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Train Ride Part 2

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After the little sex group, Scott sneaks for more fun...
After the group's sexual activity, there was a common feeling of satisfaction and pleasure as everyone in the compartment lay on the floor or collapsed into a seat, panting for breath. Jackie and Richard, who obviously also just finished making love, observed the rest.

Jackie was giving Amanda that 'I told you so' look again. Amanda had to agree, Jackie couldn't have been more right about a match this time.
Scott pulled Amanda up to her feet and she smiled at him, still licking her lips, then she turned around to look at her mysterious beau, whom she now saw was Thomas. He was still down on his knees, carefully stuffing his dick back into his underwear and grinning at her from ear to ear.

Lisa was already asleep on the seat next to the window and that was when Amanda realized what time it was - they had been at it for hours.

Amanda flopped down next to Scott, whose hand immediately found its way between her thighs once more. She laughed and took hold of his wrist, saying she was much too exhausted to go on.

He seemed disappointed, as he was the only one who hadn't actually fucked anyone, but he was too much of a gentleman to force her into anything.

'I'm going to my bunk,' she managed to say to him as she stood up.
'I hope you'll be able to sleep,' Scott said sweetly, 'these trains can be so noisy.'
Amanda laughed.

'I am an extremely heavy sleeper,' she answered, 'and after all this recreation, I am sure I'll be out like a light!'
Regrettably, Scott wished her a goodnight and watched her scrumptious ass sway back and forth as she left the compartment. Within moments, he saw that the others, oblivious to what had transpired between Amanda and himself, were starting to get aroused again. He saw hands slipping back underneath partially removed garments and heavy breathing starting up again. He decided to go find Amanda and see if he couldn't persuade her to let him fuck her after all.

When Scott got to the sleeping compartment, he found Amanda straight away. Her leg was dangling out of a bottom bunk where she had obviously crashed and fell asleep immediately. He approached her quietly and tapped her shoulder, but she didn't move.

He listened to her breathing, which was deep and even. He said her name a couple times, but still no answer. She really was a heavy sleeper!

Scott found himself in a moral dillemma. He was horny as hell and his animal loins simply wanted to fuck her, he didn't care if she was asleep. But he was an attorney, he was civilized; for Christ's sake, he was a gentleman! Even as he thought this, he began pulling Amanda's blanket down, exposing her half naked body.

She hadn't bothered to change into her nightie, and was lying there on her back in her bra and skirt, dressed exactly as she was when she left the compartment just minutes before.

Scott decided to see how far he could go before waking her up; he figured he could still manage to persuade her if she did.

He leaned in and kissed her lips, which were parted slightly. She didn't move. He kissed her harder, and even slipped his tongue into her mouth. She still lay motionless. He couldn't believe it, but had to go on.
He pulled the blanket down a little more, revealing her ample breasts, which were just buldging inside her tight bra. He figured he'd be doing her a favour by removing the constricting garment, so he started by sliding the straps off her shoulders, all the while cautious about waking her. When he was convinced she really wasn't going to stir, he dared to slide his hands under her and unlatch her bra closure.
Now he could lift her bra off of her and admire her gorgeous tits again, this time unhindered by any clothing. He put his hands on both her breasts, still wary of her reaction, but there was none. He squeazed gently, then a little harder, then, unable to resist any longer, he climbed ontop of her and put his face inbetween them, kissing and licking them. He took her nipples inbetween his fingers and tenderly rolled them, watching them harden before his eyes. To his amazement, Amanda was still fast asleep.

By this time, Scott had abandoned all his righteous morals and was avidly licking and sucking her tits as she slept.
Without her knowledge, or permission, Amanda's pussy was getting wet again too, which Scott now discovered when he slipped one hand under the blanket and between her thighs. Her legs were spread a little but now he pulled the blanket off her entirely and tugged on her skirt til it came off too.
Now Amanda was completely naked. Scott got on all fours between her legs, spreading them apart even further. He had full access to her entire body without her even being aware of it. Scott felt an overwhelming desire to fuck her right them and there, but was still plagued by a little voice in the back of his mind, telling him it wasn't right. Amanda lay completely still, breathing deeply as if she was in the middle of a dream.
He took out his cock, which was as hard as ever, and considered just jacking off ontop of her, but when he started to touch himself, his desire only increased and became animalistic. He had to fuck her.
Now. Scott slid a finger into her pussy and was surprised at how wet she was despite the fact that she was in such a deep slumber. He slid another finger inside her and started finger fucking her slowly, mentally working up the courage to penetrate her. If only she could give him some kind of encouragement, he thought to himself.

At that moment, Amanda let out a slight wimper. Scott jumped and instantly removed his fingers; he was positive he'd woken her and ruined everything.
But she didn't move or stir at all, only mumbled softly 'Mmmmm, don't stop...'.
He replaced his fingers and continued to pump her and as he did, she became even wetter, so clearly she was in the midst of a wet dream! This gave Scott all the encouragement he needed and in one swift movement, he took his cock and slid it inside her. She moaned again, a little louder this time, but her eyes stayed shut.

Scott pushed himself deep into her, gasping as her pussy engulfed him. Thomas was right, Amanda's cunt was tight, and so wet he had to concentrate to keep his dick from slipping out again.

Silently, he fucked her as she slept. He rubbed her clit with his finger too, which made her mumble and wimper even more. He leaned down and sucked her nipples as they jiggled in his face. It excited him that he had complete control over her, and that her body trembled as he plunged his cock inside her.

He was getting carried away with passion now, and knew he was on the verge of an amazing climax. He didn't care anymore if she was awake or asleep, but when he lifted her legs up over his shoulders and rammed his dick in even deeper, that was what finally did wake her.

As she started to come to, she felt an incredible sensation in her pussy first, then on her tits, a feeling she recognized immediately but couldn't imagine was really happening. She opened her eyes and needed a couple moments to register that it was Scott ontop of her, fucking her brains out.

She wanted to protest, but it just felt too good so she let him go on. This was the second time in a matter of hours that an unknown man was taking advantage of her sexually, and to her surprise she found that she liked it.

When Scott realized Amanda was awake, he was already pumping her cunt full of sperm, and by the looks of it, she didn't seem to mind. She clasped her legs around his back, allowing him to reach the very deepest point of her torrid cunt, and as he filled her up.

When she realized fully what he had done, she demanded that Scott go down on her and lick her til she came, a request he was only too happy to oblidge. He didn't have to lick for very long, she felt her orgasm had been creeping up on her for some time now in her dreamlike state. The fact that her dream was real only made her hotter, which was certainly adventageous in this situation.

Scott sucked and licked her pussy, her juices tasted sweet and hot, and he devoured her, sinking his tongue deep inside her as she panted.

Then he thrust his fingers into her with gathering momentum and her breathing got faster, her pussy tightened around his tongue and he knew she was on the verge of cumming. One more lick in the right spot would drive her over the edge, and Scott knew what to do with his tongue. He positioned it right onto her erect little clit and gave it one good hard lick, which sent her reeling.

Amanda's orgasm made her body jerk violently and she wanted to pull away but Scott's mouth was planted firmly on her pussy, rubbing her clit with his tongue.

He held onto her hips in his strong arms, there was simply no escape, and she came right into his mouth over and over again. It felt like an eternity but finally her orgasm died down and she was able to breathe normally again. Scott lay down beside her and she wanted to tell him off for doing what he did, but she was actually grateful.

It was the best fuck she'd ever had.
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