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Travis takes it all

Ainsley relies on her lover's youthful resourcefulness in order to help her forget.
Travis stopped talking mid sentence. In the silence he observed her lovely, long legs, taking in the way the silk of her stockings leant a light sheen to her skin. Around them, soft, bland but tasteful background music tinkled. The lights in the small bar were dimmed to a pleasurable level. Dark enough for punters to realise day had moved on, into evening, not so dim as to reek of pick-ups and Saturday nights. In small alcoves, candles burned.

Travis made eye contact with the waitress behind the counter. She stood, intently polishing a large, red wine glass with relentlessness bordering on obsession. The young, fit woman wore an elegant starched white shirt and a long, black apron. She fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the high class establishment. Travis finished his scotch. He looked across at Ainsley and wondered where her mind wandered tonight.

“You’re not listening to me.”

Travis rolled the ice cubes about in his tumbler, causing them to clink. He placed the glass carefully on a coaster. The young waitress began to make her way towards them. Ainsley finally met his gaze, her violet eyes appraising him as though she had only just noted his presence in the room. She searched his face. Her eyes dropped to her drink and she stirred the liquid distractedly.


The whole thing had Travis at a loss. His normally bubbly companion seemed so far removed, the resources to reach her were beyond him. He bent one knee in his tailored suit and closed the distance between them. Travis’ warm, large hand came to rest on her silken thigh.

“It’s O.K., Sweetheart. Let’s get you home.”

“No.” Her eyes flew to his. “It’s alright. I’m alright. I’ll just powder my nose.”

In an unusually unladylike motion Ainsley hastily dumped her champagne flute on the counter and slid from the bar stool, making her way around the curve of the bar to the ladies room like a bird in flight. Travis watched her go, perplexed. Close by, the eyes of a young waitress followed her progress.

“Is your Mum O.K.?”

Travis’ face slid into a slow smile. His Mum. He almost corrected the girl.

“I don’t know.” He said softly.

He shot her a telling glance, willing her to leave the topic alone. He adjusted the cuff of his shirt with the fingers of one hand. What the hell.

“Can I take you out for a drink some time?”

The waitress looked startled by his offer, then pleased. She gave him a genuine smile. He was treated to his first glimpse of her girlish dimples.

“Sure. If you want, I finish up at ten?”

“I’ll drop my Mother home.” Travis countered levelly “And then swing by and pick you up?”


She moved away to serve other customers. She was still serving at the far end of the bar when Ainsley returned, looking even paler. Travis dismounted his stool and grabbed his jacket. He steered Ainsley towards the exit stairs.

Emerging from the basement into the cool of the evening, Travis observed a welcome shift in Ainsley’s mood. It was almost as though the coolness of the night air had shocked her back to reality. She turned to him, Travis wrapped his jacket around her slim shoulders and drew her into his embrace. As always, at close range, he was struck by her elegance. The moonlight accentuated her fine, pale features and obscured the unusual emotions swirling in her large, round eyes.

“Oh I’m sorry. We were supposed to be having fun.”

He lowered his lips onto hers in a tender kiss.

“It’s O.K.”

He held her for a moment in silence, half expecting her to speak.

“Won’t you tell me what’s wrong?”

She shook her head.

“Where are you parked?”

He indicated the direction and they fell in step with one another.

“Perhaps I’ll have the heart to tell you in the car.”

She didn’t. She stared doggedly into the passing, bright lights of the city, all the way home. Travis had never felt so alone. When he brought the car to a standstill outside her apartment, she gave him an absent kiss and made to leave.


She still didn’t look at him. Her gaze was directed straight ahead.

“It’s got nothing to do with us, Travis. It’s my husband, I’m afraid.”

“Can I come in?”

Her eyes flew to his expression. He knew he must look formidable. He’d read her silence all the way home as a sign of mistrust. It angered him. The darkened car interior cloaked his eyes. To Ainsley he looked far more devilish than he could have ever imagined. Her heart flip flopped as she observed him, her handsome lover. She held on to the sensation almost desperately, relieved to be feeling anything at all. Eventually, she brought herself back to reality. His expression was granite, because of her.

“Oh I’m sorry.” Ainsley cursed herself for apologising again. “Of course. Of course come in. It will be nice to have a night cap.”

Ainsley missed the questioning expression her words produced. A night cap? It was barely 9pm. Never before had he been invited inside. In the past their tumbles had always taken place at his house, as a result of her marriage. Travis switched off the engine. Immediately the metal began to tick as it cooled. He made his way around the bonnet with gentlemanly grace and opened her door.

Inside, Travis was painfully aware of the stillness. As she collected their drinks from the far end of the room, he looked around the lavishly appointed room. A low, glass fronted cabinet adorned with lifestyle magazines, vases and photographs, took up the entire length of one wall. He moved closer. Frozen smiles from many years of marriage looked out at him.

He picked up a frame, Ainsley’s husband looked to be a much older man, perhaps 30 years his senior. Older than Ainsley herself. His tanned, firm features spoke of expensive methods of self-preservation, to which only the truly wealthy can aspire. Travis couldn’t help wondering if he would come to resemble this man. There was a good chance, considering his current rate of ascension through the ranks of a soliciting firm.

Behind him, Ainsley gave a little sigh. Abruptly, he replaced the photo and turned. A world of sorrow lay hidden in her eyes. Travis found the scene vaguely repulsive but he bit back his bile. He took the drinks from her shaking hands and placed them aside. He enveloped the older woman in his arms. Mechanically, he kissed her forehead. Beneath his lips, her skin felt papery and warm. She smelt of oranges and vanilla. Ainsley melted into his embrace and the silence deepened. Eventually Travis moved.

“Will you tell me now?”

The words hung in the air, as only awkward phrases trapped in uncomfortable silences can. She shook her head. Travis remained at a loss. From the corner of his eye he spotted a stereo. Abandoning her briefly, he strode over and broke the strange mood by switching on a record. Soft jazz floated into the room. Travis heaved a sigh of relief. He no longer probed her. It seemed futile. Instead his big arms simply held her. He rubbed the softness of her flesh through her dress with his thumbs and waited.

When she began to sob softly, he acted on instinct, extracting her from his chest. Travis took her face in his hands. He kissed the tears that continued their unhurried, silent descent down her pretty, too-fragile features. Finally, he placed his lips on hers. She met them hungrily. Her hands reached up to encircle his neck. He continued to ply her with softly insistent kisses and then, as the familiar rush of desire infused his veins, his lips became demanding. Ainsley answered, pressing her body to him, as though the heat in his could fill up the coldness in her own.

He warmed to his task. He felt the glimmer of answering passion stir within her. Travis went on making love to her mouth, his hesitation assuaged by her growing response. Ainsley’s pixie-like tongue darted in and out of his mouth, stopping to lick his bottom lip. He groaned and crushed her breasts into his solid chest. His biceps felt restricted in his suit jacket. Frustrated, he broke away and shrugged off the outer layer. Ainsley assisted by unbuttoning his work shirt. Beneath it, he wore no singlet. Her fingers met the fine, springy hair on his chest. She caressed her way towards his navel.

Through the delicate material of her dress, past the silk of her petticoat and the lace of her bra, Travis thumbed a budded nipple until her breathing rasped and her knees trembled. A lazy smile of satisfaction threatened his full lips. He gazed at his older mistress. She looked one hundred percent better. Her cheeks were rosy with arousal, her eyes shone in the dim light and she clearly wanted him. She met his gaze steadily and undid the buckle of his pants. Travis kicked off his shoes. He walked her bodily backwards as she continued her attempt to undress him.

The back of her knees met the cabinet, He reached behind her and smoothed objects out of their path. She dropped his trousers and in turn, Travis picked her up, arse first and deposited her on the wood. He sunk to his knees. Ainsley leaned in, asking to be kissed. He obliged with a searing, hungry embrace. His cock quivered in his now-exposed Y-fronts.

Satisfied he had her attention, Travis extracted his mouth from hers. He pushed her skirts up her thighs. Ainsley shivered. He reached in and unhooked her stockings from her garters. She didn’t miss the carnal gleam of appreciation in his eyes. Every man was a sucker for good lingerie. Ainsley eyed her lover with satisfaction. This man was no different.

Carefully, Travis divested her feet of her heels. He unrolled the sheer silk of her stocking tantalisingly slowly; down her thigh, over her knee and from her calf, unsheathed her left leg. Ainsley leaned back on her hands, her face tilted towards the ceiling as she enjoyed the sensation. She bit her lip to keep from crying out as he began his sensual assault on the opposite leg. Once his task was complete, she met his gaze. Travis deftly raised her butt with his big hands and took away the silk of her knickers. In the process he shuffled her forward, exposing her lower body to his gaze. He ducked his head and began to make love to her pussy.

She gasped. The over-riding sensation was heat from his tongue, brazenly darting inside her folds to reach her sensitive nub. Her arse cheeks clenched and Travis greedily pushed her thighs further apart. She opened like a flower for him and reverentially he supped. At first, his strokes started out tentative and gentle, he licked her lips, he slid his tongue experimentally up and down her slit but Ainsley grew agitated with the light ministrations. She bucked and tried to pull his head down further into her pussy, vainly attempting to direct his caresses onto her throbbing centre.

Travis did not obey. He teased, he lapped greedily and then broke the rhythm. He aroused in her a mindless, grinding response. Her limbs turned to liquid, her sadness left her and she became a molten, desirous siren, gyrating to his erratic beat. Travis caressed her thigh with his hand. He accompanied his licking and stroking with two probing fingers.

“Oh.” Ainsley sang. “Oooh.”

She looked down at his head bobbing between her legs. She throbbed, desperate for release.

“Oh. Please?” She begged, jubilant in her surrender.

Travis needed no more encouragement. He drove his tongue into her pussy, thrusting and swirling. Ainsley almost screamed. Just when she thought the world would shatter into thousands of tiny pieces, as she fell over the edge of the point-of-no-return, Travis sneakily stopped. The absence of his head between her legs made the air in her lounge-room feel cold. Her pussy ached. She blinked, quivering with pent-up frustration. Her violet eyes met his and he stepped out of his underpants.

Travis held out a hand. With his help, she stood up, unable to even straighten her skirts. The fine material fell softly, covering her thighs of it’s own accord. Ainsley followed her lover across the room, acutely aware of the pressure her thighs wrought on her swollen pussy as she walked, aware too, of how her juices pooled and her sex fretted for cock. Ainsley doubted she had ever ached so badly to be filled.

They stopped in front of the stereo. She began to unbutton her dress. Her shaking fingers managed five buttons and the zipper at her size. Travis helped by pulling the material over her head. She rolled the silk of her petticoat up and off. Still in her bra, she moved to the floor, enjoying the feel of the sheepskin rug as she leant back on her elbows. Travis padded away from her and she thought she would die from neglect. Lust spread her thighs wide, invitingly exposing her glistening flesh.

Travis returned with her heels, and the sight before him made him stop and draw breath. Impishly he knelt before her, the proud head of his large erection creating a beautiful diversion. Ainsley eyed the strong, pink toy and unconsciously licked her lips. Travis slipped her feet back into heels and planted them on the floor. From where he knelt, at the juncture of her thighs, the addition of footwear tilted her hips deliciously. Her pussy was poised. He covered her body with his own, suffusing her slight frame with his heat.

Ainsley felt the head of his cock trace her entrance. He didn’t kiss her. He looked down at her face with rapt attention, she read his palpable craving for her in the darkness of eyes. He raised his hips and the very tip of his cock made it’s way inside her. A sensation so exquisite it almost drove her to orgasm.

“Tell me you love me.” Travis held his body propped on his elbows, waiting.

Ainsley used the moment to drag her nails over the tense flesh of his torso. His skin broke out into goose-bumps.

“I love you.” Her words were a sensual whisper, millimetres from his ear.

He unleashed his restraint and drove into her. His entire, throbbing pole made it’s way up her insides.

“uNghrr!” She uttered mindlessly and strung her legs around his waist.

Travis withdrew and pushed back in again. She was tight, hot, he revelled in it. He fucked her for some time, never allowing the pace to increase beyond a steady, pleasing injection of flesh, then a withdrawal and then completion once more. Ainsley listened to the sopping noises of their bodies meeting and wriggled to entice him into changing pace.

“You want more?” Travis’ voice was thick with lust. It came out in a growl.

Ainsley could do nothing but nod in ascent. He kissed her quickly and pulled her upright. From a nearby couch he grabbed two large, plump cushions. He placed them on the shag-pile sheepskin, one atop the other and indicated she should resume her position.

“Put them under your hips”

Ainsley noted his cock bobbing at her. She loved it’s size and shape. As he undid her bra and gave her nipple a wet caress, she reached out and touched the gleaming meat. Travis raised an eyebrow. Just before her fingers were about to wrap around him, he slapped her hands away.

“Lie down for me. Face the rug.”

Ainsley got on all fours, she nestled into position and Travis appreciated the view. Her black heels were tipped towards the ceiling, her arse faced skyward too, the flesh plumped and supported by cushions. Her breasts touched the shag-pile, he hoped the fine animal hairs tickled and aroused her.

Seconds later he knelt behind her.

“Ah. Sweetheart.”

He thrust his hungry man-meat into her without further preamble. Her arse quivered as she received all of him.

“You’re so beautiful.”

His hands strayed to her thighs and her rump. He grabbed at the flesh as he penetrated her pussy.

“So. Hot.”

She whimpered.

“That feels...”

He kept on thrusting, joining them with ever-increasing urgency. For a moment she was silent. He could see her hands clenching and unclenching on the carpet. He ground into her and she made a noise in the back of her throat.

“You like that?”

“ good” Ainsley tried hard to form the words.

Thinking was difficult with a virile young man buried in her, again and again.


Ainsley felt her release building. He slammed into her, buried time and time again up to his balls. His onslaught caressed her g-spot. She prepared herself for the stars. Behind her, Travis fought the urge to unload and failed. Simultaneously, their worlds erupted into crashing orgasm. Flesh spasmed into flesh and Ainsley felt his warm seed fill her.

He stopped, enjoying the delicate closeness. Around his cock-head Ainsley’s muscles continued to shudder and milk him. His peripheral vision was infused with speckled blackness and for one, fierce moment he thought he might pass out. Ainsley sighed and the madness abated. He shifted her hips and released the stack of cushions. His big body came to rest beside her, on the floor. Ainsley too, fought to catch her breath.

They lay on the rug, Travis’ arm slung over her torso like a blanket. His presence was warm and welcome, his post-coital cuddle a claustrophobic caress. She closed her eyes. As the haze of lust lifted, Ainsley began to hear the jazz notes coming from her stereo once more. Travis kissed the back of her neck.

“Alright?” He sounded hesitant, curious.

“Wonderful” Ainsley reassured him, without conviction.

She wouldn’t tell him why she was upset. It wasn’t the right time and perhaps, with her lover, it might never be. It was enough to feel whole, alive and sated. She wriggled further into his spooning embrace. Travis felt his semi-hard cock as it came into contact with her warm bottom. His arms tightened around her. He wasn’t sure why his mistress had been in such a strange mood.

He thought of the woman at the bar, briefly. Travis wondered if he would have the nerve to go and fetch her.

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