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Trucker Tails Ch1 - What the Hell is a Lot Lizard?

A trucker's sexual adventures along the erotic super highways of America.

Not that I have a girl in every port but, as a long-haul truck driver, I have met a few ladies over the years that I have the pleasure to visit once in a while when I pass through their towns. Suzy is one of these ladies. She lives in Albuquerque and I met her at a bar a couple of months ago when I had to layover one night waiting to deliver my load the next day.

There’s a bar across the street from the truck stop where I parked for the night. I went in just to have a couple of beers to wind down before hitting the sack. Suzy was there drinking Margaritas with a couple of girlfriends. I hadn’t planned to try to pick anyone up; just watch some sports on TV and have a couple beers. But then she made eye contact with me and gave me one of those ‘come hither’ smiles.

I started considering a possible change in plans. I took a chance and offered to buy her and her friends a round of drinks. They said sure and invited me to sit and we introduced ourselves. I told them I was Joe and in turn they introduced themselves as Janet, Beth and Suzy. Just three girlfriends out on the town. We talked for awhile about the usual weather and politics. All three of them were really cute but my eyes kept lingering on Suzy. She’s not a knockout beauty but more the girl next door type. I’ve always been a ‘Mary Anne over Ginger’ guy anyway so Suzy really had my attention. She’s about five foot six, red haired, nice figure and a full C cup that strained her t-shirt. Pretty soon, Suzy and I were by ourselves just talking with each other and her girlfriends had wandered off to dance with other guys. I’m not much of a dancer but it is great way to move things along. A slow song started up and I led her to the dance floor.

We held each other close and I just sort of swayed to the music. It was obvious to Suzy that my dancing sucked but she didn’t seem to mind. At least I managed to not step on her feet. The warmth from her body and the feel of her firm breasts pressed into my chest started to wake up my cock. My hands stroked up and down her back from her shoulders down to the waist of her jeans. Her hands were exploring my back as well; sometimes lightly using her fingernails. That sent shivers up my spine. I tried not to overtly press my growing bulge against her but we were so close it couldn’t be helped. Then to my surprise, she lowered a hand to my ass and pulled me closer. Full contact was made and my cock came to full life. We had been cheek to cheek but then I felt her pull her head back. I looked up and we made eye contact. I could read in her eyes that she not only knew what she was doing to me but was enjoying it. Then she leaned in and gave me a kiss. As we kissed she worked her thigh against my bulge in time with music.

Oh my! I think I found a live one! I let my hands drift farther down to her ass and pulled her tighter. If she wanted to feel my bulge, I’m more than happy to assist. Once I got the dry humping established, I moved my hands up her sides and lightly cupped the outsides of her breasts. Nothing obvious, just gently stroking her sides. Then, I extended both my thumbs in between us and over her tits, rubbing her nipples. She moaned softly and her nipples came erect. We danced to a couple of songs feeling each other up, then a fast one came on. Knowing that I would definitely make a fool of myself trying to dance to that, I suggested we go back to the table. I walked close behind her to hide the bulge in my pants. As we sat side by side, she lightly ran her fingernails up and down my thigh under the table stopping just short of my cock. What a tease!

We had a couple more drinks and I was trying to think of how to move this to the next level. While I tried to figure out a ploy to get into her pants, the conversation eventually got around to what we did for a living. She is a financial consultant for a big investment firm and I instantly got worried that she was way out of my league. Fearing that this may be the end of a promising evening, I swallowed hard and, as casually as I could manage, said, “Well … I'm just a truck driver”.

"A truck driver? That is sooooo cool!" she exclaimed; her voice raising an octave. "I've always thought that would be such a great job to have. Ya’know, driving all over the place, seeing the country, meeting all kinds of interesting people." Rapt fascination lit up her face.

I tried to hide my surprise … and relief. "Well, that's part of it, but it’s really a tough job with long hours and you’re away from home a lot," I coolly answered. Then, since my luck was running so well, I took a chance and asked, “Have you ever been in a big truck before?”

She answered, “No, but I’d love to see the inside of one sometime.”

Still not thinking she would really go with me, I hesitantly offered, “Well, my truck is parked just across the street. Would you like to see it?”

You could have knocked me down with a feather when she said, “OK, let’s go!”

Bingo! We quickly downed our drinks, I paid the tab and she told her friends she would be back in a little while. Grabbing my hand, she almost dragged me across the street toward the truck stop. I pointed out my truck in the back row and she was clearly impressed with it. Arm in arm with her hip and breast tight against me, we walked across the parking lot. I could feel the building heat from her body. You playboys can keep your pretty little sports cars. Some girls prefer size over speed.

My truck is a two year old shiny black Peterbilt with a full size walk-in sleeper. It’s hooked to fifty-three foot long refrigerated trailer loaded with produce for a local grocery distribution center. The whole rig was over seventy feet long, thirteen feet high and weighs almost forty tons. It’s definitely ‘heavy metal’. I helped her up into the cab and she sat right down in the driver's seat. I went around and got into the passenger seat.

“Geez, this seat is really comfortable!” she observed as she wriggled her cute ass down into the cushion.

“Well, I have to sit there for over ten hours a day. It better be comfortable or I would be in pain pretty quickly,” I pointed out. Then I instructed her to, “Reach down on the left side and push that switch up”. She did and, with the sound of compressed air, the seat rose several inches. “Now push it down”. Now the seat went back down almost to the floor. “Just like a carnival ride, ain’t it?” I quipped.

“That’s pretty cool,” as she bounced up and down on the air ride seat suspension. Then, staring at the crowded dash she asked, "How do you know what all these gauges and switches do?"

I went through each one of them and explained their functions. Tachometer, speedometer, amp gauge, brake air pressure, intake manifold pressure, turbo boost, exhaust temperature, etc. Suzy was getting more impressed all the time.

Between the two seats, the gear shift shaft comes out of the floor with a knob at about armrest height. She reached out, grabbed it and asked, as she made shifting motions, "Is this a five-speed like my car?"

"Not quite”, I laughed. “Its got thirteen forward gears and two reverse."

Her mouth came open in awe, "Holy Shit! I could never keep track of all that. Hell, I get lost with just five gears."

Her open mouth made me fantasize about great it would feel to have those lips wrapped around my cock. I forced my mind back to the present. "It just takes some training and a lot of practice. Pretty soon, you don't even think about it." I assured her.

“Can I start the engine?” she asked.

My first thought was “Hell No!” But then I quickly decided what the heck. If it gets me closer to getting into her pants, why not go for it? Also, the air brakes are set so she can’t go anywhere. I told her to shove down the clutch pedal and showed her how to make sure the transmission was in neutral. I reached into my pocket and brought out my key. I held it out to her and, just before she could take it, I snatched it back. “You know”, I teased, “I could get in a lot of trouble by letting you do this.”

“Oh come on … Pleeeese?” she asked like a little girl wanting a snow cone at the fair. Her pouty mouth was making my thoughts run amok again.

I made a show of trying to decide and then offered, “Well, if you give me a kiss, it might be worth the risk.”

Without any hesitation, she leaned over and planted a kiss right on my mouth. She gave me a little tongue to sweeten the deal.

“Now, gim’me the key!” she demanded.

I gave her the key and she stuck it in the ignition. But when she turned it, nothing happened. I knew it wouldn’t start. I sat there and grinned while she tried it again.

“What’s wrong with this damned thing?” she asked.

“Nothing, you just have to know the trick. Kiss me again and I’ll tell you.”

This time her kiss had a lot more tongue in it. Nice! We’re making progress. The truck has a starter button in addition to the key switch. You have to turn the key on then press the starter button next to it to crank the engine. I pointed to the button and when she pushed it, the engine roared to life. Once the engine started, it freed up the steering wheel. With the power steering now activated, she could spin the wheel with ease. She looked like a little kid with her first peddle car steering right, then left, then back. She reached over and grabbed the gear shift. Oh shit! This could be a problem if she puts it in gear. I grabbed her hand to prevent her from putting it in gear. Then she noticed the vibration. The big diesel engine was thrumming rhythmically and transferring the vibration up through the shift lever.

“Oh, this feels gooooood!” she purred. “Wow, I’d love to have one of these in my bedside table.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard! We sat there for a moment with her hand on the vibrating shifter and my hand gently on hers. “Yeah, but this one costs about $120,000 dollars and won’t run on a couple of flashlight batteries. It’s a pretty expensive sex toy.”

“I guess you’re right, it wouldn’t fit in my bedroom anyway”, she joked.

“Rev up the engine just a little bit”, I suggested. Suzy pressed the accelerator pedal down just a bit and the vibration in the gear shifter got a faster frequency. “See, it’s even a multi speed vibrator”, I pointed out.

“Mmmmmm” she hummed, clearly enjoying the sensation. “Well,” she said thoughtfully, “If I can’t have one of these at home, maybe I can just borrow yours once in a while?” She was stroking the gear shift knob like a cock as she spoke.

“I do get through Albuquerque every so often so we can maybe arrange that”. Things are getting more promising, I mused to myself.

“So, what happens when I do this?” she said as she stomped the accelerator pedal down to the floor! The engine revved up to max RPMs blowing a billow of black smoke out the stacks, rocking the truck and probably waking up half the truck stop.

I hollered and reached over to shut the truck down. Holy crap! That was enough of that! She sat there with a slightly startled expression. To smooth it over I explained that it’s late and other truckers are trying to sleep next to us. We shouldn’t be revving the engine that loud.

“I’m sorry. You mad at me?” she asked.

“No, but I think you owe me another kiss for that.” I slid off the passenger seat and leaned over to her as she stayed in the driver’s seat. We were in a perfect position for me to caress her breasts while we kissed. They were soft, full, and warm with erect nipples poking out through her t-shirt and thin bra. No padding needed here! After a few delicious moments we broke the kiss and I sat back down.

Suzy looked around the rest of the cab and saw the sleeper part. "Oh! You have a bed back there!" she squealed, jumped up and walked back into the sleeper. The bunk is about twin bed size and there is room enough to stand between the front seats and the bed. She sat down and bounced up and down on the bunk. Looking around and clearly impressed she said, "This is really neat; kind of like a little RV".

"Yep," I replied, "A regular home away from home. I even have a small fridge, microwave oven and a TV”.

With a puzzled look she asked, “But how do you get any stations on the TV without cable?”

“I have a small antenna and can sometimes pickup a local station or two. But, mostly, I just watch movies with the DVD player.”

“So, what movies do you have?” she asked. I opened a cabinet that I kept well stocked with movies to occupy my downtime while I’m not driving. She fingered though my collection of action and war movies and gave me a disappointed look, “These are just guy movies; you got any chick flicks in here?"

I said "Nope, sorry, not my thing," and then decided to continue to press my luck, "but, if you're interested, I do have some porn movies". That brightened her right up.

"So, the big bad truck driver confesses. Is that what you use to jack-off with when you’re out on the road all alone?" she asked mischievously. She gets right to the point!

I usually would not have admitted it but since she already talked about using my gear shift as a dildo, I swallowed my embarrassment and replied, "Uhhh, well, yeah. I guess you figured out my dirty little secret."

"Nothing to be embarrassed about" she cooed. "I like to masturbate to porn sometimes too when I can't get the real thing. I guess that’s why I like your shifter so much.” This is getting more interesting all the time. “So, let’s see your selection,” she suggested. I opened another cabinet and showed her my special stash. She fingered through them and picked one with two girls and a guy on the cover. She handed it to me saying, “This one looks good, put it in.”

Totally at a loss for words and liking her choice, “Cool,” was all I could think to say as I slid the movie into the player.

Not knowing how far Suzy wanted to take this, I suggested that I should close the privacy curtain that covers the side door windows and the windshield.

“That would probably be a good idea,” she said with a grin.

I slid the curtain around on its track blocking any view from the outside and I sat back on the bunk with her as the movie started to play. I don't remember now what the movie was about because, right away during the first fuck scene, she started kissing me. That got things going and I moved a hand to cup one of her breasts. She didn’t stop me so I started massaging it through her thin t-shirt and bra and I gently pinched her stiff nipples. Her lips parted and her tongue entered my mouth. The moment was electric as our tongues danced. I inhaled her hot sweet breath and could taste the margarita. I moved my hand up under her shirt and fondled her tit through her silky bra. I have a little bit of a lingerie fetish and this was doing great things for me. I was still wondering just how far she wanted to go when I felt her hand on my knee. It rested there a moment then slid up higher. Very slowly, with her fingernails digging into my thigh every inch or so, she finally rested it on the full grown bulge in my pants. Exploring a little more, she wrapped her fingers around hard shaft and gave me a squeeze. Game on!

“You think we should get rid of some of these clothes?” I asked hopefully.

“I thought you would never ask,” Suzy said. She sat up and in a well practiced move, pealed her t-shirt up and off. Her white silk bra barely contained her tits and two luscious mounds swelled up over the lace trim. Two erect brown nipples were plainly visible behind the transparent fabric. Then she kicked off her shoes, hiked up her butt and slid her jeans off. Her panties were string bikini and matched her bra. They were transparent also and her trimmed red bush confirmed that she was a natural redhead. As she reclined back on the bunk she said, “It’s your turn now. Let’s see that thing you’ve been rubbing on me all night.”

I stood up, took off my shoes and socks and started to undress. Suzy just sat there and watched me in only her bra and panties. I slowly unbuttoned my work shirt revealing my hairy chest. I’m no Adonis but not bad either. I try to get some exercise and eat right which is hard on the road. I don’t have six-pack abs but I don’t have a pony keg either. But Suzy only seemed to be interested in one part of my physique. Her eyes were glued on my swollen crotch as I dropped my shirt to the floor and started unbuckling my belt. Seeing that she was obviously enjoying the show, I made each step slow and deliberate. The belt came apart and each end fell to the sides. I undid the top button my jeans and, as slowly as could manage, slid my zipper down. Each click of the zipper teeth could be heard in the cab. My hard-on was lying off to the side and angled down slightly showing as a clear bulge in my jeans. I reached in the opening and rubbed my cock through my briefs. I had stopped wearing ‘tightie-whities’ when I got out of the military and prefer thin cotton low-cut briefs in any color but white. Tonight’s selection was red. I maneuvered my cock to an upright position still encased in my undies. I stopped stroking and with both hands slowly pulled my jeans down. I kicked out of them and stood there in front of her just in my briefs. I resumed stoking my cock and stared at Suzy for a few moments with what I hoped was my sexiest smile. Her lips parted and her tongue emerged to lick them. I decided it was time for the big reveal and hooked my fingers in the waistband of my briefs.

Before I could lower them, Suzy scooted to the edge of the bunk and offered, “Here, let me help you with those.”

But instead of immediately pulling my shorts down, Suzy reached out around my ass and pulled me closer. She kissed around my stomach and massaged my ass. The bunk is positioned higher than a normal bed because of the storage bin under it. With her sitting on the bunk and me standing, her face was still a few inches above the level of my cock. I stood on tiptoes to try to bring my cock up closer to a level with her mouth hoping she would get the hint. I don’t think Suzy really needed any hints. She shifted around on the bunk until she was lying on her side and her face was perfectly at the level of my swollen member. One hand reached back around me and resumed kneading a butt cheek and the other started lightly caressing my cotton clad shaft. She leaned in and brought her face against my cock and started a nuzzling motion. The hand on my ass worked its way under the leg band of my briefs and squeezed my bare ass. I thought I would explode right then.

“Mmmmmmm, you smell nice,” she purred while continuing to rub her cheeks, nose and lips across my erection. “Oh, I see you like this.” She had pulled away a bit and was staring at my cock. I looked down and a dark stain of pre-cum was seeping through the cotton fabric. Suzy leaned back in and sucked the juice noisily into her hot mouth. “And you taste good too! I bet there is more where that came from.”

She hooked a finger in the top center of my waistband and pulled my briefs out and down until just the head of my cock was exposed. She then stroked the length of my shaft a few times and another drop of pre-cum emerged. Again she sucked it in with an exaggerated slurping sound. Suzy slid off the bunk and kneeled in front of me. She took the head of my cock into her mouth and started slowly pulling my briefs down. As each inch of stiff penis was exposed, she sucked it into her mouth. Once my entire shaft was free of its confines, she gave a final yank until my undies were bunched around my ankles and my cock was fully engulfed by her mouth. The blow job that followed was one of the best I have ever experienced. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right then. But Suzy knew what she was doing and sensed when I was just at the brink. She would stop sucking and move to give some attention to my balls while my near orgasms subsided.

After the third ‘near miss’ I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer if she kept this up. And I certainly did not want to ‘finish’ too soon this evening. I reached down, hooked her underarms and pulled her to her feet. Our open mouths came together and her tongue intertwined with mine. I could taste the salty muskiness of my cock and pre-cum and it only aroused me more.

Now it was my turn to finish undressing Suzy. As she had done with me, I waited to take off her bra and sucked each nipple in turn through the thin silk. The way her nipples doubled in size and her moans let me know how much she enjoyed it. I slipped one bra strap and then the other off her shoulders. I pealed a silky cup down to expose a breast. The nipple received direct attention for a few moments and I repeated the process on the other side. To my relief, the bra had a front clasp which I easily unhooked and the bra dropped to the floor. Licking and kissing my way down her torso, I knelt in front of her, took hold of both ass cheeks and pulled her to me nestling my face into her silk clad pussy. Suzy spread her legs as wide as the confined space of the sleeper compartment allowed giving me access to bury my face further between her thighs. I savored the aroma of her pussy and the feel of the soft, damp silk on my face. Did I mention my lingerie fetish? Well, it was getting satisfied now.

I had to get better access to her sweet pussy so I stood up and guided her to lie on the bunk. I reached under her ass, took hold of the waistband of her panties and stripped them off. Suzy propped herself up on my pillows and spread her knees wide. I buried my face into her vulva and hoped she would enjoy my oral talents as much as I enjoyed hers. Licking up and down I slowly worked my tongue between her labia lips and into her pussy as far as I could go. I was rewarded by a flow of sweet nectar which I lapped up hungrily. While I was occupied with tongue fucking her pussy, Suzy had reached down and was rubbing herself. She made circular motions moving the fleshy folds over her swelling clit. I watch her fingers enjoying the thought of how she was not shy about playing with herself in front of me. After a couple minutes she laid her hands on either side of her pussy and spread her swollen lips out wide exposing her erect nub. I got the message. I gathered up as much nectar as my tongue would hold and moved to the magic button. With the flat of my tongue, I slowly lapped up and down over her nub. I know how sensitive a clit is so I used very light pressure at first and lots of lubrication. I took my cues from Suzy as she moved her fingers closer together or further apart to control my access to her clit. But soon her hips began gyrating and she started to thrust her pelvis up to press harder against my face. I applied more pressure and increased my speed. Finally, she grabbed both side of my head and pulled me into her so tightly I had trouble breathing. I wrapped my lips around her engorged clit and sucked and licked it with ever quickening intensity. Suzy let out a scream and clamped her thighs around my head as her entire body spasmed and shuddered. I kept trying to lick her clit but she just squeezed her legs tighter against my head and finally dragged my face off of her by my hair.

“Oh God, no more! It’s way too sensitive,” she gasped. “Just come up here and fuck me.”

I needed no more encouragement and moved up into the missionary position. Although this is the most basic position, it's my favorite. I love to look into a lady's face as she's being fucked. I also love to kiss while I'm fucking. I teased her by letting my shaft just rub up and down her cleft and over her clit. But Suzy was ready to fuck. She reached down between our bodies and guided me into her. I slid in only an inch or so and back out. Then two inches and back out. She moaned and thrust up to me. I got the message and impaled her up to the hilt. She arched her back and let out another moan. We got into a rhythm and it only took a short time of steady pumping before she was cumming again; bucking like a bronco. As much as I tried to think about baseball or my asshole boss or anything else to hold back the inevitable, the urge could no longer be held back. I told her I was ready to cum and, assuming that she would not want me to cum inside her, pulled out.

“No!” she panted as she grabbed my ass and thrust her hips up to me. “I want you in me!” she demanded.

That works for me! I pumped for all I was worth and shot my load deep in her pussy. The warmth of my semen and the extra lube it provided made it all feel so good. She bit hard on my neck and dug her nails in my back as we came together. Her spasms coursed though us in wave after wave and I kept up my stoking pace for another minute or so until finally my erection faded. I collapsed beside her and we kissed as we caught our breath and let our heart rates come back down to normal.

Suzy finally looked at her watch and said, “Damn, my friends probably think you’ve kidnapped me and we’re half way to Flagstaff by now”.

We quickly collected ourselves, got dressed and started back toward the bar. As we walked across the truck stop parking lot a security officer came up in a golf cart and, in an overly officious tone, informed us, “She can't be on the property.”

Stunned, I asked, “Why not?”

“Because we don't allow lot lizards at this truck stop”, he replied staring at Suzy with a leering glare.

That really pissed me off. I got right in his face with my finger an inch from his nose. “This lady is a friend of mine and not a lot lizard. Now, if you don’t back off, you little prick, I’m going to shove that night stick right up your ass!”

He sat there with his mouth open and started to apologize. I ignored his apology and took Suzy's arm and continued back toward the bar. Obviously shaken and a little confused, she asked, "What was that all about … and what the Hell is a lot lizard?"

“That’s what the truck stop prostitutes are called, I explained. “I don't know where the name came from but that's what they’re called. Most truck stops have several that hang around and knock on the truck doors soliciting their services. But, most of them, I wouldn't touch with someone else's ten foot pole. They’re usually nasty crack whores and many drivers even have stickers on the driver's side window with a picture of a lizard with a no sign across it. The better truck stops try to keep them out.”

"Well, I'm sure glad you defended my honor back there", she said as she held me tight.

We got back to the bar and rejoined her girlfriends. You could tell by their grins they knew what we had been up to. She told them about our encounter with the security guard and regaled them with her new knowledge all about lot lizards. Her girlfriends got really interested also and they quizzed me about it. They wanted to know how much they charge. I told them that I have never used one but you hear drivers talk about them on the CB radio. Some lizards even advertise on the CB. Just a quick blow-job usually costs $20 bucks or so. For a quickie fuck it runs around $50. I've heard the really good lizards get up to $100. Some trade for dope or a ride to another city. They were all fascinated by this and asked several more questions. I answered as well as my limited knowledge allowed. Lot lizards are just a nuisance as far as I'm concerned and I never gave them much thought.

I had one more drink then told them I had to get back to the truck and get some rest. By law, I can't drink alcohol within eight hours of driving and it was time to quit drinking and go to sleep. I had a mid-morning delivery scheduled the next day then a long drive to Phoenix with my next load. Suzy and I exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and we kissed goodnight.

“I hope we can get together again next time I’m through town,” I said hopefully.

In her sexy, teasing voice she said, “Just give me a day or two’s notice and I’ll see if I can find the time. I would hate for you to have to settle for one of those nasty lot lizards.”

I could never have dreamed what she had planned for me.

(Continued in Trucker Tails Ch. 2)
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