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Travelling alone can be fun

I have always hated travelling alone, but this experience changed my view completely.
Let me first give you an idea about how I look. I am 26, with 36 B cup breasts a slender waist and long legs. My long black hair was tied in a knot. I was wearing a skirt that just reached my knees.. and a sleeveless tight top showing off my cleavage to such an extent the onlookers let out a moan when they see.

The train was almost vacant with a handful of passengers who were at the end of the wagon and very far from me.I was reading a book when suddenly you came and asked if the seat opposite to mine was vacant and I confirmed that if you want you can sit here. You are 5’9’’, dark and handsome; your looks made me skip a heartbeat. You catch me staring, and smile back making me blush.

You sit down and introduced yourself to me. “I am Christina”, I replied with a blush that reddened my cheeks. You give me a sexy smile that aroused my sensation with a tingling effect from my pussy. We talk a bit casually about our jobs and family and where both of us are headed and if the trip is for business or pleasure. Whenever our eyes meet; a gush of electricity passes through my body; making me want you more and more.I feel uneasy sitting opposite to you and I am worried if you can make out what is going on in my mind.

Night falls outside as the train passes through the countryside. Even inside the wagon everything is very quiet as most of the passengers have drifted off to sleep. I also stretch myself, in the process my skirt rises up higher, you stare with lust filled eyes. I am enjoying at your cost, I sexily move my hips as my skirt rises higher even more.

I wish you good night and pretend to be sleeping but I just lying thinking about how it would feel to have you touch me and feel you inside me. As if you have read my thoughts you switch off the lights and come and sit next to me. I don’t understand how to react so I just keep still making you believe that I am really asleep. I feel your hand on my knee and the forwarding towards my thigh, I felt my skirt hem rising higher.. I was shocked of your boldness and waited anxiously for your next step. You start caressing my inner thighs and slowly moving towards my hotspot. You rub my clitoris from above the panty, this was too much for me and I let out a soft moan. This encouraged you even more and your strokes became more demanding. Your other hand starts stroking my breast from above the dress.

I open my eyes and look at you, you gave me a sexy smile that assured me everything will be fine and I should allow you take in the charge so that we could have wonderful experience. I shut my eyes as you lift my top up and unclasp my bra to free my breasts. You tease my nipples pinching and stroking them; while below you have found a way through my honey pot and have inserted a finger.

I asked you to stop, you stopped and moved; I pulled my panty put it aside. You too got up and unzipped your trousers and removed your boxers to give me the first view of your cock that was standing long and thick. I took hold of your shaft and started stroking it slowly and was awarded with a generous amount of your pre cum. I couldn’t resist and licked the tip of your cock and then slowly gave you a blow job. Your moans ringed in my ears as you fucked my mouth. I grasped for breath and took it out of my mouth while you asked me to lay back and relax.

I did as he said. You lifted my skirt and started stroking my clit and I spread my legs to give you access; then without any prior notice you entered me. A loud moan seeped through me but you locked your lips with mine not to let the co-passengers know of our activities.

The vibration of the speeding train and the slow and steady motion of your strokes overwhelmed my desires to an extent that I could but help myself to a very strong orgasm. I muscles tightened and your strokes intensified. I met your strokes with my thrusts as you discovered new depths inside me releasing untouched passion. You strokes get harder and harder and I could feel your muscles tighten as you reach your climax. I urge you to bang on hard and you oblige me with intense strokes. The pressure builds on both of us and with a hard thrust you empty your seed into my dripping pussy and the warmth of your cum made my pussy erupt its juices more wildly.

We both clean ourselves up and snuggle in the little berth to sleep. But when I wake up, you are gone and I even didn’t get a chance to ask you your name.
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