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toga party

Toga party two coloured guys portraying slaves to do her every bidding




Toga Party Fun  

Well-sounded like a bit of fun a roman style toga party, could be interesting she thought as she went to work that morning. Now standing in front of the mirror wearing nothing more that what equated to a bed sheet, with a belt attached she was not so sure. But she had promised to go so she would have to. My big mouth strikes again never mind. The setting was pretty luxurious mind you a top hotel, that catered for all kind of theme party’s.


She got out of the lift and a tall well-developed coloured guy asked her for her invite, no problem at all I have it hear she said and handed him the invitation, did his hand linger on hers a little longer than necessary, as he took the invitation. She wondered why she had such a thing for black guys. God behave your self-woman or you will get turned on.

She entered the main party room and noticed all the food on tables round the out side

And doors leading off the room at least 15 or more, She wondered where they led.


  Hey Gillian glad you made it, interrupted her thoughts. It was the party’s host. Look at the set up can you believe it, they even supply coloured guys and women in togas as well as well slaves supposedly. To cater for our, every whim. Mmm every whim thought Gillian could be interesting. Stop it girl behave your self she laughed inwardly to her self.


The doors round the sides of the room lead off to private, room so you can be fed grapes and so forth of you own personal slave, Ok costs £10.0 an Hour but what the hell makes a special night of it. You want to see them one of them couches with no end or sides on and cushions everywhere, sort of like a sheiks tent. I am going to get pampered in one of them later, May try it my self as well-said Gillian. Well you got to book in advance, never mind then.   Soo presuming you may fancy a pamper I did for you as well, your in from 10-30 – 11-30 room five.  


So as the night progressed Gillian drank wine and more wine and really relaxed into the party mood. She had picked her slave out for her pampering session, and was just about to enter the room, when she noticed the guy from the door was working the room now. She caught his eye and he came across and asked can I service you in any way madam. Her mind was in turmoil the thoughts of how he could service her; yes he could service her so well she was sure of that.


She told him to come into the room with her, she laid out on the chaise langue, and he fed her grapes. Its hot in here he said would the lady permit me to remove my toga I am partially robed underneath so there will be no embarrassment. She readily gave permission for him to disrobe. His body was fantastic muscular and developed but not like a body builder. Would the lady like a massage? Gillian hesitated for a split second before answering please.


The slave asked her to roll over and he would massage her back for her. She readily rolled on her front and he started to gently massage her back and shoulders. His touch was so soft and gently and she felt her self relax, but at the same time she was getting very turned on as well. His hand moved down on to her legs and calf’s, His hand was straying under her toga, and up, her thighs. She moaned with pleasure as his hang ever so briefly brushed her buttocks.






He immediately stopped and removed his hands I am very, very sorry, that was an accident I promise you. Gillian turned on her side and told him its ok honestly. It was then she noticed his erection, the seams on his loincloth was stretched to bursting point.

She smiled him. At that moment the there was a knock and the door opened and a guy in a red toga entered the room. Gillian recognised him, as she had been introduced to him earlier.


The manager explained it was only a check to make sure she was happy with the service she was receiving. Well to be honest I haven’t been serviced yet she said, with a wicked smile. But if you two were offering it would be nice. The managers locked the door and removed his toga and loin cloth, her original slave removed his as well she was taken aback at the size of these guys members.


The original slave took her hand and raised her off the chaise langue; he gently disrobed her and removed her panties. She lay down again and he kissed her ever so tenderly, whilst at the same time the second slave, started to lick her breasts, and she felt her nipples harden with pleasure. He took the nipple in between his teeth and kibbled ever so gently. Mmmm that’s so good was all she could manage.


The second slave now moved down and gently parted her legs, and parted her pussy lips with his tongue. She was on fire, as he licked her clitoris, making slow patterns with the tip of his tongue. She was writhing in pleasure and excitement to be serviced by two black men at the same time was always her favourite fantasy.


She reached out and took the first slaves hand and directed him to straddle the chaise langue, once he had done this she eagerly started to lick the tip of his manhood tasting the salty tang that was a product of his excitement. She greedily took the shaft into her mouth and started to suck greedily, at the same time massaging his balls, she felt his balls tighten just before he climaxed. He had pulled out of her mouth before he climaxed so he shot his load over her erect nipples, the warmth running over her breasts was fantastic.


She felt her self-coming just before she climaxed, and what a climax it was not just one but a multiple. She felt as if her full body was on fire with lust. The manager took her hand and stood her up, lets switch places he said. He then lay down, and invited her to position her self over his face, so he could pleasure her with his tongue as well. Gillian willing did this and felt his tongue push inside her as he licked and sucked so greedily.


Slave number one now stood in front of her his throbbing member in hand. She readily took it and again licked the end so greedily, pulling the foreskin back so could lick the head properly. He was moaning with excitement and pleasure. Gillian felt the need to have one or both of them inside her, She not only wanted it she needed it so badly it hurt.

She felt his shaft start to throb just before he released into her mouth this time she sucked greedily, till every drop was gone. Her climax was explosive, and set her full body on fire.


All three of them lay on the scattered red cushions pleasuring each other with fingers tongues, until they were both fully aroused again. The led her to the chaise langue, and bent her over the end. Slave number one took his swollen member and parted her pussy lips brushing the tip across her clitoris, she was gasping with pleasure, and begging him to enter her. Suddenly he did and she felt his balls slapping her pussy as he thrust the full shaft in and out of her. She knew it would not tale long to climax and she felt it start in the pit of her stomach. It rapidly spread downwards like a wild fire, and she nearly cried out it was that powerful.




Now it was slave number twos turn and he lay down with his erect swollen shaft, in hand and invited her to straddle him. Gillian did and she lowered her self down on his ever so slowly feeling every muscle in her, grasp at his swollen shaft as it entered her wet waiting pussy. She rode him with a fury that surprised her she just knew she had to climax, and soon her body ached for it. Her climax seemed as if it would never end it lasted that long. It was only when it was over did she realise he had claimed at he same time, and that had increased the pleasure ten fold.


Number two slave lifted her off and placed her over number ones waiting tongue and he licked and sucked ever so tenderly at the combined juices as they ran out of her swollen lips. Slave number two placed his member into her mouth and she sucked greedily. Licking the tip and massaging, his balls all at the same time. She felt her climax at the same time she felt his he exploded into her mouth just as she exploded on to slave number ones waiting tongue.


After, they dressed in silence. The manager handed her two business cards. Our numbers in case you ever would like to do it again. As she left she gave the new doorman an envelope to be passed to the manager. The contents £100.00 and a note the note read for the both of you for services rendered. And my mobile number ring me to set up again for next week some time.

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