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Troy, Maria ( and Me )

“Admit it, you do want to fuck her, I can see by the way you look at her, it’s true isn’t it ?”

We were in the car, on the way home from a friend’s barbecue. We had left early as my wife, Maria had not reacted well to the amount of time I had spent chatting to Vikki, one of her best friends. Vikki is a very tactile lady, always touching your hand or wrist when making a point in conversation. Also she gets more and more flirtatious as the booze flows.

“No I do not want to fuck her, we were just having a chat, a bit of fun, remember fun?”

We have been married for just over three years, of late things have been a bit tense between us, a mixture of work pressure and money worries have seen the spark between us dim noticeably. Our sex life particularly had dipped alarmingly, and we rarely fucked anymore. When we did it was just perfunctory. Gone are the days when we would do it anywhere; on a train, in an alley between shops, in a restaurant toilet.

Back at home in our bed, Maria is giving me the cold shoulder, literally, she has her back turned against me, reading a magazine. I decide to break the ice.

“Look I don’t fancy her, we just get on well.”

She put the magazine down, “Yes you fucking do, you’re always staring at her tits, bet you imagine it’s her when you’re giving me one.”

I deny it, but she is right. I do find Vikki very sexy, and I get the feeling if I tried, made a play then I could have her. It nearly did happen, years ago before I got married, but we both decided it was a bad idea as we both had partners, and mine was one of her best friends.

“What would you do if I started flirting with one of your mates, hanging onto their every word, laughing at every little joke?”

“Well I wouldn’t be as paranoid as you are.”

The room falls silent, she goes back to her magazine. Then out of the ether.

“Well I do fancy one of your mates actually.”

I’m shocked “Which one ?”

“Troy, I fancy Troy, I would really love his cock inside me, I wank myself silly thinking of him, thinking of him coming all over my face.”

Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Troy is one of my best mates, known him for years. He’s a popular character and really outgoing. He’s a big muscular guy and seems to be a big hit with the ladies. He often comes round for a few beers and a curry.

“You fancy Troy then, ok so if we’re getting things off our chest’s - ok I do fancy Vikki, I really would love to fuck the arse off her.”

My mind is racing now, I hadn’t seen this coming. “Does he fancy you, I mean has he ever tried anything on?”

“About a month ago, when you got pissed and fell asleep, remember?”

“Yeah I do.”

“Well, we just got chatting, we had a little kiss, he felt my pussy through my jeans, I got turned on, and err I wanked him off.”

I was dumbstruck, my missus and Troy, never.

She turned herself round, stared me in the face, and cracked up “Had you going, your fucking face is a picture.”

“You bastard” I said relieved.

“Not that I wouldn’t have, but Troy said we shouldn’t, you’re a mate and all that, the kissing bit was true though.”

I couldn’t get the image of them fucking out of my head. Bizarrely, the images flashing through my head gave me a raging hard on. Maria didn’t take long to notice.

“Given you a hard-on has it, thinking of me being fucked?”

I didn’t have time to answer before her hand was inside my boxers, stroking my dick.

“You like it, the thought of it. You can imagine Troy, pounding me hard from behind, bet he’s got a massive dick.”

She speeds up her wrist action and within a minute I’m coming, inside my boxers. She releases my dick and gives me a sweet smile “I tell you what, you square it with Troy to fuck me, and I’ll speak to Vikki, see if she wants to have you, I’m sure she won’t refuse.”

With that she turns her back to me again and turns out the light.


Troy is sitting in my lounge sipping a beer, looking at me nervously.

“You cool with this, Joe?”

“I’m cool Troy, I told you.”

It had not taken much persuasion. I told him I knew about the kiss, he thought I was up for decking him. Imagine his face when I told him Maria wanted him to fuck her, and for me to watch. It must have taken a full thirty seconds to agree.

“It seems a great idea at the time, Joe but I’m not so sure now. I don’t fancy the thought of you seeing my knob, seeing me fucking your girl.”

In all truth I wasn’t sure either, but Maria had been so enthusiastic, and we had been getting on so much better, and our sex life was ten times better.

Her footsteps descending the stairs ended our conversation. She stepped into the room and my jaw dropped, she was completely naked and her light brown hair, usually up in a bunch was down by her shoulders. Her firm breasts framed by beautiful erect nipples, and to top it all, a freshly shaven pussy.

She walked past me as if I wasn’t even there, “Hi Troy, Joe wants to watch you fuck my brains out, up for it, sexy?”

If Troy was nervous, he didn’t show it. He gave me a glance, and I nodded as if to give the green light.

He stood up, taking my wife’s head in his huge hands, cradling it, giving her a long passionate kiss, his tongue slipping into her mouth, hers returned the compliment. I hadn’t realised how turned on I would be, seeing my sexy wife with another man. My cock twitched and strained against the zip of my jeans. Her hands were behind Troy’s head, trying to get as much of his tongue into her mouth. The kiss seemed to go on forever.

Troy’s hands were now on Maria’s peachy bum, spreading her cheeks roughly. The contrast between his huge hands and her tiny behind was a real turn on. He broke from the kiss and turned his attention to her stubby nipples, making a loud sucking noise as he alternated from one to the other, drawing gasps of appreciation. Her hand had now traced it’s way down to his crotch and was caressing the impressive bulge developing there.

His hand moved from her arse and settled on her juicy quim, the gasps were now less muffled and louder, her passion rising quickly. She unzipped his fly and after navigating his boxers, released his manhood and gasped. It sprang upright, and was at least nine inches, and as thick as my wrist. Maria massaged his meat as Troy fingered her pussy, the gasps of appreciation continued during this act of mutual masturbation.

She broke from the clinch “Your cock is so fucking big, Troy, I’ve never seen one so fat. Get your kit off and fuck me.”

Troy speedily discarded his t-shirt, jeans, boxers and socks. God I hated him, a toned, muscular body, flat stomach and impressive looking manhood, with pendulous balls hanging heavily. Maria swooned.

“And you, Joe”

Shit, My body is nowhere near as impressive as Troy, and my cock certainly not as big. I protested vehemently, but she was not having it.

“Get naked, I want to see you jacking while I’m fucking Troy, or there will be no Vikki”

I decided to submit and stripped off, feeling really self conscious. “Kiss me, Joe.” we kissed passionately in the same way she had with Troy, she massaged me hard and then turned back to Troy, wrapping her slim fingers around his dick, slowly massaging his length even harder if that was possible. His fingers re-entered her folds, managing to thrust in two sausage sized digits with ease as she was so wet.
I wanted to be a part of this and not a passenger so I moved behind Maria and kissed her neck and shoulders. Her other hand snaked behind her and wrapped itself around my member and roughly wanked me at the same time as Troy. I felt so dirty and decided to try something. I spat on my finger and circled it around her anus, gently easing it into her arse, moving it gently back and forth, Maria groaned with pleasure and I decided to push my finger in further up to the knuckle. “Oh god your finger feels so good up my arse.”
Usually Maria doesn’t do bum sex so I am pleasantly surprised. After five minutes of front and rear manipulation, Maria pulls Troy’s fingers from her pussy and mine from her bum.

“I’m ready to be fucked, Troy, but don’t try and stick that thing up my ass, I can just about take a finger.”

She ushered Troy into an armchair, he sat wanking himself to full hardness, and pulled back his foreskin, his bulbous head looked scarily big.

Maria put one foot on each arm of the chair and lowered herself onto his length, she fed the tip of his cock into her pussy and rocked slowly up and down, I had a lovely view of her pretty arse as she raised the pressure of her thrusts, her juicy pussy squelching as she rode him, traces of her cream smothered Troy’s cock as it entered her deeper and deeper.

She was now taking almost all of Troy, and her moans became louder and deeper, I wanted to see her being pleasured but her back was to me. I decided to direct “Turn her around, Troy, I want to see you fuck her.”

She hoisted herself off him and turned around, now facing me, straddled Troy’s penis. I’ve never seen my wife look so turned on, she caught my gaze and smiled. Troy now had his hands around her tiny waist and pushed her deep onto him, she was now taking the whole of his length. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Troy now took control and was lifting her off and pushing Maria back onto his member.

The unmistakeable smell of pussy juice now filled the room and I could see Maria’s orgasm wasn’t far away as she was circling her clit wildly.

Her eyes were closed and her breathing short “Oh god, I’m coming, yes, yes, fuck me.” Troy was now filling her and fucking her roughly. Maria’s orgasm was loud and long, this must have triggered Troy as he fucked her harder, his face screwed up and I knew he was shooting his seed deep into my wife’s shaven pussy. My own orgasm was imminent and I got into position quickly, in front of Maria’s face, instinctively she opened her mouth and received four arcs of my thick come, unable to take it all, a dribble of semen escaped her mouth and dribbled down over her lips and onto her chin.

Troy withdrew his wilting cock and a large deposit of semen trickled from Maria’s vulva and oozed onto the armchair’s fabric. After catching her breath, Maria got up, turned around and scooped the come from the armchair onto her fingers and swallowed the lot “hmmm, shame to waste all of that lovely come.”

Maria is up on her feet now and heads upstairs “I’m off for a shower, you care to join me, Troy ?” He catches my eye, again seeking my approval, “be my guest, Troy.”

Troy is off upstairs as quick as his legs will carry him, just in case I change my mind. I hear the shower go on and the pair of them are laughing and giggling, taking the piss out of me no doubt. God I hope this is worthwhile just to fuck Vikki. Soon the laughter stops and is replaced by the unmistakeable sound of Troy’s dick slapping into my wife’s pussy, and their combined moans of ecstacy. I shouldn’t want to see any more of them together, but my curiosity gets the better of me. I find myself outside the bathroom door, luckily they have left it ajar, probably knowing I’ll be watching them. I don’t enter the room, just stand slightly behind the doorway.

Troy has Maria bent over in the shower, holding the side rail for support and is fucking her deeply with strong forceful strokes. Her eyes are closed and her teeth gritted, she is taking his whole length, she manages to cry out “Harder Troy, I fucking love your big dick, you’re so much better than Joe”

The words seem to spur Troy on and the speed of his strokes speed up, his balls slapping against her pussy, harder and harder. I can’t believe she is taking all of his dick. And loving it. She also seems to love talking dirty to him, “You’re so big Troy, I want your cum baby, fill my tight pussy.”

Troy couldn’t take any more of Maria’s chat, and seconds later his face contorted, he must have decided not to come inside her and pulled his length out and slapped it against her firm butt, and wanked himself against her cheeks, within seconds he was releasing his second load all over her sweet bum and up her back.

An hour later, we are in bed, Troy has gone home.

“So did you enjoy that honey?” I enquire.

“Hell yeah, thanks babe for being so sweet about it, it was a dream come true.”

It looks like I might have to get used to Troy popping by occasionally as Maria has decided she wants to be double fucked. I tell her it’s okay, just a small matter of me and Vikki first.

“Oh sorry baby, didn’t I tell you, she said no.”

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