Truck Sex

By ashflower

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As I would touch myself my cold finger tips rubbing my clit sending all those good sensations, I remember the truck ride with my boyfriend.

We go for coffee and drive around. As we drive around the sexual tension builds. Wetness creeps between my legs and an obvious bulge in his pants. We pull off into a secluded wooded area. Grabbing me and placing me on his lap. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths. His hand grabbing my head pressing me deeper into his kiss as his hand reaches for my fly. The unzipping of pants are heard. The radio plays.

"I want you!" He says

I reach for his pants pulling mine off and his down to his ankles. Moving the middle seat, I kiss down his neck dragging my nails down his chest grabbing a hold of his cock with my cold hands sucking. Twirling my tongue around his circumcised head, tasting the pre cum. He is so hard. His moans filling the truck.

Placing the middle console back down I sit upon it as his fingers twirl around my clit. His lips grabbing my nipples. Kissing and biting my neck, my collar bone. His rugged fingers placed deeper inside me curling up as he pulls out.

"Don't stop....... ahh."

I lean backwards. "You're going .......cum!" As the ecstasy of the orgasm rolls through me. Digging my nails into his chest, as I ram my silkened pussy on his cock. So thick and hard as I rock back and forth. His hands grabbing my ass, thrusting more and more as another orgasm rolls through me. Capturing his lips, I shudder. He pulls me closer as I bite his neck he whispers.

"Don't stop baby......You're going to make me cum."

Harder I ride as his body tightens underneath me. His cock rigid as I feel him cumming within me. Filling me till every drop is out.

We catch our breath and stare into each other's eyes.


His laughter fills the cab as does mine.

"Yes that was wow. You wanna do round two?"

He smiles. Opening the cab door I can feel his cock twitch of yes he was ready.

"Hold onto me," he says.

I grab onto him and wrap my legs tighter. He holds onto me with one arm as he opens the back door. Releasing myself from him my feet touching the cold ground. His cum dripping between my legs. He bends me over ramming his cock into my pussy. Pressing me into the cushion more and more as he leans forward.

"Oh yes.......make noise."

My moans get louder as I cum over and over. He is so close again. As I squeeze my pelvic muscles, he thrusts faster. His spurting cum shoots inside me. As he pulls out he licks my pussy tasting our combined cum.


Capturing my lips I taste us both. Divine. As I stand up cum drips out. I grab my underwear getting soaked as I put my jeans on. Both of us smiling staring at each other. My naked breasts out in the cold air as my nipples harden. My pussy warm and soaked. Putting my jeans back on, I climb over him to get to my side. Straddling him I place my nipples into his face.

"Why don't you suck them honey?"

His warm mouth capturing my nipples twirling his mouth round and round his hands holding them and massaging my breasts.

"Oh honey...I love this."

I can feel the orgasm rushes through me. I put my sweater back on forgetting the bra as we sit there. The smell of sex fills the air intoxicating.

"Might as well head back into town."

I laugh.

A smile comes across my face feeling all the pheromones.