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Tommy Never Found Out And I Never Forgot

I felt a little guilty but was so horny and he was snoring so what was I suppose to do?
This tale is a direct result of a private chat I had with my girl Lindzy. I tried to keep it as real as possible to the chat as to how she recounted her experience. It aroused me and I hope arouses you too!

This all happened when I was 17 for Tommy's 20th birthday party at his apartment. We had been dating for a year and he was my first. Not dating in the traditional 'going out to dinner and a movie.' We were fucking, every day, often several times. He had lots of parties but I never fucked in front of his friends or fucked any of his friends. That would come later. Tommy would not take me to my Proms. I so wanted to go, so I went twice but I didn't wear panties and the guys didn't wear condoms, so you figure it out.

Tommy’s and his roommate Ruben's friends were all there. We started the party at the pool. I had on my bright yellow and orange string bikini. I was hot! We moved it back to the apartment when it got dark. I changed into a tiny sundress, no bra but a darling sheer blue thong.

I was flirting with his friends like I always did when I was drinking. Tommy loved it when I flirted, I guess it aroused him that others desired me but I was his girlfriend. I was flirting with everyone that night but they knew it wasn't serious. I danced with everyone that night and I dance nasty and slutty when I've been drinking.

There was a friend of Ruben’s there that he worked with, but I had never met. Tommy didn't know him either. His name was Juan and was in his 40s, a big guy and not really cute but he kept talking to me all night. We were playing quarters at the table but there were only four chairs so I sat on the Juan’s lap. His hands were rubbing my thighs but kind of in a way where it wasn't like he was being sexual... it's hard to describe. It was kind of tender really, that's how it felt, friendly.

Tommy was totally drunk the whole time...he was drunk when we were at the pool and he really didn't pay any attention to Juan or me the whole night. We just flirted and talked all night. I kept sitting in his lap even when we moved into the living room.

Juan and I just talked and talked. I was pretty drunk and I get overly close to people, hugging and holding hands and stuff like that. Juan had like light green eyes and I remember I told him his eyes were killers!

Juan whispered in my ear that he wanted to stick his tongue in my asshole and make me cum. I thought he was just flirting and kissed him.

Tommy was sooo drunk that I finally had to help him to the bedroom and put him in bed. He actually just fell on top of the bed and I rolled him over, undressed him down to his boxers and went back to the living room.

Everyone slowly left and it was just I, Ruben and Juan watching a movie. I still remember the movie we watched; Tombstone.

I was tired and drunk so I went to the bedroom to go to sleep. I closed the door, took my dress off, and lay down next to Tommy in just my thong and fell asleep.

Tommy was out cold! Snoring loudly. I still remember the snoring...he always snores when he's drunk.

I remember this next part all too well. I started waking up breathing heavily. I was on my stomach and I felt like I was about to cum. It felt sooo good. I didn't think anything of it because Tommy and me would wake each other up that way.

I felt fingers going in and out of my pussy and a tongue licking my ass. I remember moaning: “Oh Tommy!”

I opened my eyes and Tommy was still passed out next to me.

But I was cumming!

The lights were off but there was still light coming in from outside. I looked back and saw Juan's friend’s face buried in my ass tonguing my asshole. I came so hard I instinctively grabbed Tommy's arm. It was a combination of his fingers in my pussy and tongue in my ass that made me cum.

I had to bury my face in the pillow to keep from screaming.

I could hear how wet I was by the wet slurping sound his fingers made going in and out of my wet cunt.

It was so wild!

After he made me cum, I just looked back at him and slowly rolled over to and off the edge of the bed. It was instinctive. I knew I should not because my boyfriend was here in my bed asleep, but I just came and I was fucking horny still. There was a little space between the bed and wall. Just enough room for me to lie on my back.

He crawled over to me, already naked and with a huge hard-on. I pulled my thong off as he slowly kissed and licked me from my feet to my sopping wet pussy. He ate my pussy, but not for that long and moved up my belly to my breasts. Fondling and pulling on my nipples roughly and aggressively. My nipples are very sensitive and were already rock hard.

He got on top of me and started kissing me. He whispered in my ear, “I told you I was going to stick my tongue in your tight little ass!”

I had to spread my legs and try to wrap them around him because of the space. I felt his cock pushing into my pussy. It was the fattest cock I have ever had. I'm really tight and back then at 16 I was super tight. I was lucky I was soo wet from cumming. I had to bite his shoulder to keep quiet.

He started fucking me slowly at first but that didn't last long. The whole time I could hear Tommy snoring, and I was feeling guilty and nasty getting fucked.

He kept going faster and harder, fucking me so good!

I came really fast again, biting his shoulder to keep from screaming. He just kept fucking me. I thought it was a long time but I came one more time.

He just kept fucking me relentlessly, and then I felt his cock swell up. I could actually feel it shooting in me. It felt like a gallon.

I remember it was hot 'cause we were both sweating.

His sweat and my sweat covered my body.

He lay there on top of me and let his cock go soft in my pussy. He kissed me on the forehead, got off of me and crawled back out of the room. I just lay there in a daze, covered with sweat and filled up with cum and my pussy a little sore.

I got up and wanted a shower so I staggered to the bathroom.

Juan was in there. He looked at me and said, “You horny little thing, didn’t get enough of me?”

I said, “No, no, I just wanted to shower and go back to bed.”

He rather forcefully pushed me to my knees and had me suck his cock, which got hard really quickly. Tommy had taught me how to suck cock but Juan's was just too fat for my mouth.

Then Juan grabbed me and bent me over the sink. He fucked me from behind deeper than I ever thought I could take. I know I came once, maybe three or four times. This went on forever it seemed, his cum was deep, deep inside me where I could feel him pump.

He told me I could now shower but leave his cum in me. I felt I had to listen since he was so much older than me plus I was drunk. Then I pulled on my shimmery sheer blue thong and climbed back into bed with Tommy, with two huge cums deep in my tight pussy.

Tommy awoke first with the usual guy’s morning wood and wanted to fuck. He wondered why I was so wet and I said I had just had a dream about fucking him. He fucked my ever so sore pussy until I came yet again. I finally got my shower but it could not wash away my sluttiness!

Tommy never found out and I never forgot.

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