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Train Ride

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Charlie wakes up with a start - if he isn't quick he's going to miss his train ....
Train Ride

Charlie woke up with a start and looked at his watch. Fuck. Fifteen minutes to get the train. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Jumping out of bed too quickly he bends double as the searing pain runs through his brain. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Hangover. Never again. He throws on the clothes that he’d had the foresight to leave ready before he went out last night and grabs the bag that was all ready and packed too. Ten minutes. He slams the door shut behind him and runs down the stairs as fast as he can. Oh fuck. Feeling sick. Head pounding. Just as well he lives right by the station. It’s still going to be a close thing. Across the road dodging cars and taxis. Yeah, you fuck off as well. Hit the stairs up to the station. Gonna be sick. Gonna be sick. Which platform? Which fucking platform. Scan the departure board with shaved eyes. Relief. Oh thank fuck. Delayed by fifteen minutes. Stop. Heart pounding, legs like jelly. Oh fuck. Calmer now. Even time to get a coffee. Heart slowing. Walk to the train. Find seat. Coffee on table. Bag on overhead luggage rack. Sit down. Stand up. Bag down. Side pocket. Yes. Quarter bottle of cognac. Stand up. Bag up. Sit down. No-one watching. Shaking hand pours the elixir. Take a sip. Bitter sweet and alcohol. Another sip. Feeling better now. Relax. Sit back. Close eyes.

That was the trouble with Charlie. He just couldn’t keep it in his trousers. Even last night when he knew how important it was to catch the train. Even though he knew what a big day he had in front of him. He’d gone out with some mates with the full intention of just having a few and then getting home for an early (-ish, night. Let’s face it, it was never going to be that early). After a few beers at the pub he’d switched to JD and coke at the club and he was well pissed by the time he left at 2 a.m. with the blonde. Back at her place they’d wasted no time. Straight into the bedroom and clothes off he’d barely clocked what a fit body she’d got before he was fucking her from behind. Amazing he could get it up at all, really. Nice arse though, looking down at the orbs of her backside as his cock slid in and out between them. After he’d come inside her he lay on the bed next to her and closed his eyes. No, no, no, got to go. Train to catch in the morning. Making his excuses he left her there muttering about what a selfish bastard he was. She hadn’t even come least he could do was stay with her a while instead of fucking off straight away like that. Fucking pig. Home at 4 a.m. Just time for a couple of hours sleep before the train.

Charlie wakes with a start as the train jerks into motion. Through bleary eyes he looks at the sort that’s slid into the seat opposite. Very tasty. The top half, anyway. The coffee sits on the table half finished. Reaching for the carton he removes the lid which his clumsy fingers drop to the floor. Bending down to retrieve it he sneaks a look. Nice looking pins and arse by the looks of things too. Sitting back up he notices she’s staring at him. What? Charlie looks away and takes a swig. Not so nice now it’s getting cold but the cognac still burns on the way down. He stares out the window. Two and a half hours to go. Settling back he stretches out his legs which connect with the girl’s sitting opposite.

“Sorry,” Charlie mutters.

“No worries,” she responds. Charlie moves his leg back and is surprised when hers moves with it to maintain the contact. Her leg rubs against his and a knowing smile crosses her face.

“I need a coffee,” he says to her, standing. “Can I get you something?”

“Sure. A coffee would be good. Black, two sugars.”

“A sweet tooth, huh?” Charlie asks.

“I like savoury things too,” the girl responds.

As he stands Charlie takes a better look. Quite a temptress. Her blouse is unbuttoned far enough to give an ample view of her ample cleavage and the frills of the bra that encompass her breasts. She looks up at him as if to ask, “you like what you see?” puts her hands to her collar to open the blouse further and pushes her chest out slightly. Bitch. Charlie turns away and heads for the safety of the buffet car. He makes his unsteady way along the carriages between the too close together seats in pursuit of his errand. Continuing the balancing act on the way back, a much more precarious task with two cartons of coffee to hand, stops before his carriage to take a piss. Fucking engaged, of course. He puts the coffees down on the floor and waits. The door opens and it’s her. She opens the door wide but makes no effort to leave the cubicle. What the fuck is she playing at? A hand goes down to her groin and she presses at it and steps back further. Charlie looks around to see if anyone is witness to what is happening and then steps through the door. She moves to one side and closes it behind him.

“Get your cock out,” she orders. “let’s see what you’ve got.”

As Charlie fumbles for his zip she takes her phone and begins to video.

“Mmm, not bad,” she says as she points the device downwards from his face to where Charlie is stroking his cock to make it hard. “I told you I like savoury things too.”

Kneeling in the confinement she lowers her head to Charlie’s stiffening shaft and takes it in her hand.

“Film it.”

She passes Charlie the phone and he lowers it to the view of his cock. She starts by tonguing the head and his cock twitches in response before she takes it in her mouth. She’s looking up at the phone as she slides her mouth along the length of his shaft.

“I hope you’re getting this?” she asks, breaking her stride for a second.

“Mmmmm,” is all Charlie can say as the ripples of pleasure pass through his cock and balls. Her hands rise to undo his trousers which are lowered to his ankles then she strokes and sucks at him all the time looking up. The tension increases as Charlie feels the cum rising in his cock but before he shoots his load she stops and stands up.

“I want you to fuck me,” she says as she raises her skirt and pulls down her knickers. Stepping out of them she turns away from him and bends over as much as she can before pressing her backside onto Charlie’s cock. Holding the phone in one hand he continues to film as he uses the other to play the head of his cock over her pussy lips. He can feel the wetness of her and pushes the head inside her before pulling out and playing it over her lips once more and then using it to brush at her clit. She moans quietly as he pushes the head back into her and then further until the whole of his cock is buried inside her. With one hand on her ass he slides in and out of her juicy wetness and feels the walls of her pussy tightening around him. A hand cups his balls and begins to fondle them and then he feels a finger sliding in with his cock. The cock and finger move in unison until she tenses her legs and bum and lets out a moan as she comes. Charlie is right behind her (so to speak) and he feels the cum beginning to gush out of his cock, the sensation of it spreading down the shaft to his balls and on into his legs which begin to tremble. He withdraws and films the second and third spurts which shoot onto her bare cheeks and her skirt. Panting, he stands pressed against her bent over form unable to move for a few seconds then bends to pull up his trousers. The sight of her lips entice him to lick at them and he tastes her juices mixed with his own. He continues to film as she slides her hand between her thighs and pushes two fingers inside herself and slides them in and out then strokes her clit until she comes again.

Charlie leaves the carriage while the girl stays to clean herself up. The coffees forgotten, he makes his way back to his seat and collapses into it. His cock is still humming from the adventure but, boy, is he feeling tired. He places her phone on the table as he sees her making her way back between the seats and then he drifts into sleep.

Waking with a start the announcement warns him they’re approaching his station. There is no sign of the girl. Charlie stands to retrieve his bag and makes his way to join the queue of people waiting to get off. The train comes to a jerky halt and he shuffles off onto the platform.

“Chas. Charlie boy,” Charlie hears someone calling.

“Hi, bro,” he responds as the younger copy of himself approaches.

“Jesus, you look like shit. What the fuck have you been up to? Thought you were having a quiet night last night?”

“Yeah, didn’t quite work out that way.”

“Well, your suit’s all ready. We’d better go and get you sorted out.”

Charlie thinks he sees the girl from the train disappearing up ahead …..

“…. if any person here present knows of any impediment why this couple should not be joined in matrimony …” the voice is droning on.

Charlie is standing all suited and booted with his brother James to his right. To his left is Siobhan, his soon to be wedded wife, all veiled and hidden under the vastness of her dress.

“Get on with it,” Charlie is thinking to himself. “If I didn’t need her money……”

“ …… let them speak now or forever hold their peace,” the vicar concludes.

A moments silence then:

“I do,” calls a voice from the back of the congregation.

Charlie recognises the voice as all eyes turn to the girl who is holding a phone above her head ……

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