair and down her soft smooth back. He looks over his left shoulder to his clock.

“I got work in a couple hours, what do you say to getting a shower and sharing some breakfast?” he asks.

He turns on the shower and they both enter. He reaches for the soap and cleans all of her body, he washes her arms and breasts, then crouches to soap her thighs and pussy. Playfully he kisses her pussy lips after he’s done. She turns around and reaches for the shampoo.

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close, his erect cock is resting on her ass cheeks. She lowers her right hand and reaches behind to touch it. Slowly and teasing she strokes it with the tips of her fingers. In retaliation he slides his right hand down her belly and eases a finger between the soft wet folds of her pussy lips. She leans her head back onto his shoulder as he gently begins to caress her clit, running his finger along her wet slit then dipping into her hole. The texture of the liquid there is thicker and stickier than the shower water bouncing off their bodies.

She raises her left hand and rests it on the wall as she bends at the waist, his cock is in her hand and she guides it to her waiting pussy. His hands make their way to her waist as he starts pulling her back onto his shaft. He is solid, now fully ready and willing he moves in a slow rhythm. She obliges by matching it, her breasts sway as they gracefully screw.

She uses her hands to push herself away from the wall and take him deeper inside her hole. Her speed increases to encourage him to gather up momentum. He forces her back by thrusting his dick in hard and fast.

He grabs a handful of her hair and wrenches her head back. Her groans of pleasure show she is enjoying him. He looks up and lets the warm water from the shower land on his face.

He scrapes his nails down her back and he can feel her tense her pussy in appreciation. The thick gloopy liquid is running down his legs. She has dribbled from her pussy.

His cock is pounding away at her. After he finishes scratching her he keeps sliding it down between her thighs and onto her pussy. He gently uses his middle finger to draw circles on her clit. Her legs get weak and shake.

"Yes, fuck yes, that's so good. Do something horrible to me, please .”

He pushes so hard she hits her face on the shower wall. She looks so awkward as she bangs her shoulder. He stops fucking her and pulls out his cock. Her juices have lubed him up. He pushes the tip into her anus. She is so tight. She freezes and holds her breath as he starts to fuck her ass. Each time he moves he gets a little deeper, he can feel her loosen up and stretch for him.

He leans over her back and fingers her pussy as he fucks her. She grabs 1 of her breasts and pinches her nipple. Her body starts bucking and twitching, her breath becomes rapid and shallow, moans escape her mouth.

"Good boy. Fuck my ass. Poke my pussy baby. God yes.” She makes one final moan then lets out a deep sigh as she cums. She leaks cum from her pussy as she relaxes. He stops thrusting into her ass and withdraws.

"Nobody has ever done that to me before. I've never let anybody do that to me before. I've never wanted anybody to do that to me.”

She turns around to face him. His face is red from the effort he put it. She starts to kiss him very softly on the lips and ears. She takes the soap in her hands and gently lathers him up. She washes his chest and belly then kneels down in front of him.

"Your cock has been up my ass, as dirty as I feel I’m not going to suck it until I clean it.” She gets her hands all soapy then starts to clean his shaft and balls. She peels back his foreskin and cleans behind head.

Splashes of water land on her hair as she looks at his now clean cock. She leans in and starts to lick and kiss his tip. Her soft wet lips on his sensitive cock head. Her tongue is warm and soft as she uses it to pleasure him. Slow and deep she takes him in to the back of her throat.

She slides a hand up the inside of is thigh to his ass. He looks down at her and runs his hand through her hair. A finger is at the entrance to his hole. It creeps in slowly as she sucks so nicely.

"Fuck me. You are a dirty tramp when you want to be,” he tells her.

She fingers his ass as she sucks him. Her head is bobbing fast on him.

"How naughty are you feeling? Do you want to spit or swallow?” he asks her.

"Neither," is her reply

"If I am a dirty tramp then make me wear it.” She slurps and eats him hungrily. He takes her head in his hands and pulls her back. She starts to wank him as she moves away.

"Fucking hell, fuck me that’s nice.” His cum shoots in spurts onto her face. Thick white liquid lands on her eyes and cheeks. She keeps wanking him as he covers her in his semen.

After he his spent she licks the tip of his cock. He looks at her beautiful face covered in his cum.

"You are one amazing woman. It seems I let you finger me. I have never let anyone do that before.” He wipes his cum off her face and cleans her up. She stands up, their noses touch. Very gently they kiss for a few seconds.

"Please meet me tonight after you finish work, you know where I live, after the last few hours and what we've done with each other, my heart is racing about you. I'd really like to get to know the rest of you.” He holds one of her hands and almost sounds like he's begging as he speaks.

"I finish at 7pm. I’ll go home and get changed then be here for about 8 or 8.30.” She rubs his nose with hers.

He turns off the shower and gets wiped. When they are dressed and about to leave they kiss. Then go their separate ways.

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