Transgression part 2

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Continued from my first story
You will remember that my friend and I had left with the possibility of meeting again sometime. What I neglected to add to the first story and hence the title was the fact that I was a married man. Mary( not her real name) had been recently divorced.

Well I did manage to get back to her town, and tried to call her but got no answer. I guess I should tell you that this was back in the day when not everyone carried a phone. Most cell phones were too cumbersome to carry around, so most of us had pagers which displayed a call back number.

After several attempts to reach her at her home, it finally dawned on me to try her pager. After about 30 minutes I got a call back and a very excited voice greeted me on the other end.

I said hi Mary, I just got to town and will be working here a couple days and was wondering if you would be free to meet me? She informed me that she actually was in a disco bar at the present, and with some friends, but I was welcome to join her if I wished.

I said of course I would love to join you and meet your friends, and maybe learn some more disco moves as you had taught me some before and I loved it. She told me the address and said that they would wait for me to get there.

I found the address and went inside to be greeted by thundering disco music and the place was packed. I saqw her across the room and waved at her, and she motioned me to come on over. I got a drink,and pointed to it, as if to ask if she wanted one also. She smiled and nodded her head, so I ordered another drink and made my way through the crowd to give her the drink, and to meet her friends.

She grabbed me and gave me a big kiss and introduced me around to her girl friends. I was blown away at the site of her 2 friends. They were both strikingly beautiful girls, who radiated pure sex, (at least in my mind. )

I asked them where there guy friends were and was told that it was girls night out and that the guys decided that a football game was more enjoyable than going dancing. I could not believe anyone in their right mind would let these hotties loose on the town without escort.

The drinks were flowing good and my clumsy feet were starting to loosen up, or at least it felt like it. We were all having a great time, and as we danced I managed to get a good feel of all three girls. One was 23 and a very shapely red head with I would guess to be 34b breasts, but her small waist and nice round booty made her resemble a bumble bee. A very hot bumble bee I might add, as she was wearing a very short skirt and a push up bra which accentuated her breasts even more.

The other girl was 25 and except for her pure blonde hair she was almost a duplicate of the first one. I later found out they were sisters and lived just a couple streets away from Mary, and that they usually went dancing a lot. I just happened to meet Mary the first time on a night when the sisters were out of town, and Mary had had a very rough night at work, and her mind had got caught up in remembering her ex.

Anyway, we danced and I managed to rub bodies with all three girls and I was in heaven, but Mary noticed I was having a little more fun than she thought I should be having with her friends. She told me to behave or I might not get to repeat what we had shared on our first meeting. I smiled at her and said it was just innocent kidding and playing to make everyone feel at ease with each other. She said, yeah, yeah, I think you are too at ease. We botjh laughed at this, and I told the other two what she said and they all had a great laugh and told her not to worry, they knew what the boundries were. 

Time seemed to stand still as we enjoyed the evening, and the drinks kept flowing. I finally asked Mary if it would be possible to break her away from her friends. She said that they had came together, and she had rode in their car.

I asked if maybe they could take us back to Marys house, and drop us off. They smiled and said sure. We are tired of dancing anyway,and tomorrow will be an early day, so lets leave.

We all piled into the car, thank goodness it was a 4 door sedan. Mary and I got in the rear and it seemed all the girls were talking at once, but my hand was working under Marys skirt, and feeling her soft thigh. She gasped a little as my fingers found the edge of her panties and a finger slipped into her slit.

Her friends laughed and asked what that was about. Mary blushed and I just laughed and kept on playing. I leaned over to kiss her lightly on the neck as my finger slid deep inside her wet pussy. I could feel her nipples getting hard through the thin material of her blouse. One of the sisters said, We better get them home soon. I think Mary is going to cum in the back seat. With this we all laughed and I assured them that she would cum before the night was over.

We got to her house and the girls dropped us off, and we waived goodby and they drove off. We walked to her door,and she let me in. I closed the door and pressed her against it hard, my fingers again finding their way into her wet sopping pussy. Our tongues played together and my other hand massaged her breast.

She broke away from me and took my hand and led me to her bedroom, where she immediately dropped her skirt and layed back on her bed. I dropped between her legs and started to lick her wet pussy taking plenty of time to work over her clit. Sucking and teasing it and taking my fingers to uncover her good so I had full access. Darting my tongue in and out of her wetness and then slipping a hand under her ass to tease her rosebud . She jumped when I touched her there, but didn't make me quit.

I slowly pushed my finger deeper into her ass as my tongue played in and out of her juicy pussy. I was enjoying the feel of her, and listening to her moans, and all at once the pushed my head hard against her pussy and an incredible orgasm hit her. She moaned out my named and pulled my hair as she thrust me against her hard.

I could barely breath, but managed to stay there long enough to make her cum again. She finally released her grip on my hair and I smiled up at her. She informed me she had never been made to cum like that before and that I was gonna be a very busy man the next two days.

I informed her that I had planned on being very busy and not only with my tongue.At that I moved up between
her legs and glided my now very erect cock into her and shoved it deep. It felt so good and went in so deep and fast. I started moving in and out faster and faster. Feeling my cock swelling more and more with each thrust. I could feel my orgasm building.

I increased my speed and and worked my ass from side to side to swab her pussy good from side to side, making sure I touched every part of her willing pussy. I was almost ready to cum, and said get ready, I am gonna fill you up. She said do it, do it now, give me your hot cum baby. Fuck my pussy good.

Thats all it took. I exploded into her and she came with me with such a rush, that it surprised me as I wasn't expected it, but was happy she had cum with me. We lay together for a while cuddling and enjoying the pure bliss of the moment.

Mary told me she had been thinking about our first meeting for several days and was wondering if I would really come back again. I told her it would be impossible to not come back as she had provided me with the most awesome sex I had every encountered, and I was hoping for more as often as I could work out a trip. She smiled at me and kissed me deeply.

This was going to be a very great week.