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Too Much To Handle

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Welcome to the business
Hi all, how are you? Summer is here, time for swimming, sun-bathing and sweaty, outdoor sex. My boys are out of school, and during summer time, my ex-husband has them every weekend, plus a week in mid-August. So, I have every Friday and Saturday night free.

Now, I have some news. I took a job at an escort service every weekend. I am basically on call from 7:00 PM Fridays until 5:00 PM on Sundays. A girl at the massage parlor got me the job there because, with my boys home everyday, I will not work enough to make the money I need. I will go back in September.

The service I work for is strictly out call, mainly hotels or motels. I will not quote prices but it is by the hour, by the evening, which is six hours or more, or by the day, which is more than twelve hours. I have met some of the girls. A few of them have been here for years and have regular customers. One girl I met had just returned from four days in Bermuda with a client.

I am the oldest woman working at this service as most of the girls are in their early to mid-20's. Some, like myself, are just normal looking women trying to make a few bucks, but I have met a few who are obvious pros. One girl here is twenty-five with long, blonde hair, an hourglass figure and huge, cantaloupe tits. When she walks, you could mix paint with her ass.

Because I am so new, and have only been here about three weeks, I am on call. The regular girls get first priority on the calls, or the big spenders. I am averaging about five or six calls per weekend, most of them younger guys looking to fuck an older woman. I drive myself, check in when I get there and when I leave.

Doing this, you deal with all sorts of men. Young and old, different body shapes. You have the right of refusal if the client appears drunk, on drugs or makes you uncomfortable. I have also been told by one of the other girls, and I am finding out for myself, that sometimes you will have really good sex, and sometimes you will have really bad sex. She said to just try to enjoy it.

This is a story about a client I had this past weekend. His name was Paul. Late on Saturday afternoon, I received a call from my service to see if I was interested in doing a one-hour date at 7 o'clock. The date was at a hotel that I am familiar with. On dates, you do not try to dress slutty. If fact, you try to look classy. I usually wear nice skirts and a blouse with nice shoes.

I do not like hotels because you normally have to walk through a main lobby. Now, escort services are basically legal, but hotels have the right to deny you entry. I called the client prior to leaving, he told me to go to the main desk and ask for room 329. When I arrived, I did just that. The receptionist call his room , then hung up the phone.

"You can go on up." she said to me.

This is a nice hotel, with big king-size beds, plush carpets. The rooms are very clean. They have funtions and meetings here. It is basically a corporate hotel. I took the elevator to the third floor, got off and turned right, down a long hallway, until I reached 329. I knocked on his door.

"Come on in, it's open" he said.

When I got into the room, he was in the bathroom and told me he would be out in a minute. I called the service to check in, then looked around. There were suits hanging up, a briefcase and laptop on the desk. It was obvious that he was a businessman. I sat on the side of the bed for a moment, and then he emerged from the bathroom. I damn near fell off of the bed.

This man was amazing. He was in his late 20's and this man was big, pro athlete big, 6' 4" tall and a very muscular 240 pounds. He wore just white socks, black running pants and a white muscle shirt that was tight. He was tanned, with short black hair and a very handsome face. My nipples stiffened the moment I saw him.

I introduced myself with the name that I use (you never use your real name) and we took care of the financial arrangement. Usually, you sit and chat with the client for five minutes or so. He said that he was an engineer, in town working on a big project.

After a few moments we decided to get to it. I got undressed and neatly placed them on a chair. When I turned around, I gasped. His tanned, muscular body was on the bed. His cock was soft, laying on his left thigh and it was huge. It was cut, thick and about sixinches long.

Because of time constraints on a one-hour date, there is not a lot of time for foreplay. I crawled up on to the bed and began giving him a blowjob. My goal is to get him hard, which did not take long, but I also wanted him to enjoy it. His cock grew in my mouth, getting bigger and bigger. I could not deep throat it, it was so big. It was more than ten inches.

"Oh, my," I said, as I sat up and looked at it.

Now, the service that I work for wants you to use condoms, but I have always fucking hated them. A cock does not feel the same, and I like to watch, or feel, the man cum. I told him that I was on birth control, so there was no need for him to worry about me getting pregnant.

I gasped loudly as I grabbed his cock and sat on it. I put my hands on his chest and began slowly riding. His chest muscles felt like steel. His cock filled me as I rode him, about two minutes into it, he grabbed my waist with his hands and started lifting me up and down. Slamming me down on his cock, I put my feet on the bed and moved with him. After a few moments, he opened his legs wide,grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down. My upper body laid on top of his, he put his arms around my back and squeezed me tightly. My tits pressed against his chest as he began fast upward thrusts.

"Oh my God,." I screamed as his cock moved up and down like a piston.

Our skin was slapping loudly, the bed moved across the floor. With every upward thrust, his cock slammed into the top of my uterus.

"Fuck me," I screamed.

This was not some cheap motel. It was a very nice hotel, full of business people. I was getting fucked so hard that I am sure that you could hear it in the hallway. Certainly, you could hear it in the next room. He sat up, spun me around and tossed me on the bed. He open my legs as wide as he could and shouved his cock into me.

"I'm getting my money's worth out of you, slut," he said.

From the first downward pump, I knew that his massive cock would be more than my tight, little vagina could handle. He made sure that every inch of him went into me. Up and down like a jack hammer, the bed sqeaked so loud it was deafening. He looked me right in the eyes as he relentlessly pounded away at my pussy. My ass was literally bouncing off of the bed.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed.

He kept going and going, hammering away at me in the missionary position.

"Fuck me! Fuck me," I screamed, in this deep, demonic voice.

He turned me on to my right side, lifted my left leg high, and went utterly crazy on my pussy. He wrapped his strong, left arm around me and squeezed my left tit as he pummeled away at me. Suddenly, he must have hit my g-spot. A wave of ecstacy went through my body.

"Oh my God. I'm gonna fucking come," I screamed again.

My left leg shook wildly, my eyes rolled back into my head.

I screamed, loudly, "Oh my fucking God!"

My leg kicked and I put my face into the pillow as he slammed into me, over and over. He was in amazing shape. So much so, that he was not even breathing heavily. I, on the other hand, was struggling to just think straight.

After about five more minutes, I heard him start to grunt. I looked down and saw him pull his massive cock out of me and shoot load after load of cum on my body. I was still shaking as he pushed me aside and walked into the bathroom. He emerged a moment later.

"Are you ok?" he chuckled.

"Holy shit," I replied "I've never, ever been fucked like that before, my god."

After a moment of chatting, I realized that 54 minutes had passed since I had arrived.

"I'm sorry, sweetie,." I said to him, "I need to get get dressed and get going, unless you'd like another hour?"

"No, thank you," he said, "I have places to go, but next time I'm in town, I'll ask for you."

"Please do!" I replied.

I called the service to check out, gave him a kiss, and drove home. When I got home, I found a 100 dollar bill in my bag that I knew was not mine. He tipped me. I had fpur more calls that weekend. The girl who I spoke to was right. With some dates, you just want it to end, get him off and leave. Other dates, however, will fuck your brains out. Paul did, literally.

I do not know how long I will do this, but for now, I am enjoying it and making money. When school starts, I will go back to the shop five days a week and do massages. I am sure that with this current job I will have a lot to write about and I look forward to it.

See you all soon.
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