Toys, Ties, and Teasing (Part 2.)

By zibster

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Well, the second and last part to this story! Hope you like it.
Well hi there guys.  I know it's been a couple days, and I am generally a really rapid updater, but I've been ill!

I hope you like the story, this is the last part of it, so after this you're going to have to wait for a whole new concept! 

It had to have been about seven in the morning when I heard him shuffling around outside our bed room. I had somehow managed to fall asleep, but then I was forced to realize the pool of my liquids forming underneath myself. The smell of my juices filled the air and I remember giving out a small moan at this, for some reason I could have guessed that this would signal Jared, though I let it happen anyway.

"Morning sunshine." He mused with a smirk on his face as he quietly kissed my lips. His fingers sliding through my hair. "Do you want some more?" He asked with a smirk on his face, pulling the toy out of me and putting it down next to my sensitive body.

"Please." I rasped out, squirming against my binds. To be completely honest, it was getting to be extremely uncomfortable. "Please let me go, I'll do anything you want."

Oh how bad of an idea that was. He gave me a big smirk and untied me, letting me fall back on the bed and moan simply out of comfort. It felt amazing to be unhooked.

"Suck." He rasped, loudly as he pulled his pants off and pushed his boxers down enough for his straining erection to my waiting face. I opened my mouth and gently teased my tongue over the tip of him, sucking quietly on the head of his erection, I began to bob my head. My eyes stared up at him as I moved him in and out of my mouth, moaning to give him a vibration.

The sounds of his moans filled the air and I moaned again. Honestly, I loved the sound of his moan, and with that urging me on I bobbed my head up and down and felt him hit the back of my throat, flicking my tongue under the base of his cock, swallowing as well to tighten my throat around him.

"Yes baby." He whispered as he gripped the back of my head, to me up and down faster. My eyes shut tight and I moaned again, hearing him speak.

"I'm going to cum." He muttered and gripped, tight on the back of my head to him, and I continued to move my mouth faster and faster, milking him of every little bead of his cum, swallowing with ease.

"That's right baby." He said to me as he pulled out of my mouth and looked down at my body, watching me rub my legs together in a needy way. "You are so hot like that." He admitted, and smiled still.

"Please babe." I begged, and gripped the sheets, only to watch him slide down my body and part my legs with his hands, quietly he licked my pussy just to tease, and then parted the lips with his fingers, sliding two of them in and flicking them up to hit my g-spot immediately. While doing this, he sucked on my clit, causing me to moan and buck my hips. "I'm going to cum." I managed to whisper out, and my eyes shut tight as I did just that, orgasmed all over his waiting face. I felt him lick up my cum, with ease.

"You taste amazing." He whispered to me, and I looked down to see his cock hard again, causing me to smirk and my head to tilt off to the side.

"Are you going to fuck me or not?" I asked with a smirk still on my lips as I opened my legs again to present myself to him. My eyes shut tight, and I squirmed a bit for him, though I could hear his moaning and I felt the tip of his hard cock push against my clit, to which I moaned as well.

"Hell yes, I'm going to fuck you." He said in a husky tone into my ear as he pushed inside quickly, making me gasp out and moan louder.

I could feel every vein on his shaft rub against my tight walls, and every little throb each of us gave made my pleasure heighten, and I could tell it did the same for him.

My hands gripped his hair and I moaned again as my hips moved up and down with him, biting his shoulder a bit roughly, making him moan, and my eyes opened again, my hands lying flat on his firm back as he moved. In and out, in and out. I moaned loudly, and he did the same into my ear.

With just a moment's notice I rolled us over and braced myself on either side of him with my knees as I started to ride him up and down, watching a smile come onto his face. He loved it when I took charge. My eyes shut tight and my body bounced up and down, breasts doing the same as I gripped roughly on his shoulders, feeling him rub onto my g-spot.

"Baby I'm going to cum..." He rasped and I moaned again, moving my hips up and down and my eyes shutting tightly. Please, god that felt so good.

As I felt him start to release, I got tighter, and tighter around him. My orgasm melted into his and we came together in bliss.

"I love you baby." He whispered as I rolled off him.

"You get to change the sheets." I said with a smirk as I got up to go take a shower.

Well that's it guys.

My first time actually writing sex.


I hope you like it!

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