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True Confessions:Intimate Touches Part 1

Horny young pregnant wife makes it beside the pool with 17 year old neighbor boy.
I think that it all started when I became pregnant with my son. There was something about being pregnant that made my hormones run amok. I was horny all the time. Any erotic sight, sound, smell, taste, touch or thought had me wet and ready in a heartbeat. Suddenly sex had become something I just couldn't get enough of. I had always worn a bra even though I never needed one for support. My perfectly formed 38 C-Cup titties were firm from years of playing sports like volley ball and working out with weights. Still I wore one even if it was nothing more than a sports bra. I was forced to give up wearing bras when I became pregnant because even my softest cotton sports bras pressing against my rock hard nipples was painful. Pretty soon I stopped wearing panties as well because the wet fabric rubbing against my aroused clit was too painful to bear. Little did I suspect that getting pregnant would release a sexual being that lived hidden deep inside me.

Clothing had become a real nuisance for me because I spent more time taking them off and putting them on then I spent in them. I was masturbating more and more every day as my pregnancy progressed so I ran around the house naked. I only dressed when I was expecting guests, my next door neighbor's son was coming over to cut the grass or when I was going out. Even then I waited to the very last second to get dressed.

On the days Jessy came around to cut the lawn, trim the hedges and do other yard work, I had always dressed in a skimpy bikini and stretched out beside the pool to work on my tan. Jessy always came around wearing nothing but very loose fitting gym shorts with nothing on under them. I knew that because he told me. We had worked out a routine for when he came over. I lathered my body with tanning lotion and stretched out on my back to work on my tan. After about an hour or so, I rolled over on my stomach and untied my bikini top which was his signal to come over and oil down my back. He told me one day, while rubbing oil on my back, that he had stopped wearing underwear because underwear was painful when he had an erection. He also confessed, after getting to know me better, that rubbing lotion on my back gave him one. After that he would stand over me after rubbing me down, giving me an opportunity to look up the legs of his shorts to see if he really did have an erection, but I never did. At least not before that extremely hot and humid Saturday morning, 17 years ago.

I watched Jessy that morning as he mowed the grass next to where I laid. He was a body builder and his whole body rippled with muscles. At times I thought his muscles had muscles. Watching him walk behind the lawnmower that day, I could see his long, soft shaft clearly outlined in the satin fabric of his gym shorts. Even soft, his shaft looked to be as thick as my wrist. I focused on the way the crotch of those loose fitting shorts bulged like there were two tennis balls in there. Calling out to him, I sent him into the house to get me a glass of ice tea from the fridge. When he returned and leaned over me to hand me the glass, I looked up his shorts. The head of his cock hung just above the leg opening, its large slit smiling down at me. I could see just enough of his hairy balls to know that they really were as big as tennis balls. Jessy knew what I was doing and spread his legs further apart, making it easier for me to see up his shorts. Neither one of us spoke as I laid there sipping my ice tea through the flex straw he had put in the glass for me. My nipples grew harder, throbbing like two fiery hot coals atop my cooler tit flesh as his eyes traveled slowly over my nearly naked body. My skimpy bikini top suddenly felt uncomfortably tight and I reached behind my neck and untied the string. I knew that if I moved at all my top would slide off my titties leaving naked to the waist. As Jessy stood there looking down at me, his eyes caressing me, my pussy spasmed, my juices gushing forth to flow down between my trembling thighs to settle between my ass cheeks. Reaching behind me I untied the second string on my top and tossed it aside. Reaching down I untied my bottom and pulled it out from under me. Reaching up, I slid a hand up the leg of his shorts to caress his long, thick cock. It came alive in my hand, growing harder, thicker and longer by the second.

“Jessy, honey, make love to me. Fuck me until I beg you to stop. I need your big cock inside me so bad. Oh, Jessy, I'm so fucking horny.”

Jessy stepped out of his shorts and knelt between my trembling thighs. His cock had grown so long and hard that its bulbous head pressed up between my titties as he leaned forward to kiss me. Our bodies responded to one another like we had been life long lover. My mouth opened wide under the gentle pressure of our first kiss. Out tongues meeting like two fiery serpents engaging in mortal combat. Current of excitement, like currents of high voltage electricity coursed up and down my spine as Jessy's tongue slid over and around mine. A pyrotechnic display of lust exploded across the backs of my tightly closed eye lids as his finger found my super-sensitive nipples, squeezing them, milking them until they grew so hard that I felt sure they were about to explode. Finally after what seem like an eternity, I felt Jessy slip the head of his cock between my bloated pussy lips. Slowly, inch by inch he slipped it further inside me until finally his pubic bone slapped against mine. My hips started moving under him but he grabbed them in his two powerful hands, holding me motionless under him as he slowly kissed his way down my neck and chest to take my nipples, first one then the other in his mouth. As he sucked on them like a new born babe, I was shocked to find them growing even longer, fatter and harder than before. I was so aroused that it was painful. I needed to climax so badly that I felt as if my whole body was about to explode. Suddenly I was crying real tears and begging him to make me cum.

“Jessy, please... I need to cum... make me cum now... I want to feel your jism filling me up as I cum... damn you Jessy... stop teasing me... fuck me now....”

I screamed out in need. Suddenly, he started pile driving me into the soft blanket I laid on. He cupped my ass in his big hands, keeping me from being battered painfully against the hard ground beneath the blanket. With in seconds I was teetering on the edge of that bottomless abyss of ecstasy As I felt myself slipping over the edge and plunging headfirst into that warm sea of release, I dug my long fingernails into his muscular shoulders, raking his back. Then I was climaxing. My orgasms were washing over me like tidal waves breaking on a rocky shoreline. I could feel his jism striking deep up inside me, each mighty jet of Jessy's jism igniting a new wave of orgasms in my thrashing body. I felt as if I was never going to stop cumming. I had never cum so long and so hard in my life. The pleasure was so intense that I think I swooned from the intense pleasure he was giving me. I had read about such things happening to girls during sex but it had never happened to me before. I must have swooned because when I next opened my eyes the sun was already beginning to sink below the western horizon.

Note to my readers: This is just one of the many true life experiences that I want to share with you. They will not necessarily appear in chronological order but as they come to mind. I hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy sharing them with you.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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