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Their eyes met across the quiet living room... both staring deep into the other... her tongue flicked across dry lips and her breasts heaved in anticipation... three steps and he reached her... silently he reached for her hand and led her towards the huge bed... the soft silk of the gown billowed behind her and with a shrug, wafted to the floor...

He turned towards her, his eyes caressing her nakedness with growing passion as gently he pressed her back onto the bed... her teeth bit into her lower lip and she inched her way higher, knowing what was to come... not knowing how it was to arrive there...

Silently he dropped to his knees.. lips touched her calves, sliding down towards her ankles... gently he raised her foot to his lips, kissing first one toe and then he other, slowly, gently, savoring each before drawing it into his mouth... softly he sucked and kissed each in turn...then moving to the arch of her foot and back to her toes again... a tiny moan of pleasure escaped her and her hand slid down gently to caress her mound.

He moved forward, moving his mouth slowly up her leg, tasting each inch of her calf,,, brushing the backs of her knees and her finger gently pressed between her velvet lips. Higher he moved until his mouth caressed and sucked at her thighs and her finger pressed firm against her clitoris.

Higher he moved, until he could feel the heat emitting from her and his teeth bit gently into her thigh...

She jumped at the first tiny bite then pressed down against him and her finger found its familiar mark. Slowly, methodically, her finger slid deeper between her lips, pressing hard against her clitoris, reaching for her opening and her back arched in anticipation.

Higher he moved until his mouth brushed fractions of an inch from her lips... nipping at the soft vee at the top of her legs and her finger gently circled the rim of her opening, wanting so to enter, prolonging the pleasure.

His tongue flicked out, licking gently at the back of her finger, following it in its travels and her left hand moved to her breast.. tugging at her nipples, squeezing first one and then the other bringing them closer and closer to the threshold of pain and his tongue drove deep inside her, feeling the texture of her walls, tasting the fluid of her passion and she pressed down against him as her finger followed him in.

Her hips rose and fell in rhythm with his movements and tears of passion formed at the corners of her eyes and his tongue drove deep inside her. His hand moved over her hips, caressed her stomach and she reached for him, grasping his hands in hers and pulling them to her breasts... kneading, squeezing gently, pinching softly at her nipples as he knew she did.

His face pressed firm against her opening, his tongue drove deep inside her, his teeth pressed against her pearl and her hips thrust up against him. His fingers entwined with hers, cupping and kneading her breasts.

His mouth withdrew momentarily and his fingers closed around her wrists, imprisoning her in his grasp and he moved up swiftly, pushing her hand and arms high above her head, stretching tight and firm, pinning her to the bed with his body.... she squirmed beneath him, eyes widening, captured by his hands.. unable to resist...

His mouth pressed firm against hers and his tongue drove deep into her mouth, the tip of his throbbing cock pressed firm against her opening as she struggled for control and freedom and in one powerful move, he drove himself deep inside her, his cock throbbing, swelling, readying itself for the coming explosion and he felt her walls quiver, rippling like tiny fingers over his cock as she drew him deeper, Her arms outstretched above her head. Her legs drew high, wrapping around his waist... her heels dug hard into his body drawing him deeper.

Again he thrust and the wave overtook him, his cock swelled again feeling the resistance of her walls and he exploded inside her, pouring hot white cum deep inside her and a tidal wave passed through her stomach muscles as her cum joined his, moving deep inside her, splashing, running, flowing deep inside her opening, another throb and a second wave poured into her and his mouth pinned her head to the pillow and the fluid of their passion poured out, forcing its way between their bonded skin, forming a pool of dampness on the satin sheets as the breath poured out of them and they collapsed in spent passions... arms gently wrapping each in their protective cloak.

They lay, spent, gasping for breath, unable to move even to release each other and their breathing slowed and they slept... in each others arms, in each others hearts, his cock trapped deep inside her, unwilling to try for release.

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