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trying out mums new man for size

     On arriving home from another term at school I was introduced to Jeff, mums sexy new boyfriend. She had been seeing him for around 5 months now but had never brought him with her when she visited me at school. He had, like all the previous Mr. rights, moved in with her already.

     I was feeling hot and horny after my experience in the taxi with Andy the cab driver and was eager to get in the pool and cool off. I invited Jeff to join me much to mums disappointment. "I want to sit and chat with you Vicky" she exclaimed as I ran indoors to change into my bikini bottoms. "Oh mum I'm so hot just now, I need to cool off first" I called back. I ran upstairs and threw off my stained vest top and small denim skirt. I hunted through my drawer looking for the smallest bikini bottom I could find. Jeff looks fun I thought. I wonder if he's game. I kicked off my knickers and pulled on the small white thong. I turned and faced the mirror. My breasts looked full and my nipples were still taut and erect from the excitement earlier. I brushed my shoulder length hair and headed back down stairs.

    Jeff had beaten me to it. There he was sitting on the edge of the pool dipping his feet in the water. He turned as I came out onto the patio and looked startled as I approached him. Does your mother know your almost naked? he blurted out.  "Oh don't be so frigid" I laughed before diving into the pool. The feeling was glorious and my skin tingled in the cool, clear water. I swam a couple of lengths and loved the fact that Jeff sat watching my every stroke." Come on in" I called over to him.   He hesitated but then slowly edged his way down into the water. I swam over and stood beside him.
     What's mum doing? I asked. "She's on the phone to her sister Evelyn, she rang just after you darted upstairs"
     Aahh, Okay ,so you gonna show me what you can do? I teased.

     I was standing close to him now as the water rippled around my breasts. I bounced up and down on my tip toes so my boobs bounced in the water. He couldn't resist watching them." What do you mean show you what I can do"  He was so flustered. I found it so funny to see. Well what do you think I mean Jeff? I asked coyly.  He looked really worried , and looked from me to the house and back at me. Well aren't you gonna have a swim?  I asked innocently and swam off toward the far end of the pool pushing my bare butt in the air as I did so.  I turned to see if he was following me, and found that he was.
     He overtook me, a strong swimmer! when I reached the edge I swam right toward him and putting my arms at either side of him, held onto the side for support.
     Wow, you swim well! I told him. I'm impressed.   I swim regularly. He said. I like to keep in shape. 
     It's working Jeff, you have a great body. I looked him over then and took in his muscular arms and well toned torso.
      "You shouldn't be talking like that Vicky. he laughed, clearly embarrassed. But I'd have to be a fool not to notice you have good form too, you obviously take after your mother. Thanks", I told him, but I have to say I have bigger breasts than my mother. Which was true, even at 17 my 34c cup breasts were slightly larger than mums 34b and mine were more pert and rounded. My nipples stuck out even when not erect which I loved.
     He couldn't help then be drawn to my breasts and no sooner had he looked down into them ,he pulled his eyes almost instantly away again.  "I think I should go in and see what your mums up to" he said and turned to pull himself up out of the pool. I grabbed his arm and looking into his eyes said " I don't tell my mum everything you know" He held my gaze for a second and left me there.

   I swam a while longer,enjoying the freedom of my practically naked body in the sunshine. I was sure our neighbour old Mr. Parkins would be perving at me from his upstairs window but that just made me feel sexier. The thought of him wanking off at the sight of my young body and naked breasts gleaming in the spakling waters as I swam back stroke only fed my fire and made me even more determined that I was having Jeffs cock, and soon.

     After showering and coming back downstairs we all sat down for a late dinner. Mum asked the usual questions about school,  friends, and how the teachers are. Jeff who was sitting opposite me was pretty quiet through out and all I could think about was my mum leaving for her night shift at the call centre outside of town.

    He looked really sexy in a black sleeveless T-shirt and jeans and I began fantasising about what his cock would feel like rubbing against my naked stomach, all wet and slippery, and dying for it to be inside me. I did want to suck him off and imagined kneeling on the floor in front of him, licking his gorgeous balls and hearing him moan with pleasure while watching me.But the need to have cock inside me was immense and I knew that tonight it would be a good hard fuck I would be aiming for. 

    Before I knew it,dinner was over. I had hardly eaten a thing with all my dirty thoughts about Jeff.

   Mum took me to one side, as she always did in this situation, and asked If I would be okay alone with Jeff." Ofcourse mum". I laughed." We'll be just fine, now off you go and don't worry about me".
     At last. I thought as I heard her car drive off out the drive. I turned and went into the lounge finding Jeff watching some boring sport on TV. I plonked myself down beside him on the sofa and asked if he didn't mind me cozying into him as it's turned a lot cooler now. No,no he says. That's okay. He still looked to be a bit uncomfortable with me though which I had to get him out of. I got up and walked over to the armchair and bent over the side of it to get a magazine from the rack, I knew this would expose my panties from under the short skirt I was wearing. I held my position there a bit longer than necessary to make sure he got a good look, with the pretence of choosing the right magazine. It had the desired effect. As I turned back around I saw Jeff squirm in his seat with his hand repositioning his cock under his trousers.  I returned to the sofa and sat against the far arm, resting my feet on his lap with my knees slightly raised. I flicked through the magazine and more than once caught him looking betwen my legs at my knickers.
  Hey Jeff. I said. want another swim?  I'm bored.  I stood up and before he could answer, tore off my top and pulled down and kicked off my skirt. He stared up at me standing there in front of him wearing only a thong and with my tits naked and tantalising before him.
   He stood up then too and walked toward me, he put an arm around my waist and pulled me close to him.  You're a fucking little tease, aren't you? he hissed. Well don't think for one minute you're going to spend the whole summer teasing this cock with no results!  I was shocked. He had seemed so quiet up until now, this was the last thing I had expected. but slowly I found it to be exciting and decided to play along.
  But..... Jeff, I only asked if you want a swim! If you don't then it's okay. I tried to pull away feebly but he held me tight against him. He grabbed my hand and pushed it against his crotch. Feel that? he hissed again. Feel what you'r teasing little pussy has done to me?
  Yes I said meekly, loving every minute. I'm sorry Jeff. What will I do to make it better?  You can start by taking it out and looking at what you have done to me! he demanded.
      He then removed his arm fom my waist and pushed my shoulders downwards. I fell to my knees and looked up at him as I slowly undone his trousers, and as they fell around his ankles I removed his hard thick cock from his pants. It was amazing, my mum certainly has good taste. His cock was around 9 inches long and really thick. I was sure I was going to have a good time.
  I looked up at him again as if to ask "what now?"  Take it in your hand he told me. I held his cock inches from my face and again looked up into his eyes.
  Now taste it! I looked at him again and as I kept his stare I edged my face closer and closer to his dick until it was touching my lips. I licked the end of his knob and could feel my pussy throb with excitement. He pushed his hips forward forcing my lips apart with his cock and edged it deeper into my mouth.
   Oh that's fucking nice! I heard him say. That's it baby girl. Keep sucking . I sucked his cock while holding on with one hand and my other hand reached for his balls. I rubbed and gently kneaded his balls as he moaned while fucking my mouth, his hands then reached out and grabbed my head, giving him more leverage. He started fuckin more intensely and I worried he was near cumming.
   I pulled my head away, brushing away his hands. This didn't please him atall and he asked me what the fuck I was doing. I told him my pussy is throbbing for his cock and I need him inside me. "You little bitch"he spat. "sitting there acting all innocent. I bet you fuck every guy your mother brings home".  No! I lied. It's just you Jeff. You make me so horny!

     Get up off your knees! I'm gonna teach you what it's like to get fucked good.  I stood up and he pushed me behind the sofa, forcing me to bend over it. He then slapped my bum so hard it stung. I was horrified, it was so painful but before I had time to react he had his fingers inside my wet throbbing pussy while holding my head forcing me to remain bent over the back of the sofa. I gasped at the mixture of pain and pleasure I was feeling. All the time still begging for him to ram that beautiful cock inside me, which he did. As soon as he found how wet I was, the fingers were removed and I felt his cock push against my cunt trying to gain entry. His breathing was heavy. I could tell  he was very excited and eager to be shoving his shaft deep into me. I moved my legs a  little more apart and felt the tip of his cock glide into me. Oh God it was wonderful. It had been months since I had,had a good fuck and Jeff although more harsh than I had imagined was a very sexy man and here he was fucking me with his huge thick cock and me pinned to the sofa by his strong tanned muscular arm.

   More and more he edged into me, with every push another inch or two of cock slid its way in. Before long he was in all the way and I was completely filled by his cock. Almost instantly the fucking he gave me was becoming harder and faster.  Lovely, he moaned, lovely tight little teenage pussy! He grabbed my hips and began grinding with all his force. I felt myself being more and more squashed up against the sofa and my legs were beginning to ache but the feelings that his cock was sending through me were magical and I could feel myself coming close to orgasm. God dont stop! I begged. Please dont stop! I was in heaven. This was the best fuck I ever had and I never wanted it to end. 
     I could feel Jeffs legs tremble with excitement as he banged into me, gripping my hips and pulling me to him with every thrust, I felt his cock grow inside me and sensed he too was near cumming now, I moved my ass up higher to get every last bit of cock inside me and threw my face against the couch to stifle my scream as I felt myself reach fever pitch.
  My legs suddenly felt weak and I could no longer support myself, I felt I was about to faint, I couldn't take much more pleasure, my heart was thumping against my chest and still he thrust his hard cock into me with all his strength. I couldn't bare it. I let out a long loud scream and instantly felt the juices gush from my body and down my legs. I was shaking from head to foot and panting for breath. Still he fucked me, he was fucking me so hard and I could hardly hold myself up. I felt so weak and my knees were still trembling violently.
    I then felt him grow even more inside me, he pulled back and began slapping my butt again, loud hard slaps, one after the other, and on the same cheek all the time. I bit my lip to stifle my yelps of pain.  He forced his cock back into my now dryer pussy and fucked me again until I felt his hot wet liquid spurt into me at last.

    He fell against me then and remained there until he regained his breath. Wow! he eventually said. I wasn't expecting that tonight!
   I turned my face toward him and looked at him as he smiiled down at me. We both burst into laughter and fell over onto the couch, where we cuddled and kissed for a while before getting cleaned up.
   You are the hottest guy I ever had! I told him. My mum's a lucky woman. And so, I suppose am I.
   Yeah, but not as fucking lucky as me. He said, smiling like a cheshire cat.
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